pycuriousMy bluetooth mouse stopped working on 20.04LTS after the last reboot (recently upgraded to Pro). The gnome bluetooth dialog shows bluetooth to be off. On dmesg I see the following error : [    6.772914] Bluetooth: hci0: Reading Intel version command failed (-110), [    6.772920] Bluetooth: hci0: command 0xfc05 tx timeout - systemctl status bluetooth.service - shows service running. Any ideas on how to fix this and what went wrong?00:05
pycuriousAny ideas on how to debug this?00:05
Bashing-omintpareidolia: Hello - your support question ?00:56
intpareidoliaI don't have a question.00:56
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LikWidChzzWhat would you folks recommend to manage ~12 Orange Pi 5s? I want to run an app on them and monitor its progress based off that apps output to the shell/terminal. Each PI can technically be running the same command. Is there a decent way of doing this instead of like ssh/key authentication + Screen?02:02
arraybolt3LikWidChzz: Generally this room is for Ubuntu-specific support questions, so you might not find a lot of people who know about that stuff here.02:06
LikWidChzzworth a shot02:07
arraybolt3You might try using "/msg alis list <search term>" to find a room where those more knowledgable about clusters and the like are.02:07
LikWidChzzright I'm idling in #linux02:07
jhutchinsLikWidChzz: Possibly a Pi channel - people have been using small clusters of appliance/computers for dedicated projects for a while.02:10
LikWidChzzooh good call out, I didnt think of that. thank you.02:11
jhutchinsWhen the Mac Minis came out there were even special rack shelves that would support a small bunch of them.02:11
LikWidChzzneat! exceot macs are no bueno.02:12
arraybolt3Heh, so is *that* how one of the fastest supercomputers for a while ran Mac OS at one point?02:12
LikWidChzzim going to go in a corner and cry.02:13
arraybolt3lol, I have never used a Mac and hopefully never will, fwiw.02:14
LikWidChzzyeah I dont know Ive never really liked mac anything and the whole iphone situation, listening to the guy on youtube complain about their practices.. yet people are so dumb they just keep buying them02:15
SenFacheI have three instances of PostgreSQL running on Ubuntu 20.04: 13, 14 and 15. I want to restart Pg 15. How to?02:43
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alkisgIs there any command line utility that would transform the various smartctl attributes regarding SSD wearout, to a normalized value, so that I would easily check e.g. 100 disks and see which ones of them need to be replaced?04:47
alkisgThere's Percentage Used Endurance Indicator, Percentage Used, Wear_Leveling_Count and more, and some even depend on the model...04:48
peacefulmanwas the Canterall font blacklisted in gnome? For some reason it's not showing up in gnome tweaks when I go to set default fonts05:47
peacefulmanCantarell font rather05:48
elias_apeacefulman: What do you mean by blacklisted? Is the font installed and not shown in menus or what?05:51
elias_apeacefulman: I have not altered my 22.04.1 installation when it comes to fonts and I don't seem to have Cantarell installed. This hints that it is not automagically installed.05:55
elias_aalkisg: Here's quite good an article on checking SSD health. https://linuxhandbook.com/check-ssd-health/06:02
peacefulmanelias_a: yeah it is installed, I even reinstalled it. For some bizarre reason not showing up in my font list06:02
elias_aalkisg: How about running S.M.A.R.T. tests and seaching for expression Pre-fail in results?06:03
elias_apeacefulman: Ok. Really weird. I'll check what happens if I install it.06:04
peacefulmanstrange, I had to run fc-cache -v -f and that fixed it.06:06
peacefulmannow it's showing, not sure why that command wasn't automatically run after the font was installed06:06
peacefulmanI even rebooted and it still wasn't there until I ran it manually06:07
elias_apeacefulman: Strange but nice tactics! :)06:07
peacefulmanelias_a: thx :)06:07
elias_apeacefulman: Did you install using Ubuntu package or using some other method?06:07
peacefulmanI think it was pulled in when I install gnome-session06:08
peacefulmanor vanilla-gnome something06:08
elias_apeacefulman: I tested installing package fonts-cantarell from Ubuntu repos and works like a charm. Perhaps a gnome issue?06:12
peacefulmannot sure, really weird.06:13
peacefulmannever happened before, and I have install 22.04 lts a few times06:13
elias_aOh - and the name of the font seems to be spelled with two letters l in Ubuntu repo.06:13
elias_aReally weird...06:13
spinninggCatwhat do you suggest for photo editting software in ubuntu?06:17
peacefulmanI like gimp but maybe there's something better06:17
spinninggCatyeah well actually i am searching something else if it is out there06:21
haxn9kthere is one other recent one, but i can't recall, and there is krita but it's more oriented around painting.06:24
elias_aspinninggCat: Please tell us if you find anything suitable. The UI and logic of GIMP has been a nuisance for beginners for at least a decade. :P06:24
spinninggCatahh hmm that is good point06:25
spinninggCatis gimp good with reducing noise in the pic?06:26
spinninggCatthanks for pointing me out sensible way actually,06:28
