gartralfound a fix, run/add to ~/.profile the line: export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS="unix:path=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/bus"00:07
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UmeaboyHi! Is there anyone here that can push updates to a certain pypi project ?01:17
Umeaboyhttps://pypi.org/project/apt/ is very out of date.01:17
UmeaboyThere is newer source here for it: https://salsa.debian.org/apt-team/python-apt01:18
UmeaboyIf you try to build snapcraft in any other distro by trying to use pip install -r requirements.txt it fails due to the package called apt.01:19
UmeaboySo that needs to be resolved ASAP.01:20
arraybolt3Umeaboy: Your best bet may be to request that the Debian maintainers do so if they have the ability to.01:28
arraybolt3Though, actually, juliank might be able to do that.01:28
arraybolt3Umeaboy: Would you mind repeating your request in #ubuntu-devel, and pinging a uesr named "juliank" about it? They may have the privileges to do that.01:29
UmeaboyWill do.01:29
megumi2hi.  is ubuntu now charging for some package upgrades?02:04
sarnoldit depends how many computers you've got; there are two free tiers, but if you've got more machines than that you can buy licenses as needed https://ubuntu.com/pricing/pro02:06
megumi2What is the FSF's position on this?02:09
arraybolt3megumi2: There are a bunch of packages that usually don't get updates at all (or only rarely), that Ubuntu Pro now gives updates for. It's a *lot* of extra work, and even if software is free, work isn't.02:10
megumi2I see.  Ok, I'll have nothing to do with this and will be converting all my Linux hosts to other operating systems.  Ciao!02:11
arraybolt3Heh. And when you find out that they just don't offer those tons of extra updates *at all*, maybe you'll come back. :)02:11
leftyfbwhy didn't anyone mention Ubuntu doesn't charge for package updates but only charges for ESM beyond type typical 5 years?02:45
sarnoldleftyfb: I mentioned that there are two free tiers -- and pro provides universe security updates from day zero, you don't have to wait five years02:47
zykotick9leftyfb: ah thanks.  I'm actually gonna share your quote to #fsf, cause I'd pastebin'd the entire old exchange.  Good to know, thanks.02:59
sarnoldFSF never said software had to be gratis. They understand that people make a living from selling support. FSF is big on software being Libre, instead.03:01
leftyfbFSF is extremism, period03:05
sarnoldsure, there's a lot about ubuntu they wouldn't care for03:05
sarnoldbut "charging money for support" is probably not the highest concern03:06
zykotick9leftyfb: 100% agree BTW.  Though I have some friends in that camp.03:08
zykotick9sarnold: A serious free software guy, who I respect a lot, directed me to https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html03:09
leftyfbzykotick9: feel free to continue the discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic03:10
sarnoldzykotick9: nice, such a pity megumi2 didn't stick around to see it :)03:10
leftyfbI already messaged them03:10
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anon404hello world !08:08
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elias_aleftyfb: Bugger off. Period.09:43
ice9why bluetooth headsets cannot be used as stereo for calls too on Linux? it's too annoying to switch between profiles for every use10:21
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DersWarning: apt-key is deprecated. Manage keyring files in trusted.gpg.d instead (see apt-key(8)).12:33
Dersgpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.12:33
Dershow can we fix this?12:34
ograDers, it tells you in the message ?12:37
Derswhen i try to do yarn install12:38
ograwell, did you read it ?12:38
ogra(there is a tutorial in it)12:38
ogralook for the "DEPRECATION" section ...12:38
pickanickHi is there a way to apt install emacs 28 in Ubuntu 22.04?12:43
EriC^^pickanick: it looks like snap has an emacs 28 version12:44
ograyeah, only via snap12:44
pickanickoh snap12:44
ogra(maintained by a member of the ubuntu security team)12:45
ogra... so should be good quality12:46
pickanickwho's that?12:47
ograsnap info emacs ....12:47
ogra(see the publisher entry, people with yellow start are well known verified maintainers that have proved good quality to get that star)12:48
ogra*yellow star12:48
pickanickThe star system is ruled by ubuntu or by snapcraft ?12:50
ograby snapcraft, you have to apply in public on forum.snapcraft.io and people can vote on the qualit of the snaps you did in the past12:51
