nshGuest76, did you check secureboot?00:21
Guest76Secureboot is enabled00:21
nsh(that is if your bios is happy to boot things that aren't signed by our lord and saviour, sir jesus christ)00:21
Guest76But I didnt have password set on hard drive00:22
Guest76does that matter?00:22
nshidk there's probably a manual or something00:22
nshadvice here: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Discussion/New-T470-Trying-to-get-F12-menu-to-boot-Linux-from-USB-or-Second/td-p/370639600:23
nsh'2) In BIOS disabled Secure Boot, set it to UEFI + Legacy Boot combo, and set it to boot from Legacy first / UEFI second.'00:24
nsh(but you will spend eternity in the burning hellfires of damnation. imho it's a price worth paying for the worldly power of penguins and terrible sound subsystems.)00:25
Guest76 @nsh will i need to reinstall Linux after all that is said and done?00:34
arraybolt3Guest76: What's happening?00:34
Guest76Boot loop...00:35
arraybolt3nsh: Please stick to support.00:35
Guest76on Lenovo T470s00:35
arraybolt3Guest76: Do you happen to have an option in your boot menu to boot from an EFI file?00:36
arraybolt3I've had certain systems have a bit of trouble booting a new Ubuntu installation, but if I can get them to boot an EFI file, I can point it to the shimx64.efi file and it works.00:36
arraybolt3And if that works, then you might be able to find a "Customized Boot" option in your BIOS that will allow you to get it to boot Ubuntu automatically.00:37
arraybolt3(I doubt that disabling Secure Boot will help here, it seems more likely that your system may be trying to boot with a "Windows Boot Manager" EFI entry, which caused a similar problem for me on an HP Elitebook.)00:40
Guest76What is "Enroll MOK"00:41
Kreyrenhowddya do power management things00:41
Kreyrenmy friend's ubuntu starts to rush fans on 100% after he plugs in the charger and it's really annoying00:42
arraybolt3Guest76: You usually see that screen if you're trying to get third-party drivers working with Secure Boot.00:42
Guest76Oh ok00:42
Guest76So options are... "Continue Boot, Enroll MOK, Enroll key from disk, enroll hash from disk"00:42
Guest76which option do I pick? Enroll MOK?00:42
arraybolt3Guest76: I'd pick Enroll MOK.00:42
arraybolt3You will probably need to enter a password that you entered during the Ubuntu installation process.00:43
Guest76"View Key 0" or  "Continue"00:43
arraybolt3Guest76: Continue.00:43
Guest76enroll the keys? Yes/No?00:43
arraybolt3Guest76: I'd pick Yes.00:43
arraybolt3This is the point where it will ask you for the password.00:44
Guest76then reboot00:44
arraybolt3(If I'm remembering correctly.)00:44
arraybolt3I'm guessing you have a weird WiFi card or an NVIDIA card?00:44
Guest76who me?00:44
Guest76its still boot looping :(00:45
arraybolt3Guest76: Did you find a "Boot from EFI file" option?00:46
Guest76Where do I find that?00:46
arraybolt3Do you know how to find your system's boot menu?00:46
Guest76Yes "Choose a temporary start up device"?00:46
arraybolt3Usually there's a key you can press during early setup (a lot of times it's Esc) that will give you a menu of options.00:46
arraybolt3Yeah, select that, then is there a "Boot from File" option or something?00:46
Guest76Windows Boot Manager, NVME: Intel SSDPEKKF256G8L, PCI LAN00:47
arraybolt3Guest76: Yeah, that's probably what's causing your boot loop.00:47
Guest76Did I screw up the linux install?00:47
arraybolt3Nah. SOme hardward is just finicky.00:48
arraybolt3Kreyren: Sorry, was caught up in a previous support session, we can see you and hopefully try to help if possible.00:48
Guest76Wahts the issue? Linux don't play well with Intel brand SSDs?00:48
Kreyrenarraybolt3, i was more like terrified about the suggestion you are giving to him and deciding if i want to help or not tbh~00:49
arraybolt3Guest76: No, there's some EFI implementations that can't figure out that you shouldn't keep trying to boot Windows when Linux is installed.00:49
Guest76Terrified? Why?00:50
arraybolt3Kreyren: How so?00:50
arraybolt3(fwiw I've done this a few times without problems, and we're not doing anything that we can't undo from the BIOS setup or a live ISO, in fact what I'm suggesting you do now won't even do anything permanent.)00:51
Kreyrenfrom what i read you forgot to advise him to reconfigure grub so it's probably doing bad things bcs of it or tell him to send a screenshot of the kernel console unless ubuntu puts eye candy over it00:51
arraybolt3Kreyren: If Windows Boot Manager is causing a boot loop, GRUB and the Linux kernel aren't even loading, so that's not going to help us much.00:52
Kreyrenreplace the windows boot manager then bcs it's designed to mess with linux and impossible to make work00:52
Kreyrenit will mess up with grub and linux too when kept in one system00:53
Kreyrenthe only good solution i am aware of is xen00:53
arraybolt3Kreyren: No offense, but do you even know what you're saying?00:53
Kreyrenyesh i have 15 years of experience in computer science and deal with windows boot manager twice a week in linux room on matrix xD00:54
arraybolt3It seems like you've confused the operating system, the firmware, and a random hypervisor that isn't even involved here.00:54
arraybolt3Guest76: Are you still there?00:55
arraybolt3Guest76: Is there any entry other than "Windows Boot Manager" in your boot menu?00:56
Kreyrenis that a windows issue? and if it's dual booting windows and linux distro then xen is the only robust solutio nthat doesn't break to my knowledge00:56
Guest76NVme: Intel SSD00:56
Guest76and PCI lan00:56
arraybolt3Kreyren: This is getting annoying. If you have a tangible suggestion to get things going, please share it. Otherwise, please stop interfering.00:56
Kreyren<Kreyren> howddya do power management things00:56
Kreyren<Kreyren> my friend's ubuntu starts to rush fans on 100% after he plugs in the00:56
Kreyrenthen tell me how to fix this~00:56
arraybolt3Guest76: Hmm. Try selecting the NVMe SSD and see if that works.00:57
arraybolt3Kreyren: Have you looked into TLP?00:57
Guest76issue persists...00:57
Kreyrenarraybolt3, dunno what TLP is00:57
arraybolt3Kreyren: https://github.com/linrunner/TLP It's available in Ubuntu's software repositories.00:58
Guest76its a battery power management utility00:58
arraybolt3Guest76: Hmm. If you go into your BIOS setup, is there anything about the system's boot order in there? And if so, do you see an entry called "Customized Boot"?00:59
Kreyrentold em to try thanku~00:59
Guest76loading up bios now00:59
Guest76Startup Tab...00:59
Guest76Boot Priority Order01:00
Guest761. Windows Boot Mgr01:00
Guest762. USB CD01:00
Guest763. USB FDD01:00
Guest764 NVME Intel SSD01:00
Guest765. ATA HDD001:00
arraybolt3Oy. If you need to post multiple lines to the channel, you can use something like dpaste.com to store them and then send a link to them.01:00
arraybolt3(An anti-flooding bot muted you for 60 seconds, sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes people paste HUUUUGE things that take hours to clear out, the bot helps with that.)01:01
arraybolt3OK, should be unmuted now.01:02
Guest76oops sorry about that lol01:02
arraybolt3Heh, no problem. If you could paste that same list into a pastebin and send it via a link, that would be awesome.01:03
Guest76Options are Windows Boot Mgr, USB CD, USB FDD, NVME0 Intel SSD, ATA HDD0, USB HDD, PCI LAN01:03
arraybolt3Hmm. Is there *anything* about "Customized Boot" in the BIOS? Even in a place other than the boot menu?01:03
Guest76I recall seeing that somewhere,... but not sure where to find it... one moment while I poke around01:04
Guest76There is a "Boot Order Lock"01:04
arraybolt3That's probably not what we want.01:04
arraybolt3In fact that might complicate things :P01:04
arraybolt3(also, is this a dual-boot configuration, or did you replace the existing OS with Ubuntu entirely?)01:05
Guest76Replacing entirely01:05
Guest76Not a dual boot01:05
arraybolt3K, then this should be doable without too much trouble once we find the right option. If it's really stubborn, there's another workaround.01:05
Guest76UEFI Bios Version N1WET68W 1.4701:07
Guest76Not sure if that helps01:07
arraybolt3Sigh. OK. Let's abandon this workaround and try to get the boot files where the EFI expects them to be, since it apparently can't figure out where they already are.01:08
arraybolt3Can you boot into a live ISO?01:08
Guest76Sure can01:09
arraybolt3Guest76: OK, oh wait before we do that...01:09
arraybolt3(sigh, I forgot a step :P)01:09
arraybolt3Guest76: This might require that we turn Secure Boot off.01:09
arraybolt3Is that possible on your system, or is Secure Boot locked on?01:10
Guest76not locked, just disabled it01:10
Guest76booting into live iso01:10
arraybolt3Nice, then hopefully this next workaround should work.01:10
Guest76Start Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon 64 Bit or Start Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon 64 bit (Compatability mode), OEM Install (for manufacturers) Boot from next volume, UEFI Firmware Settings?01:11
Guest76Oh, at the beginning I was trying to get it to work with kubuntu, so i gave up and tried it with Mint, but same issue, hence why at the beginning i mentioned i was installing kubuntu, and now its Mint01:12
arraybolt3Guest76: Hmm... this should be the same on either Ubuntu or Mint, but Mint *may* have some differences from Ubuntu that might make this not work.01:13
Guest76I can go flash the USB with Kubuntu again01:13
Guest76its no issue01:13
arraybolt3OK. If that's OK, that would make things more reliable.01:13
Guest76set rufus to GPT right?01:14
arraybolt3I don't use Rufus, so I don't really know that answer :P I think DD mode is supposedly the best way to do this though.01:15
arraybolt3(Though I don't know how to select DD mode in Rufus, I just know that that's an option at some point.)01:16
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Guest76ok,... loading up kubuntu live iso01:26
=== Guest48 is now known as keyhaxa
Guest76are you wanting me to basically reinstall kubuntu?01:27
Guest76or try it?01:27
arraybolt3Guest76: Just try it.01:28
LikWidChzzHello folks.01:28
arraybolt3We're just going to look at the EFI files and see what we need to do to make it boot.01:28
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: o/01:28
LikWidChzzYou just said a word on why I joined, EFI. SO dumb question. How do you install ubuntu without UEFI enabled?01:29
Guest76open terminal?01:29
arraybolt3Guest76: Yep.01:30
