RoeyI couldn't boot my old laptop using a Kubuntu 22.10 ISO boot USB stick, but when I put Arch Linux  2023.02.01 on that USB stick, it /did/ boot...00:48
Roeywhy the differnece?00:48
Roeywith Kubuntu on the USB stick, BIOS hangs with "No operation system found"00:49
Roey(dell inspiron 14z nv11 from circa 2012)00:49
arraybolt3If I were to guess, it's probably that your BIOS isn't coping well with Kubuntu's use of a GPT partition table. (I remember all our previous installation attempts failed even though Kubuntu should be BIOS-compatible). This may be a silly solution, but Lubuntu still uses a traditional MBR partition table when you install it. Perhaps you could install Lubuntu, then install the kubuntu-desktop00:51
arraybolt3package on top? Then you would have LXQt and KDE desktop environments that you could switch between.00:51
Roeyarraybolt3: hrm.00:55
Roeybtw what is lubuntu00:55
Roeylxqt* rather00:55
Roeyoh, I see.00:55
Roeyaarramaybe I can install ubuntu and install kde desktop, then?00:55
Roeyarraybolt3: ^00:56
arraybolt3Roey: Ubuntu or Lubuntu?00:57
arraybolt3Ubuntu Desktop will use the same partition setup as Kubuntu, which appears to not work.00:57
arraybolt3Lubuntu uses a different partition layout and may work.00:58
arraybolt3Once you install Lubuntu, then yes, you can install KDE on top of that.00:58
Roeyarraybolt3: ohhhh ok, got it.00:58
Roeyright right00:58
arraybolt3https://lubuntu.me/ is the official website.00:58
RoeyI am downloading Lubuntu 22.10 now00:58
Roeyyeah that's where I am downloading it from, lubuntu.me00:58
guiverc[m]FYI:  You can install multiple desktops/flavors on a single install, but there can be complications to that  (sorry I've not followed the whole discussion, saw the Ubuntu & install KDE desktop question... that's possible yes)00:59
Roeycomplicatoins how so?00:59
Roeywould they contravene what arraybolt3 suggests?00:59
arraybolt3Sometimes mutliple DEs can end up not working so well together - mostly I've heard of this happening with GNOME and KDE together.00:59
arraybolt3LXQt and KDE, not sure, though I think it will probably work.01:00
Roeyhrm.  what if I want to try out Wayland, too?01:00
arraybolt3Wayland works best with GNOME, other environments with Wayland are either somewhat limited or don't work very well.01:01
arraybolt3(KDE *does* have a Wayland version, but it's still experimental and in development.)01:01
arraybolt3If you really, really wanted to try it, though, I don't see why it would conflict with a normal install of KDE or with LXQt.01:02
arraybolt3I just don't recommend Wayland anything since it tends to be disappointing or problematic.01:02
arraybolt3(In my experience.)01:02
guiverc[m]Roey: I'm not sure what you're asking an opinion to (what arraybolt3 said), but if you have only 2 flavors installed problems are rare; 3 a little less so, once you get 4 or more problems can be expected where they interfere with each other; settings are harder to align etc.. AND the issues can vary from release to release, so if I gave suggestions for 22.04, they may not match a 22.10 install.. (and what release you installed on & history01:03
guiverc[m]can also impact it, not just what you're running now)...   I wrote an answer on askubu but didn't find it to paste sorry01:03
Roeyok. well thank you guiverc01:05
RoeyI'm downloading lubuntu now01:05
Roeywill try installign it.01:05
Roeylet's see if the laptop can even boot from a lubuntu iso usb01:06
guiverc[m]FYI:  I have used Ubuntu Desktop (GNOME) & Kubuntu (KDE Plasma) on the same install without issue; but not recently..  I do have Lubuntu (LXQt) installs that also have Kubuntu (KDE Plasma) installed too...01:06
RoeyI'm using the following command to install it to the USB stick, btw: sudo dd bs=4M if=/home/roey/tmp/lubuntu-22.10-desktop-amd64.iso  of=/dev/sdd conv=fsync oflag=direct status=progress01:06
* guiverc just discovers I can use IRC; I didn't realize it was this room so thanks Roey 01:06
Roeyguiverc: oh cool :)01:07
Roeyyeah this is a nice place ;)01:07
Roeyswanky and all01:07
Roeyarraybolt3: so the laptop does not appear to boot off a Lubuntu 22.10 USB stick either01:10
Roeyonly archlinux USB stick01:10
guiverc& no I don't see any issues with what arraybolt3 said ^01:10
Roeywhat is the (f****ing) differnece between archlinux's and kubuntu/lubuntu's ISO image such that the laptop boots off of arch's and says "operation system not found" for the other?01:11
guivercAll Ubuntu ISOs are built using the same procudures (& by Ubuntu I include flavors like Lubuntu/Kubuntu/...) so its rare that one boots & others don't (differences like that are usually it started booting & then stopped due to config issue during loading, not the boot)01:11
guivercfor the same release that last statement assumes01:11
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Roeyguiverc: ok.01:12
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guivercUbuntu ISOs are built for multiple architectures; and from 20.10 & later an effort is made so they all boot the same way; thus there can be differences between say 20.10, 21.04, 21.10, 22.04, 22.10, but it's the same for amd64, arm64, s390x, ppc64el, etc for a given release.01:13
guivercI have no idea what architectures ARCH builds for...01:13
Roeywell uefi or bios01:13
RoeyI mean.01:13
Roeymy old laptop has bios, not uefi01:14
arraybolt3Roey: Wait, weren't you able to get Kubuntu's ISO to boot in the past, it was the installed system that wouldn't boot?01:14
arraybolt3(Arch Linux still uses ISOLINUX on BIOS systems, I believe, while Ubuntu recently transitioned to using GRUB, which was supposed to *help* things, sadly it looks like it may have messed things up here?)01:14
