sarnoldJackFrost: oh very handy! thanks for that. In that specific case I don't think it would have helped, since ssh was sending all the junk..00:16
JackFrostsarnold: <enter><enter>~. ? :D00:31
sarnoldJackFrost: oh no, I'm going to try again! :D00:32
bdmurrayoh look update-notifier is phasing again for 2 out of 3 releases!02:56
brycehbdmurray, yes, once the tests have completed for failing tests it will.  For example if you run `ppa tests -L ppa:bryce/apache2-merge-v2.4.54-3`, you'll get https://imgur.com/vtal1xh.png16:26
brycehyou'll see there it also parses the log and shows you which of the test's subtest(s) failed16:27
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brycehbdmurray, what terminal client program / version do you use?18:56
bdmurraybryceh: I'm using screen in terminator22:59

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