elias_aIMHO GIMP is the most capable image editor. Cannot say this would cover all possible uses...06:28
spinninggCatso it is almost a replacement of photoshop?06:29
elias_aspinninggCat: Yes - but the logic of use is very different and an occasional user like me has to read the manual frequently. On the other hand - so would I with Photoshop, too. :)06:30
elias_aWhat I like in GIMP is that it supports scripting: https://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-scripting.html06:32
spinninggCattlogic of use means different algorithm for doing same job right?06:32
spinninggCati bet it is python06:32
elias_aVery handy if you have a ton of images needing the same adjustment.06:32
elias_aspinninggCat: What I meant with logic is how the UI is designed. Sometimes it is hard to find where various tools etc. are.06:33
spinninggCatI see06:35
elias_aspinninggCat: There are even many UI tweaks that make GIMP more like Photoshop. Example: https://www.tomshardware.com/how-to/make-gimp-look-and-feel-like-photoshop06:38
spinninggCatI am gonna check06:39
RobeenI do not know...but is this the right channel to ask about Ubuntu related problems? Or where to report a bug found?06:39
RobeenI have switched from previous major version to Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and L2TP over IPSec is fully broken.06:39
RobeenWill not connect with any settings...however it was working previously, and it still works on my phone, and on a raspberry pi (with the official raspberry OS and older packages for network management)06:39
RobeenWhere can I report the problem? (Or how to overcome...if somebody knows...)06:39
RobeenSame problem with the newest XUbuntu as well...but it uses the same packages as the new Ubunutu...06:40
arraybolt3Robeen: You can use the ubuntu-bug command to report a bug.06:45
arraybolt3Find what package you think the bug is probably in, then run "ubuntu-bug <packagename>".06:45
arraybolt3It will upload some debugging info and then allow you to add a bug description and title to the report. You will need an Ubuntu One account, which is free and easy to make. (Ubuntu One is the single sign on service used for most Ubuntu-related services, like the forums, bug tracker, etc.)06:46
RobeenThanks! I try!06:54
joselhello and stuff07:23
Ubuntivityhello. I'm having problem with my Canon LBP6020B printer on Ubuntu 22.04. It gets identified as LBP6670, and when printing test page it reports "complete" while nothing prints out.07:23
josellet me see07:24
josel is it pluged in ?07:24
Ubuntivityjosel: Yes, it is plugged in. It gets identified by the system once I turn it on, it is named "LBP6020" but in the Printers section on settings there is "LBP6670" appears below the name.07:25
elias_aUbuntivity: That is quite common as the chipsets etc. are quite the same in slightly different variations of the same printer. What does it do if you try to print?08:10
Ubuntivityelias_a: it practically does nothing. It shows priting complete as if it was printing, but practically nothing is happening.08:19
elias_aUbuntivity: This might be of help: https://askubuntu.com/questions/240830/is-there-any-driver-64bit-available-for-canon-lbp6020bCanon LBP6020B08:32
oerhekslbp6020 is not in the database https://www.openprinting.org/printers/manufacturer/Canon/08:33
oerhekscanon is widely known for poor support.08:34
Ubuntivityoerheks: any way to workaround this? Some way to use Windows driver maybe?08:40
oerheksyou could goto settings, and try to trottle back DPI, 300 or 600 dpi08:41
oerhekselse, no idea08:41
FravialisHi all. I can't get cups to stop asking for a user/pass, even though cupds.conf looks like this: https://paste.debian.net/plainh/78855cdc .. how come?08:46
FravialisThat is, when I'm almost finished submitting a new printer, it asks for a user/pass. Obviously root's pw is disabled in Ubuntu, so there is no password to provide08:46
oerheksuse your user password, the 1st user created has root priv.08:47
FravialisThis is a print server, it's not a desktop machine08:48
FravialisAnd the configuration specified Allow from 192.168.*.*, which matches my client08:48
FravialisSo I don't get it08:48
FravialisMy personal account and those of my co-workers also don't have a password. We authenticate with our RSA keys08:49
FravialisError log says [Client 123] pam_authenticate() returned 7 (Authentication failure)08:50
FravialisWhich seems obvious, but what isn't obvious is why I can successfully access all of /admin all the time until the very end where I finally get to create the printer08:50
FravialisIt's not even a POST request, it seems, because access.log logs successful POST requests to /admin08:51
oerheksoke, no idea there either, maybe this page is any help? see the bonjour part  https://www.fosslinux.com/61850/how-to-set-up-cups-print-server-on-ubuntu.htm08:56
oerheksyou might need cups-ipp-utils08:57
rick89hi friends08:57
rick89I have a problem08:57
rick89I can't update my system08:57
Fravialisrick89: looks like your PackageKit is borked08:58
rick89ok thanks. what to do?08:58
FravialisFirst, I'd check if there are actual updates with sudo apt update && sudo apt -s dist-upgrade08:59