Roeyarraybolt3: I had installed with via CD/DVD in the past01:14
Roeyit boots off of DVD fine.01:15
arraybolt3...ok that is seriously weird.01:15
arraybolt3Well... are you up for trying a really weird way of creating a bootable USB drive?01:15
Roeylol ok01:15
Roeywhat's the idea?01:15
arraybolt3Basically, rather than just DDing the whole ISO to the drive...01:16
arraybolt3...instead we'll copy all the files from within the ISO onto the drive, then install the GRUB bootloader ourselves.01:16
arraybolt3This will result in everything being in an ext4 partition rather than an ISO9660 partition.01:16
arraybolt3And it may improve the situation.01:16
arraybolt3So basically, take the USB, format it, mount the ISO, copy everything inside, then grub-install the bootloader onto the USB drive.01:17
Roeybtw the .iso of hte kubuntu 22.10, it has all these parttions on it01:17
arraybolt3This is easiest to do from a fully functional Linux distro.01:17
Roeymy laptop's bios doesn' tlike that01:17
Roeyit can't boot off it.01:17
arraybolt3Yeah, that might be the problem. We'll only have one partition with this setup.01:18
Roeyswap partition01:21
Roeyand a partition for / /boot /home01:21
arraybolt3We're just making a bootable USB to install from.01:21
Roeyhow we gonna do this?01:21
arraybolt3So no, for this particular setup, we want an MBR partition table with exactly one ext4 partition swallowing the whole drive.01:21
arraybolt3You're booted into Arch right now?01:21
RoeyI am, y es.01:21
arraybolt3OK. Let's see if I can do this...01:22
arraybolt3...does fdisk exist on the drive?01:22
arraybolt3Like, does "fdisk -l" do anything?01:23
arraybolt3Also, do you have a blank USB drive that you can put the Lubuntu system on?01:23
arraybolt3*Lubuntu ISO, I mean01:23
Roeyfdisk -l shows /dev/sda1  1 MB BIOS boot01:24
Roey/dev/sda2 513M EFI System01:24
Roey/dev/sda3 1.7G Linux filesystem01:24
Roey/dev/sda4 929.3G Linux filesystem01:24
arraybolt3That's all I need to know.01:24
Roeyoh it still created that darned EFI filesystem? jeez01:24
arraybolt3I just wanted to know if the tool existed.01:25
Roey(this was the installation I did from the DVD of Kubuntu 22.10)01:25
RoeyI have kubuntu 22.10 on a 4GB USB stick as well01:25
arraybolt3OK. Plug in a blank USB drive (or one you can afford to wipe), then "lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link.01:25
Roeyon the laptop you mean?01:27
Roeyer it is not conncetd to internet apparently01:28
arraybolt3Ugh, right, because this is Arch. Uhh...01:29
Roey/dev/sda1  1M partition01:29
Roey/dev/sda2  13M partition01:29
arraybolt3Hold on, don't paste or type things into chat please.01:29
Roey/dev/sda3  1.7G partition01:29
arraybolt3(That doesn't help me.)01:29
Roey/dev/sda4 929.3G partition01:29
Roey/dev/sdb 57.8G disk01:29
Roey/dev/sdb1 2.7GB partition01:29
Roey/dev/sdb2 4.2MB partition01:29
arraybolt3You only have a WiFi connection, I'm guessing?01:29
Roey/dev/sdb3  300k  partition01:29
Roeyoh it's connected via ethernet as well.01:30
Roeyanyway I just dumped for you the info it printed01:30
arraybolt3that can't possibly be all of it, one of them is your Arch Linux USB stick and the other one is your internal hard drive, where's the blank drive?01:30
arraybolt3Also, what does "ping google.com" do?01:30
Roeyi took out the arch linux usb sick01:30
arraybolt3Oh... ok so wait...01:31
Roeyand replaced it with the kubuntu stick01:31
arraybolt3...did you boot Arch from the installer USB or did you install it and are now booted from the installed system?01:31
RoeyI booted from the Arch stick, then took out hte arch stick and put in the Kubuntu stick01:31
RoeyI think it copied everything to ram01:31
Roeyon booting.01:31
arraybolt3Hmm... well we can hope so :P01:32
RoeyI can reboot with both plugged in, just to prevent from confusing it.01:32
arraybolt3Can you ping google.com?01:32
arraybolt3Or, possibly more importantly, do you have a copy of the Lubuntu ISO on the hard drive already?01:32
RoeyI have  acopy of kubuntu 22.10 on the hard drive01:32
Roeythat it installed from DVD01:32
arraybolt3Right. But we need the Lubuntu ISO so that we can put it on the USB drive.01:33
arraybolt3So where is the Lubuntu ISO? Or are we going to need to download it?01:33
Roeyer sorry I meant Lubuntu not Kubuun tu01:34
RoeyI overwrote Kubuntu with Lubuntu.01:34
arraybolt3Oh. So you have a Lubuntu ISO somewhere (probably in /home/roey/tmp) that we'll be able to mount and access?01:34
arraybolt3If so, we can probably just proceed to making the bootable USB.01:35
Roeyyeah I can probably mount it.01:35
arraybolt3OK. Try mounting it and see if we can look at the files inside.01:35
Roeyyeah I ran mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt01:36
Roeyshows "EFI boot boot.catalog casper dists install md5sum.txt pool preseed ubuntu"01:36
arraybolt3OK, nice.01:37
arraybolt3Alright, run "fdisk /dev/sdb".01:37
RoeyCommand (m for help):01:38
arraybolt3Oh... dear, hold on, you're reading the ISO files directly from the USB that we're about to format. That won't work.01:38
arraybolt3The moment we format the USB so we can make it bootable a different way, we're going to end up wiping all of the files from it.01:38
RoeyI cna probably put the old hard drive in a usb3 enclosure and boot off that01:39
Roeysince i got the enclosure  afew days ago01:39
Roeyfor this purpose.01:39
arraybolt3OK, that would likely work.01:39
arraybolt3Then we can format that as the bootable USB drive.01:39
Roeyer not that hard drive01:40
Roeythat has my old data01:40
