arraybolt3Heh, I'm still not brave enough to try and bloat my box that way :P00:13
guivercarraybolt3, there are benefits in that... My media keys today doesn't start/stop just my clementine  (which it does in LXQt/Lubuntu)... as I'm using Xfce today behavior is different  ...   Life can be simpler/smoother with just single DE / method of operation01:45
arraybolt3I get the benefits of having a ton of DEs though - I a lot of times will switch flavors, be so happy with the DE I'm using... and then get bored and eventually find a good reason to reinstall my box, then switch flavors. And then I do it all again. And again.01:48
arraybolt3Having multiple flavors would let me change between really quickly, though then I run the risk of getting bored of all of them at once :P01:49
guivercIf only one DE stood out as far better than the rest... we would have no need; but no they all have benefits, strengths...   (alas those weaknesses)01:50
arraybolt3Then I've have to isntall i3wm D:01:50
guivercBut switching I don't find easy... having to close up my session via logout & login again... I resist that even with my bloated install.01:50
guivercI'd love to understand/use i3... I'm sure I'd love it, but my few attempts at trying it has me returning to something else...  I'm jealous other that 'crossed' that learning-hurdle.01:52
arraybolt3Sounds like the next step is to learn how to do "killall plasmashell && startlxqt" :P01:52
arraybolt3(Obviously that's way oversimplified, but it would be cool if one could "hotswap" desktop environments.)01:53
arraybolt3I've never even *booted* i3, and it looks terrifying.01:55
guivercXfce has the capacity to have setups resume (on login/start)..  but I opted to not use it anyway... we're not talking that long to restart hexchat/clementine/featherpad/.. & my other must-have-apps  (esp. on this newer box!)01:56
lotuspsychjegood morning02:34
kovitalhow you doing lotus?02:39
lotuspsychjemorning kovital 02:40
lotuspsychjeall good here and yourself?02:40
kovitalnot so bad either.02:40
kovitalweither's pretty cool here for a february, unlike canada where it goes minus 40 C02:41
kovitaland now just a minute ago they had a big earthquake in turkeya.02:42
kovitalnearlly 8 of magnitude.02:42
kovitalit s turkiye, they changed their country name recently.03:26
kovitalwith dots on the u03:26
kovitalanyway, bbl, cya.03:26
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-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Launchpad bug 1992026 in ubuntu-advantage-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Pro APT integration is a bit much" [Critical, In Progress]17:32
Bashing-omUWN: Issue773 now available to our reading public: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue773 :D20:11
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tomreynfor those with low spec hardware who still want to run a modern web browser - kind of - https://fathy.fr/carbonyl21:47
tomreyn(a faster / less overhead brow.sh)21:50
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