guivercgnome support question (but I'm on lunar)...  Can I (easily) change the 'primary' display/monitor where activities/menu & screen.switches.on.workplace view?  without resorting to monitor-cable-switching? (sorry where incorrect terms, I'm not a big gnome user)... Happy just for some keywords so I can search online (failed attempts only thus far)01:04
JanCguiverc: I don't have lunar system here now, but in the older versions you could select the primary display in the Settings dialog under "Displays"?05:35
JanCso click the system menu in the right top corner open, select Settings, find "Displays" in the column on the left & click it, the option to select the primary display should be there05:43
JanCalso, you can reorder the displays there (so that the computer knows which one is left & right)05:44
guivercthank you JanC , that's what I wasn't able to find; greatly appreciated !05:48
* guiverc is really disappointed I didn't find it, but I did with your help !05:49
JanCguiverc: when you open the Settings app, you can also click the magnifying glass icon to search05:50
JanCalthough, you also need to know what to search for there, I guess05:51
guivercyeah I tried that; but for whatever reason failed to find what I was looking for (lack of keywords), but I'm positive I scanned all options in settings, tweaks etc, but maybe was distracted or something; thanks again.05:53
JanC"display" works, but e.g. "primary" doesn't, so it's not very useful05:54
JanCit should somehow be able to search for the individual settings of each panel to be really useful...05:56
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