ograif you get enugh votes and no denials, you get the star12:51
NitrigaurIs there a way to script the initial installation of Ubuntu so that I don't have to wait until a certain stage has been finished before issuing custom commands?12:59
NitrigaurI'm trying to fully script https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201912:59
BluesKajHi all13:09
MrSassyPantsWhy is Dolphin constantly locking up?13:18
MrSassyPantsit uses 100% cpu and doesn't respond13:19
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, maybe there is a plugin hard at work. Perhaps you could log associated process activity? You can see in the /proc path which files a process has opened. Maybe that can give you a clue to what' s happening?13:23
MrSassyPantswhich /proc/pid/ subpath would that be?13:24
MrSassyPantsI'm guessing it's trying to access some networking resource that it can't reach13:25
MrSassyPantsthe problem is how unreliably it happens13:25
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, the fd subdir should list all opened files per process.13:33
MrSassyPantsthe only interesting part is that .xsession-errors is opened13:34
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, ah, and did you look into that file?13:34
MrSassyPantsspam of X Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)13:35
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, you say it's spam, but is any process associated with those error lines?13:38
MrSassyPantsIt doesn't say so13:38
MrSassyPantsI have NWN open13:38
MrSassyPantswhich may cause it13:39
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, and NWN stands for?13:39
MrSassyPantsNeverwinter Nights13:39
MrSassyPantsi.e. an ancient game13:39
MrSassyPantsok, closed the game13:39
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, I know that game, played it for many hours. Are you running it through wine?13:39
MrSassyPantsand I get 1 of those errors each time I open/close dolphin13:39
MrSassyPantsNo, native EE version on steam13:40
MrSassyPants... and now X failed which caused the plasma bar to shut down and restart13:40
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, I see... What X-server are you running? Xorg, or Wayland?13:40
MrSassyPantscommand bar? control bar? forgot what it's called13:41
MrSassyPantswhichever comes with kubuntu13:41
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, it should be visible in your process list13:41
NitrigaurJust try pgrep13:41
MrSassyPantsit's xorg13:41
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, what version of Kubuntu are you running?13:42
MrSassyPantsso yeah it might be an xorg related problem rather than a dolphin problem13:43
MrSassyPantsbut it only seems to be dolphin what is locking up periodically13:43
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, perhaps you can start Dolphin in a debug mode and look through the logs? Btw, I don't have intimate knowledge of Dolphin, since I mainly use Gnnome13:52
MrSassyPantshow do you start dolphin in debug mode?13:53
NitrigaurMrSassyPants, rtfm13:53
MrSassyPantsNo manual entry for dolphin13:53
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NitrigaurMrSassyPants, perhaps on the Kubuntu forums/ channel?13:54
ograyeah, he people in #kubuntu are likely more familiar with dolphin14:02
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NitrigaurMrSassyPants, if you know the process ID of Dolphin, you can use fswatch (after installing it) to monitor the fd subdir of that process in /proc14:11
NitrigaurThat way, you can see what files are accessed by Dolphin when the processor spikes. To avoid forks of Dolphin, run it with the --nofork parameter14:12
NitrigaurIs there a way to automate the Ubuntu installer in such a way that you can execute custom commands after a specific phase of the installer has finished?14:14
NitrigaurThe "late-commands" that the autonistaller provides doesn't offer enough control in my case.14:16
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itaihow to copy the firefox profile from one machine to another? I thoguht it is enough to copy the profile directory.15:30
BluesKajitai:  just use sync in FF if you have a FF acct15:32
itaiBluesKaj: thanks. I do not have an account. sync would be the best option.15:32
itaiis there a way of copying the profile directory? firefox complains about version issues.15:33
itaiI care about authentication passwords and sessions15:35
itaican we just copy firefox sessions, passwords, auth data from one profile to another (2 different computers)?15:42
