seb128goood morning desktopers08:19
ricotzseb128, good morning :)09:58
seb128ricotz, hey, how are you doing?09:58
ricotzseb128, feeling good, thanks09:59
ricotzhow are you?09:59
seb128ricotz, I'm alright thanks!09:59
ricotzseb128, while you are familiar with fonfconfig, could you pick up fontconfig 2.14.1-4?09:59
seb128ricotz, ack10:11
lissyxsecurity.ubuntu.com is slow?11:01
lissyxbarely 100-200kB/s at most, from Orange (FR)11:01
ricotz[m]<seb128> "ricotz, ack" <- Thanks11:02
seb128lissyx, yes, infra issue not specific to security IS is aware and they are working on it11:02
lissyxok, good11:03
seb128ricotz[m], just curious but do we need that change to resolve $things?11:03
lissyxnot touching my laptop in days, I was doing a bit of upgrades :)11:03
ogralissyx, for non security, try using a mirror ... seems they are still responding in a proper manner 11:03
ogra(archive.u.c itself is also slow)11:04
lissyxit's no big deal11:04
lissyxit's not like I was going to work11:04
lissyxI was just curious11:04
ricotzseb128, yes, libreoffice currently carries a patch to workaround that11:17
lissyxseb128, I dont think we'll have a meeting this week either11:22
seb128lissyx, ack12:04
sil2100Hello desktop team! Since I'm looking through issues marked for jammy still, I found this old thing: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/196763213:49
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Launchpad bug 1967632 in firefox (Ubuntu) "[snap] apparmor denied when trying to load pkcs11 module for smart card authentication" [High, Triaged]13:49
sil2100Does anyone know what's the progress here?13:49
nteodosiosil2100, looks like a duplicate of 1843392? I was just starting having a look at it.13:54
nteodosiobug 184339213:54
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Bug 1843392 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[snap] smart card reader no longer works" [High, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184339213:54
sil2100nteodosio: thanks! It was mentioned in our 22.04 release notes, so I was just wondering how things are moving forward with it13:54
KGB-0gnote signed tags 8dd274f Jeremy Bicha upstream/43.1 * Upstream version 43.1 * https://deb.li/3Gj0x16:15
KGB-0gnote pristine-tar 670d059 Jeremy Bicha gnote_43.1.orig.tar.xz.delta gnote_43.1.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gnote_43.1.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/Hfsj16:16
GunnarHjRikMills: Sorry about that kubuntu-settings upload. I thought it was best to not let the branches diverge.19:11
RikMillsGunnarHj: np. usually our _staging branch is WIP stuff, to be merged into the _archive branch when ready to upload. in fact the kubuntu tooling won't make an upload unless we are working from the _archive branch20:37
RikMillsi.e. we have gbp-archive that checks20:38
RikMillsthat staging branch was WIP and had not decide whether to carry on with it or nuke it20:39
GunnarHjRikMills: I think I understand.. Will (try to) keep my hands off going forward. ;) But the conflict issue was somewhat urgent.20:42
RikMillsGunnarHj: yeah, I understood that. I looked to go fix, but was too slow20:51
GunnarHjRikMills: And I missed the need for breaks/replaces in fontconfig. But that has been fixed now.20:56
ricotzRikMills, please see fix in fontconfig 2.14.1-4 in debian21:27
RikMillsricotz: the LP bugs says that fix won't work for us21:32
RikMillsanyway, this side should be good now I think....21:32
ricotzah, already uploaded, hmm :\21:34
ricotzRikMills, I see21:35
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