lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:51
lotuspsychjemorning kovital 04:03
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zenadm1nThis is a gripe about user computing in general but maybe Ubuntu could do something about it. Point "PT" is a terrible way to size fonts for display screens. Why can't we size fonts relative to screen size and density? 17:53
daftykinsbut there is scaling %18:44
JanCzenadm1n: when your display is properly configured, "pt" does take screen size & density into account...22:29
JanCthe problem is probably that many applications & toolkits don't do things correctly, so operating systems have to cheat to make things work for those & while trying not to break things for others too much22:32
JanCso it's a really complicated issue  :-/22:37
JanCone other issue is that you'd also have to take viewing distance into account to set a proper default for a particular device22:38
alex_Aubuntu mate or xubuntu23:23
daftykinsthat's for you to decide23:24
arraybolt3IF you want my personal opinion, I'd go Xubuntu - I've used MATE before and Xubuntu's UI is a bit nicer and somewhat more intuitive for me.23:26
guivercI'm too late for the mate vs xfce question; but why limit yourself to just one?   I'm a fan of BLOATed boxes, thus decide when I login which I'll use today in a session  (not a great idea for newbies though; can complicate things..)23:55

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