itaiwithout syn15:42
itaiwithout sync15:42
ograitai, take a look at "snap help save" ... should be possible to use it with the firsefox snap to then restore it on another machine (see "snap help" for the other snap commands around user data snapshots)15:50
BluesKajI'm not using the FF snap version so I forgot about the snap save option15:52
tanul1989We have Azure kubernetes with nodes of ubuntu 22.04.1 jammy jelly fish OS... The nodes are consuming lot of memory can anyone suggest the procedure troubleshoot this memory consumption in ubuntu.. Thank you16:17
tanul1989The output of free -m is16:18
tanul1989            total      used      free    shared     buff/cache    available16:18
tanul1989Mem:   3925    1258       245       6             2421         237016:18
tanul1989Swap:              0           0           016:18
ogratanul1989, i'd install htop and look at (sort by) the RES value ... that pretty much represents physical memory in use by an app16:19
ogra(htop is a bit more user friendly to read than top itself)16:19
tanul1989actually its the manage kubernetes.. Installing htop is a problem16:19
tanul1989ogra I can login to node and check the only. Installing any other app is a bit risky16:20
ograwell, top might be pre-installed ... just less easy to read ...16:21
tanul1989hey htop is also there I just checked16:21
tanul1989What should I check16:21
ograsort by RES, then yu see the biggest rm cnsumers16:22
tanul1989ogra Ok I pressed shift+M key.. and this is coming.. at the top..  https://github.com/smartaquarius10/AnsiblePlaybooks/blob/master/image.png16:28
tanul1989could you please suggest the issue here..16:29
ogralooks like some mon👋dotnet/windows based thing that is shoveling data around ...16:29
ograbah, srry for the rogue emoji plugin of my IRC client16:30
tanul1989means.. sorry didn't get16:30
ograwell, *you* should know what you are running there 🙂16:30
ograsome dotnet app you are running seems to eat your ram by moving data around16:31
ogra... or by converting data16:32
tanul1989Oh ok.. this is the pod we are running in kubernetes.. We have only one pod.. of dotnet datamigration.dll16:32
ogra(or importing ... no idea)16:32
tanul1989ogra I dont know why so many processes of the same16:32
ograthats a htop design issue, it shows all runing threads by default16:32
ograyou can turn that off in the display settings of htop16:33
ogra(F2 -> display options -> hide userland process threads)16:33
tanul1989Thanks.. We have total 8 nodes.. I am checking on another node. Here this process is the one taking maximum memory https://github.com/smartaquarius10/AnsiblePlaybooks/blob/master/image.png16:36
tanul1989    free-m16:37
tanul1989                total   used   free   shared    buff/cache     available16:37
tanul1989     Mem:            3925        1377    161         6          2386             224816:38
tanul1989Swap:              0           0           016:38
ogratanul1989, well, that is the logging process ... perhaps it is time to take a look at your log with journalctl ... your worker process might do some extensive logging or some such16:38
tanul1989Till Azure kubernetes 1.24.9 version, everything was working fine... The moment we upgraded to 1.25.2 version. Ubuntu Nodes started facing extreme memory pressure16:40
ograwell, i'm not a k8s user, not sure what could be the issue ... perhaps the people in #ubuntu-server know more (they are most likely more familiar with cloud stuff)16:41
tanul1989ok.. Will ask in that channel. Thank you so much.. I don't know how to troubleshoot the exact problem behind such extreme pressure on nodes. Its showing 140% consumption memory16:44
ograyeah, that is definitely weird16:44
NitrigaurIs there a way to automate the Ubuntu installer in such a way that you can execute custom commands after a specific phase of the installer has finished?16:52
NitrigaurThe "late-commands" that the autonistaller provides doesn't offer enough control in my case.16:52
jhutchinsNitrigaur: What commands are you trying to issue?16:54
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Nitrigaurjhutchins, I want to create encrypted LUKS volumes for the / and /home mountpoints (LUKS1 and LUKS2 respectively) as described in: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201916:56
tanul1989ogra Let see I have asked there.. This is the situation of every node16:56
tanul1989137%, 141%, 133%, 142%, 141%, 136%, 144%, 139%16:58
leftyfb!paste | tanul198917:02
