davefCan somebody tell me why snaps are slow to start? When I have normally installed packages, they're lightning fast. Just snaps launch very slowly.03:24
zxmpi'On start, snapd has to mount the app as a loop back device and do a lot before it’s able to run. In contrast, apps installed by .deb can just start.' https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxquestions/comments/n6d4sh/why_snap_versions_of_apps_are_slower_than_apps/06:09
davefAny way I can have it do the loop device at boot? Saving me time later?11:33
davefOr a safe way of turning off snap altogether?11:34
diddledanithe loop devices should be mounted at boot automatically, so that isn't the issue. The most likely issue is the mounted images' files are not in the filesystem cache of the kernel so the first launch needs to decompress the files as they're accessed, which is slower than when they're already decompressed into the cache. The snap authors can choose between lzo & xz compression of their package, with xz (default) being very slow11:40
zxmpiyou can remove snap i think. i just remove it for firefox. might sort if for standardnotes next.11:43
davefSome load times are ludicrous. For example, Signal Desktop.. it's random, but it could be just a few moments but there are times it can take 30+ seconds or more. This just can't be normal. For reference, running on a Ryzen 9 3900X.11:43
davefAnd the computer just isn't busy.11:43
davefThe only one that's consistent is Firefox11:43
davefand maybe Thunderbird11:44
davefBut these were preinstalled11:44
davefAnyway, I'm experimenting with full-time Ubuntu on the desktop. Just a couple of annoying issues here and there. 11:49
davefPleased to see that gaming has come a long way on the Linux desktop. Borderlands 3 runs great, so it Insurgency: Sandstorm, complete with anti-cheat enabled. Previously it would kick me because EAC wasn't working.11:50
davef*so did11:51
diddledanidavef: totally unrelated to computing in any way, but you're in canada, so could you consider adding your name to this petition? https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-426821:21
davefSure, I’ll check it out when I get home21:23
diddledanithankyou 🫂💜21:23
* daftykins waves21:23
diddledani... wrong waves21:24
davefYeah, I’m all for inclusive immigration21:24
daftykinswell hang on there's latency between us, go outside and wait... *now* ;)21:24
diddledanithis petition is about opening up asylum applications to trans people from the US and UK (among others) because our lawmakers are actively attacking our rights and legislating us out of existence.21:26
davefA colleague of mine set me on a Dream Theatre binge. I’ve been listening all day.21:26
davefThat’s because US legislators are god fearing morons21:27
davefExample, Ted Cruz21:27
diddledani... and UK legislators are sheep21:27
davefThen again, Canadian government is still bad21:29
diddledaniyeah, there's an epidemic world wide right now of right wing lunacy21:29
davefTypical Canadian e-Petition crap. It wasn't me to verify, so I've been waiting for the e-mail for the last 10 mins.22:00
davefdiddledani: "Congratulations! You have completed the signature process for this petition."22:00
davefAnd apparently Warren Buffett wants to send me $2.5M22:00
davefOh, and in the Ubuntu store app.. when you see people bashing Microsoft for providing PowerShell in the "reviews" .. what kind of elitist bullshit is this and why doesn't it get cleaned up?22:05
diddledaniI think the reviews are handled by the gnome project somewhere - the ratings at least are via ODRS.. I'm not sure how much influence the app publisher or Canonical have to do any cleanup22:10
diddledanithank you for signing <322:12
davefA lot of the comments are very elitist, with MS bashing thrown in. From a professional perspective, and the high likelihood that I will be deploying some Ubuntu machines in the not too distant future for machine learning, it doesn't look very good.23:08
davefBut I guess that's just the attitude of the typical know-nothing brain-dead Linux user. Oh, wait. That's me now :) 23:09
diddledanigotta love being braindead23:11
davefit's the only thing to get me through the day23:24
davefbtw, question.. is it possible to adjust the mouse pointer in gnome. On my Windows I usually have a big bright neon green pointer. Can I do the same on Gnome?23:25
diddledaniI think the pointer is changeable, but don't recall how23:25
diddledaniit might be part of the theme and can only normally be changed by changing the whole thene23:25
davefI guess this would be an accessibility feature? Not very accessible. 23:28
davef Sorry if this all seems like complaints, but you can bet your ass that if I'm going to support this at work, I need to know how to correct issues like this.23:51

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