arraybolt3Oh lol nevermind bad idea01:40
arraybolt3Hold on just a bit, I have to do something real quick, I'll be right back. In the mean time, if you can get your system to a point where you have a flash drive you can format and the ISO you can mount, that would be fantastic.01:41
arraybolt3Alright, I'm back, thanks for your patience.01:45
Roeyarraybolt3: ok fantastic01:59
Roeyit's booting off the hard drive that's now in a usb3 enclosure01:59
Roey:) :)02:00
Roeyarraybolt3: ok, I'm finally in my laptop again02:03
Roeyalbeit. on the hard drive.02:03
arraybolt3Nice. OK, can you download the Lubuntu ISO again? That way we can turn the Lubuntu flash drive into a (hopefully working) Lubuntu flash drive and keep the alread-working Arch drive intact. (This isn't necessary if you're on a metered connection.)02:05
RoeyI'll download it on to the laptop.02:05
Roeydoing that now in fact.02:07
Roeylubuntu 22.1002:08
arraybolt3While it's downloading, we can be formatting the USB drive.02:10
Roeydo we even need the usb drive at this point02:10
Roeycna't we just insall it from the HD/usb3 enclosure -> SDD in the laptop?02:10
arraybolt3...technically (and by that I mean "lots of technical stuff involved in that") yes, that would be possible, but that would be extremely advanced and probably not something that you (or I) want to tackle at this point.02:11
arraybolt3With Linux, almost anything is possible, but possible does not always equal easy :P02:12
Roeyhrm ok02:12
arraybolt3It will be far easier to set up a USB drive and boot from that, than to try to "chainload" the ISO file directly and use it to install.02:12
Roeywell yes that I have seen ;)02:12
Roeyhard this at Starbucks today (in rockville, md): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sABVNz31WA002:13
arraybolt3Roey: Do you have the USB and/or the ISO yet?02:21
arraybolt3(Just checking in so that I'm not leaving you behind.)02:22
Roeyarraybolt3: yes I do have it downloaded02:23
arraybolt3OK, one moment, brb...02:25
Roeybrb phone02:27
arraybolt3OK, back.02:39
Roeyarraybolt3: back02:57
arraybolt3Roey: Alright, do you have the USB drive plugged in and ready to format?03:09
Roeyarraybolt3: yes I do.03:23
arraybolt3So... do you happen to have KDE Partition Manager available? Because if so, this is going to be a lot easier.03:24
arraybolt3OK, open it.03:25
arraybolt3Once you're in (after typing your password), select your USB drive, click "New Partition Table", select MBR as the partition table type, and then "Create New Partition Table".03:25
arraybolt3Then right-click on the unallocated space on the drive, and click "New" in the menu that pops up.03:26
arraybolt3Then select ext4 as the partition type, leave the rest of the settings at their defaults, and create the partition.03:26
Roeychoose the type of parititon tbale yopu want to create03:26
arraybolt3Then right-click on the unallocated space on the drive, and click "New" in the menu that pops up.03:27
arraybolt3Then select ext4 as the partition type, leave the rest of the settings at their defaults, and create the partition.03:27
arraybolt3Then you should be able to click "Apply" and apply the changes.03:27
Roeyk 0% done.03:28
Roeywhy did it stall03:28
Roeyit's oh now it's all done03:28
arraybolt3Roey: Nice. OK, now let's open Konsole.03:29
arraybolt3(You can close the partition manager window.)03:29
Roeyok at konsole now03:29
arraybolt3Alright, do 'lsblk' so you can determine which drive is your flash drive, then "sudo mkdir /bootDrv && sudo mount /dev/sdX1 /bootDrv", replacing sdX1 with the partition on your flash drive.03:30
Roey/dev/sdd is the flash drive03:31
arraybolt3Nice, then "sudo mkdir /bootDrv && sudo mount /dev/sdd1 /bootDrv"03:31
Roeyok done03:31
arraybolt3OK, now mount the Lubuntu ISO file to /mnt.03:31
arraybolt3Next, "sudo cp -R /mnt/. /bootDrv" (note that every character is important, including the odd-looking /. at the end of /mnt/.)03:33
arraybolt3(The quotes can be omitted as usual though.)03:33
arraybolt3This command will probably take a while to run, since it's copying the ISOs contents to the flash drive.03:34
Roeyok it's doing that now.03:34
Roeydidn't know you can intall it thatway, to an ext4 partition03:34
Roeythought you'd have to dd if=lubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdd03:34
arraybolt3It's a bit hacky, but it works (or at least it did work last I tried).03:34
Roeybut ok03:34
Roeybut yeah I see what we are doing03:35
arraybolt3The idea is this lets us use a different partitioning method that might work better with your particular computer's BIOS.03:35
arraybolt3And since we already have a grub.cfg file on the ISO conveniently enough, all we have to do after this is install the GRUB bootloader itself and everything else should just work.03:35
Roey(also, from there, how will we make the sdd bootable?)03:35
Roeyah ok03:35
Roeygot it03:35
Roeyok it finished.03:38
Roeyshould i run sync just to make sure03:38
Roeylooks like the usb drive is still writing03:38
Roeyeven though the command finished03:38
Roeyyeah atop still shows it writing to /dev/sdd03:39
Roeyeven though the cp command finished03:39
arraybolt3Probably don't need to run sync *yet*, though we will want to before we're done.03:39
arraybolt3There's no harm in running it now though.03:39
Roeyhow is i still copying even though the command returned??03:40
arraybolt3Disk caching.03:40
Roeymakes sense.03:40
arraybolt3OK, one moment while I look up how to do the next command...03:40
Roeyooh ok now it's done writing to /dev/sdd.03:40
arraybolt3sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/bootDrv/boot /dev/sdd03:41