ubottutanul1989: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:02
Nitrigaurjhutchins, The reason for this is to be able to create a laptop installer that will provide an security-team acceptable solution for company laptops. The result of this is that I can offer my colleagues a different choice for installed OS next to Windows and MacOSX.17:07
leftyfbNitrigaur: I would look into utilizing something like ansible post-install17:08
Nitrigaurleftyfb, I was also looking at ansible for a solution, but I could not find suitable modules that would enable me to have the bootloader encrypted as well. The desirable situation would be to get an input at turning on the computer in order to reach the grub loader and chain-load any OS after that.17:11
leftyfbNitrigaur: you'll want to encrypt the boot partition at install, not post-install17:12
Nitrigaurleftyfb, indeed.17:12
Nitrigaurleftyfb, if at all possible *without human intervention* during the install process ofter kick off.17:13
Nitrigaurofter -> after ^17:13
leftyfbNitrigaur: https://askubuntu.com/a/127162417:15
Nitrigaurleftyb, Thank you so much!, this might cover what I want. I'll test this shortly17:16
leftyfbNitrigaur: you should be able to do and install manually the way you want, and then use the files in /var/log/installer to automate subsequent installs17:17
Nitrigaurleftyb, I have to cook now, thanks again and have a nice weekend!17:17
blackopi am trying to insall ubuntu 22.10 on a macbook pro 2019 - intel i5 x64 machine18:04
blackopi could boot from bootable micro sd card but now it is delaying at ubuntu install/boot screen18:05
blackopat ubuntu logo18:05
blackopcircle is turning and turning18:05
theoremblackop: press "esc"  to see the boot messages18:09
theoremblackop: could be that the disk is scanning for the first time (fsck)18:10
blackoptheorem: i had to wait longer than i expected18:12
blackopit later got on to the installation screen18:12
blackopbut now i have another problem: i cant use keyboard/mouse18:12
blackopdo i need unofficial ISO with T2 support as mentioned here? https://wiki.t2linux.org/guides/preinstall/18:15
jhutchinsblackop: Looks like t2linux is on Discord, not IRC.18:22
jhutchinsblackop: Yeah, could be an fsck.18:22
evit1Anyone familiar with how Ubuntu Pro will work with Ubuntu Universe packages?  Will the security packages eventually be available to the regular LTS version at some point?18:24
blackopjhutchins: my question was if i need unofficial t2 iso18:25
blackopor can i handle those driver issues with official ubuntu?18:25
blackopthanks for your great help as usual18:31
crankharderfollowing this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates - I19:04
crankharderI ran, sudo dpkg-reconfigure --priority=low unattended-upgrades, selected yes, verified the contents of /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades and for funsies, rebooted.  I did this weeks ago.  Today I log in and see "29 updates can be applied immediately"19:05
crankharderI'd expect to not see that message, see a lower number, or see that number change (but typically be a small number) all that might indicate updates are being applied and at any given time that's maybe a handful of updates that would be applied later that night.19:06
crankharderIs that a bad assumption or am I doing something wrong?19:06
DelemasThings can get in the road of that running. I would try and run the process manually to see it is configured properly.19:07
crankharderhow do I run unattended upgrades manually?19:10
crankharderapt-get update/upgrade work19:11
tomreyncrankharder: --dry-run --debug19:15
tomreyn(see man page)19:15
crankharder"No packages found that can be upgraded unattended and no pending auto-removals"19:17
crankharderI promise you I can type "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade" and walk away from the computer and they'll install themselves "unattendedly" :)19:17
crankharderjoking aside... i guess, what makes this process different?19:17
crankharderwhy does it think these 29 packages can't be installed without me?19:18
DelemasUnattended may be using different repositories perhaps?19:18
crankharder^^ that'd be a severe security thing, no?19:18
tomreyncrankharder: your unattended-upgrades configuration may not consider the same apt repositories as a normal upgrade would19:18
crankharderrandom process runs and installs packages from elsewhere19:18
Delemasyou have to configure it.19:19
tomreynsee Allowed-Origins on the very top of /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades19:20
