pconst167my question is00:08
pconst167why is GNOME so good?00:08
pconst167what males GNOME00:10
pconst167the greatest desktop ever?00:10
pconst167what makes GNOME00:10
pconst167the dream of Richard Stallman00:10
jhutchinsYet another reason to avoid all things gnome.00:49
DelemasAnyone know how to "Try to install the GTK+ look and feel" on Ubuntu 22.04? I'm trying to figure out how to get the Qoppa PDF Viewer to scale better: https://kbpdfstudio.qoppa.com/4k-on-linux/01:41
oerheksan article from 2016...01:44
guivercGTK+ implies it's old; the current way of writing that is just GTK (the GIMP+GNOME history forgotten in history)01:45
oerheksand it talks about studio 2020.2.0.. is it still valid?01:46
oerhekswait.. commercial blob01:46
DelemasYes unfortunately their support still keeps referencing it....01:58
DelemasAh ok so the article is as useless as I thought.01:58
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amazoniantoadHey guys! I'm trying to set a javascript webpage to my wallpaper. Is this possible?03:06
sarnoldthat's an interesting question :) I know IE4 could do that in windows 95 or something.. :)03:10
sarnoldI can't find a command line option to make firefox display in a specific window, I had hoped.. :(03:10
sarnoldman, I wish ffmpeg docs were easier..03:16
sarnoldI know mplayer can emit to the root window, but I don't know if it can capture03:16
sarnoldI know ffmpeg can capture X11, but I do'nt know if you can capture specific windows or just regions of X11, and I can't figure out if you can display to the root window :(03:16
sarnoldit feels like all the pieces are right here..03:16
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plt2To install ununtu net installer I am using amd professor where can I find the correct net installer05:06
oerheksmini iso is no more, factoid !mini is old05:07
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:07
oerheksuse the server installer05:07
toddcmini is not a official iso any longer05:09
oerheksjups, there is an old version, unsupported, probably with bugs .. http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/main/installer-amd64/current/legacy-images/netboot/05:09
oerheksso; server it is05:10
plt2This one https://ubuntu.com/download/server05:10
oerhekshave fun!05:11
plt2That did not answer my question05:11
oerheksthat is the right ubuntu site.05:11
toddchhm I thought is was no longet but http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/netboot/ shows 22.04 but then it says use the server so oerheks is correct05:11
oerheksseriously, is it so hard?05:12
plt2The server is kinda of over kill05:12
plt2I will try the mini.iso05:12
oerheksthere is no mini iso ..05:12
plt2There is http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/focal/main/installer-amd64/current/legacy-images/netboot/05:13
oerheksi stated; unsupported, maybe with bugs.05:13
plt2VMware Player unrecoverable error: (vcpu-1)05:19
plt2Exception 0xc0000005 (access violation) has occurred.05:19
plt2A log file is available in "C:\Users\PLT.LAPTOP-PNQTGFJD\OneDrive\Documents\Virtual Machines\Ubuntu 64-bit\vmware.log".05:20
oerheksso; server it is05:21
plt2Its failing to run05:22
meihey, how do i know if snap on my server is useful?06:49
meii mean, it's there since install, but i'm not aware is doing anything06:49
meicore20, lxd and snapd is the output of list06:49
meibased on this https://snapcraft.io/docs/installing-snapd it is pre-installed. but i think it's just there in case you need it...06:56
meialso it's probably doing more on desktop, this is a server06:57
Eberwhich flavor is better for the soul?07:57
lotuspsychj3Eber: we dont take polls here Eber07:58
lotuspsychj3!flavours | Eber choose one instead that fits with your lifestyle07:58
ubottuEber choose one instead that fits with your lifestyle: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours07:58
meiany hint about snap?08:01
meieveryone has snap in ubuntu. do you know if it's needed?08:01
meion server08:02
meii would not bother on a normal machine, but it's a raspberry pi, so resources are very limited08:03
meiwell i will try a simple 'systemctl disable snapd' and reboot08:08
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alkisgmei: I've removed snapd from my servers without any issues08:21