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Ubuntu installs on BIOS systems just fine. It will make an EFI partition for reasons I do not understand, but it should just install.01:30
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: If you want to install without UEFI, make sure that you have Legacy mode enabled in your BIOS so that the system can successfully boot from a BIOS installation of Ubuntu.01:30
LikWidChzzwell it does just install, no issue there, however it doesnt boot :)01:30
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Is your system BIOS?01:31
Bashing-omLikWidChzz: How the installers boot is determined by the firmware (Bios).01:31
LikWidChzzyeah ive been monkeying around with that all afternoon01:31
LikWidChzzusually installing any linux isnt this much of a PITA.01:31
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Hmm... can you boot into a live ISO and run "[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS" in a terminal (without the quote marks)?01:31
arraybolt3That will tell us if the system is booted in BIOS or EFI mode.01:31
LikWidChzzgood call out, one sec01:32
LikWidChzzpr to set your expectations, give me multiple secs.01:32
arraybolt3:) No problem, booting an ISO always takes multiple secs.01:32
LikWidChzzjeebus what a time suck 2.0 today.01:32
arraybolt3Guest76: Once you have a terminal open, can you run "lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link that spits out so I can see your partition layout?01:33
LikWidChzzits not how the usb bootable iso was built was it?01:34
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: No. It's always (that I've heard of) related to the boot mode used when you first boot the ISO.01:35
LikWidChzzmy install failed fyi nothing new, booting into live again and ill open a shell.01:35
LikWidChzzokay this is an oldy laptop fyi01:35
LikWidChzzits funny, it booted ONCE in uefi mode on its own and I rebooted and the finger01:35
arraybolt3(EFI systems can oftentimes boot in BIOS mode on accident if you select the wrong option in the boot menu when booting the ISO. Basically if we see a mismatch between your system type and your partition layout, you should be able to boot using the right mode, then reinstall, and it should work.)01:35
LikWidChzzdid something change between this version of unbuntu and the last?01:36
arraybolt3It depends on what version of Ubuntu you're booting.01:37
arraybolt3In 22.04, there was a change made (I believe) that now both BIOS and EFI systems use GRUB to boot the ISO.01:37
arraybolt3Previously ISOLINUX was used for BIOS systems.01:37
arraybolt3However this shouldn't cause this problem.01:37
LikWidChzzI love antiquated shit thou.01:37
LikWidChzzokay booted into live and will run this command, one secs01:37
arraybolt3(Just as a sidenote, we generally try to keep the language family-friendly in here for the sake of other users.)01:38
LikWidChzzAppologies sir!01:38
LikWidChzzthat command doesnt work, I run it and it just writes BIOS to the screen01:40
LikWidChzz[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS01:40
arraybolt3That actually did work :)01:40
arraybolt3It means your system is booted in BIOS mode.01:40
LikWidChzzlol well then.01:40
arraybolt3OK, can you run "lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999" and share the link it outputs?01:40
arraybolt3That will show me your partition layout and tell me if it installed in BIOS or EFI mode.01:41
arraybolt3(I'm suspecting it's installed in EFI mode.)01:41
LikWidChzzooh hows about that01:42
LikWidChzzthis is the live boot enviroment btw01:43
arraybolt3Oh weird. That's a BIOS installation.01:43
arraybolt3(I can tell becaues of the tiny 1M partition at the beginning.)01:43
LikWidChzzwell I made that with a custom install01:44
LikWidChzzfrankly I am not attached to it and can start over.01:44
arraybolt3OK, lemme think...01:44
LikWidChzzwant me to do the basic install wiping everything, then run this syntax again?01:44
LikWidChzzI did some custom partitions btw thinking it would be the fix01:44
arraybolt3Let's try a basic install wiping everything first, then reboot and see if it works.01:44
arraybolt3(Also check and make very sure that EFI mode is disabled in your BIOS if it fails to boot.)01:45
LikWidChzzits an HP8560w01:45
LikWidChzzselecting the 3rd option "erase disk and install ubuntu"01:46
LikWidChzzwell its choochin away now. Its kind of bonkers, I have never had this much problem installing ubuntu since its inception01:49
Bashing-om!uefi | LikWidChzz01:50
ubottuLikWidChzz: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:50
LikWidChzzI dont want anything to do with UEFI though.01:50
Bashing-omLikWidChzz: Uh Huh -- me 2, We gots to tell the firmware we wants to boot always non-EFI :D01:52
LikWidChzzmaybe im old and I dont like a lot of new stuff or changes.01:52
LikWidChzzweak sauce.01:52
arraybolt3EFI would be great if it didn't break so frequently :P01:53
LikWidChzzhah someone should contact them and have them make a new iso that has nothing to do with it for us old farts.01:53
LikWidChzzarraybolt3, its installing btw, shouldnt be too much longer before I try and reboot.01:54
arraybolt3Nice :)01:55
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: btw if you want an ISO that might handle BIOS a bit better, Lubuntu uses a more traditional method of installation for BIOS systems that might work if this fails.01:55
LikWidChzzwhats that?01:55
Bashing-omLikWidChzz: Got this Asus box I moved my old drives from obsolete system - took me some time to figure out how to set to boot CCSM mode.01:56
arraybolt3It's an official flavor of Ubuntu that uses the LXQt desktop rather than GNOME.01:56
LikWidChzzOh well the gnome desktop is fine01:56
arraybolt3It also features a different installer that does things a bit differently (for instance it uses a traditional MBR partition table and doesn't make an EFI partition on BIOS systems).01:57
arraybolt3Whereas Ubuntu's installer will try and make BIOS systems work with GPT (which usually works), and also makes an EFI partition for reasons I do not understand.01:57
arraybolt3Anyway, we'll try and make Ubuntu work first, Lubuntu is just a possible other solution if this doesn't work.01:57
LikWidChzzwell the other option is an older version and never upgrade01:58
LikWidChzzgetting into the live boot again, one momento01:58
pycuriousMy bluetooth mouse stopped working on 20.04LTS after the last reboot. The gnome bluetooth dialog shows bluetooth to be off. On dmesg I see the following error : [    6.772914] Bluetooth: hci0: Reading Intel version command failed (-110), [    6.772920] Bluetooth: hci0: command 0xfc05 tx timeout - systemctl status bluetooth.service - shows service running. Any ideas on how to fix this and what went wrong?02:00
LikWidChzzarraybolt3, -- take a look at this. From an Ubuntu installed on the HDD (neither liveCD nor liveUSB), open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), then type the following command:02:02
LikWidChzz [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo "EFI boot on HDD" || echo "Legacy boot on HDD02:02
LikWidChzzI am in the live envbiroment and cant boot off a drive after install.02:03
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: OK, so it still won't work, hmm...02:03
LikWidChzzthere is no change, it cant boot on its own so not sure if that command you had me run is of any use.02:04
arraybolt3It just showed whether it was a BIOS or EFI boot for debugging.02:04
arraybolt3I'm guessing something about the "bios_grub" partition just isn't working on this system.02:05
arraybolt3Let me see if there's a way to install Ubuntu Desktop with a normal MBR setup.02:06
arraybolt3Gah. I don't have an Ubuntu 22.04 ISO downloaded >_< Hold on, this may take a while...02:10
LikWidChzzwhat a pain02:12
Guest76had to feed my toddler and change his diaper02:14
Bashing-omLikWidChzz: My obsevation - if ya booting bios mode then that sda1 partition is not needed. Is that the issue here ?02:15
arraybolt3Guest76: No problem :)02:15
arraybolt3Bashing-om: Isn't that sda1 partition the bios_grub partition? I thought that was required with GPT systems.02:16
LikWidChzzI have no idea Bashing-om im just doing the default install02:16
Bashing-omarraybolt3: That is a thought ~ not sure as I have not done a GPT install :(02:17
LikWidChzzIll just install UEFI and try booting again to it02:17
LikWidChzzor enable UEFI and try it again with the install02:18
logranrunI have a weird one, I just installed Ubuntu 22.04, with the lvm option and chose encrypted disk. when I switch to the NVIDIA drivers, I can't see the prompt after grub launched the OS. If I type in the password it does in fact boot, but I can't see the prompt. is there any work around for this?02:18
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: I'm downloading the 22.04.1 ISO at the moment and seeing if I can make things work.02:18
LikWidChzzokay cool thank you so much for your assistance.02:18
logranrunI tried the disable graphical terminal line, GRUB_TERMINAL=console, but that didn't do anything02:20
Guest76arraybolt3 did you check out the termbin?02:22
arraybolt3Guest76: Not yet, actually ,lemme do that.02:24
arraybolt3(Sorry, got distracted.)02:24
Guest76no its fine, i just didnt know if you saw I posted it02:25
arraybolt3Guest76: OK, so I'm thinking, let's just do this the easy way. Can you do "sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt" and then "ls -R /mnt"?02:26
arraybolt3Er, "ls -R /mnt | nc termbin.com 9999"02:27
Guest76"/,mnt: (Next Line) EFI02:29
Guest76arraybolt3 https://termbin.com/zzsb702:30
arraybolt3Guest76: OK, this may be a bit drastic, but can you now do "sudo mv /mnt/EFI/BOOT /mnt/EFI/bootBackup"?02:31
Guest76What does that do?02:31
LikWidChzzit makes a copy of your boot file.02:32
arraybolt3That should get old, possibly interfering boot files out of the way without deleting them.02:32
Guest76Ok now what?02:32
arraybolt3Next, can you do "efibootmgr | nc termbin.com 9999" and send that link?02:32
arraybolt3That will let me see if the next step is likely to work or not.02:33
arraybolt3Holy smoke.02:35
arraybolt3Umm... ok so we will have to do something different here.02:35
Guest76what happened?02:35
arraybolt3Lenovo overloaded the NVRAM of your system and looks like it didn't let the ubuntu boot entry get in.02:36
arraybolt3OK, can you do "cp -R /mnt/EFI/ubuntu /mnt/EFI/BOOT"?02:37