FravialisIf that doesn't show any updates, I'd do a reinstall of PackageKit09:00
FravialisOr a dpkg-reconfigure09:00
FravialisI don't know what prepared-update is exactly, but it's not in the packagekit package, so it must be generated somehow09:00
rick89Fravialis https://dpaste.org/h6aD009:09
Fravialisrick89: alright09:13
Fravialissudo apt dist-upgrade09:13
FravialisSo, this time without the -s09:13
FravialisAfter that, at least you've got your upgrade and then you can fix packagekit if necessary09:13
Fravialisperhaps even09:14
Fravialissudo apt -y dist-upgrade09:14
FravialisTo save you from having to answer prompts09:14
rick89It's downloading updates: https://imgur.com/a/gt2DRRE09:15
Fravialisrick89: as it should09:16
FravialisIf you get any yes/no questions, just press enter09:17
Fravialisrick89: did it work?09:39
rick89it finished https://imgur.com/a/DWDRcnz09:43
FravialisWhat does your GUI updater say now?09:44
FravialisI'm going to bet it's fixed but if not, we should be able to think of something to fix it09:45
rzHeya, I'm on 22.04.1 and every few hours firefox goofs up. I lose the ability to resize or move windows, online video players and maps applications become unresponsive. This is happening on my main system and on my work laptop, both on same ubuntu version but both have completely different hardware.09:48
rick89Fravialis Software Updater says the system is up to date. Thanks for your help!09:50
FravialisIncluding the gfx card?09:50
Fravialisrick89: great :)09:50
rick89why did this happen?09:50
Fravialisrick89: for some reason PackageKit came to be in an unusable state, because it wanted to update something for which it missed a file with instructions09:51
Fravialisrick89: at least, that's as best as I can tell09:51
FravialisHow it arrived in this state, I don't know really09:51
FravialisYou could submit a bug report09:51
rzFravialis yeah the work laptop has intel graphics and home system is using radeon discrete09:52
FravialisBecause obviously this should have never happened, but submitting a bug report is quite a pain given the demands put on you by the devs who take your report09:52
Fravialisrz: I also run 22.04.1 and I don't have your problems. The biggest difference between you and me is I run Kubuntu, however.09:53
FravialisStill, Firefox would be using the same libraries.09:53
FravialisOh, wait, I also don't use the snapd version09:53
FravialisI hate snap09:53
FravialisI use Firefox from the PPA09:53
Fravialisrz: have you considered disabling 3D acceleration?09:54
rzYeah ubuntu comes with snap and I don't like it either. I've been thinking about removing snapd but I'd at least like to give this a chance09:54
Fravialisrz: also, for the record, you can create and try a new profile with: firefox -P (after you close all running firefoxes)09:54
Fravialisrz: you should try that, and see what happens in a clean, new profile without any addons09:55
liowenexIs it possible your system freezes up when your computer tries to enter one of the sleep states, and doesn't have proper kernel suspend/resume support?09:55
FravialisI know you've mentioned this happening across multiple systems with different configurations, but you'd still want to try this as part of an identify/eliminate/reduce problem surface strategy09:55
rzHmm, thanks for the tips. I've noticed that firefox tends to work better if I launch it via terminal, but I haven't been able to figure out why09:56
liowenexProbably a placebo effect, the shortcut in Start Menu links to the same file as the start09:56
rzyeah could be09:57
liowenexI'd honestly recommend Linux Mint, it fixes a lot of the things that aggravate users on Ubuntu, including snap09:58
Fravialisliowenex: you're right, however, who knows what effect it has on Firefox that it can write its error message to an actual terminal09:58
astroninjaI second this09:58
Fravialisliowenex: what aggrevated me most is ads in apt's output09:58
rzAnd everything worked perfectly with kubuntu when I was using that. So I think this has to be snap related09:59
liowenexIn Mint there's also no need to use 'sudo' before apt commands, the Mint team have implemented it so it appends sudo automatically09:59
FravialisFrankly that is unforgivable09:59
Fravialisliowenex: I simply become root as in older days09:59
liowenexCould also try to use nightly mesa drivers10:00
liowenexThat might fix your issue with FF10:00
liowenexBut they tend to mess up Steam if you use that10:00
Guest77Hi folks, something wrong with http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu  -- it takes too long time to update pkg indexes10:00
liowenex(32-bit library conflicts on the nightly repo)10:00
liowenexGuest77: What wireless card are you using?10:01
Guest77http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu affected as well10:01
Guest77Is anyone from Ubuntu team in the chat?10:03
liowenexNo but I'm a legendary ex-troll, and I've got plenty of expertise to help10:04
Guest77heheh)) plz fix issues with http://archive.ubuntu.com then))10:06
ograGuest77, status.u.c seems fine, have you checked your connection or tried a closer by mirror ? https://status.canonical.com/10:07
ograerr ... s/status.u.c/archve.u.c/10:07
Habbiethe mirror in azure is super broken too]10:08