SwedeMike1/win 3108:25
meialkisg: how?09:04
meidisable snapd and snapd.socket did not made it09:04
alkisgmei: sudo apt purge snapd09:04
meiit seems i also need to disable snapd.seeded09:05
lotuspsychj3on -server lxd was a snap right?09:05
meii mean, i have lxd as snap package09:06
lotuspsychj3ok just to make sure you're aware mei09:06
meiwhat could go wrong?09:06
lotuspsychj3didnt test myself09:06
meii hope this thing do not require lxd by default09:07
meior it will fail to boot09:07
lotuspsychj3if alkisg says it purged without any issues, im sure it will be good to go09:08
meiahah it's still there...09:08
meii did, systemctl disable snapd snapd.socket snapd.seeded09:08
meibut it's still loading09:08
meii have some *.mount snap things and apparmor snap09:09
meimaybe i should really just purge the package...09:09
alkisgmei: are you using lxd on a raspberry pi?!09:12
alkisgI assume "no", so you can just go ahead and purge the package09:12
meino, it was just conservative to only disable09:12
meisince if it's disabled, no resources are used09:12
meiand less issues when new ubuntu come out maybe09:13
meiand upgrade09:13
meii think it's not running though... i don't see any snap thing in ps09:13
alkisgWell, snapd isn't yet an apt dependency, so we're not required to keep it installed09:14
meiwell, i'm pretty sur that if you start to remove packages around09:14
alkisgIf they end up requiring it, that'll show up in apt; and it'll be automatically pulled on updates or upgrades09:14
alkisgSo it'll reinstall itself in that case09:14
meiit's not going great for ugprades09:14
alkisgWhy do you say that?09:14
meiwell lot of apt upgrades failing in the wild09:15
alkisg...that doesn't mean anything at all09:15
meianyway, i don't want snap to use cpu/ram09:15
alkisgDo you have a specific case where you removed a non-dependency, and something went wrong?09:15
meiso disabling was the first thought09:16
meiwell, if snap is not a dependency why is even there?09:16
meisomething pulled it09:16
alkisgCDs are created from seeds, not from apt dependencies09:16
meinot sure about that09:16
meithere are meta packages and tasks09:17
meithat pull things09:17
alkisgHave a read09:17
meiso? it's pulled by server task09:21
meimaybe what you are saying is that is not a dependency of some other package09:21
meibut just a root dependency of the task09:21
alkisgTasks and seeds have no dependencies09:21
alkisgDeb packages have dependencies09:21
meiokay so it's like you manually install things on their own09:22
alkisgSo if you install the lamp task, and you don't need mysql, you can remove it09:23
meiwell it's not always true since09:24
meithere is a meta package installed09:24
meibut snapd is a green dependency09:24
meitry to remove tmux09:24
meii feel like apt will complain09:24
alkisgmei: see the "legend" above09:25
alkisggreen = recommends, red = depends09:25
meiproving my point09:25
meiyou can not remove packages around09:25
alkisgapt won't complain if you remove a recommendation09:26
meisnap is a special case09:26
alkisgOK ok anyway my point wasn't to argue with you. If you need help, I can help, if we're just trying to convince each other, I'm not interested.09:26
alkisgAll of this information is contained in the debian policy, if you want to read it09:27
meinot sure what are you talking about09:29
meibut if you remove a package and apt doesn't complain could be fine09:29
alkisgThe debian policy explains what depends and recommends in debian packages mean, exactly09:30
meiseems a random information09:30
alkisgNo, it's what us developers need to read when implementing our packages09:30
alkisgThis chain of recommendations and dependencies is mandated by debian policy, it's not a random thing09:31
meiit's just not related to thid discussion09:31
tomreynmei: there's #ubuntu-discuss, in case you'd like to have a quality (i.e. after reading up) ubuntu discussion09:31
alkisgTHEN apt will decide to complain or not, based on what we told it to do09:31
alkisgSo as long as apt purge snapd doesn't make apt complain, this means that the snap developers didn't declare it in their debian/control file, which means they ensure us that things don't break09:32
