RikMillsmparillo: the luner beta PPA was built against Qt 5.15.7, so it will need a rebuild against 5.15.8 to make things installable again15:50
mparilloTY. I know running a Beta PPA on top of a pre-beta development release is asking for trouble.16:21
RikMillsrebuilding some things now16:51
RikMillslooks like qt 5.15.8 broke Kubuntu17:52
RikMillsksplashqml is segfaulting on startup17:52
mitya57Do you have a stack trace?18:17
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Not yet. Will try to get one18:19
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/370faa73/file_9357.jpg18:21
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Probably need a better on than that18:21
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> Right, debug symbols for libqt5{core,gui,qml,quick}5 would be nice. And for ksplashqml itself, if it has them.18:22
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Might not get all that today, but certainly will tomorrow if not18:23
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/c780e003/file_9358.jpg18:30
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> @mitya5718:30
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> this is on 5.26.5. have not been able to try the 5.27 beta yet as PPA needs a rebuild18:31
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> So, here rootObject() returns nullptr18:33
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> https://invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-workspace/-/blob/v5.26.5/ksplash/ksplashqml/splashwindow.cpp#L7618:33
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> Can you try removing/renaming these files?18:35
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=443078#c418:36
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> I would be surprised if cache was an issue, as this even happens on a clean live ISO18:38
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> removing the kubuntu setting dir takes away the crash, but that is not ideal!18:44
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> Interesting.18:44
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> Maybe you can bisect it to some particular file/line?18:45
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Possibly. I will work on that. Thanks!18:45
RikMillsmparillo: beta ppa might be ok now20:55

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