arraybolt3(Yes, it is just /dev/sdd, **not** /dev/sdd1.)03:41
Roeycan I run sync03:41
Roeyok that finished too.03:41
Roeyso I'm executing hte command you just gve me above03:42
Roeyok it's doing that now.03:42
Roeyi finished.03:42
Roey*it finished.03:43
arraybolt3Very nice. Now, "sudo umount /dev/sdd1"03:43
arraybolt3And now one last "sync" just to be sure.03:43
arraybolt3Now you can unplug the drive, shut the system down, and then try to boot from it.03:43
arraybolt3*boot from the USB drive03:43
Roeyok, one moment.03:43
RoeyI see the GRUB menu, arraybolt303:45
Roeyso "Try or Install Lubuntu", yes?03:45
RoeyI chose that.03:45
arraybolt3WOOHOO IT WORKED03:45
* arraybolt3 is really happy to hear that something finally worked03:46
Roeyyeah the grpahics are starting up03:46
Roeyp[owered by lubuntu03:46
Roeyunable to read ROB block 803:46
neosin that ts was fun to watch03:46
Roeybut there's now a mouse curor.03:46
Roeyit'sooh and now i have the lxqt desktop in front of me.03:46
arraybolt3OK, if that worked, the installation itself is almost certain to work, since we now are pretty sure that MBR + GRUB = happy laptop.03:47
Roeyok :)03:47
arraybolt3Also there's an option to encrypt the partition if you want, and you might find that the Calamares installer in Lubuntu makes LUKS+BTRFS easy :)03:48
Roeyso I just opened up qterminal.03:48
Roeyoh so you suggest installing it?03:48
Roeyinstead of using grub to fix the existing installation?03:48
arraybolt3The existing installation uses GPT, which didn't work.03:48
arraybolt3We tried using GRUB to fix it which still failed.03:48
Roeyso how will installing it through Lubuntu make this any different?03:49
arraybolt3Lubuntu installs with an MBR partition table instead which is more likely to work, and then you can add kubuntu-desktop to your Lubuntu installation and have a Kubuntu+Lubuntu installation.03:49
Roeyit won't use the same scheme?03:49
arraybolt3It uses a different installer and a different scheme.03:49
arraybolt3(Technically it would have been possible to use debootstrap to manually install Kubuntu with a good scheme, but that is... very difficult.)03:49
arraybolt3(Installing Lubuntu normally and then adding Kubuntu's packages on top should be far easier.)03:50
Roey"this system is not connceted to the Intenet".03:50
Roeywhat'sthe syntax for the "ip" command to show the current ip address?03:50
Roeyit's connected via ethernet03:50
Roeyit connected fine wwhen it was booted to the external hard drive03:51
arraybolt3Uh... "ip addr"03:51
arraybolt3But that's a bit concerning, if you unplug and replug your Ethernet cable what happens?03:52
Roeyyeah it shows no ip03:52
Roey"i'm used to ifconfig"03:52
Roey(I'm used to ifconfig)03:52
RoeyI tried unplugging and replugging03:52
arraybolt3Hrm... can you do "lspci", then find your Ethernet adapter in the list of devices and send its info?03:53
RoeyQUalcomm Ahteros AR8152 v2.0 Fast Ethernet (rev c1)03:53
RoeyQualcomm Atheros AR8152 v2.0 Fast Ethernet (rev c1)03:54
arraybolt3OK, lemme do some digging...03:54
RoeyI mean i can probably connect it via wireless03:55
arraybolt3Does "ip addr" show an "eno0" or "eth0" device or something?03:55
arraybolt3Or do you only see your wireless adapter (wlpwhatever) and lo?03:55
Roeyok I connected it03:55
Roeyip addr shows03:56
Roeyand enp4s0:03:56
Roeyand wlp2s0:03:56
Roeythat's what it shows.03:56
arraybolt3enp4s0, ok so your Ethernet device is recognized.03:56
Roeyfor enp4s0: it doesn't show anything jin terms of ip address03:56
arraybolt3But it doesn't have an IP...03:56
Roeyit shows "DOWN"03:56
arraybolt3Oh, OK, that might be fixable.03:56
Roeymtu 1500 qdlsc pfifo_fast state DOWN group default qlen 100003:56
Roeylink/ether 84:8f:69:b7:80:4a brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff03:57
Roeybut I'm connected via wifi now.03:57
arraybolt3OK. Maybe we should fight with the Ethernet driver later.03:57
Roeyre-started the installer.03:58
Roeywhich partitioning to use?03:58
RoeyManual? Repla ce a partition? Erase disk?03:58
Roey*"Replace a partition?"03:58
arraybolt3You could just use "Erase disk", then check the "Encrypt system" checkbox and add a password.03:58
arraybolt3That would be the quickest way.03:58
arraybolt3If you want BTRFS though, manual partitioning would be the way to go.03:59
Roeyyes I do want btrfs.03:59
arraybolt3OK, then lets do manual partitioning.03:59
RoeyI mean03:59
Roeywell I can convert an ext4 to btrfs later, right?03:59
arraybolt3Bear with me while I pop open a VM to get this right.03:59
Roeyoh also......03:59
Roeyon the left it has "BIOS03:59
arraybolt3Roey: Not that I'm aware of, if you can that sounds dangerous.03:59
Roeyand hten "select a storage degice" with a drop-down.03:59
Roeyand then to the right of that it says "GPT"03:59
arraybolt3OK, just ignore that for now and bear with me.04:00
Roeylike, is it leting me choose between BIOS and GPT?04:00
arraybolt3BIOS is a firmware type, as opposed to UEFI. GPT i sa partition table type, as opposed to MBR/MS-DOS.04:00
Roeymanual partitioning it is.04:00
arraybolt3BIOS+MBR work best together.04:00
arraybolt3UEFI+GPT work best together.04:00
Roeyyes understood.  I just wans' taware if it was giving me a choice between the two04:00
Roey*wasn't aware04:01
arraybolt3OK, so at the manual partitioning screen, make sure your internal hard drive is selected.04:01
arraybolt3(You can select it with a dropdown menu at the top of the screen.)04:01
arraybolt3OK, "New Partition Table".04:01
arraybolt3Select "Master Boot Record (MBR)".04:01
arraybolt3Then OK.04:01
Roeyit's aksing me to choose between MBR or GPT04:01
RoeyI will choose MBR04:02
