youngbin_Phew, just published post event report for UbuCon Asia 2022. I would like to thank the community team (especially Fallen @fallen:kewis.ch: ilvipero: ) and all other folks who supported the event for a lot of help with organizing:)01:45
guivercReport looks good youngbin_, thank you for all your hard work too.05:59
lotuspsychj3aaronprisk[m]: thank you so much to fix this https://ubuntu.com/support/community-support mate ! this will surely make a big difference08:02
lotuspsychj3added a new comment on my wishlist08:12
lotuspsychj3ill set fix released, as this pretty much what i wanted08:28
lotuspsychj3tnx to all your efforts08:28
aaronprisk[m]You're very welcome! Glad we could get those changes made. Hopefully that gets more people to join into the IRC. 18:50
lotuspsychj3aaronprisk[m]: im sure it will, yelp is on -desktop on the dock by default and prob some other flavours too, so they can all click to the community faster on livesessions or physical installs18:56
lotuspsychj3im actualy also interested to findout where https://ubuntu.com/support/community-support showsup on all other ubuntu flavours18:57

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