arraybolt3And then "cp /mnt/EFI/BOOT/grubx64.efi /mnt/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi".02:37
LikWidChzzSo the thing boots in UEFI mode now, but you have to select the boot EFI file02:37
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Do you have a Customized Boot option in your BIOS?02:38
LikWidChzzlike to select the boot file at boot?02:38
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: It might be possible to point the EFI to the EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi file and get it to boot automatically.02:38
LikWidChzzehhh good q, lemme poke.02:38
arraybolt3Guest76: After executing the commands I sent to you, try rebooting and see what happens. It *should* boot into Ubuntu.02:39
Guest76its booting into Linux mint02:40
Guest65Hello, is there a reason why steam takes a very long time to 'process shaders'? It takes half an hour and the computer throws errors during the process, is generally unresponsive. If I click skip the computer locks up completely and I have to unplug it.02:41
Guest76yeah thats right, i forgot to install kubuntu before i loaded into that live environment02:41
Guest76but its still working, im at the login screen02:41
LikWidChzzarraybolt3, doesnt look like it02:41
Guest76Im OK with Mint :)02:41
LikWidChzzim up for your idea to try non EFI boot setup, I dont like how this works even though it does boot02:42
arraybolt3Guest76: Meh, no problem, if it boots, it boots :)02:42
Guest76So what did I do wrong when initially installing these linux distros?02:42
arraybolt3Guest76: No, waht you did was probably fine.02:42
arraybolt3Hardware manufacturers frequently don't adhere to standards that make things work right.02:42
arraybolt3Basically we just had to make Mint put its files where the UEFI can find them, since the UEFI refused to do things the right way.02:43
Guest76If I ever have to reinstall the linux distro again... do I have to repeat all the same commands? Which commands are the most relevant commands so I can save it for my own personal KB?02:43
LikWidChzzarraybolt3, did you get anywhere with making an MBR bootable 22.04?02:43
arraybolt3Guest76: I'll send a pastebin with the relevant "fix it" commands.02:43
Guest76(I have a webserver running at home, and on the locally served site, I have webpages for how to do certain complicated tasks that I might occasionally have to do, but might forget how to)02:44
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Still downloading :(02:44
LikWidChzzon your question about pointing to the right file you made a comment about the bootable file02:44
Guest76Most of my KBs articles I wrote for myself are for fixing issues with HomeAssistant02:44
Guest76BTW, Thank you so much for your help :D02:45
Guest76I wonder if Linux mint supports the fingerprint reader on this badboy02:45
LikWidChzzso in the EFI directory do I need to make a symbolic link to this shimx64.efi file?02:46
arraybolt3Guest76: https://dpaste.com/9FKHNN57D02:47
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: You can't do symbolic links sadly, the EFI partition is FAT32.02:47
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: You can copy stuff if you need it elsewhere.02:47
LikWidChzzokay so in the EFI directory is there a file that I can copy to auto load02:48
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: You might try just enabling EFI mode and then reinstalling, so that the right entry is made in your system's NVRAM to boot Ubuntu automatically. That will save you (hopefully) from having to repeat what me and Guest76 just had to do because of his buggy UEFI.02:48
LikWidChzzI did that.02:48
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Oh.02:48
arraybolt3OK, well: https://dpaste.com/9FKHNN57D02:48
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: ^ That has the instructions for putting the GRUB bootloader where even buggy EFI systems can find it.02:48
LikWidChzzahh okay lemme give this a whirl02:49
LikWidChzzif it fails im installing 21.1002:49
Guest65How do I troubleshoot performance problems? I had no problem playing bannerlord yesterday before I rebooted, but today it is hitching and skipping constantly02:49
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: This shouldn't fail - if the EFI can't find the file where those instructions put it, it shouldn't even call itself a UEFI BIOS.02:50
LikWidChzzwell it seems like the folks who put together this installed kind of hosed it :\02:50
arraybolt3The installer works just fine on most systems. Manufacturers are just really bad at following standards, leading to these kinds of hacks.02:51
LikWidChzzon your pastebin link it sounds like I can just do the last two commands02:52
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: You have to mount the installed system's EFI system partition to be able to modify it.02:52
LikWidChzzright I already did that02:52
arraybolt3And if /mnt/EFI/BOOT already exists (which it probably will), you have to move it.02:52
LikWidChzzoh well lol ignore what I said before :)02:52
arraybolt3If you've already done that, then yeah, the last two commands are all you need.02:52
LikWidChzzbtw I dont have a grub file listed in /boot02:54
Guest65I have run the top command, it is the closest thing I can find to the task manager in windows. there is a program called apport-gtk  taking up 100% of cpu02:54
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: On the installed system, or the live ISO?02:54
LikWidChzzthe installed system02:55
arraybolt3So /boot/grub doesn't exist?02:55
arraybolt3Alright, hold up. Something's wrong then.02:55
arraybolt3You might have a corrupted ISO.02:55
LikWidChzzroot@elitebook:/mnt/EFI/BOOT# ls02:55
LikWidChzzBOOTX64.EFI  fbx64.efi  mmx64.efi  ubuntu02:55
arraybolt3Oh. That's actualy normal.02:55
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: You're looking at the installed system's EFI system partition.02:55
arraybolt3/boot/grub should be located in the /boot partition or the / partition, which are different.02:56
arraybolt3You're looking at what usually is /boot/efi.02:56
LikWidChzzlook at your pastebin link again02:56
LikWidChzzit doesnt show you copying files from /boot02:57
Guest65I tried running a few commands that apparently stop the apport-gtk 'service', but it is still running and consuming all the system resources02:57
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Right. We are intentionally changing things in /boot/efi, because that's where the bootloader is installed on EFI systems.02:58
arraybolt3You're used to BIOS systems, which work very differently in this regard.02:58
LikWidChzzRight, I am booted in EFI boot mode now02:58
arraybolt3We're just taking the bootloader from the location where it should work, and putting it in a different location so that the UEFI can find it since it seems reluctant to find it in the normal location.02:59
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Are you booted into the main system, or an ISO file?02:59
LikWidChzzRight right I get that.02:59
arraybolt3I thought you were in an ISO file.02:59
Guest76Does Libera.chat do registered usernames?02:59
LikWidChzzI am booted in UEFI mode now on its own power. BUT the problem is I have to select a bunch of junk within the boot menu of my laptop and navigate to a UEFI file and boot to it in order for my system to start03:00
arraybolt3Guest76: You can register a username if you wish, and some channels require that you be registered in order to join, though not all of them.03:00
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Oh, OK.03:00
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: So what commands have you run so far?03:00
Guest76Just making sure, its done at https://libera.chat/ right?03:00
arraybolt3Guest76: That's their website, you can find registration instructions there.03:00
arraybolt3The actual registration process is done in your IRC client.03:00
LikWidChzzso what I am asking is, is there a default file name that boots in UEFI mode because if there is, Ill just copy the shimx64.efi03:01
LikWidChzz to the "Default.file.that.boots.without.me.pressing.buttons"03:01
LikWidChzzgrubx64.efi also exists03:01
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Yes, it's /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi.03:01
arraybolt3However, SHIM looks for grubx64.efi in the same folder.03:01
LikWidChzzIm asking something dumb03:01
arraybolt3No, not at all.03:02
LikWidChzzIm sure the answer is so easy once I figure out how to ask it.03:02
arraybolt3Nah, I get it.03:02
LikWidChzzwhich folder is it looking in?03:02
arraybolt3So the /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT folder is an "ultimate fallback" where the UEFI can find files if all else fails.03:02
arraybolt3And the file it will look for is /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI.03:02
arraybolt3So if you copy shimx64.efi to there, it will find it.03:03
arraybolt3shimx64.efi requires grubx64.efi be in the same folder as it.03:03
arraybolt3So since /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu is already set up all correct, you just copy /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu to /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT.03:03
LikWidChzzcopy the entire folder to the boot folder?03:03
arraybolt3Then you can copy /boot/efi/EFI/shimx64.efi to /boot/efi/EFI/bootx64.efi, and then the UEFI can find the shim.03:03
arraybolt3Yes. The entire folder.03:03
LikWidChzzthats free, I can do that one sec03:03
arraybolt3Then once the UEFI can find the shim, it can boot it, and then the shim can find GRUB and boot it.03:03
Guest76There.... now I got Synergy set up so I can control my laptop with the keyboard/03:04
LikWidChzzwait its already there03:04
arraybolt3And then GRUB can find the configuration file in the same folder and use it to find the real configuration file.03:04
Guest76and mouse from my desktop pc03:04
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: /mnt/efi/EFI/BOOT will probably have stuff there already.03:04
LikWidChzzroot@elitebook:/mnt/EFI/BOOT/ubuntu# ls03:04
LikWidChzzBOOTX64.CSV  grub.cfg  grubx64.efi  mmx64.efi  shimx64.efi03:04
Guest76Literally like having another monitor, except that other monitor runs linux03:04
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: BOOTX64.**CSV**, not .EFI.03:04
LikWidChzzAHHHHHHH okay03:04
arraybolt3You need to do "sudo cp /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/shimx64.efi /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi" and then POOF it should work.03:05
