brycehbdmurray, what version of terminator?00:40
fokaHi there!  Is there anything similar to https://db.debian.org/machines.cgi for Ubuntu?  In particular, I would like to debug a test error that happens only on Ubuntu ppc64el but not on Debian ppc64el.  Many thanks!07:20
arraybolt3foka: The closest thing I know of that we have for that is PPAs, which allow you do upload a source package to Launchpad and it will automatically build it for you.07:47
arraybolt3If it has autopkgtest functionality built in, you can request someone to then run an autopkgtest on your PPA for you.07:48
arraybolt3And you can tweak your autopkgtest to give you the needed info about what's going wrong.07:48
arraybolt3If that doesn't work, then you may have to launch a ppc64el VM in QEMU, which will probably be very slow but hopefully functional if you're running it on x86 hardware.07:49
arraybolt3(That's what I do when I have to work on RISC-V stuff, for instance.)07:49
fokaarraybolt3: Interesting!  Many thanks for your great suggestions!08:08
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