JackFrosttjaalton: Heya, poking again just in case you didn't see before: Looks like 60x11-common_xdg_path hasn't been updated to update the dbus env yet, so if dbus-x11 isn't installed it doesn't inject XDG_CONFIG_DIRS correctly.  This is currently affecting Xubuntu images pretty bad.  https://salsa.debian.org/xfce-team/desktop/xfce4-session/-/commit/5c2031af3ba542e2a12dc8f41440eda4623ce97a seems to be00:09
JackFrostthe method generally used.00:09
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Commit 5c2031a in xfce-team/desktop/xfce4-session "d/55xfce4-session: Inject DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS into the session via dbus-update-activation-environment."00:09
Umeaboyjuliank: Are you nearby by any chance?01:31
UmeaboySorry for disturbing you.01:31
arraybolt3Umeaboy: You can just type your request, they'll see it eventually.01:32
Umeaboyhttps://pypi.org/project/apt/ is very out of date.01:32
UmeaboyNewer source can be found here: https://salsa.debian.org/apt-team/python-apt01:32
LocutusOfBorgmitya57, hello, will pyside6 eventually go in Debian/Ubuntu?09:28
LocutusOfBorgI'm having troubles with pyqtgraph with qt609:28
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mitya57LocutusOfBorg: try asking lisandro, maybe he was going to package it09:58
mitya57I'm maintaining pyqt6 and I think one Qt 6 Python binding is enough for me.09:58
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ogayotHello! Could someone trigger the following autopkgtest for me please? https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/request.cgi?release=lunar&arch=amd64&package=python-exchangelib&ppa=ogayot/lunar-proposed&trigger=python-exchangelib/4.9.0-1ubuntu1%7Eppa1 Thank you!16:56
ogayotwrong link sorry16:57
dbungertogayot: clicked17:08
ogayotdbungert: thanks!17:09
ahasenackbdmurray: I'm not getting anything else out of these update-notifier error reports, just that it's a segfault, there are some packages deemed "obsolete" in some of them, and a list of glib/gobject/gtk/etc libraries involved in it17:47
ahasenackthe update we did was in python code, and translation (which fixes a previous valid crash)17:48
ahasenackmaybe it rebuilt in a way that makes it crash when run on systems not up-to-date? I don't know what that report means exactly with "obsolete packages"17:48
bdmurraythe increased-rate of crashes detection can generate false positives early in the phasing17:48
ahasenackif it's just something apt-get dist-upgrade would fix, or if they are leftovers from, say, a release-upgrade17:48
bdmurraySo I'd give the phased-updater another run to see if the phasing starts again automatically17:49
bdmurrayGiven that these are 0 days old and phasing stopped early17:50
ahasenackbdmurray: is this the correct phased-updates repo? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sru/+junk/phased-update-overrides17:55
bdmurrayahasenack: If you want to override a specific detected regression? yes17:56
ahasenackbdmurray: by "another run" you mean wait for it to run again, it's like every 6h, is that it?17:57
bdmurrayyes, wait for it to run again17:59
vorlonsarnold: >_<21:56
sarnoldsorry vorlon, I was afraid you were gonna be stuck doing that for hours..21:57
vorlonsarnold: I run irssi, I never spam by accident ;)21:59
sarnoldvorlon: I wondered if it was all one line and irssi is smart enough to prompt, or if it was enough lines for irssi to prompt..22:03
sarnoldvorlon: I once did a right-click "copy image link" in firefox, paste in irssi, and it spent the next *hour* sending image:base64/data.... nonsense over my ssh connection before I decided to kill irssi and lose backscroll :(22:03
bdmurraybryceh: with ppa is there a way to get the results urls? That can be time consuming22:13
vorlonsarnold: lol22:26
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JackFrostsarnold: Tip: If you're client is still sending queued data, /server purge23:55

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