lotuspsychjegood morning04:46
tomreynoerheks: i heard you indirectly requesting an update to...08:50
ubottuThe Minimal CD image (mini.iso) was available for Ubuntu releases up to 18.04 LTS. The default Ubuntu Server installer covers all of its installation scenarios. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:50
tomreyn(and now everyone hit me for making this broad claim ;-) )08:51
oerhekstomreyn, update on the factoid? yes please10:38
tomreynoerheks: it's done, as seen above. if you prefer a different text, you can suggest it by posting here: !somefactoid is <reply> You should know how to edit the !somefactoid factoid now.10:48
oerheksThanks, that will do i guess, also i shall not mention that legacy installer again10:50
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matt3ok, about ubuntu intellectual property => but my works are cardware ...15:52
matt3freedom ...15:52
oerhekstake a read; https://ubuntu.com/legal/intellectual-property-policy15:54
matt3oerheks : read yesterday ...15:54
matt3you cannot reditribute ...15:55
oerheksure you can; You can redistribute Ubuntu in its unmodified form, complete with ...15:56
matt3also you cannot redistribute a virtualbox image ... imho ...15:56
leftyfbmatt3: it's a good thing the law isn't based on your opinion then15:57

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