meitomreyn: thanks but there is no discussion09:36
tomreynmei: the above looks like more than just a support question to me - which is what defines the limits of this channel, as you know. after all, it's not the first time that you're crossing this border and were told so.09:40
meiwhere did i cross a border?09:42
meiyou are confusing me with someone else09:44
tomreynmei: i just re-read the whole conversation. maybe i was a bit harsh there, but i've previously seen you bringing up quite the meta discussions here, and this one *you* also labeled as a discussion. please let's not have those here. and if you would like to discuss this statement of mine, let's please do it in #ubuntu-ops, not here.09:49
tomreynthank you.09:49
meiit's fine, no need09:50
pconst167gnome is draining all battery in suspend mode. is there a way to fix this?10:38
tomreynpconst167: bios upgrade, HWE kernel, ubuntu upgrade, don't suspend.10:49
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BluesKajHi all13:30
Guest65Hello, I installed ubuntu recently to try and play video games. Unfortunately I unplugged my head phones and the sound stopped working, even after I plugged them back in.13:37
Guest65I had to reboot the computer, and after doing so the nvidia drivers are gone. Also I have to make the wifi driver every time I reboot the computer.13:37
Guest65What would cause the nvidia drivers to be gone after a reboot?13:37
Guest65How may I have the wifi function automatically?13:37
Guest65In the event that I unplug my headphones again, how I may get the sound to work without rebooting my computer?13:37
Guest65I clicked 'install third party drivers' during install, which made the nvidia driver appear. It did not work for the wifi however.13:37
Guest65I am not sure what that flood means sorry am I not allowed to ask more than one question?13:40
lotuspsychj3Guest65: its because your lines are too many at once13:41
respawnuse dpaste for more than 3 lines13:41
Guest65so I can write more than one question provided I do not use the carriage return, okay13:42
Guest65so why has everything broken after I reboot computer?13:43
meiwell, how do you install nvidia drivers?13:46
meiabout the wifi driver, it seems you load it from somewhere, but not really installing it so it get loaded every boot13:47
Guest65the nvidia drivers were installed when I installed ubuntu mei, does that mean I have to install ubuntu again?13:48
meioh, how you can tell they are gone?13:48
Guest65the screen resolution is lower, and when I type nvidia-smi it says it has failed because it can not communicate with the driver13:49
Guest65to get the wifi to work, I must go to the directory where I have downloaded the driver from github, then type make, sudo make install, sudo modprobe 88x2bu13:50
lotuspsychj3Guest65: what gives; sudo lshw -C video ? (use a !paste)13:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:52
Jeremy31Guest65: How many times have you rebooted?13:53
Guest65just once so far jeremy, I had to because the sound stopped working.13:53
Guest65lotus, here is the result of running the command https://dpaste.com/87F6BTEBX13:53
Jeremy31Guest65: Ubuntu 22.04?13:54
Guest65Yes, that is correct13:54
Jeremy31Check what kernel with>  uname -r13:54
meii think you have to add the wifi driver in /etc/modules13:55
lotuspsychj3Guest65: yep 'unclaimed' means the graphics driver is not loaded, we would need your dmesg to see what happening exactly13:56
Jeremy31Guest65: does this show any nvidia>  dkms status14:02
Guest65lotuspsychj3, here is the contents of dmesg https://dpaste.com/5RZWHERRD14:03
Guest65Jeremy31, dkms is not installed14:04
Jeremy31Guest65: Where is the Nvidia driver from?14:04
Guest65I am not sure, I clicked 'install third party drivers' during the installation process14:04
Guest65That appears to have installed a driver, but it is gone now14:05
Jeremy31Guest65: I am guessing that a new kernel was installed during the install and that since a dkms version of the driver wasn't used, you have to reinstall after every kernel update14:06
Guest65So if I understand correctly, after an update it has removed the driver? I am not sure how to get a new one, or how to cancel these update14:07