arraybolt3OK, one moment...04:02
arraybolt3OK, click on "Free Space", and click "Create".04:02
arraybolt3Now... ok so you wanted a separate home and root partition, right?04:03
arraybolt3(We don't need a separate /boot with Lubuntu since it supports encrypted /boot.)04:03
RoeyI mean I don't care for separate home and root04:04
Roeyit's btrfs04:04
Roeythey'll be subvcolumes04:04
arraybolt3OK. And I think Lubuntu even does set up some subvolumes for you.04:04
arraybolt3So select "btrfs" in the File System box.04:04
arraybolt3Then check "Encrypt".04:04
arraybolt3Enter your passphrase (and be sure that this is a passphrase you will never forget or all hope is lost :D)04:04
Roeymount point?04:05
arraybolt3Nice, now set / at the mount opint.04:05
RoeyFS labe? flags?04:05
arraybolt3No FS label needed, but you will want to set the boot flag.04:05
arraybolt3And now "Next".04:05
Roey(wow, I thought btrfs had an issue being encrypted though, like when we tried last time?)04:05
arraybolt3At this point it will gripe about GPT and MBR stuff.04:05
arraybolt3Just click OK and ignore its griping.04:06
Roeyoh it's griping now04:06
arraybolt3(BTRFS had an issue being encrypted because Kubuntu's installer isn't very powerful.)04:06
arraybolt3(As for possible failure of the partition, that I do not know for sure why it happened, but making the setup should work at least.04:07
Roeyso now just install?04:07
arraybolt3OK, now you should be able to put in your user details. Personally I'd use your encryption passphrase as your password as well, and enable autologin since you're going to have to type your password to unlock the computer anyway.04:07
arraybolt3But that's up to you.04:07
Roeyoh autologin.04:07
RoeyI had set that to no autologin.04:07
Roeybut that makes sense.04:07
arraybolt3No problem, however you want it set up.04:07
arraybolt3You can change it later too.04:08
Roeyok, autologin it is.04:08
Roeybtw the encryption password shoot be strong and good because even though there are multiple pw slots04:08
Roeyit's still the master password, right?04:08
arraybolt3The encryption password should be strong and good since with it you can get at your data.04:08
arraybolt3If it's not strong, then there wasn't a whole lot of point behind using encryption in the first place.04:09
Roeylike so for my other laptop I made a less srong pw for the encryption04:09
Roeyand I want to change that04:09
Roeyand I am not sure if I can now.04:09
arraybolt3You can change a passphrase later.04:09
arraybolt3I've done so on this laptop, it worked.04:09
Roeyalso, no swap04:09
Roeyor will it make a swapfile04:09
arraybolt3I believe it will make a swapfile in a special subvolume that supports it.04:10
arraybolt3If it doesn't, you should be able to make it happen.04:10
Roeyok it is installing now.04:10
arraybolt3Nice. While you were doing that, I decided to take off a key on my keyboard to clean out from under it and now can't figure out how to get it back on XD04:11
Roeyyou are so cute.04:11
Roeylike a dilbert cartoon.04:11
Roeyso now it's happily installing.04:11
Roey36% complete.04:13
RoeyI'm going to go brush my teeth while I'm at it; brb04:13
arraybolt3Sounds good, see you then!04:14
Roey"all done"04:17
Roeywhat's ee2ee23a04:17
arraybolt3That's me still trying to reassemble my keyboard :(04:18
Roeyoh gosh so cute cute cute <304:18
Roeyso now it says "Attemptint o decyrpt master key... Enter passphrase for hd0,msdos104:18
arraybolt3OK, enter the passphrase you gave during installagion.04:19
neosinhey seems radeon profile is active project :)04:19
Roeyok and.....04:19
arraybolt3Hit Enter.04:19
Roeyit appears to have taken that.....04:19
Roeyoh great! it's booting.04:19
arraybolt3It's normal for the passphraes to not appear on the screen.04:19
arraybolt3It will freeze for a while.04:19
arraybolt3Woot, sounds like it worked all around!04:19
Roeysee, on my new Dell Inspiron16 laptop, I installed using kubuntu 2.1004:20
Roeyand it didn't ive me any lip a out anything04:20
Roeynow it asked me to update/upgrade/dist-upgrade04:20
RoeyI'll defin itely want to set up autologin on that new laptop as well.04:21
Roeyannd also chnage the boot encryption pw on it.04:21
Roeybtw: for what it's worth, correct horse battery staple is /not/ necessarily more secure04:22
Roeyb/c conceivably an attacker can use dictionary words04:22
Roeyit's better ot make up non-dictionary words and use that as a passphrase04:22
arraybolt3Now that the installation is done, you should be able to update, upgrade, and then do "sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop".04:22
Roeyarf mak blarg noff04:22
Roeyliek that.04:22
Roeyok one moment04:22
Roeyi will do exarkly that.04:23
arraybolt3Whew, one key reinstalled, one to go!04:25
arraybolt3Tar. It's stiffer now that I've done that.04:25
Roey68% done unpackyeay!04:25
Roeygood for you!04:25
Roeybtw how old are you?04:25
RoeyI'm 4204:25
arraybolt3Around 20.04:25
Roeyoh gosh so you are cute, lol04:26
RoeyI could be your fadda.04:26
arraybolt3More like frustrated at this point :P04:26
Roeywhy frustrated?04:26
Roeyb/c of the keyboard conundrum?04:26
Roeywhat's the exact issue04:26
Roeyhow's it not fitting back on right04:26
arraybolt3Something got stuck under a key, I took the key off, the mechanism underneath was weird and then I couldn't figureo ut how to get it back together.04:26
Roeylook it up on the internet, have you tried this?04:27
arraybolt3So I took off an adjacent key in the hopes that I could pay more attention and figure out how it went together, and then I couldn't get *that* key back together either :P04:27
