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zenadm1n_so, my environment is LANG=en_US.UTF-8, however in my default menu has "Favourites" and not "Favorites", virtually unusable :)16:46
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TaZeRguys im sorry but im changing distros21:03
TaZeRafter 12 years of ubuntu-mate im so sorry21:03
TaZeRive been loyal but lately ive just been getting so much peer pressure to switch distros i had to give in21:03
arraybolt3TaZeR: Hey, it's your computer, your choice. We aren't going to try to force you to use exactly the OS and exactly the version of the OS we want you do, like Windows would. :)21:07
arraybolt3*to, not do21:07
arraybolt3And you can always run Ubuntu MATE in a VM if you want it back but still want to keep whatever distro you're using now.21:07
TaZeRthank you man, i appreciate that - this goodbye is certainly bitter-sweet21:08
TaZeRthe alpha tests and everything leading up to the official adoption of ubuntu-mate into ubuntu is running through my head right now...21:08
TaZeRit sure was a wild ride21:09
superkuhCome back when Canonical gives up on containers and life is good again. I give it a decade.21:17
sixwheeledbeastI'd agree, I have started getting stick of some stuff and considered it myself21:19
sixwheeledbeaststill on 20.04 for this reason21:23
TaZeRpeace my brothers!21:38
TaZeRcyu in ubuntu heaven one day21:38

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