arraybolt3A user called "nsh" apparently didn't like when I asked him to stay on-topic after saying possibly offensive things in the #ubuntu chat, and sent an offensive /part message in response. Based on his words, I think he was probably skraito again, though I'm not sure.00:38
arraybolt3Since it was a /part message, I didn't think it was worth using !ops on, but I thought it was worth mentioning here.00:38
JackFrostDoesn't look like him to me, and he doesn't normally part in that situation.  I mean worth mentioning here, but I'm pretty sure it's not him (based on a few factors)00:41
arraybolt3Heh, valid point (though he's the only person I've ever seen use religious speech in this context :P).00:42
arraybolt3Anyway, thanks for taking a look.00:42
JackFrost...But Kreyren is note worthy.00:42
arraybolt3Funny, I actually didn't notice.00:45
arraybolt3Anyway, I guess at this point I'm idling, so I should probably /part. I'll stick around for another 30 seconds so that I don't miss anything that someone's trying to say to me, then leave.00:45
JackFrostI mean you can stick around for a few minutes actually, just in case.00:46
arraybolt3JackFrost: Well what do you know... you were right about Kreyren :P00:49
JackFrostEh, not going off the rails yet.00:50
arraybolt3Looks like things calmed down. Thanks for your help!01:06

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