Roeyalso, mauybe something is still stuck there?04:27
arraybolt3Yeah I should probably look it up.04:27
RoeyI mean best bet would be youtube first04:27
Roeybecause youtube has videos on every little thing.04:27
arraybolt3And then when I finally got that key back together, it felt stiffer than before, probably because I messed something up.04:27
Roeystiffer? somehting's definitely stuck under it, sounds like04:28
Roeykeep me posted about this.04:29
Roey btw04:33
Roeyarraybolt3: I installed kubuntu-desktop; I got this:04:34
RoeyEncfs security information04:34
RoeyAccording to a security audit by Taylor Hornby (Defuse Security), the current implementanot of Encfs is vulneable or potentially vulnerable to multiple types of attacks.  For examp;e, an attacker ...04:34
Roeyblah blah blah04:34
arraybolt3Oh, you can skip over that, that's related to a setup option from older versions of Ubuntu.04:34
arraybolt3You're using LUKS, not EncFS.04:34
arraybolt3I don't think modern Ubuntu even supports EncFS during installation.04:35
RoeyI thought maybe this was something used by the kubuntu-desktop package04:35
Roeyit's installing kubuntu-desktop now04:35
RoeyI fele good about this;04:35
RoeyI've laready set up openvpn for hteo ther laptop04:35
Roeyand have a certificate package all set up for this old laptop as well now04:35
arraybolt3It's probably something that's part of it for supporting old setups or some such. It might also just be a random dependency that got pulled in but isn't really needed (that happens sometimes).04:35
Roeybtw so you'r ein colleg enow?04:36
arraybolt3I never went to college, there's too many important things in my personal life that need my attention.04:36
Roeyback when i was in college between 1998 - 2003, kde was in its 1.x and early 2.x days04:36
Roeyahhhh I see.04:36
RoeyI used to compile kde myself04:36
Roeythe entire kde suite04:36
Roeymake scripts to compile it, too04:37
arraybolt3Hey, one key went back on and it seems to work \o/04:37
Roeyand also hand-rolled my own kernels04:37
arraybolt3Heh, that sounds really fun.04:37
arraybolt3I actually do some contribution to KDE, and made a virtual appliance just for KDE development.04:37
Roeywill this automatically select kubuntyu  desktop over lxqt desktop now?04:37
arraybolt3https://github.com/ArrayBolt3/kforge if you're interested.04:37
Roeynext time I log in?04:37
Roeyvery nice!04:37
arraybolt3Roey: I actually don't know, but it should give you the option to boot either one on the login screen.04:37
arraybolt3It will probably boot into KDE though.04:38
arraybolt3Oh yeah... we enabled autologin.04:38
arraybolt3So you might actually want to undo that, which is thankfully very easy. I forgot about that detail.04:38
arraybolt3*undo autologin04:38
Roeyha, I like how you state outright "Krita is massive."04:38
Roeyundo autologin.04:38
arraybolt3Just do "cat /etc/sddm.conf" in a terminal and make sure the only options you see in there are autologin-related.04:39
Roeyah gotcha04:39
arraybolt3And if they are, "sudo rm /etc/sddm.conf".04:39
Roeygo tit.04:39
Roey*got it.04:39
Roeybtw I like your name.04:40
Roeywas the name of  avery dear frine of mine.04:40
Roey*friend of mine04:40
arraybolt3Hah, that's cool. It's what happens if you say my name too fast :P (Aaron Rainbolt)04:41
RoeyI see Session=Lubuntu under /etc/sddnm.conf04:41
Roeytthe onliy things in there is autologin  user = (me) and session = lubuntu04:41
arraybolt3Yeah, then just nuke the file.04:41
Roeyalso you hve a cool last name :)04:41
arraybolt3(I see why my one key was stiff - there's a piece of plastic stuck in the hinge.)04:41
Roeywhat did I say, yeah? ;)04:42
arraybolt3Probably put there from me taking the key off in the first place...04:42
Roeyok, so reboot now?04:42
arraybolt3(Since I accidentally broke off a couple of plastic pieces in so doing.)04:42
arraybolt3Yeah, reboot and see what happens.04:42
* arraybolt3 resolves to *never* try to disassemble this keyboard again unless there's no other option04:42
Roeywhy does it take so long04:42
Roeyafter I give it the encryption pw04:43
arraybolt3I beleive it's a security feature.04:43
Roeyoh, ok.04:43
Roeyso now it says.. powered by lubuntu.04:43
arraybolt3If it took a short amount of time to get the decryption key from the password, it would be easily brute-forced.04:43
Roeylet's see what it gives me.04:43
Roeya virtual keyboard.04:43
Roeythanks, kde.04:43
Roeyer, sddm04:43
arraybolt3That's actually probably fixable.04:43
arraybolt3Type your password and hit Enter, and see where you get.04:44
Roeysession: Lubuntu (in the dropdown).  I choose Plasma (wayland).04:44
arraybolt3Plasma... *wayland?!* How...04:44
Roeyther'es plasma (wayland) and plasma (kde) and openbox and lxqt desktop and lubuntu04:44
arraybolt3I'd use plasma (kde).04:44
arraybolt3I'll look into what happened with Plasma Wayland, it's still experimental last I heard and the fact that it got installed is odd to me.04:44
Roeyyeah I'm.04:44
Roeyyeh now I'm in farking waylnd.04:45
arraybolt3Log out and go to plasma (kde).04:45
RoeyI mean04:45
Roeythis is plasma wayland.04:45
Roeyit's a kde desktop here04:45
arraybolt3Wayland on KDE is still experimental and you may experience instability and glitches in it.04:46
Roeyoh ok04:46
arraybolt3KDE using the X Server is more stable.04:46
Roeylog out?04:46
Roeyor reboot?04:46
arraybolt3Just log out.04:46
Roeyok I chose plasma kde.04:47
Roeyhow do I heck to see hte subol04:47
Roeybtrfs subvol list?04:47
arraybolt3I... actually don't know that answer...04:48
Roeybtrfs sobvolume04:48
arraybolt3Lemme look it up.04:48
Roeybtrfs subvolume show: exactly 1 argument expected, 0 given04:48