Guest77yes I've measured the update time from my location (RU/KZ/Armenia)10:08
Habbiedoesn't matter much what the status page says :)10:08
Guest77as well from EU location (London)10:08
Guest77all apt-get update commands takes too long to update10:09
Guest77up to 10 minutes10:09
ogra6 seconds here10:09
Guest77I asked my colleagues to perform the same - they facing the similar issues10:09
ograwell, the server side is fine and i can not repro any slowness here10:10
Habbiesecurity.ubuntu.com (, takes >30 seconds to connect here10:12
Habbieand once connected, the request easily takes another 15 seconds10:13
Habbiejust got another report from somewhere else10:13
AlexCPING security.ubuntu.com(kazooie.canonical.com (2001:67c:1562::18)) 56 data bytes10:14
AlexC64 bytes from kazooie.canonical.com (2001:67c:1562::18): icmp_seq=1 ttl=52 time=77.9 ms10:14
AlexCit's good on my end10:14
Habbieit pings fine here; that's not the problem10:14
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AlexCtried in browser, no issues, loaded quick10:14
Guest77Could you please try perform `apt-get update` ?10:14
AlexCye, hold on10:15
Guest77sure take your time10:15
AlexChuh, downloads are slow10:15
AlexC200 kb/s10:15
Guest77Thats it10:15
AlexC112 kb/s now10:16
AlexCservers are pegged it seems10:16
Guest77Could anyone ping somebody from Ubuntu team?10:16
Guest77Please put you proofs here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2483665&p=14129611#post1412961110:20
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ograyou should do tracepath's as well, to see where in the network it gets stuck10:20
ogra(it realy looks like a network/routing issue)10:21
Habbieit could be, but then it is in many places, -or- close to canonical10:22
ograwell, again, nobody around me heer can rero it from some random hotel wlan in denmark ... 6sec for apt update isnt horrible in any way10:22
ograthe server itself reports proper operation as well on https://status.canonical.com ... so the issue must be somewhere on the network10:24
FravialisGuest77: just FYI "proofs" isn't really stylistically/technically correct, save for rare and niche exceptions. See: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-plural-of-proof - Rather, one would use "proof" or "evidence"10:26
ograGuest77, so i talked to the IS guys, they are aware that there seem to be some network issues in certain areas and are working on getting it sorted ... just be patient10:29
anishroyis anyone here10:31
ograonly 1157 peopl beyond you ... do yu have an ubuntu support question ? just ask 🙂10:31
Habbiei switched to the leaseweb mirror and now I can do builds in github actions again10:37
oerhekssome have issues with a slow mirror, but nothing seems wrong https://status.canonical.com/10:41
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rzemykhi, any one has a problem with transfer from archive.ubuntu.com? I'm trying to build docker images based on ubuntu and it works horrible from azure/europe and digitalocean/europe.10:41
Habbierzemyk, it's broken10:41
oerheksnot broken, just slow mirrors at the moment, i guess maintenance10:42
Habbiethey are very much broken10:42
oerheksvery much not.10:42
Habbieit's great that they somewhat work for you, apparently. they are currently useless to many other people.10:43
ograas i said above, canonicals IS team is aware and working on it with some of the network providers ... patience ...10:46
Habbieogra, ah, i did not get that from your earlier text, thanks10:47
Habbieoh i see it now10:47
Habbieogra, can you push somebody to update https://status.canonical.com/ ?10:49
Znevnaall russian components are operational10:49
ograwell, the server side is fine and status.c.c only monitors server health (and it is even fine from many/most locations, it is certin routes and locations suffering only)10:50
Habbieah, and i see the azure mirror isn't listed on it anyway10:50
ograbecause it is run by microsoft ...10:50
Habbiei understood it's not10:51
ograthe status page indeed ony monitors canonical owned servces10:51
oerheksthere are global issues in EU and USA, https://www.pingdom.com/outages/10:51
oerheksstill, mirrors are just slow10:51
Habbiefor you :)10:51
ograFWIW, try using the de.a.u.c mirror ... that seems to still be fast10:57
Habbieyes, most country mirrors seem fine10:57
ogra(desnt help with azure indeed)10:57
Habbiei switched my azure builds to the leaseweb mirror, which is on multiple continents, so i don't accidentally pull gigabytes through the atlantic10:58
YEGuestDo you also experience issues with apt?11:25
YEGuestHere we get a very slow update and several missing package.11:25
YEGuestTested from several connections: BE fiber, Be 4G. Gitlab cloud runners, local CI runners/11:25
YEGuestAll seem stuck or very slow.11:25
pczerkasyes, degraded performance on archive.11:26
YEGuestOk, we are not alone :)11:26
oerhekscanonicals team is aware and working on it11:26
YEGuestGood luck to the IT team for the pressure :)11:27
oerheksthere are global issues, not just ubuntu11:27
YEGuestNote that there is nothing onto https://status.canonical.com/.11:27
Fravialisoerheks: fyi my problems earlier seem to have stemmed from my co-worker designing an Ansible configuration for CUPS missing an entire policy section11:49