Jeremy31Guest65: Check the Driver Manager for a Nvidia driver with dkms14:07
Guest65I am not sure what you mean by 'Driver Manager' is that software present in ubuntu? I have something called 'Additional Drivers' which shows a few nvidia drivers, I do not see any mention of 'dkms'14:10
Jeremy31Guest65: The drivers in additional drivers should be dkms14:11
Guest65Well, one is already selected14:11
lotuspsychj3lshw showed it was unclaimed, so doesnt work well14:11
Guest65It states that one proprietary driver is in use, and the checkbox is ticked14:11
lotuspsychj3try to switch a driver Guest65 see what it does14:12
Guest65I guess I must run the software as root? It says Failed to obtain authentication14:12
lotuspsychj3software & updates shouldnt need authentication14:13
lotuspsychj3unless you changing apt sources or so14:14
Guest65well, I have run it as root and the change is applying now.14:14
Jeremy31Guest65: Where is the wifi driver from?14:18
Guest65Jeremy31, it is from github. I can find the link if you wish14:18
Jeremy31Guest65: Do that, there is a chance it can use dkms14:18
Guest65Here it is jeremy, https://github.com/RinCat/RTL88x2BU-Linux-Driver14:19
Guest65There seems to be some commands listed there about DKMS but I do not appear to have it installed14:20
Guest65I would like to report that the nvidia driver appears to be functioning after a reboot, and the dkms steps outlined in the github page worked. Thank you all for your assistance14:26
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ajayany person is online ?14:51
respawnajay: this is ubuntu help channel if you need help ask here14:52
respawnajay: for general chat go to #ubuntu-offtopic14:52
yoloin older ubuntu tty7 is the GUI, now it's tty2? is there a way for me to find out which tty is for GUI15:56
yolo22.04 has tty2 for gui, it also shows a GUI login on tty1, then tty3-6 are text consoles, then tty7 and tty8 are blank15:57
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SuperLagIs there any way in Ubuntu to be able to tell when a box was first set up?16:11
yolototally lost in your question16:11
SuperLagreally? 🤔16:13
jhutchinsSuperLag: Not sure this is definitive, but check the dates of files in /var/log/installer16:13
SuperLagjhutchins: SUP?! :D16:13
leftyfbSuperLag: sudo dumpe2fs $(df /|awk '/dev/ {print $1}') | grep create16:14
oerhekssudo ls -alct /|tail -1|awk '{print $6, $7, $8}'16:15
oerheksthat would be filesystem created?16:16
leftyfbthe one I posted is16:16
leftyfbalong with the time16:16
leftyfboerheks: yours just shows the oldest file/directory in root. Which could verywell not give the information they're looking for16:17
SuperLagthe ~/.bashrc from root is from 201816:18
SuperLagthe one from oerheks was 201916:18
leftyfbSuperLag: sudo dumpe2fs $(df /|awk '/dev/ {print $1}') | grep create16:18
SuperLaghmm... that says 201916:19
leftyfbthen that is when your system was installed16:20
mario_how is going16:20
jhutchinsSuperLag: Just out of curiosity, what about the files in /var/log/installer?  (Do you even have those?)16:26
ograSuperLag, /var/log/installer/media-info has at least info about the iso it was installed from ... as jhutchins says, the timestamps of the other logs should tell you something about install date16:39
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alkisghead -n1 /etc/apt/sources.list also helps sometimes17:07
alkisg(e.g. in case we want to know that someone installed 20.04 in 2023, then upgraded to 22.04)17:07
jhutchinsalkisg: I tend to clean up my sources.list after any changes.  I sometimes merge the .d files into the main list if they're not maintained by the source.17:16
jhutchinsDoes Ubuntu comment out the source entries?  (Mine is off-line for repairs.)17:17
alkisgThe first line shows the installation media. On do-release-upgrades, the old series is replaced with the new one, and most things in sources.list.d gets commented out17:17
leftyfb like jhutchins rewriting my sources.list is one of the very first things I do to my machine on a new install17:18
leftyfbthe best way to determine when ubuntu was originally installed is to look at the filesystem creation date of your root partition17:19