crankhardergot it - it's only auto installing security updates.  not normal updates19:22
crankharderthat seems to be the difference19:22
wizard1is there anybody19:30
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arraybolt3wurzel: Random links without explanation are generally considered spammy, especially when you post them in multiple channels.19:52
wurzelSorry.. I want listen your my music project. I am friend19:58
pconst167why is gnome so good?20:00
ubottuGNOME was the default desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10. To install the GNOME Shell, type [ sudo apt-get install gnome-shell ] in a !terminal. For the GNOME-based !flavor of Ubuntu, see !ubuntu-gnome20:01
pconst167!sudo apt-get install gnome-shell20:01
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo20:02
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone20:02
pconst167!what is a factoid20:02
ubottupconst167: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:02
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beastwickHello! Trying to understand Ubuntu package cadence. Interrim releases I am guessing branch off of Debian sid. Then those are worked on for 9 months or so. However than doesn't align with the LTS releases. Does the work done in the interrim releases eventually become the next LTS?21:18
beastwickand also, can the work against the interrims be compared to the QA that goes into Debian Testing?21:19
beastwickand also also, do package maintainers between debian and ubuntu do redundant work? If Ubuntu branches from Debian and does its own support, I feel two camps are doing the same work twice?21:22
sarnoldbeastwick: here's the release schedule for the next release https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/lunar-lobster-release-schedule/2728421:23
sarnoldbeastwick: there's no marker on this thing about when exactly imports from debian unstable were turned on, but it'll be somewhere around early november21:24
sarnoldbeastwick: we stop the autoimports feb 23; between those two times we're just bringing in all the new unstable packages along the way21:24
sarnoldbeastwick: the different teams have their own roadmap items of things they want done, and plan out how to get them done, do transitions as needed, etc. as they find and fix things they'll either leave the fixes in ubuntu or push them to debian or upstream or whatever feels appropriate for the thing inquestion21:25
sarnoldbeastwick: part of the 'open' process is taking ubuntu deltas from previous releases and applying them to the imports -- where we've got changes, those packages don't automatically migrate from debian21:26
sarnold(there's three more like that one :)21:26
sarnoldthere's some duplication, yeah; I know it's happened before that people debug a problem in one release or the other and then find the same conclusion in the other's bugtracker, once they've figured out what exactly is wrong21:27
ash_worksiis there a package (or something) that makes it so that you can focus any region of a dialog (such as file selection dialog or ok/cancel prompt) with a shortcut key?21:28
sarnoldsecurity updates are probably the closest source of overlapping work, and while there's no direct coordination between the two teams all the time, there's a certain amount of checking each other's work, letting each know when we spot things the other have missed, etc21:28
ash_worksilike, <super>-f to overlay focusible controls (basically, anything where clicking would do something)21:30
beastwicksarnold thank you for all the info21:30
beastwickso in that vain, the sometimes overlapping work and communication between the two is one way Ubuntu gives back to Debian?21:32
beastwickI guess they give to each other21:32
beastwickas I know some debian maintainers are also ubuntu maintainers21:32
sarnoldyes, there's a fair amount of overlap there; some things are easier done in one place vs the other21:32
sarnoldor only make sense in one place and not the other21:33
sarnoldit feels very symbiotic to me but some of the debian developers disagree21:33
MinusSevenI'm having an issue with VMWare and Ubuntu where I have a shared folder setup using VMWare, but when I reboot ubuntu, it's not automatically mounted22:03
MinusSeveni have to run vmhgfs-fuse again22:03
MinusSevenit never did that before, but I set up a new virtual machine and it's happening now22:03
ash_worksiwould my question fit more up the window-manager alley?22:06
sarnoldash_worksi: dunno, a window manager could focus a specific dialog pretty easy, but wouldn't help at all with selecting specific elements within the dialog22:06