Znevnabecause why not complicate your life11:50
Guest8131Hi. apt-get started being excruciatingly slow today (a few KB/s). I see the issue on two different machines, one local, one in AWS.12:07
rzemykc[12:26.52] < oerheks> canonicals team is aware and working on it12:09
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oerheksmirror is fast again?12:18
oerheksogra ^12:18
ograyeah, it seems to be moving forward now ...12:19
* Habbie tries12:26
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Habbieyep, did a fine build with the azure mirror13:08
emancypageHello. Is it normal that archive.ubuntu.com is extremely slow right now? So that I have got E: Failed to fetch [...] Unable to connect to archive.ubuntu.com:80 issues during some pipelines13:15
ograHabbie, tanks for the feedback !13:16
ogra*thanks too 😛13:16
ograand ships .. and trucks 😛13:16
ograemancypage, that should just have been solved ...13:17
Znevnaarchive.ubuntu.com doesn't point to some random mirror, does it?13:20
jrivettarchive.ubuntu.com is still not responding for me.13:21
ograZnevna, nope13:23
Znevnawhy are people so surprised that it's slow then? :P13:23
ograbecause it usually isnt13:24
Znevnawhy not use a local mirror instead of putting pressure on that one?13:24
emancypageI am not putting pressure on that, I am just asking, because I am wondering if its my issue or external13:25
emancypageI was not aware of it, this is why I show up here and ask :)13:26
ogratheer was an issue that as been resolved within the last hour ... it should be fine again13:26
oerheksI thought it was resolved too, but slow again.13:26
oerheksjust slow, no 40413:26
Guest8131It's still extremely slow.13:26
Guest8131And archive.ubuntu.com is the default.13:27
Guest8131I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the default settings to work.13:27
CodeMouse92(It isn't.)13:27
Guest8131It is for Docker images at least.13:28
ograarchive.ubuntu.com is never the default ... all insallers do a geoip lookup by defautlt and pick your closest mirror13:28
Znevnaunless you're using preconfigured images13:28
ogra(at least the official ubuntu installers do)13:28
ZnevnaI don't remember which defaulted to us.archive..13:29
Znevnafor some weird reason.13:29
Znevnabecause doing updates over the ocean is fine :P13:29
Guest8131unless you're using preconfigured images -> The official Ubuntu Docker images, yeah.13:33
Guest8131> docker run -it --rm ubuntu:22.0413:34
Guest8131> cat /etc/apt/sources.list13:34
Guest8131will show archive.ubuntu.com13:34
Znevnaeven the local mirror seems slow13:40
Guest12cloud images from https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/ also have archive.ubuntu.com as default repo.13:45
Znevnathe "local" mirror wasn't local at all13:50
Znevnayup, it points to two mirrors in the UK and one in the US13:52
Znevnaand I'm in EU13:52
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pycuriousAnyone knows what these errors mean: https://dpaste.org/QP12R14:20
oerheksweird errors, no clue what causes that, hardware failure14:20
pycuriousoerheks: how do i find out what part of the hardware is causing this?14:25
y0bboA problem is occuring randomly on two Ubuntu 22 machines while lxc containers (debian 10) are running: indefinite "block" (seemingly) when opening shells or pseudo terminals. This prevents login, su, sudo, seemingly anything shell script. Stopping the containers solves the problem. The containers ran fine on debian 9.14:26
oerheksno clue what causes that, is it the cache ( cpu), or cpu1 ( cpu) ....14:26
oerheksmaybe chipset, ask a hardware specialist, or try #hardware here on #libera14:27
oerheksy0bbo, so you suspect the deb10 container?14:29
oerhekswhat can we, ubuntu, do about that?14:30
y0bbooerheks: no, the problem is in the ubuntu 22 hosts14:31
y0bbothe problem occurs both inside and outside of the containers ... one idea might be something related to apparmor, but I'm not seeing any errors?14:32
Fravialisy0bbo: you might want to run strace on such a shell14:32
FravialisIf you want to find out what is blocking14:33
Fravialisy0bbo: does it only occur for interactive shells or non-interactive as well?14:33
y0bboone server was inaccessible through shells for a few months, until it somehow resolved itself but logging had stopped at some point. having an open root-shell allows me to restart it.14:35
y0bboit seems shell-related to me, and if it is, it affects opening both interactive and non-interactive shells. already opened shells seem not affected14:36
oerheksare the disks healty?14:36
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y0bbothe problem only occurs when the containers are running. I suspect something is not right with isolation, but it is using defaults.14:38
y0bboso, with an open root-shell, I can restart the container, which solves the problem. logins/su/sudo otherwise block at what seems the point when a psuedoterminal would be opened14:40
y0bboit also blocked when exiting from "lxc-attach" ... it "released" after lxc-stop14:48
dentistmaresecurity.ubuntu.com and archive.ubuntu.org seem to be slow/down. anybody knows what is going on?14:50
oerheksdentistmare, known issue today14:51
