mmikowskigenii: Yes; as I mentioned, I'm almost certain the patch I illustrated above got into the mainline eventually, probably months after the submission. The patched kernel for Ubuntu, however, was available in a few weeks. It might be helped along that laptops for a major system seller were having many customers report the same issue.01:45
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CrellHi folks.  Odd question. I've a Kubuntu laptop, running 22.10.  It's been running for several years, upgrading along the way. In the past few weeks, though, the CPU keeps pegging.  (4 core)  htop shows all 4 cores running at near maximum, or sometimes just one at maximum and the others almost idle.  The CPU fan is running full blast.  But17:00
Crellhtop sorted by CPU usage shows... almost nothing using the CPU. Lots of processes mostly idle.  What's going on?  Am I misreading the metrics? Is there a phantom process it's not showing me?17:00
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alkisgCrell, a screenshot would help when that happens17:08
CrellScreenshot of htop?17:14
CrellWhat's a good place to upload that?  Since pastebins are for text... :-)17:15
Crellalkisg ^^17:24
alkisgUsually imgur.com or similar sites17:24
CrellMy fear is that it means I have a trojan running in the background, but I don't want to jump to conclusions.17:24
CrellOh, that does work without an account.  Nice.  https://imgur.com/a/4rqGRQh17:25
Crellalkisg Does that tell you anything?17:55
alkisgCrell: I think it says one kernel thread running17:56
alkisgCheck journalctl -fb -pwarning and dmesg for disk issues or overuse17:56
Crelljournalctl reports17:58
Crelljournalctl reports "Faied to start Refresh fwupd metadata and update motd" about an hour ago, and various "No beacon heard" messags since.  Nothing about a disk.17:58
alkisgAnd dmesg?17:59
CrellHm.  ots of trying and failing to connect to an AP.  (I presume wireless.)17:59
alkisgAnd if you disable wifi, does the CPU usage drop?18:00
CrellIf i scroll back far enough, I see this: BAR 13: no space for [io  size 0x1000]18:00
CrellJust disconnected from the AP.  (I'm on a wired connection but it keeps connecting to wifi anyway.)  Let's see if it calms down.18:01
Crell(I wish dmesg had timestamps.)18:02
alkisgIt does18:02
alkisgman dmesg for all the display options18:02
CrellAh ha.18:04
CrellCPU hasn't changed yet.  One core is pegged, the others are low, but the fan is at full blast.18:05
CrellFrom dmesg, it looks like the system had a really hard time connecting to wifi about an hour ago.  (That's shortly after I got to the computer today.)  I'm not sure how to interpret the rest of this, but I don't see anything else suspicious about the disk other than the "no space for io" line above.18:06
alkisgTry to disable wifi instead of disconnecting (from network-manager applet, or from nmcli)18:13
CrellDisabled it from the gui.  Let's see what it does.18:14
CrellSo far no change.18:16
CrellIt still has one pegged core, a load average of about 3, and htop shows all processes using 0% CPU.18:16
CrellI just don't understand how those numbers add up.18:16
CrellOh!  Well, this is interesting.  If I use top, not htop, it shows kworker/0:3+kacpi_notify sitting at around 63% CPU usage, consistently.  Other things (Firefox) occasionally peak, but that's pretty consistent.18:18
CrellAnd firefox jumps seemingly entirely independently of whether I'm even touching the browser...18:18
CrellSo what is kacpi_notify and what is it doing?18:20
CrellHm, this looks relevant: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/588018/kworker-thread-kacpid-notify-kacpid-hogging-60-70-of-cpu18:26
CrellHuh.  Yep.  The gpe6D interrupt is just freaking out and firing constantly.18:29
CrellWhich is probably causing all kinds of kernel-mode switching.18:30
CrellAh ha!  And if I disable that interrupt as one of the comments suggest, CPU usage drops and my fan chills out.18:35
CrellNo idea if this is a permanent fix or if it will come back tomorrow, but this is definitely progress.  Thanks for the rubber ducking, alkisg!18:37
Guest76Hi... im trying to install Kubuntu onto a lenovo T470s.... having trouble with it now boot looping23:08

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