alkisgI usually move * to /srv/old-installation, then install on the existing partition, so that wouldn't work for me :D17:20
leftyfbthat is a very non-standard way to go about installing ubuntu :)17:21
alkisgIt helps me locate and migrate local changes from the old to the new clean installation even weeks after I've installed it17:21
leftyfbthat's what I have backups for17:21
leftyfband ansible17:21
alkisgAnd for schools, it also preserves /home (mine is on a different partition, theirs isn't)17:21
alkisgBackups need time; mv needs 1 second17:21
alkisgEh, ansible for managing a single pc is overkill17:22
leftyfbI just rsync from my backups if needed17:22
alkisgE.g. meld /etc /srv/old-installation/etc is a very efficient way to locate changes in etc17:22
leftyfbalkisg: oh, I verymuch disagree. I can build my daily driver to 90% in less than an hour just using a fresh install and an ansible playbook17:23
alkisgBut learning ansible requires time, and that knowledge isn't reusable17:23
alkisgWhile e.g. plain shell knowledge is; and customizing things with an ltsp.conf file is much more simple than ansible17:23
alkisgAnyway that's a -discuss topic, I guess :)17:24
jhutchinsalkisg: I would say that ansible knowledge is highly re-usable, especially if computers and linux are more than a hobby (or you'd like them to be).17:29
jhutchinsIt's also useful if you want to learn preseed, kickstart, puppet, or other scripted management systems.17:30
alkisgjhutchins: I launch my template VM; install programs, make policy settings, whatever, I'm maintaining a single PC. Then I run `ltsp image` and it's available to boot 500 PCs. Why would I prefer ansible over that?17:31
alkisgAnd for my own PC, I have an install-my-programs-and-apply-my-settings shell script that does whatever ansible would do, without any metadata overhead. I can't use ansible even for my own PC17:32
alkisgI can see ansible being useful to those that don't use ltsp or don't know shell, but no matter how many times I tried to use it, I didn't find any use of ansible for me17:32
jhutchinsI think it's especially useful if you have categories of systems, as opposed to each one being either identical or one-off.17:34
jhutchinsI'm not saying it's the only way, only that the knowledge isn't single-use.17:34
alkisgI mean the "reusable" word in a different way. For example, I can use shell to run a few commands in my pc, or to write scripts, or to maintain a lot of systems. While ansible as you said is for sysadmins with a lot of pcs of different categories.17:35
jhutchinsIt's also useful to make sure each build is fully standardized, for doing multiple builds at the same time, and for applying updates across a number of similar systems17:35
alkisgE.g. if I want to set the desktop background to a lot of PCs, ansible doesn't help17:36
alkisgI first need to spend a couple of days creating the shell script that would run the appropriate command per desktop environment17:36
jhutchinsalkisg: It could for Linux, no idea for Mac or Windows.17:36
jhutchinsalkisg: The modules offer a lot of shortcuts to step-by-step scripts.17:37
alkisgAfter spending these couple of days, well, instead of just running the shell script, I'd write an ansible playbook or however is called, to call my script17:37
alkisgSo... it seems useless to me...17:37
jhutchinsAnyway, we're drifting off-topic here.17:37
jhutchinsI can't say I use it on my own.17:37
alkisgI did try to find some way to use ansible many times; I wasn't able to find a use case where it would actually help me...17:37
jhutchinsIt's also one of those things that is a lot easier to learn if it's already in use (even if you have to re-write every stupid thing the last guy did).17:38
alkisgAh and another thing, creating a .deb package that would drop a /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ for the background, is a lot easier and more policy compliant than trying to do the same thing with ansible17:39
alkisgAnd shipping / updating the .deb with a repository, is also a lot more maintainable than ansible17:39
alkisg(I forgot to say that I'm maintaining a repository of .deb packages for customizations as well)17:40
alkisgdebhelper has a lot of hooks that properly update stuff when shipping configs17:40