LikWidChzzwhoosh I think your file names are incorrect.03:07
arraybolt3I mean this just worked a second ago for another user.03:07
LikWidChzzI am either dense or hangry.03:07
arraybolt3Did I typo?03:07
arraybolt3ls /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT03:07
LikWidChzzpause. doing now03:07
LikWidChzzroot@elitebook:/boot/efi/EFI/BOOT# ls03:08
LikWidChzzBOOTX64.EFI  fbx64.efi  mmx64.efi  ubuntu03:08
arraybolt3ubuntu shouldn't be there :)03:08
arraybolt3ubuntu is supposed to *replace* /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT, not be inside it.03:09
LikWidChzzhold up a sec I am getting dumb03:09
LikWidChzzwhen the machine boots isnt it looking at /SDA2 the EFI partition?03:09
arraybolt3I believe so.03:09
LikWidChzzokay thats what I booted the system on but I had to select an EFI file manually with HPs stupid menu03:10
arraybolt3I think we got confused - the ubuntu folder contains an EFI bootloader "realm", if you will.03:10
arraybolt3The UEFI can't find that realm for some reason, because it's broken.03:10
arraybolt3However it can find the /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT realm.03:10
arraybolt3So we need to move whatever's at /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT out of the way, and then rename /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu to /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT, so that the bootloader can find it.03:11
arraybolt3So, execute these commands, one at a time, and I think it should fix things.03:11
LikWidChzzso confused here.03:12
arraybolt3EFI is confusing.03:12
LikWidChzzyour pastebin link look at line 203:12
arraybolt3The pastebin was designed for if you were in a live ISO.03:12
arraybolt3Forget the pastebin for now, the paths are going to be wrong if you're not in a live ISO.03:12
LikWidChzzokay pause.03:12
LikWidChzzI have /dev/sda2 mounted to /mnt03:12
LikWidChzzone line at a time, what do I need to do?03:13
arraybolt3ls /mnt03:13
arraybolt3Let's see what's in there so we know what we have mounted there.03:13
LikWidChzzI have a single folder called EFI there03:13
arraybolt3ls /boot/efi03:14
arraybolt3Does that look the same?03:14
LikWidChzzlemme pastebin03:14
arraybolt3OK, very good.03:15
arraybolt3Alright, a few more commands to take stock of what we're looking at:03:15
arraybolt3ls /boot/efi/EFI03:15
arraybolt3ls /mnt/EFI03:15
arraybolt3Pastebin the terminal after running those.03:15
arraybolt3(I want to be absolutely sure that any deletion commands or whatnot are safe so that we don't break things.)03:16
arraybolt3Oh, perfect.03:16
LikWidChzzIm confused what files do what here once I nail that im sure ill be laughing because im just derping out here.03:16
arraybolt3I think I see everything that needs done, I'll just send the commands one at a time and hopefully it should work.03:17
LikWidChzzyes deals03:17
arraybolt3I'll send comments with each command so that you can see what it does.03:17
arraybolt3sudo rm -rf /mnt/EFI/BOOT/ubuntu   # Remove the copied folder since we put it in the wrong location - DO NOT MAKE A TYPO HERE03:17
johnny_Linuxwow, lot goin there03:17
LikWidChzzthe ubuntu folder in mnt is removed03:18
arraybolt3sudo mv /mnt/EFI/BOOT /mnt/EFI/bootBackup   # The current contents of the BOOT folder are probably not correct, but they might be useful later, so move them without deleting them.03:18
LikWidChzzfrankly I didnt need to back it up but okay.03:19
arraybolt3sudo cp /mnt/EFI/ubuntu /mnt/EFI/BOOT   # The UEFI can't seem to find the ubuntu boot files, so put them in the BOOT location where the bootloader absolutely can find them.03:19
arraybolt3I missed an -R :-/03:19
arraybolt3sudo cp -R /mnt/EFI/ubuntu /mnt/EFI/BOOT   # The UEFI can't seem to find the ubuntu boot files, so put them in the BOOT location where the bootloader absolutely can find them.03:19
LikWidChzzthe ubuntu directory dosent exist you had me RM RF it above03:20
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: It's /mnt/EFI/ubuntu, not /mnt/EFI/BOOT/ubuntu.03:20
LikWidChzzlolol I hosed it03:20
arraybolt3:) No problem, we have a backup! \o/03:20
arraybolt3sudo cp -R /mnt/EFI/bootBackup/ubuntu /mnt/EFI/BOOT   # Get the ubuntu boot files out of the backup and put them in the BOOT location where the UEFI can find them.03:21
arraybolt3(And now am I so glad we moved that folder rather than nuking it)03:21
LikWidChzzokay thats it03:22
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Not yet.03:22
arraybolt3ls /mnt/EFI/BOOT   # Pastebin this so I can see if things look right03:22
LikWidChzzroot@elitebook:/mnt/EFI/BOOT# ls03:23
LikWidChzzBOOTX64.EFI  fbx64.efi  mmx64.efi  ubuntu03:23
arraybolt3ls /mnt/EFI/BOOT/ubuntu   # Pastebin this too please03:23
LikWidChzzBOOTX64.CSV  grub.cfg  grubx64.efi  mmx64.efi  shimx64.efi03:23
LikWidChzzis that good or bad03:24
arraybolt3Please read the commands carefully and type them exactly, because it looks like you're probably typing things you think I should have typed that I intentionally didn't type.03:24
arraybolt3We have all the files, we just still don't have them in the right places.03:24
arraybolt3sudo mv /mnt/EFI/BOOT/ubuntu /mnt/EFI/ubuntu   # Move the ubuntu boot files to where they used to be temporarily03:25
arraybolt3ls /mnt/EFI    # Paste into chat so I can see what things look like currently03:25
LikWidChzzBOOT  BOOTBackup  ubuntu03:26
arraybolt3ls /mnt/EFI/BOOTbackup   # Just to be sure before we nuke this folder since we probably don't need it03:27
LikWidChzzBOOTX64.EFI  fbx64.efi  mmx64.efi  ubuntu03:27
arraybolt3ls /mnt/EFI/BOOT   # Also would like to check this folder03:27
LikWidChzzBOOTX64.EFI  fbx64.efi  mmx64.efi03:28
arraybolt3Ok, interesting. That changes things a bit.03:28
arraybolt3sudo rm -rf /mnt/EFI/BOOT   # This doesn't appear to have anything we need. Please be careful to delete exactly this folder, not BOOTBackup or ubuntu.03:29
arraybolt3sudo cp -R /mnt/EFI/ubuntu /mnt/EFI/BOOT   # Now we can put the ubuntu boot files where the UEFI can find them.03:30
arraybolt3ls /mnt/EFI/BOOT   # One more check to see if we need to copy a boot file03:30
LikWidChzzBOOTX64.CSV  grub.cfg  grubx64.efi  mmx64.efi  shimx64.efi03:31
arraybolt3sudo cp /mnt/EFI/BOOT/shimx64.efi /mnt/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI   # Copy the shim to the fallback bootloader location - this should finally be the last step.03:31
arraybolt3reboot   # And let's see if it worked!03:32
johnny_Linuxgreat job03:32
LikWidChzzSO question now. It seems like the default EFI file that boots is BOOTX64.EFI correct?03:32
arraybolt3johnny_Linux: Well don't congradulate me yet - we still have to see if it worked.03:32
LikWidChzzlemme see if this dumb thing works now.03:33
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Correct. EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.efi is an ultimate fallback file that is booted if no other boot file can be found.03:33
LikWidChzzand when the normal installer installed it its a .csv file in that location correct?03:33
arraybolt3It wasn't installed as a .CSV file, that's a data file used by BOOTX64.efi, I believe.03:33
johnny_LinuxI have a new tomahawk 550 board.. and those people told me >this bios is as is and if you dont like it.. too bad.03:34
arraybolt3BOOTX64.EFI is the fallback boot file, BOOTX64.CSV is a data file it can use depending on what exactly that bootloader is, IIUC.03:34
LikWidChzzYeah looks like its booting now03:35
LikWidChzzI feel like I need to do that another 10x tommrow on my own03:35
arraybolt3Use a VM with EFI mode enabled (GNOME Boxes is great for this), that wasy you can break things without fear.03:35
LikWidChzzwell I can break things with a real laptop too lol.03:36
arraybolt3Heh, true.03:36
LikWidChzzokay so serious business now.03:36
johnny_LinuxI appreciate the info, i am still learning the bios t from hell.. so. thanks.03:36
LikWidChzzwhen I got this thing installed the first time what file was missing?03:36
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: OK, so this answer is a bit complex.03:36
johnny_Linuxvery strange bios.. it changes with the wind.03:36
arraybolt3Technically, *nothing* was missing, except for the manufacturer's willingness to adhere to standards.03:37
arraybolt3What's supposed to happen is, there's some storage in the UEFI (called NVRAM) that holds boot entries.03:37
LikWidChzzcan you put together like a tree diagram of what it looks like not working and then one that looks like working?03:37
arraybolt3Yeah, sure, one moment...03:37
arraybolt3Actually, this might take a bit, stay with me and I'll give you a pastebin when done.03:37
LikWidChzzcause I think thats where Im missing the thing. It sounds like my bios craps the bed because some default UEFI executable is not present and when we moved it all around from other spots it fixes itself03:38
LikWidChzzI should say the UEFI file is present, just not in the directory it needs to be.03:38
johnny_Linuxgood info folks.. have a great nite.. tootles. Ubuntu ROCKS. thanks03:39
LikWidChzzI agree good info, I need to break my system again and make sure I understand how it broke.03:42
arraybolt3Still putting together the tree, bear with me03:43
LikWidChzzYou are good.03:45
arraybolt3Thanks, still building, this is coming out good.03:47
LikWidChzzI expect it to look like a 1995 webpage with every animated gif available on the internet.03:47
LikWidChzzwith this thing we just got done doing, it seems as if the people who coded this ubuntu iso should impliment this automaticly.03:57
arraybolt3Whew. OK, here's the tome:03:57
LikWidChzzOkay that looks great im going to stare at it a bit later.03:58
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: :) Hope it helps! I told dpaste to not delete it for a year so hopefully it will stick around for you.03:59
arraybolt3You might want to save it if you want to refer to it after a year though.03:59
LikWidChzzlol they should fix it in ubuntu03:59
arraybolt3I don't disagree... BUT...03:59
arraybolt3Windows sometimes puts files in EFI\BOOT too. :-(03:59
LikWidChzzhow many burritos do I have to buy someone04:00
arraybolt3So Ubuntu can't really just plow over that directory indiscriminately, or it could wreak havoc on Windows.04:00
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: As many as you want to eat. For yourself.04:00
LikWidChzzwell I dont dual boot anything04:00
