lubot[telegram] <teward001> see notes from members channel (re @lubuntu_bot: (matrix) <arraybolt3> @teward001: Discourse is grumpy again.)01:00
tewardarraybolt3: and others: check discourse now16:10
lubot[matrix] <roberalz> teward: working for me16:28
arraybolt3@teward001: Works over here, thank you!17:47
lubot[telegram] <Leokolb> @teward001 works here (in Spain today..)19:07
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> In Spain? Where?. (re @Leokolb: @teward001 works here (in Spain today..))22:02
arraybolt3Further work on lubuntu-installer-prompt - I *finally* have the title visible no matter what (I gave up and put a background behind it :P). I also moved the buttons up a bit because they looked a bit awkward where they were at first IMO.22:08
arraybolt3I think at this point it's probably ready to be shipped, though we will still need a change to Casper to make autologin go into the Lubuntu Live Environment X session rather than the Lubuntu desktop session.22:09
arraybolt3Anyway, I guess it's finally time to take my mess of hacks and turn them into a clean set of Git commits.22:13

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