jhutchinsYou could install the deb package using ansible's apt utilities...17:41
alkisgAll my PCs have the repository in their sources, so they receive updates normally via apt17:41
jhutchinsAutomated updates on production machines?17:42
alkisgNever! These cause a lot of problems17:42
alkisgFor big companies, we run monthly updates, attended, first on backup servers etc, then we deploy them to primary servers17:43
alkisgFor schools, the update dialog pops up, and we also have a dialog to do updates + shut down on fridays17:43
* alkisg would love it if ubuntu had a single exit button, that would show all the logout/reboot/shutdown options, including a "[x] apply the updates" preselected check box17:46
jhutchinsAh yes, waiting for the updates to complete before you can power off and go home, never knowing how long it's supposed to take, or if something froze half-way.  Good times!17:47
iconoclastherowhat is the proper way to install qemu on 22.10?17:48
ubottuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo17:49
iconoclastherothat is well over a decade old17:50
iconoclastheroJaunty is the last version that applies to17:50
iconoclastheroWindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo (last edited 2011-05-16 15:37:58 by jengelh)17:50
jhutchinsiconoclasthero: Don't blame me, blame whoever has maintenance rights to the bot.17:51
jhutchinsProbably hasn't changed much.17:51
iconoclastheroi'm not blaming anyone, it doesn't address why i can't install it in 22.1017:51
iconoclastherowith apt17:51
jhutchinsAh, now we get to the real question.17:51
alkisgiconoclasthero: try: sudo add-apt-repository universe17:53
alkisgHmm no, it's missing from 22.10, it has probably been renamed17:54
alkisgMaybe sudo apt install qemu-kvm17:55
mohaDoes Ubuntu Landscape have such a feature for reverting to the previously frozen state?17:56
jhutchinsWriting inode tables:  2913/14905 - 2.5 hrs so far.17:56
iconoclasthero$ qemu18:11
iconoclastheroCommand 'qemu' not found, did you mean:18:11
iconoclasthero  command 'aqemu' from deb aqemu (0.9.2-3)18:11
iconoclastheroTry: sudo apt install <deb name>18:11
iconoclastheroforgot to copy the pastebin link...18:12
iconoclastheroit appears that it does not have a gui18:12
rboxis there a question?18:12
iconoclastherojhutchins suggested qemu-kvm and that doesn't seem to want to install either (though it looks familiar).  is there some way to install a gui front end f/qemu-system-86?18:15
jhutchinsiconoclasthero: That was alkisg, but at that level things are best handled without a GUI.18:20
IshythaHello all. I'm having a rather unresearched issue. Who can I talk to about it?18:30
toddcIshytha: just post the question and someone will skill in that area will respond18:32
IshythaOh I see. Thank you.18:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:32
IshythaI understand. Thank you.18:33
IshythaSoftwares on my Kinetic randomly stall for about 60 seconds and then go back to business. I mostly notice that with Chrome but others also. I have searched for possible solutions on the internet but nothing good so far.18:36
jhutchinsIshytha: This is just a wild guess, but that sounds like a disk drive problem.18:37
jhutchins!info smartmontools18:37
ubottusmartmontools (7.3-1, kinetic): control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T.. In component main, is optional. Built by smartmontools. Size 605 kB / 2,045 kB18:37
jhutchinsIshytha: You might want to install and enable that.18:38
jhutchins(Disk monitoring software.)18:38
alkisgAlso try dmesg and journalctl -fb -pwarning to see the latest reported errors18:38
IshythaThank you all I'll look into that.18:39
cousteauHi, I haven't done a system upgrade in forever.  I have 18.04 LTS.  Is it recommended to upgrade directly to 22.04 or to do a progressive 18 -> 20 -> 22 upgrade?18:43
cousteau(also, what are the chances of lots of stuff in my PC getting messed up?  Hopefully not many...)18:43
alkisgIt's recommended to do 18 -> 20 -> 2218:44
cousteauOK, thanks!18:44
alkisgVerify that dpkg --print-architecture is amd64 and not i38618:44
cousteauI'll probably stay at 20 for a few weeks before upgrading to 2218:44