arraybolt3Yeah but lots of people do.04:00
LikWidChzzthats for the birds04:00
LikWidChzzyou going to be around tommrow?04:00
arraybolt3Maybe. I hope so.04:01
LikWidChzzokay cool, well thank you much for your assistance and dealing with me.04:01
arraybolt3Sure thing! Glad to be able to help!04:01
LikWidChzzare the files in /boot/efi like a backup?04:01
arraybolt3(You should have seen my first fights with Ubuntu and EFI, back with KXStudio 14.04. Oh my gosh, it took me days of agony.)04:01
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: /boot/efi is the entire EFI system partition.04:01
LikWidChzzthat is old old version04:01
arraybolt3You'll notice I talk about the EFI directory - that's /boot/efi/EFI on a Linux system.04:02
LikWidChzzhold up04:02
LikWidChzzthere is a partition with those files in it along with within root filesystem.04:02
LikWidChzzso which one is needed?04:02
arraybolt3OK, so things were a bit messy there...04:02
LikWidChzzmy guess the partition04:02
arraybolt3When you boot from an ISO, /boot/efi has the ISO's EFI files. So to get to the system's EFI files, I had us mounting the system's EFI partition to /mnt.04:03
arraybolt3But when you boot an installed system, the files are automatically mounted to /boot/efi.04:03
arraybolt3So we actually had the EFI partition mounted *twice*, once in /boot/efi and once in /mnt.04:03
LikWidChzzoh they are like symlinked or something?04:03
LikWidChzzthey are indeed two files though right?04:04
arraybolt3This is where Linux is a bit tricky.04:04
arraybolt3Directories just contain a part of a filesystem.04:04
arraybolt3So if you mount the same filesystem to two different directories...04:04
arraybolt3...both directories show the same files and interacting with one will change the other.04:04
LikWidChzzahh okay04:04
arraybolt3We could have just not mounted the EFI partition to /mnt and worked with /boot/efi the whole time.04:04
arraybolt3But I didn't realize you were in an installed system for a *while* and was acting as if we were in the ISO.04:05
arraybolt3Thus why we ended up working with /mnt.04:05
LikWidChzzno worries at all, it ended up working.04:05
LikWidChzzI need to stare at your diagram04:05
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: One thing you should be aware of....04:08
arraybolt3...when you get a GRUB or shim update, it will probably put it under /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu, since that's where things usually go.04:08
arraybolt3But that won't automatically copy to /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT, where you need them.04:09
arraybolt3So... lemme see how to add a script to automatically do that as needed.04:09
LikWidChzzlemme pause there for a bit I need go to bed. ill be around later.04:09
LikWidChzzAgain thank you much.. I need food, step away and come back to this when im a bit more recharged.04:09
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Sure thing!04:10
arraybolt3Glad to help, good luck, and get good food!04:10
LikWidChzzthank you thankyou.04:10
arraybolt3I bet I understand why the system wasn't booting before - I think Ubuntu actually is designed to cope with a messed-up EFI, but that it doesn't cope well with a broken one.04:24
arraybolt3It looks like the fallback.efi file (or fbx64.efi) builds the boot entries, then tries to boot one, but in the event the UEFI doesn't allow it to create the boot entries, it fails to boot any of them. And then it boot loops.04:25
arraybolt3Tesu successful!04:38
arraybolt3*Test successful!04:40
massovittoriocan't see what i'm typingneed to change color04:41
massovittoriothaank you04:42
pickanickdoes ubuntu apt install {ssh,mosh,...} open ports in the devices' firewall or does that have to be done separately?05:23
SuperLagoerheks: re: age of my Ubuntu box, I should have just looked at my Digital Ocean panel for the VPS. It's existed for 6 years.05:44
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cyberwolfhi, I block the update of the package "ubuntu-advantage-tools" so that Ubuntu Pro does not install on how much is it correct? :)07:12
oerheks!info ubuntu-advantage-tools08:01
ubottuubuntu-advantage-tools (27.13.3~22.10.1, kinetic): management tools for Ubuntu Pro. In component main, is important. Built by ubuntu-advantage-tools. Size 147 kB / 801 kB08:01
oerheksif you have no wish for ESM or the kernel patch, not sure disabling is a good idea08:02
cyberwolfthis package changes one file /etc/ubuntu-advantage/uaclient.conf to https://raw.githubusercontent.com/canonical/ubuntu-advantage-client/main/uaclient.conf08:12
cyberwolfas they say, you can disable sudo mkdir /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/off; and then sudo mv /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20apt-esm-hook.conf /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/off;08:14
billybobHi All09:27
billybobI am looking for some assistance in fixing a key binding. I have a bluetooth connected logitech MX keys for business - Swedish layout. All keys seem to be working fine apart from the print screen button which for some reason is registering as <Shift>S (from xev ) - Keycode 99 as seen on this link https://github.com/spxak1/weywot/blob/main/guides/mxkeys_linux.md09:27
billybobI am using ubuntu 22.04.09:27
billybobthe problem seems to be very similar to this here :09:27
billybobI have been trying to look in dconf-editor for something but I am not exactly sure what I am looking for there.09:27
Guest5I cannot Switch User in Ubuntu 20.04. It takes me back to the login screen, but no other account can succesfully log in from there. It just cycles back the login screen.10:16
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inscw00tableSo, I am having a surprising amount of difficulty dropping into a shell once an autoinstall is kicked off, I have tried any number of things.  What is the right way to do this?  Basically I just want to get in and see what it is doing so I can figure out why it's stalling.11:15
adhiwhat is this?11:21
adhii just try in my apps11:22
inscw00tableThis is IRC.11:22
* inscw00table chuckles. I appreciate that nick, p y c u r i o u s.11:23
adhioohh i see11:23
=== adhi is now known as sg17qzx
tomreyninscw00table: you mentioned "autoinstall" without providing any context. i think autoinstall is currently only supported by the ubuntu server installer. there is #ubuntu-server.11:27
inscw00tableRoger; yeah, sorry.  You are correct.11:28
inscw00tableI will move my question, thank you.11:28
sg17qzxis most of people using IRC here?11:29
sg17qzxi just notice this apps in my xubuntu, and try to open it. and found this server11:29
respawnsg17qzx: this is ubuntu help channel if you need help ask here11:30
respawnsg17qzx: for general chat go to #ubuntu-offtopic11:30
sg17qzxokay thank you, i will explore it. feel's interesting11:30
billybobCan anyone help with the keyboard issue I have ?12:19
WaVIf it appears to be an issue with Ubuntu, ask your question and if someone is around who is able to guide you in the right direction, they will answer.12:26
BugiesHI billybob what is a ps/2 keyboard?12:33
billybobnot sure what you mean Bugies. Can you see my message above? i posted at around 3 hours ago12:35
tomreynBugies: ps/2 is an older keyboard connector (and i think signalling protocol, too)12:38
tomreynit was common before usb12:38
Bugiesok , I'm thinking of something else12:40
oerheksbillybob, you pasted multiple lines, we only got 3 or so, use a pastebin12:41
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:41
billybobok will do12:41
WeeBeyMorning! Do you guys recommend upgrading from 22.04 to 22.10? I know it's not LTS but the new gnome sounds interesting--especially since I still have some of the bugs from 22.04 almost a year in.12:49
oerheksWeeBey, sure, but there is no rolling back.12:51
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WeeBeyoerheks, just in case I cloned my nvme last night with dd12:51
WeeBeyI have never had to load an .img though so I have to assume that it works.12:52
BluesKajHi all12:58
respawnmario_: dont use caps12:59
WeeBeysounds like a problem with hardware too :D12:59
respawnmario_: and install from wine webpage the stable one12:59
WeeBeySee? told you.12:59
mario_incredibly rude13:00
WeeBeyNow I feel bad. I was joking </313:01
respawnjust some kid dont know how to fix problem and being anoying13:02
WeeBeySo, when Ubuntu started using snap for Firefox, a lot people were upset. Including me. lol Now, I'm I am starting to like Snaps. What are your feelings about that?13:05
WeeBeyI'm making a list of the software I have in case I need to format completely.13:05
oerhekssnaps are great.13:06
oerheksand this channel is not suitable for such polls/discussion, join #ubuntu-discuss for that13:06
WeeBeyI guess there's a performance decrease? Was that the main thing?13:06
WeeBeyoerheks, so this is support-related questions? Ok. got it.13:06
WeeBeyOk, then. As part of my backups, if I want to save the added repos that i am using, I would make a backup of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?13:08
WeeBeyif I add the file into a clean install, will I be able to use it right away or does it need additional configuration?13:09
oerheksadd those repos like you did the 1st time, if those are hosted on launchpad,  add-apt-repository ppa:something is enough to add and add the key.13:12
oerheksjust a backup of  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ is not enough, then you need to backup those keys too13:13
WeeBeyoerheks, Yeah. I just saw that they were pointing to the key /usr/share/keyrings13:13
WeeBeyOk, perfect13:13
oerhekssudo apt-key list13:13
WeeBeyoerheks, oh cool. Lots of keys in there that I don't need.13:14
WeeBeyLast question. I went from 21.10 to 22.04. Now I'm thinking of going to 22.10. The support will be 1 year, I believe correct? After which I would have 24.04  available ?13:16
WeeBeyoh wait, no. I would have to upgrade to 23.10 I guess.13:17
billyboboerhek, ubottu here is the dpaste link https://dpaste.com/HGGSMM4BD13:24
billybobUbuntu 22.04 - Logitech MX keys business (Swedish layout) - Print button not registering - Showing as Shift + S in xev13:25
billybobscreenshot of xev - https://imgur.com/a/r3sLVGa13:27
joo_shortly after installing ubuntu on two different machines (with gnome3) i am experiencing that on login it is asking me to give access to an unknown application to the keyring with password, - thats on every login on both matchines (version 22.04) - any advice ?13:31