sarnoldash_worksi: that's a bit more accessiblity I think, and that depends upon which widget set the dialog is programmed in22:06
ash_worksisarnold: so, if such a thing did exist, it would be some application that leverages ubuntu's underlying accessibility settings?22:07
sarnoldash_worksi: that's my guess; I don't know accessibility world real well (I'm not very familiar with gui things) so I hoped someone else would have had an idea :(22:08
ash_worksisarnold: you're the only one who has ideas :)22:09
ash_worksiin any event... there are 2 thoughts that I had which were affiliated with it, (1) does the application control what things are focusable by say, Alt+key? like when a dialog is presented to you and you see the 'O' in OK is underlined, you know you can use Alt-O to "select(?)" it. If I get an upload-form by hitting an upload link on firefox... that asks ubuntu to open up whatever native dialog22:12
MinusSevenI figured it out. Thanks for that magic help method called silence. Works every time22:12
ash_worksiapplication to handle that, right?22:12
sarnoldMinusSeven :D22:13
sarnoldMinusSeven: what was it?22:13
sarnoldash_worksi: yeah, typically applications can control what gets focus22:14
MinusSeveni just had to add vmhgfs-fuse into fstab22:14
ash_worksiso, in that case, it would be firefox which controls it? or something else?22:14
sarnoldash_worksi: mozilla uses this for something in firefox, when downloading, it'll disable a 'run' or 'save' button or something like that for two seconds, so you don't just accidentally hit it when typing in another application22:14
MinusSeven.host:/ /mnt/hgfs fuse.vmhgfs-fuse allow_other 0 022:14
MinusSevenjust that22:14
sarnoldMinusSeven: aha! nice22:14
MinusSevenapparently it should mount at boot, but it's a bug that's existed for a while22:14
sarnoldnot the easiest thing to discover, I'm a bit surprised the guest additions didn't provide a daemon or udev rules or something22:15
ash_worksibut but, the dialog itself is determined by firefox? it's not just asking ubuntu to xdg-open whatever rudimentary application handles file uploads?22:16
MinusSevenI just looked at some backups, and in fstab in my previous virtual machine I even put in a comment with the website to go to.22:16
sarnoldash_worksi: file *uploads* is a gtk dialog box, probably provided by a desktop portal or similar..22:16
sarnoldMinusSeven: *oh man* you even tried :)22:16
MinusSevenMy bad memory makes me think there's another me sometimes22:16
sarnoldMinusSeven: well, maybe having written it down there, once upon a time, is why you got it at all today :)22:17
ash_worksi(2) there's a program that draws a target on your screen which can move your mouse for you by arrow key (you move 1/2 regons at a time)... considering something like that exists, is it too far-fetched to think of an application tagging regions on your screen that are clickable? (like "hint-mode" of vimperator on google chrome)22:17
MinusSevenI need to use OneNote and keep proper notes22:17
ash_worksisarnold: are all things that pop-up on my screen 'gtk dialog's ?22:17
ash_worksilike notifications or settings menus?22:18
sarnoldash_worksi: it depends upon what you've got installed22:18
ash_worksiin a default env22:18
sarnoldash_worksi: ubuntu does prefer a bunch of gtk-based gui things, so probably yes, but that's not guaranteed22:18
ash_worksiis there something that could extend gtk to hint everywhere?22:18
sarnoldhmm, there's apparently a built in way to move the mouse pointer around, but it doesn't document warping the pointer via regions https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/mouse-mousekeys.html.en22:19
sarnoldash_worksi: check this out! https://github.com/rvaiya/warpd/22:20
ash_worksiwell, I know such a thing exists, but I don't remember what it's called. Your mouse starts in the middle of the screen and you can move it (for example) to the middle of the left-half by pressing the left-arrow. Then to the top quarter by pressing the up arrow, and so on...22:21
ash_worksigreat to move vast distances early, but miopic movement becomes tedious22:21
ash_worksisarnold: gridmode was what I was talking about... idk if that was the application, but yeah, very similar in concept22:23
ash_worksiin any event, moving the mouse is just making life hard on myself. if it could (somehow... pipedream?) detect clickable things then we'd be in business22:25
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