oerhekscanonicals team is aware and working on it14:51
pickHi using Kubuntu 22.04. locked screen and could not unlock it: "unlocking failed". I can log into virtual terminals, so I know my password. what could be wrong and what can I do?14:51
dentistmareoerheks thanks14:52
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jhutchinspick: service gdm restart?14:58
jhutchins(Is gdm the decault display manager?)14:58
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Fravialisy0bbo: well, if it blocks, strace would show it15:08
=== nik0 is now known as bazylevnik0
Fravialisy0bbo: also, you could start a shell reading stdin from somewhere else15:12
FravialisTo test15:12
pickHi using Kubuntu 22.04. locked screen and could not unlock it: "unlocking failed". I can log into virtual terminals, so I know my password. what could be wrong and what can I do?15:13
Fravialispick: check the log for your display manager's greeter15:14
Fravialisgdm.log for example15:14
FravialisBut it could also be a bug related to a theme, and now that I think of it, I'm not sure gdm.log covers unlocking rather than signing in15:14
FravialisIf you're using kubuntu then it'd be sddm.log but that doesn't belong here but in #kubuntu15:16
pickno gdm.log in /var/log15:16
FravialisHmmm, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM15:17
FravialisIs there a /var/log/lightdm?15:17
FravialisI feel as though this might be old15:17
picksddm.log is 0 bytes15:17
FravialisOld information on the wiki, I mean. But I can't really check as while my server systems are Ubuntu, my desktop is Kubuntu15:18
pickno lightdm15:19
Fravialispick: any output for: pgrep sddm?15:19
FravialisIt appears it must be "Unity Greeter" in newer versions but I honestly don't know what the greeter's process name is now and where its logs are15:20
FravialisAnd then I still don't know if errors related to unlocking would reside there, but ok, it might be worth a try15:20
ELFrederichInteresting how my XDG_CONFIG_DIRS environment variable is "/etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntu:/etc/xdg" yet there is nothing in xdg-ubuntu, just xdg.  Any idea why Ubuntu itself doesn't even use the first listed config dir?15:21
pagios- ok and in linux Or windows, when you kill a parent process, the child is independant and doesnt die15:21
Fravialispick: maybe: grep -HiR 'greeter' /var/log/*15:22
Fravialispick: that might tell you which greeter you have15:22
Fravialispick: be prepared for quite some output, much of which might only be semi-relevant15:23
=== pagios- is now known as pagios
alkisgELFrederich:  ./X11/Xsession.d/60x11-common_xdg_path:    XDG_CONFIG_DIRS="$DEFAULT_XDG_CONFIG_DIRS"/xdg-"$DESKTOP_SESSION":"$DEFAULT_XDG_CONFIG_DIRS"15:32
alkisgThat's the desktop session, it provides a way to customize things based on session, and it wasn't needed in this case15:32
=== Qetzlcoatl1 is now known as Qetzlcoatl
ograi'd guss that still stems from unity days ...15:33
pickSorry I lost connection, last message I saw was :22 Fravialis15:37
pickgrep -HiR 'greeter' /var/log/* returns about 40 lines of stderr in journal/*/*.journal: binary file matches15:37
pickbut no stdout15:38
alkisgpick, what's the output of: ps faux | grep -i screen | nc termbin.com 999915:38
alkisgYou may also check journalctl -b -u sddm, but I don't think sddm manages the screensaver; not sure though15:39
pickkscreenlocker_greet is running, should I kill that ?    alksig, will try your suggestions15:42
ioriapick, are you running wayland or Xorg ?15:48
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pickXorg. Been running it since 22.04 was released, this has not happened before15:49
ioriapick, fully updated ?15:50
pickyes as of yesterday and aside from policy holdbacks15:52
alkisgpick: run `journalctl -fb` in the terminal, go enter the wrong password, then check what the journal said15:53
alkisgIf it doesn't say anything helpful, sure go ahead and try to kill the screensaver... that works in mate at least, not sure about kubuntu15:54
alkisg(I mean, enter the correct password even if the screensaver doesn't accept it, you know...)15:54
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BluesKajHi all15:56
=== CodeMouse9233 is now known as CodeMouse92
zenadm1nI'm stumpted. I'm trying to set some local routes after connecting to my vpn, eg I don't want my IRC to connect through my VPN. Followed these instructions. The script doesn't seem to be executing after I connect. https://askubuntu.com/questions/60784/execute-a-script-after-a-vpn-connection-is-started16:05
picksorry I'm using Revolution IRC app and the servers often unilaterally decide I am disconnected.16:05
leftyfbzenadm1n: your post is from 11 years ago16:06
zenadm1nI have an executable script called /etc/network/if-up.d/vpnexceptions That should trigger on vpn016:06
leftyfbzenadm1n: /etc/network/ isn't used anymore16:06
zenadm1nThere are other executables like min in that directory. Are those all ignored?16:06
zenadm1nIs there a network manager plugin or equivalent?16:07
pickany suggestions to the screen locker problem? I last saw alkisg :38, :39 only16:08
leftyfbzenadm1n: server or desktop?16:11