WeeBeyjoo_, did it crash maybe at some point?13:33
WeeBeyI found that sometimes something crashes and it tries to report the crash.. then asks for password.13:33
WeeBeywhen i clear /var/crash the issue disappears.13:34
joo_WeeBey: that didnt happen ever as far as i remember, also the /var/crash fold is empty13:37
WeeBeyhmm, dang. that was the low hanging fruit.13:38
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billybobHey. Anyone around to help with the keyboard issue i shared above ?14:59
lotuspsychjebillybob: its okay to re-ask your issue once in a while so newly joined volunteers can pickup your question15:00
billybobIssue dpaste: https://dpaste.com/HGGSMM4BD15:02
billybobUbuntu 22.04 - Logitech MX keys business (Swedish layout) - Print button not registering - Showing as Shift + S in xev15:02
billybobscreenshot of xev - https://imgur.com/a/r3sLVG15:02
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kovitalMaybe the print button is just a shortcut to shift+s keycodes in fact.15:31
kovitalif the layout detect the button press in xev, i'd say changing to another layout won't change that, but i can be wrong tho, you can still try another one and see in xev if it returns the same keycode.15:32
FKAShinobiIs there a way to setup a remote display like in Windows 10/11? The use case is casting to a TV in a board room.15:32
kovitalbillybob, try your keyboard on a android device since it's bluetooth like your phone to see if the keycode is the same, i think there must be an app on the playstore or f-droid or apkpure to display that.15:33
kovitalor on another linux live USB distrib.15:33
kovitalalso on android, in a text editor: if you press the print button you should see an 'S' then15:34
kovitalas long the layout is detected like on ubuntu.15:34
billybobkovital, thanks for responding. I don't actually have an android device to hand. I do have another old laptop though, or a mac i could test on15:34
billybobwould that work15:34
lucas-argits compiz still developed?15:35
kovitalyeah try on them, in a text editor the print button, maybe xev or alike is available on your mac too.15:35
billybobi could live boot another distro on the old laptop. Any specific one worth testing with ?15:35
kovitalmint? or another popular one that has all the layout and things out of the box.15:37
billybobwas thinking mint. but wasn't sure if it needed to be a totally different flavour.15:37
billybobas in, non debian based15:37
Jeremy31Mint should behave like Ubuntu for a keyboard15:39
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: That's usually something that the browser handles.  My chrome browser will often be able to screencast to my Roku TV box.15:55
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: AFIK "forwarding" the desktop is only possible with a VPN or with two Xwindows sessions.15:56
jhutchins(I don't think Wayland supports forwarding.)15:56
FKAShinobijhutchins: Fair enough, but what if it's not a web site. I have some other applications that I want to display...15:56
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: It would most likely be up to the application to support that.15:57
jhutchinsWhen I forward YouTube video, the Roku actually connects to the stream and bypasses my computer.15:57
amazoniantoadI just want to game on ubuntu D:15:58
amazoniantoadStupid nvidia drivers15:58
jhutchinsamazoniantoad: You should demand your money back.15:58
FKAShinobiSo I if I want to put in an enhancement to a team, would that be the Gnome Team, Wayland team, etc.?15:58
amazoniantoadUBUNTU GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK15:58
amazoniantoadoh wait...15:58
leftyfbamazoniantoad: would you like help with something?15:58
amazoniantoadnah. I really love ubuntu, actually. I just updated drivers and am using a variant of wine to run overwatch 215:58
leftyfb!wine | amazoniantoad15:59
ubottuamazoniantoad: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:59
jhutchinsFKAShinobi: You could try.  You might learn about X11 forwarding first.  It's not just the app you're sending from, it's whatever is receiving and displaying it remotely.15:59
kovitalYeah wine have full page of compatibily config and tricks for running windows games and app on their site.15:59
billybobJeremy31, kovital different result on linux mint. it still doesn't act as print screen. but it has a different keycode, resulting in the start menu flashing up and also the sound control from bottom right. nothing comes up in text editor16:07
billybobWhen bringing up the keyboard layout on ubuntu i can see shift + s flashing when hitting the print key on logitech keyboard. on linux mint i do not see any key flash but its clear its doing something. but its a different result16:09
kovitalbillybob, on Ubuntu if you press shift+s in a texteditor it displays: "S" ?16:11
kovitali mean if you press 'print'16:12
kovital(not shift+s)16:12
kovitalI think you need to find a layout for the exact model of your keyboard but it's maybe not available or only with wrong keycodes, do you load it with setxkbmap ?16:13
billybobno but i can try that16:14
billybobi couldnt find an exact layout16:14
oerheksmaybe the last answer on that page..16:15
oerheksor https://github.com/spxak1/weywot/blob/main/guides/mxkeys_linux.md16:15
oerheksboth answers need Solaar16:16
oerheks!info solaar16:16
kovitalcheck 'man setxkbmap' i think you can modify an exiting compatible keymap with the physical codes to the keycodes reported in xev (by xorg or wayland)16:16
ubottusolaar (1.1.5+dfsg-2, kinetic): Logitech Unifying Receiver peripherals manager for Linux. In component universe, is optional. Built by solaar. Size 295 kB / 1,507 kB16:16
oerheksthis was so easy to find, ..16:16
kovitalWell if the issue is just the wrong keymap you wouldn't want a logitech manager on top of the normal bluetooth service.16:20
kovitali mean its supposed to work out of the box for Android or other i guess, anyway.16:20
oerheksthat manager is specially written for logitech16:20
oerheksiirc there are more key combo's not working on that MX16:21
kovitalYeah i know it can report battery status or more things that the device does that is not supported with basic BT support etc maybe.16:22
cats3d_1I also have a keyboard mystery: I'm getting a 3rd layout in my input method cycle, but it's not defined anywhere16:22
kovitalanyway ok, tell us if it works good with the logitech manager.16:22
cats3d_1it's not in gnome-control-center, not in ibus, not in xkb. Is another place that overrides all these?16:23
Remy /msg NickServ IDENTIFY Remy reem16:24
amazoniantoadHey remy16:25
oerhekstime to change password, Remy16:25
amazoniantoadmight wanna change your pw16:25
Remyhehe shit :)16:25
oerheksnot sure you can have spaces in it..16:26
oerheksask #libera16:26
Remydank oerheks16:26
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jhutchinsI think leading spaces will escape the /msg16:38
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maxzorHello, have you got an idea why my webcam which is registered as a usb device does not show up in any videoconferencing browser software?17:04
maxzorjitsi, zoom, teams... firefox, chromium... no avail. I am on ubu 20 and standard gnome wayland17:05
ioriai'am not good with wc,but usually you start the app from terminal and check the output17:06
rboxwhat does dmesg say when you plug it in17:06
maxzorrbox, if that was for me the webcam appears in lsusb, but I cannot play with the connector easily as this is a sealed laptop17:06
rboxnow to answer the question...17:07
oerhekswhat is the 8 digit hex id from the lsusb output?17:09
oerheks" webcam is working with the 1.0 firmware, but not with the 1.5 firmware that the Dell XPS 13 9370 ships right now  "  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/176374817:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1763748 in Dell Sputnik "Integrated Webcam Realtek Integrated_Webcam_HD (0bda:58f4) not working in DELL XPS 13 9370 with firmware 1.50" [Undecided, New]17:14
LikWidChzzarraybolt3, you around? more EFI discussions17:15
MASDRAfter upgrading to 22.04 from 20.04 my wi-fi adapter stop working and when I try see the setting it tells there is no wi-fi adapter. But I can share LAN network through the adapter (hotspot). Any idea?17:23
lucas-argMASDR: how did you upgrade17:24
Jeremy31MASDR: Can you run the 2 commands at https://gist.github.com/jeremyb31/a2bee9856d8c13f42f1835bc31bf9480 in terminal and only post the termbin.com URL after the second command is done17:24
MASDRlucas-arg: by sudo do-release-upgrade17:25
lucas-argMASDR: i would do, sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove -y in order to be as clean as possible, then reboot and see if wifi is working... maybe a kernel issue17:27
MASDRJeremy31: https://termbin.com/qno817:29
maxzoroerheks, thank you, should I look into installing one of the linux-oem packages?17:31
oerheksmaxzor, make sure you have firmware 1.51 or higher, as i understand. and oem kernel might fix it then.17:32
MASDRlucas-arg: nothing just happened, actually I did almost the same, I just sent you the upgrade command17:33
Jeremy31MASDR: Check>  iwconfig and use the wlx********(the script strips the mac address)  listed there for this command>  sudo ifconfig wlx******** up17:34
MASDRJeremy31: when I used sudo ifconfig wlx********* up, I can scan network using iwlist wlx******* scanning, but still no wi-fi adapter in wi-fi setting17:42
lucas-argubuntu mate with compiz, beautiful... reminds me to old gnome217:46
rboxlucas-arg: i mean... thats kinda the point of mate17:47
Jeremy31MASDR: edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf17:47
Jeremy31MASDR: Remove the [keyfile] and the line below it17:49
MASDRJeremy31: Thanks a lot! working now17:51
Jeremy31That line below keyfile told Network Manager to ignore that wifi device17:51
MASDRI see17:51
maxzorSep 30 15:21:23 mada kernel: uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device Integrated_Webcam_HD (0bda:58f3)18:00
maxzoroerheks, this is my last uvcvideo entry in journalctl18:01
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maxzoroO is this module superseded by a new one?18:01
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Heya, you still around?18:02
LikWidChzzyeah I am18:06
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: You were asking if I was still around for more EFI discussion, I believe.18:08