alkisgGetting messed up -> it depends a lot on how "vanilla" your system is, or if you've added a lot of third party repositories, software, ppas...18:44
cousteaualkisg: why?  was support for x86 dropped?18:45
cousteau(it's amd64 for the record, but I'm curious)18:45
alkisgFor 32bit, yes, the last version that supports it is 18.0418:45
cousteauaww :(18:45
cousteauwell yeah I might have a few ppa's and third-party packages... not sure how to check how many exactly18:46
alkisgMake sure to read the do-release-upgrade output and warnings18:47
cousteaumost prominently I think I have... steam, discord, skype, MS teams... I just found out I also have Zoom...18:48
cousteaualkisg: specifically, is there a way to know which packages / applications are no longer in the repos?18:48
cousteau(for example, I use FreeMind, which I think got dropped out of the repos, but there's FreePlane around which is a viable replacement)18:49
alkisgYes there are many commands for that, but you'll need to google a bit to find the one you want18:49
cousteauthanks :)18:49
alkisgE.g. zoom may be in the repositories, but not in ubuntu repositories; but even so, it might not affect anything18:49
alkisgUsually, PPAs and other repositories of "newer software versions" cause issues. Not the "non-ubuntu software" repositories18:50
cousteauI suspect that precisely third-party applications will be the ones that will give me the least trouble.  They probably use the same package build for any version anyway18:50
alkisgSo e.g. if you had installed libreoffice from some PPA, it'd be more likely to cause an issue18:50
cousteauI see18:51
cousteaugood to know18:51
Gallomimiahaving some real latency issues in my UI these days. and even fresh after a reboot my netflix is running choppy. it's gotten worse after an upgrade in GPU. at first it was better and now it's degraded. some kind of.... interrupt conflict i think. what can i do to discover the cause? (i suspect iommu=amd is a problem)19:41
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wantomClient: HexChat 2.16.1 • OS: Ubuntu "kinetic" 22.10 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570T CPU @ 2.90GHz (3.42GHz) • Memory: Physical: 6.3 GiB Total (3.5 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (2.0 GiB Free) • Storage: 81.6 GB / 245.0 GB (163.4 GB Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller @ Intel Corporation 4th Gen Core Processor DRAM Controller •20:23
wantomUptime: 19m 44s20:23
jhutchinsGallomimia: It's hard to benchmark something against a streamed source.  See how it runs on a local file.20:30
Gallomimiajust... everything is sluggish. firefox is slow to respond. playing a game, also slow. all apps in general very sluggish20:38
Gallomimiatop shows relatively low loads on the system20:38
leftyfbGallomimia: do you have the vendor drivers installed for your GPU?20:39
Gallomimianothing else has changed in my system except a new GPU and driver version upgrade20:39
Gallomimiai do. nvidia 52520:39
Gallomimiathe old was 350 or something dumb. it had its problems but things were pretty snappy. 2 months passed and so we got new kernels also20:39
Gallomimiaopen source drivers were abyssmal so i run the proprietary20:40
Gallomimiafor reference the old card was a 780Ti and the new is a 2060. this is ubuntu 22.0420:40
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gogofcdoes anyone know if this error is an actual error as the bond works just fine in 802.3ad mode, this is a dmesg21:39
gogofc [   22.208809] Public_Bond: (slave ens1f0): invalid new link 3 on slave21:39
gogofcnetwork manager21:40
jhutchinsgogofc: Test it.22:43
jhutchins(Sorry for the hour lag, it's Saturday.22:43
Guest76Hi... im trying to install Kubuntu onto a lenovo T470s.... having trouble with it now boot looping23:03
nshthat's just what ubuntu does now. we all got bored with the old experience so it's been streamlined.23:07
nshafter 31337 boot loops there's a hidden easter egg. it's well worth the wait23:07
jhutchinsGuest76: How far does it get?23:39
jhutchinsGuest76: Did you validate the checksum of the downloaded install image?23:39
Guest76yes i validated it23:46
Guest76It gets to the lenovo splash screen... and then reboots23:47

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