rokare others seeing problems connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com to pull package updates?16:12
leftyfbzenadm1n: if desktop: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1111652/network-manager-script-when-interface-up16:12
leftyfbzenadm1n: if server: https://netplan.io/faq#use-pre-up%2C-post-up%2C-etc.-hook-scripts16:12
pickrok I'm having similar trouble on a different mirror16:13
zenadm1nleftyfb, your hint earlier got me to google the right answer, dispatcher.d thanks. I've been using Linux for 20+ years and still adminster some legacy systems so sometimes my problem is old habits.16:14
rokpick: thanks for the confirmation it wasn't just me16:15
bancrofti'm getting a lot of failures on archive.ubuntu.com for ubuntu 18 and it's VERY slow on ubuntu 22 jammy16:16
bancroftbut there's nothing on the status page?16:16
leftyfb!yy.mm | bancroft16:16
ubottubancroft: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle16:16
bancroft18.04, 22.0416:17
bancroftI see nothing wrong here https://status.canonical.com/16:17
leftyfbbancroft: no problems here16:17
leftyfbchecked from 2 different locations16:18
bancroftI get Connection failed [IP: 80] all the time16:18
leftyfbyouk now hat, scratch that16:18
bancroftit's intermitten16:18
leftyfbfrom another location I get issues16:18
leftyfbthough it's ipv6, but I think it's the same issue16:18
leftyfbmaybe it just hasn't been reported yet16:18
leftyfbbancroft: maybe try reporting in #ubuntu-mirrors16:19
bancroftthanks leftyfb16:19
Steevebancroft: i just got here - update issues today?16:19
SteeveI just came in to ask, myself16:19
bancroftSteeve: yeah me too16:20
Steevesame, some of the ipv6 "kazooie" stuff getting timeouts / network unavailable16:20
Roeyhey is the kazooie server down?16:21
RoeyI try updating from it but get no response.16:21
Roeycannot initiate the conncetion16:21
jhutchinsNever heard of it.16:21
UbuntuUserIs there currently a package mirror service degregation? Since today I have issues downloading packages, speed seems to be limited to 200 KiB/s. Tested from multiple public IPs16:22
Roeynetwork is unreachable16:22
Steeveyes @ UbuntuUser Roey16:22
jhutchins!mirror status16:22
UbuntuUserthanks Steeve16:22
Roeythough i can ping it fine16:22
UbuntuUser!mirror status16:22
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Kinetic, and help keeping the servers' load low!16:22
RoeySteeve: ok so it' s not just me then.16:22
jhutchinsTHat's not helpful either.16:22
jhutchinsUbuntuUser: The ! is used in conjunction with a configured factoid to trigger the bot.16:23
pickFravialis: pgrep sddm gives two numbers16:23
UbuntuUserIs there some kind of status update / service degregation notice to be found? I'm unfamiliar with where to look16:23
leftyfbhttps://status.canonical.com/ but the issue hasn't seemed to hit it yet16:23
UbuntuUserjhutchins the bot just told me Factoid 'mirror status' not found16:23
SteeveI feel so bad for the servers once they come back up16:24
Steevestampede city16:24
UbuntuUserbut then it's at least not just me :-)16:24
bancrofthttps://status.canonical.com/ but it doesn't show any problems16:26
leftyfbI've submitted a ticket to maybe get some eyes on it16:27
UbuntuUserthank you leftyfb16:29
lunatiqhow do I clone a folder and all of it's contents to another folder?16:30
ElliriaHey there, do any of you have a recommendation for an easy-to-use substitute for VirtualBox that's available in the Ubuntu repositories in 22.04 LTS?16:30
UbuntuUserlunatiq on the same machine? cp should be sufficient16:30
lunatiqUbuntuUser yes the same machine16:30
lunatiqwhat would the command be? UbuntuUser16:31
UbuntuUserlunatiq you want the second folder to look exactly like the first? "rm -rf secondfolder; cp -r firstfolder secondfolder" be aware that this will delete all current content of the second folder. more over the file ownership and modification times will change16:32
UbuntuUserthere should however be a way for cp to preserve these meta data16:32
leftyfbElliria: LXD16:33
oerheksleftyfb, or KVM16:34
ElliriaThank you leftyfb. Can I create a VM from an ISO with LXD or KVM?16:34
leftyfboerheks: lxd can create and manage qemu VM's :)16:35
leftyfbElliria: not really https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/introduction/16:35
pickalksig: journalctl -fb does not seem to be updated with wrong not correct login attempts.16:35
ioriapick, try with '/usr/libexec/kscreenlocker_greet --testing'16:36
ElliriaIs there an alternative to VirtualBox that will let me do that?16:36
alkisgpick: I think you're typing my name wrong and I'm missing your replies16:36
alkisgpick: ok, did you try to kill the screensaver process?16:36
leftyfbElliria: why do you need to use an iso?16:37
oerhekspick, is your filesystem RO ?16:37
ElliriaI've got VirtualBox installed from the Ubuntu repositories (my preference over installing from external sources) and it keeps crashing whether I try to run an ISO without installing or whether I try to install. It's a bug that didn't get sorted out for me even though it did get sorted out for some others [sigh]. As a result, I'm looking for an alternative so I can create and run a VM from an ISO.16:38