LikWidChzzYeah, so I'm trying to wrap my head around this EFI boot bs. gimme a sec and ill type out a paragraph18:08
LikWidChzzbs = Bachelor of Science btw.18:08
LikWidChzzI guess as far as directorys go and their contents. when the EFI boot is executed it looks for these .EFI files correct?18:11
LikWidChzzso whats the mechanism used to determine which one is executed first?18:11
LikWidChzzi looking in BOOT and unbuntu directories18:11
arraybolt3OK, so you know how BIOS systems have a CMOS chip for storing settings?18:12
arraybolt3EFI systems have a similar chip, but in addition they have this thing called NVRAM, which is basically a small piece of memory outside of the system's hard drive that stores certain EFI-related info.18:12
arraybolt3A lot of that info is "boot entries", each one of which instructs the EFI what it should do to "boot" the system.18:12
arraybolt3So when you install Ubuntu, usually a boot entry is made for ubuntu in the NVRAM.18:12
arraybolt3That boot entry then points to EFI\ubuntu\shimx64.efi.18:13
arraybolt3Then when the computer boots, it sees Ubuntu's boot entry, which points it to the shim.18:13
LikWidChzzbtw are the directories sort of ... not important?18:13
arraybolt3Technically they might be able to be done away with, but they do exist for a good reason.18:13
LikWidChzzmainly used for logical organization but when booted it just kind of looks everywhere18:14
arraybolt3A lot of times the EFI files inside the directories will look for *other* files in the same directory that will influence their behavior.18:14
arraybolt3Yeah, mainly for logical organization.18:14
arraybolt3The system initially looks in its boot entries to find what to boot.18:14
LikWidChzzso in the grand scheme of things my system wouldnt boot yesterday because the shimx64EFI didnt exist?18:14
arraybolt3And if there are no boot entires (or if they all don't work), then it gives up and goes for EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI.18:14
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: The problem was that your UEFI wassn't letting Ubuntu make a boot entry in the NVRAM.18:15
arraybolt3Without that boot entry, the EFI has *no clue* that there are Ubuntu boot files on the disk.18:15
LikWidChzzI guess I need to see my system broken again18:15
Jeremy31Some HP allow the EFI entry to be made but don't allow the boot order change18:15
arraybolt3Jeremy31: I've experienced this on my Elitebook.18:16
LikWidChzzJeremy31, this is an older system and in bios it even says "UEFI booting isnt supported"18:16
LikWidChzzwhich is why I would not even want to deal with UEFI since its for the birds18:16
arraybolt3Sounds like the manufacturer boffod its EFI implementation and knew it.18:17
LikWidChzzfrankly unbuntu should make this a menu item during user install and not change anything to be honest.18:17
LikWidChzzLinux has always been one of those things that just works on old crusty hardware without issue18:17
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Might be possible, maybe some "force install to the fallback EFI directory" option.18:17
LikWidChzzarraybolt3, so technically if i understand this right *Ignore multi boot systems* If I only had bootx64.efi and shimx64.efi in a BOOT directory and nothing else, my system would boot?18:18
arraybolt3If you only had bootx64.efi and grubx64.efi and grub.cfg in your BOOT and nothing else, *that* would boot.18:20
LikWidChzzoh wait the bootx64.CSV file points to the SHIMX64.efi file18:20
arraybolt3(Assuming that bootx64.efi is simply a copy of shimx64.efi)18:20
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Right, those .CSV files are for fixing busted boot entries. Only your system's boot entry subsystem is totally broken so those don't actually help you, they help other situations :P18:21
LikWidChzzthe grub.cfg has this in it --search.fs_uuid d4365ad7-db27-474f-b530-24414d006a80 root hd0,gpt318:21
northI am wondering is there a way to fix dell vostro 15 3515 ,micron kingston AMD CPU and GPU driver in ubuntu 22.0418:21
LikWidChzzokay I didnt know that bootx64.efi and shim efi files are duplicates of eachother18:21
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: That file is a very simple GRUB configuration file that tells GRUB where to find the main HDD (that's that UUID you see) and the actual configuration file.18:22
arraybolt3They aren't guaranteed to be, but in a working Linux setup they are.18:22
arraybolt3(If I'm understanding correctly.)18:22
LikWidChzzthat uuid is the SDA block device? or is that the UUID of SDA2 where my boot partition lives18:22
arraybolt3That UUID is the boot partition's ID.18:22
LikWidChzzokay so SDA2?18:22
arraybolt3I think so.18:22
arraybolt3Though... maybe not...18:23
arraybolt3There's a difference between the EFI System Partition and the boot partition.18:23
LikWidChzzwell there is 3 here theres a 1mb partition, then 1 gig partition then "the rest" aka SDA318:23
arraybolt3The EFI System Partition contains *just* the EFI boot files. It takes the place of the Master Boot Record and junk from BIOS systems.18:23
arraybolt3Yeah then that UUID is probably pointing to SDA3, your root partition which also is doubling as a boot partition.18:23
LikWidChzzahh okay well whatever then..18:24
arraybolt3EFI partition has the bootloader, the boot partition has the Linux system's kernel.18:24
LikWidChzzbring back lilo.18:24
arraybolt3Not necessarily a bad idea.18:24
LikWidChzzsomeone got into a discussion with me ages ago about why grub was better than lilo and I told him "who gives a rip..."18:24
LikWidChzzits like what color of toothbrush is the best.18:25
arraybolt3Sometimes these fine details are important to people with weird setups. But most of us don't have setups that are all that weird.18:25
EriC^^LikWidChzz: that 1mb partition is probably the bios_boot partition, it's just a place to put some grub bootloader code to be able to use legacy booting + gpt partition18:25
arraybolt3Which apparently doesn't work on some BIOS systems :(18:26
EriC^^if you're booting in legacy mode right now, it's probably what's helping you boot "ls /sys/firmware/efi" should give an idea which mode you're using18:26
LikWidChzzwell whatever I have one other thing I know know when I need to complain about something.18:26
arraybolt3EriC^^: No, we're booted into EFI mode.18:26
arraybolt3We *installed* in BIOS mode, but we're *booted* into EFI mode.18:26
northdid you check bios settings18:26
arraybolt3north: We don't actually have a problem at the moment, we're trying to understand how things are working now that they wrk.18:27
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Perhaps #ubuntu-discuss would be a better channel for this, this is usually a tech support channel and while I feel this is tech support, we may be giving those nearby the wrong idea.18:27
northok @arraybolt318:27
LikWidChzzyeah I checked the bios settings, the expiration date of the cheese, the temp in my house, the price of bitcoin, the cable is the right length and in the correct usb port, my harddrive is big enough and its not making any weird noises.18:27
LikWidChzzhowever I am not surprised this day that a lot of people do not know how to troubleshoot.18:28
LikWidChzzI think thats what I hate a lot about these tests kids are taking these days to get into tech.18:28
LikWidChzzthe answer is wrong if you dont do A, then B then C. Someone does B then A then C. In the end they both solved the issue but one person did the incorrect order. That's garbage in my mind.18:29
northi gtg18:30
LikWidChzzthey praise high ability to memorize things, but anyone that critically thinks is out of line.18:31
LikWidChzzbtw if any of you need to create multi boot USB sticks, take a look at Ventoy multiboot its pretty genius18:32
arraybolt3I've looked at Ventoy before, it looks pretty slick.18:32
arraybolt3(I've been too scared to try it though :P)18:32
LikWidChzzIts one of those tools that should have existed 10+ years ago18:33
maxzoroerheks, thank you again, I juste modprobed uvcvideo and I got the webcam working back. I don't understand what did bring this module out of the autoload wagon18:39
LikWidChzzI got another one for someone. I'm bulding a 12x orange pi5 cluster. I'm a little curious as to how I would manage it.. I want to run some apps on it that i'll need to run on all of them18:44
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billybobkovital, sorry for the delay had to pop out.19:03
billybobYes a capital S prints out in text editor19:03
billybobI typed in setxkbmap but nothing happens.19:04
billybobi tried dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration before but not really sure exactly what I am supposed to change it to in there19:05
billybobsame with xkeycaps19:06
billybobTrying to solve this if anyone else has any ideas. https://dpaste.com/HGGSMM4BD19:09
=== Bocaneri is now known as Guest8231
billybobhere is the result of setxkbmap -query -v 10 - https://dpaste.com/DEPD74BLB19:24
billybobnot really sure what I am supposed to load it to with setxkbmap ?19:31
BarnabasDKpareidoliathink, If you have a question just shoot19:53
billybobkovital, tested with fedora live too and got the same result as with ubuntu.19:57
LikWidChzzhttps://dpaste.com/9FKHNN57D --- arraybolt3 Looking at this again, I am thinking your last line should not be bootx64.efi but BOOTX64.EFI different case... unless persay that does not matter? Also installed MINT linux and lol they do exactly the same thing as ubuntu breaks the EFI boot20:13
Habbiecase does not matter20:14
Habbiealso, you can tell grub to do this, which is more robust than doing it by hand once20:14
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Case does not matter I believe.20:19
LikWidChzzokay well I was able to fix another borked install20:19
billybobNot sure what i did now. I changed something and reverted it in solaar. button still not working but now it only registers as Shift being pressed. Removed device from bluetooth, factory reset. removed solaar, deleted solaar config. reinstalled solaar.20:23
pareidoliathinkbillybob, maybe try installing the OS again.20:52
BarnabasDKbillybob, I disagree with that - just reinstalling the os teaches nothing always try to analyze a problem20:57
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billybobpareidoliathink - Not sure why i would re-installing the Os when i've tried 2 different OS live boots and the problem has persisted21:09
billybobBarnabasDK - Agreed.21:10
