mparilloNot a normal use case, but I zsynced the daily ISO again this morning, installed it to a fresh VM, added the Kubuntu Beta PPA, and watching in the Konsole it seemed to upgrade cleanly. But when I exited the Konsole, I could not use the GUI to power off or to get back to Konsole, or invoke krunner. So I hard-powered-off my VM. On restart, I saw an on-screen keyboard, hit enter, and I was presented with the Default (non-breeze) SDDM that showed my user. 14:09
mparilloI entered the password, but nothing happened. I guess I will just wait another couple of weeks.14:09
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> It is the line in our kdeglobals that sets the global look-and-feel theme to the custom Kubutnu one (re @mitya57: Maybe you can bisect it to some particular file/line?)15:15
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> So I guess that theme needs some updates!15:15
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Probably by taking one of the current official working ones and customizing from scratch15:16
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> I the meantime I can switch kubuntu to breeze-twighlight, and the only thing we will lose in the short term is our custom kickoff icon15:17
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> It's not expected that a Qt patch release breaks themes.15:17
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> While I work this out15:17
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Yes, of course. I also wonder if there is a KDE Qt patch collection patch we are missing (re @mitya57: It's not expected that a Qt patch release breaks themes.)15:18
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Urgh. I think I know what may have happened16:31
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> @mitya57 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-settings/1:23.04.316:32
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> No one asked if they could do that upload16:33
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> And they use the wrong git branch to do it that had some WIP changes in it16:33
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Going to revert to confirm....16:36
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> @mitya57 if this is the reason, apologies for wasting your time16:50
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> The Qt +things migration involved so many packages, this rogue upload passed me by16:51
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> Okay, no problem17:02
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> You can probably revert just this:17:02
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> ```17:02
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> +[KSplash]17:02
lubot[telegram] <mitya57> +Theme=org.kde.Breeze```17:02
lubot[telegram] <RikMills> Just reverted anyway. I can test with just that17:09

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