Roey0 fucks given.04:48
arraybolt3btrfs subvolume04:48
arraybolt3btrfs subvolume list04:48
Roeyyeah that's the thing it gives back04:49
Roeyit ants...04:49
Roeyone sec04:49
Roeybtfs sub list /04:49
Roeyyeah so:04:49
Roeysudo btrfs sub vol list /04:49
Roeypath @04:49
Roeypath @home04:49
Roeypath @swap04:49
arraybolt3Ugh, anti-flood bot again...04:49
* arraybolt3 yells at Drone04:50
arraybolt3There it goes.04:51
RoeyAaron thank you *sooooooooooo much*04:51
Roeyso so so so much04:51
arraybolt3:) Glad to help! Good luck!04:51
RoeyI was about to give up on this beater laptop04:51
Roeybut now it has new life!04:51
arraybolt3Very glad we finally have something that works.04:51
Roeynext step: set up openvpn on it04:51
arraybolt3Oh, about the Ethernet driver... do you want to tackle that now or some other day?04:52
Roeyyes please04:52
Roeylet's do that04:52
Roeygood night to you :)04:52
Roeysweet dreams :)04:52
arraybolt3Heh, hold on, typing...04:52
arraybolt3So we know that the driver is recognized, but the link isn't for some reason.04:52
arraybolt3So... can you make sure WiFi is connected, then plug in the Ethernet cable, wait a few seconds, then run "sudo dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999"?04:53
Roeyer that would rveal my internal ips and such04:54
arraybolt3Well can you share just the end of it, the part that may have error messages related to Ethernet?04:55
arraybolt3You can redact sensitive info if you want.04:55
Roeyit's still not showing inet in the output of "ip addr"04:56
arraybolt3That's expected. What I'm wondering is if there's a driver problem, or a configuration problem.04:56
arraybolt3dmesg's output should tell me that, since any driver errors should show up there.04:57
Roeyi'm looking for that04:58
Roeyone moment04:58
Roeyit just says "enp4s0: renamed from eth0"04:59
Roeyalright and now I'm off ot bed05:00
Roeyarraybolt3: thank you once more :)05:00
arraybolt3We;ll tackle the driver another time.05:00
Roeyhave a great night, and let's reconvene later :)05:00
arraybolt3Sounds good.05:01
arraybolt3See you then!05:01
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FravialisHi all. I can't get cups to stop asking for a user/pass, even though cupds.conf looks like this: https://paste.debian.net/plainh/78855cdc08:45
FravialisHmmm, this is a server, not Kubuntu, I'll ask in #ubuntu08:45
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user|92clase live11:20
user|92clave live11:20
Roeyarraybolt3: hey there :)  So now I've otten OpenVPN working on it.  This is great, it's everything I wanted in this old, newly-refurbished laptop (4GB -> 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD -> 1000GB SDD, new battery)14:07
mparilloI was on the phone with some UK-English speakers, and they seemed to object the parallelism in American present perfect. I have written, I have spoken, I have gotten.14:18
mparilloOff-topic, I suppose.14:18
BluesKajHi all15:56
Roeyhey is kazooi server down??16:20
RoeyI cna't connect to it for updating16:20
Roeyalso where does kde keep its .kde these days in kubuntu 22.10?16:25
Roey~/.kde ?16:25
BluesKajRoey: check your package manager/sources16:25
Roeybecause I tried copying over a .kde from another user and it doesn't seem to take effect16:25
RoeyBluesKaj: i checked with #ubuntu16:25
Roeyit's down16:25
pickHi using Kubuntu 22.04. locked screen and could not unlock it: "unlocking failed". I can log into virtual terminals, so I know my password. what could be wrong and what can I do?16:26
picktop shows kscreenlocker_greet and kscreen_backend_launcher. should I kill them or is there someway to diagnose what went wrong?16:27
ElliriaHey there, do any of you have a recommendation for an easy-to-use substitute for VirtualBox that's available in the Ubuntu repositories in Kubuntu 22.04 LTS?16:32
alkisgElliria: you just download the .deb from oracle16:34
alkisgAh you mean you DON'T want virtualbox, but something else, that's in the stock repositories?16:35
alkisgI'd guess virt-manager then16:35
alkisgAh you cross-posted to #ubuntu, nevermind then16:36
ElliriaI've got VirtualBox installed from the Ubuntu repositories (my preference over installing from external sources) and it keeps crashing whether I try to run an ISO without installing or whether I try to install. It's a bug that didn't get sorted out for me even though it did get sorted out for some others [sigh]. As a result, I'm looking for an alternative so I can create and run a VM from an ISO.16:38
alkisgElliria: there are some programs like virtualbox, firefox etc that need frequent updates, due to new kernels or security issues16:38
alkisgThe policy of debian/ubuntu not to ship new versions in the same debian/ubuntu series makes it hard for them16:39
alkisgFor firefox, they had to exclude it from the policy, and they allowed new versions16:39
alkisgFor virtualbox, that wasn't done. So it's one of the few programs where it's best NOT to use the version from the repositories16:39
ElliriaBut it's un the repositories. Wouldn't they have taken it out if it were inadvisable to use it?16:40
alkisgThere's no guarantee for the quality of programs16:40
alkisgAs long as they build and they don't have security issues and there's a maintainer somewhere, they keep them in the archives16:40
alkisgAlthough, virtualbox DID get out of debian frequently16:40
alkisgNot sure if it's out right now, but it's been in-and-out for a long time, due to these issues16:41
ElliriaSo, I should completely uninstall VirtualBox from Kubuntu and then download that .deb and run it?16:41
RoeyBluesKaj: ok now it's back up16:41