billybobI am not really sure what to do about this problem. Been googling and testing all day.21:10
BarnabasDKbillybob, since the problem persistst across os'es, ( and I am new to the chat here ), maybe bios flash?21:15
BarnabasDKor flash of other hw21:15
arraybolt3billybob: You messed up a Logitech device with Solaar I'm guessing?21:16
pareidoliathinkbillybob, the reason is that it could've got corrupted. Like reinstalling the ISO.21:17
arraybolt3I missed what happened21:17
arraybolt3pareidoliathink: If multiple separate operating systems all show the same problem, the fault is not in the OS.21:17
BarnabasDKyeah - be carefull with solaar21:17
arraybolt3Oh, I see what happened.21:18
arraybolt3It's not that he broke something, it's that the keyboard is just weird.21:18
pareidoliathinkoh ok21:18
arraybolt3(he sent this as a pastebin earlier: https://dpaste.com/HGGSMM4BD)21:18
BarnabasDKso a key edit binding on a logitech device gone haywire?21:19
arraybolt3Meh, I don't actually know what to do about that, that looks very odd.21:20
BarnabasDKif you have problems with a perifial device across different os'es no amount of re installs will every save you - just for the record here21:20
billybobBarnabasDK - the 2 tests on live OS's were on different spare laptop21:21
pareidoliathinkbillybob, did you enable third party sources on Software & Updates?21:22
BarnabasDKyeah - I know this is probably lame to suggest in a Ubuntu channel, but you can probably reset your hw on a mac or windows laptop using the logitech software21:22
arraybolt3That's actually sorta what I was thinking, sadly.21:22
BarnabasDKhow it goes21:22
billybobarraybolt3 - No the problem was there before i even installed solaar. But i was trying to test the button deviation thing. and somehow changed the config. I set it back to how it was before, but still i get a different result now. whats odd is that it seems sonaar knew it was the snipping tool key21:23
BarnabasDKlogitech makes exeptionally good hid devices, but the support for linux is non existant on their part21:23
bougymanLike mice?21:24
bougymanThey seem to work fine here.21:24
BarnabasDKyeah, but if you screw around with the button assignment, dont expect to be able to reset it from anywhere else than the official software21:25
billybobpareidoliathink - Not sure actually about the software and updates. need to check. But i have secure boot and sometimes things can be a pain21:25
arraybolt3If you can't get a Windows machine to use to try and reset the device, you might be able to install Windows into a VM for just long enough to install Logitech's official software and then use it to fix the keyboard.21:26
arraybolt3If you use GNOME Boxes, you should be able to just pass through the Logitech receiver to the VM for that.21:26
billybobi have tested on windows machine too and reset the device. also followed logitechs guide on resetting - disconnect from bluetooth, esc + o, esc + o, esc +b21:27
billybobLog Options + didn't offer me any help21:27
BarnabasDK.. or you may be able to just take your HID device to someone with a ms box21:27
arraybolt3Have you tried switching receivers by any chance?21:27
billybobKeyboard is connected via bluetooth and not 1 of their receivers21:27
arraybolt3Oh tar.21:27
arraybolt3And it misbehaves on Windows too?21:28
billybobHaven't got a receiver to hand unfortunately21:28
billybobyou know what, im sure it did, but now ive forgotten, let me double check. Windows laptop right next to me21:28
BarnabasDKsolution right next to you ;-) - its like that and always have been21:29
BarnabasDKat least with hw from logitech21:29
BarnabasDKas musch as I like them21:29
BarnabasDKah. no sw for logitech devices for any linux I think - sadly21:30
billybobive got another keyboard so its not the end of the world.i just want to use this logitech 1 as its the most comfortable. only problem is i need the print screen button21:30
BarnabasDKat least not made by them21:30
billybobits required a lot in my job21:30
arraybolt3billybob: If it misbehaves on Windows too, then it's almost certainly the keyboard's fault.21:30
billybobnot official.21:30
arraybolt3And if even Logitech's software doesn't have a way of resetting it, then I'm not sure what to say.21:30
BarnabasDKarraybolt3, agree - it could also be a hw malfunction21:31
arraybolt3Except bummer :(21:31
billybobyes agreed, which makes me believe it did work on windows otherwise i wouldn't still be troubleshooting it21:31
pareidoliathinkit could be some function missing on a driver.21:31
billybobarraybolt3 yeah you can factory reset it. and i tried that already21:31
billybobit feels like i don't have the correct layout21:31
BarnabasDKpareidoliathink, across linux and windows at the same time?21:31
billybobsame layout as here21:31
pareidoliathinkBarnabasDK, is billybob running a VM?21:32
arraybolt3billybob: Did you select the Print Screen key in Logitech's software and set its function to "Print Screen"?21:33
arraybolt3"Key diversion is the complete key customisation feature. In Windows this is done typically from the Options software by clicking on a key and selecting its use from a drop down menu"21:33
pareidoliathinkBarnasbasDK, exactly like that.21:33
BarnabasDKpareidoliathink, I got the impression the error was in a host os21:33
BarnabasDKthat is - straight on the hw21:33
BarnabasDKif not I apologize for the confusion21:34
billybobtested on windows and works fine21:34
billybobthe issue is on host Os21:34
arraybolt3Oh, OK, interesting.21:35
arraybolt3billybob: In that instance, can you use Solaar to add a rule for the Print Screen key so that it sends a Print Screen event?21:35
pareidoliathink<pareidoliathink, across linux and windows at the same time?> BarnabasDK, I was talking about this. Also exactly like using linux and windows at the same time.21:36
arraybolt3I think you said you tried that.21:36
arraybolt3And that's when things went weird.21:36
arraybolt3But it looks like the key diversion feature might be what will fix the problem.21:36
BarnabasDKpareidoliathink, but not in a vm?21:36
BarnabasDKthat is multibooting between ms and linux21:36
billybobarraybolt3 yeah I was trying to work out how to do that21:37
pareidoliathinkBarnabasDK, there is VM tools.21:37
billybobi can try again21:37
BarnabasDKin either case som sort of state is resitual in the HID device it seems?21:37
billybobarraybolt3 i tried the key deviation thing. not the same as a rule apparently21:38
BarnabasDKI am now unsure and will keep quiet :-)21:38
billybobwhen testing on windows with the on screen keyboard up, i see it acts as windows + shift - not as though the printscreen key is being pressed. but it does give expected functionality21:38
arraybolt3Oh no, lol, they made Print Screen the Snipping Tool key?!21:39
arraybolt3Hah, that explains a lot.21:40
arraybolt3Now I realize what you said earlier.21:40
arraybolt3Yeah, I think you may want to look at the Solaar Rule Editor and see if that gives you what you need.21:41
* arraybolt3 has to go afk21:41
BarnabasDKalso - I think the rule editor in apple and ms will probably nuke any rule solaar has made --21:42
BarnabasDKin the logitech sw21:43
billybobThere is a huge list of keys to choose from to set the rule. i have no idea what i should set the key as21:47
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BarnabasDKmaybe some obscure key combination?21:49
BarnabasDKjust to fix it21:49
billybobyeah but its not clear which key is the problematic one21:55
billybobi can't like press the key and it fills in automatically21:55
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billybobBarnabasDK - My god - that was it22:06
billybobconfigured a rule for the snipping tool button to act as action 'Print' instead22:07
billyboband now it works22:07
billybobThanks all for the assistance, kovital, BarnabasDK, arraybolt3,pareidoliathink22:08
billybobso first I had to goto key / button deviation - Set snipping tool button to diverted then add a rule for it22:08
billybobpic of config here: https://imgur.com/a/r3sLVGa22:10
arraybolt3I wonder if it would also have worked to set the screenshot tool's keyboard shortcut to Win+Shift+S.22:13
billybobpossible to do that in linux ?22:14
arraybolt3Pretty sure that's possible, but you have things working now, don't mess with them :D22:15
arraybolt3I probably shouldn't think out loud like that in here :P22:15
billybobyeah i won't mess now22:16
billybobanyway.problem solved and i can now sleep peacefully. im on european time22:16
billybobthanks all!22:16
lubuntuseriously irc23:10
lubuntucan someone help me install lubuntu23:11
arraybolt3Yeah, what's going wrong?23:11
lubuntuit's stuck at loading modules23:11
arraybolt3What version of Lubuntu are you trying to install?23:12
arraybolt3By "stuck", I assume you mean that the "loading modules" spinner is just going and going and not ever finishing?23:12
lubuntuyep you are right23:12
arraybolt3OK. Could you make sure the system is connected to the Internet, then open a terminal window (QTerminal) and run "journalctl | nc termbin.com 9999" (without the quote marks)? Then send the link that outputs - that will allow me to check some logs and see if I can see what's going wrong.23:13
lubuntuhey how are we communicating if i am not connected to the internet23:14
arraybolt3Sometimes people will talk on IRC from one device while trying to install on a different device.23:14
arraybolt3And it's difficult to tell which from our end :)23:15
lubuntuhehe yeah true23:15
arraybolt3OK, which particular module is it trying to load when it gets stuck?23:18
lubuntuit loaded now23:19
arraybolt3(I looked to see if there was evidence of a corrupted ISO or flash drive and didn't see anything amiss.)23:19
arraybolt3Oh. So it was just slow I'm guessing?23:19
lubuntuYeah i guess23:19
lubuntubut i took like 10 mins23:19
lubuntuthanks much anyway23:19
arraybolt3Glaod to help!23:19
lubuntui appreciate the help23:19
arraybolt3Hey, before you go...23:19
arraybolt3Lubuntu 20.04 is not going to be supported for a whole lot longer (it reaches it's end-of-life date in a few months).23:19
arraybolt3You might want to look at Lubuntu 22.04, which has a lot more support on it.23:20
arraybolt320.04 will still be usable for a couple of years after it goes end-of-life, however, so if you like it more, you should be able to use it anyway.23:20
lubuntuok great thanks for the info. I will download the latest now.23:20
arraybolt3Good luck!23:20
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