xu-irc24wGood evening, folks. Having some trouble understanding where multiple monitor layout configurations are stored. Seems like there's a million different answers to this question.01:00
xu-irc24wIn xfce, the display-settings application can be used to correct the monitor layout, but in i3wm, I'm not seeing where this config is located? Using Nvidia-settings wants to save to /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but that file doesn't exist. Is there a correct answer for where monitor resolution and layout information is supposed to be stored?01:01
Bashing-omxu-irc24w: Have a look here: /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/*.conf .01:05
xu-irc24wThanks for your help. I see a 10-nvidia.conf file but it doesn't contain a display configuration.01:09
Bashing-omxu-irc24w: Sorry - not able to be much more help - no experience with multi-monitors :(01:19
xu-irc24wActually, I think you're on to something.01:20
xu-irc24wChecking /var/log/Xorg.0.log shows that directory is being checked, but the config is incomplete. I may need to drop the nvidia config in there manually.01:21
Bashing-omxu-irc24w: \o/ ^ worth a shot - back up what you have before editing - makes a revert so much easier :D01:22
xu-irc24wFollow up on my last question about setting up display layouts.03:41
xu-irc24wThe correct answer is the run the xrandr command in the i3 config file using exec.03:41
xu-irc24w*is to ru03:42
xu-irc24wxinitrc, xorg.conf, etc. are not being used in Ubuntu distros these days.03:42
xu-irc24wEven lightdm.conf is gone. So it has to be done somewhere else.03:42
Grutschis their a way to install a program that would allow me to talk to people on facebook like messenger18:57
=== Grutsch is now known as icemage
icemagewhy does my screen go dark after idle20:28
icemageafter i told it not to20:28

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