RoeyBluesKaj: anyway, what do you mean my package manager/sources16:41
RoeyBluesKaj: also hi, long time no see o/ *hug*16:41
RoeyBluesKaj: anyway I am copying my old laptop's ~/.kde over to my new one16:42
Roeyand the new .kde doesn't seem to take effect16:42
Roeyi.e. wallpaper/dimensinos of the panel/etc.16:42
alkisgDebian requested that virtualbox and firefox send "patches" for "lts versions" of their programs. That's too much work, and upstream refused to do that. Hence the low quality of the packages of these programs (and one of the reasons they wanted to switch the browsers to snap instead of deb)16:42
ElliriaIf I download and run the .deb file from Oracle, will it be automatically updated from then on or will I need to check for new versions from time to time and delete that one and replace it with a new one, alkisg?16:46
alkisgElliria: they have a repository, so you can do either16:46
alkisgI.e. if you install only the .deb, you don't get updates; if you add the repository, you get updates16:46
BluesKajHi Roey,  the sources.list servers can be changed from defasult to other optional servers in the package manager and sometimes that will help16:48
RoeyBluesKaj: ahh okay, thanks16:48
RoeyBluesKaj: now that's one issue solved16:48
RoeyBluesKaj: the ohter is the .kde16:48
ElliriaOkay, thank you very much for the help, alkisg. I guess I'll install the .deb file. Will I lose the current and only VM that I have in there now or is there a way I can preserve it in its current state and import it into the new version?16:49
alkisgElliria: there's no need to import it, it'll be there when you open the new version16:50
ElliriaBut I do completely uninstall the current version first, though, right, alkisg?16:51
BluesKajRoey:  oddly I don't have ~/.kde even in hidden files16:52
alkisgElliria: yes. I think it might also conflict and uninstall it anyway; but it's probably better to remove it, then install the new one, then reboot for the new services to load, then run the VM16:52
ElliriaOkay, I'll do that. Thank you so much for the help, alkisg. I'll be back in here if I run into any trouble, but this sounds simple to do.16:55
RoeyBluesKaj: ok16:57
Roeyso where does kde store its settings?16:57
RoeyBluesKaj: it used to be in .kde/, as I understand it.16:58
BluesKajRoey: that's not a valid path17:01
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> mostly in ~/.config/ now17:02
semI am using ubuntu studio (plasma) with a touch screen. If I shutdown, I get the nice shutdown splash screen that gives me some shutdown, logout, restart, etc., buttons to push. But if I touch these, it just moves the most there, but doesn't click. How do I get the touchscreen to click?17:12
Roey<BluesKaj> Roey: that's not a valid path17:25
Roey<IrcsomeBot> <RikMills> mostly in ~/.config/ now17:25
Roeyok, thank you17:25
ElliriaSo far so good. The old version of VirtualBox is gone, the new one is installed, and I'm installing Kubuntu 22.04 LTS in it as we speak.17:40
mmikowskisem: Have you added gestures? You can set a 'tap-to-click' for the touchpad; that might work for the touch screen too.19:21
mmikowskiI don't have a touch screen currently running (although I did a few years back), so I can't test at the moment.19:21
IrcsomeBot<stdio> Hello, was updating my system now I am getting black screen after boot19:26
IrcsomeBot<Ac1d> Understood. I have asked on their subreddit, and one of them said that it might be a "KDE-specific" bug. But I don't know about the technicalities, so I think I will leave it there and wait for the next update. (re @Eickmeyer: Rule of thumb: If it's not in the Ubuntu repositories, it's not supported. Don't expect any help for it here. Sorry.)19:27
IrcsomeBot<stdio> how do I resolve /etc/x11/xinit/xserverrc 3 exec /usr/bin/x not found19:45
IrcsomeBot<tux_lector> q3op19:47
IrcsomeBot<tux_lector> 2S7W19:48
rafaelmnHi. I am trying to fing the right distro for installing Kubuntu in an old laptop having an Intel celeron architecture21:34
rafaelmnmost of the distros seems to be only for AMD chipset21:35
rafaelmnany advice?21:35
tomreynhey rafaelmn21:37
rafaelmnhi Tom21:38
tomreynyou probably read "amd64". this is also intel, as long as it's 64-bit. celeron can be 64-bit or 32, i think, you'd need to check which cpu you have exactly.21:38
rafaelmnthis is what I see into the config: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU  N2840  @ 2.16GHz   2.16 GHz21:40
tomreynhttps://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/sku/82103/intel-celeron-processor-n2840-1m-cache-up-to-2-58-ghz/specifications.html says "instruction set: 64-bit"21:41
tomreynso this would be amd64-compatible21:41
rafaelmnThanks Tom!!! I will try it.21:43
tomreynsome of those celerons, however, were sold with mainboards / bioses which only support 32-bit boot loaders, if i recall this correctly. if that's the case for yours, you'd need to use a 32-bit grub, while the rest of the system could be 64-bit.21:43
tomreynbut just give it a try, hopefully it's all proper 64-bit21:43
tomreynif the installer / live iso boots on it, you should be fine21:43
rafaelmngreat! Thanks again for your help21:44
tomreynit may be slow, and short of RAM, though...21:44
tomreynyou're welcome21:44
rafaelmnI will give it a try in any case ;)21:45
tomreynrafaelmn: you might want to bookmark this for a web browser (if the standard firefox or chromium are too slow / keep failing): https://fathy.fr/carbonyl21:52
morpheuzwhen i use "pkcon refresh" some repositories do get listed twice or three times. how do clean that up?23:26

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