juliankI actually don't understand why snapd writes to /etc/systemd when it could be a generator, writing to /run/systemd12:20
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ograjuliank, for what exacly ? if you mean for all the snaps, that might become a very long boot if the generator has to create all mount units and service units for all snaps installed ...16:43
juliankogra: I don't know if it would really take a long time, one could cache them in /var/cache and copy them over too16:45
juliankBasically /etc should not be written to IMO, that's for the system administrator to touch only16:45
juliankThinking about empty /etc, shared /usr tree for os images basically 16:46
ograwell, the /etc dir originally stems from UbuntuCore where we explicitly only make /etc/systemd writable, not sure how complex it would become to move to a generator ... (and given a boot on a single core/low ram armhf can actually already take minutes i'D be worried adding potential extra I/O time) ... but you can surely file a whishlist bug 16:48

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