ElliriaThe bug: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1426992/22-04-jammy-is-there-a-kernel-bug-that-causes-virtualbox-to-misbehave-with-5-15/142709416:38
pickalkisg: my phone auto substitutes its own idea for my typing. I haven't tried yet. do I want to kill both or just kscreenlocker_greet?16:39
leftyfbElliria: why do you need to use an iso?16:39
ElliriaSo I can ensure exactly what I'm running by downloading the ISO directly from Ubuntu.16:39
theoremis us.archive.ubuntu.com down ?16:40
leftyfbtheorem: it's having issues, yes16:40
ElliriaIt's been running very slowly for me today, theorem.16:40
theoremleftyfb: ok.16:40
leftyfbElliria: with lxd, the images that get used are from ubuntu.com16:40
oerhekstheorem, canonicals team is aware and working on it16:41
theoremgetting connection timed out -- likely a network issue, or saturation issue.16:41
theoremoerheks: ok.16:41
ElliriaGood to know, leftyfb. Thanks.16:42
leftyfbElliria: sudo snap install lxd && sudo lxd init && lxc launch ubuntu:22.04 myfirstcontainer16:42
ayedoHello everybody, my question: I'm trying to find a ubuntu pro desktop image with usg already installed (no need to attach a token and have internet connection). Does such a thing even exist and if yes, where can I find it? Thanks16:42
theoremusg ?16:42
ayedoubuntu security guide16:42
Roeylooks like the erver's kind of coming back up <- jhutchins16:43
ayedotheorem https://ubuntu.com/security/certifications/docs/usg16:43
alkisgpick: you can kill one first, and if that doesn't let you in, kill the other one too. Then if you get in, save and log off to get things running normally once more.16:43
theoremoh, looks like I got a luck tcp connection o the archive server -- 194kBit/s wooo ...16:43
ElliriaThanks, leftyfb. I might try that.16:44
leftyfbayedo: I don't think "pro" is an image. I think you enable it on your machine16:44
theorem( so slow... )  :)16:44
oerheksayedo, such iso does not exist, AFAIL16:44
Roeytheorem: aye16:44
ayedoleftyfb oerheks thank you for your answers. how would you go about and create such an image?16:44
leftyfbayedo: you install ubuntu and then enable pro16:45
pickioria, should I run as root  '/usr/lib/*/libexec/kscreenlocker_greet --testing'   when I run as user it returns "qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect to display" and three more lines.16:45
ayedoleftyfb sorry, I forgot to mention: the device that I want to install ubuntu pro on won't have internet connection16:45
leftyfbayedo: you install ubuntu and then https://ubuntu.com/pro/tutorial16:45
leftyfbayedo: it needs to have internet16:45
oerheksayedo, then what is the use of pro/livepatch?16:46
ioriapick, switch to root (sudo -i)  and try the same command16:46
ayedoleaftype ok, thanks, do you know if it needs internet just during installation or also later?16:46
pickIs this merely because I am using a virtual terminal so there is no display?16:46
ioriapick, why are you in vt ?16:47
ayedooerheks we are only intersted in the system hardening (CIS certicate)16:47
ayedooerheks the other features are indeed not useful to our use case16:47
ioriapick, i see; been locked out ?16:47
leftyfbayedo: I think you want to contact Canonical16:47
ayedoleftyfb ok, thanks guys, I will!16:47
oerheksi see no benefit for ' pro'  as extended support, without internet.16:48
ayedooerheks why? it seems to be a simple way of having a CIS level 2 hardened ubuntu?16:48
oerheksi think ' pro' should be dropped, as it gives a wrong idea.16:48
pickioria: yes I initially reported about 90 minutes ago at :13 but kept getting cut off16:49
ioriapick, on ubuntu, at least, if the screenlocker is active, you can't switch to a tty16:51
ioriapick, maybe i lost a piece of the convo16:51
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pickalkisg: killing one worked. any idea what might have caused this?16:53
alkisgpick: no, you'd need to find the screensaver logs for that, or run it in some kind of debug mode16:53
alkisgpick: sometimes you can find some information in ~/.xsession-errors as well16:55
oerheksnow i get " The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled: imagemagick"17:01
lotuspsychj3same here oerheks17:13
lotuspsychj3oerheks: https://dpaste.org/k8jJa17:14
oerheksthese packages were held back; software-properties-gtk update-notifier update-notifier-common python3-software-properties software-properties-common17:14
trifonHey guys17:15
oerheksinstalling them, fixes things and the pro section in updates is renewed17:15
oerhekslotuspsychj3, ^^17:17
lotuspsychj3lets c17:17
lotuspsychjeoerheks: no dice, software&updates only got the livepatch tab here (i did not add pro)17:21
five6184Could somebody help me troubleshoot my Raspberry Pi 4 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS server randomly crashing every few days? I have 6 externally powered HDDs hooked up to externally powered hubs (no backfeed), and everything works great, until the server suddenly stops responding and needs a power reset. The logs show a bunch of "^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^" symbols17:22
five6184and then cut off. FWIW, most of the times, right before these symbols, I can see logs from my scheduled smartctl scan reporting checksum error.17:22
oerheksfive6184, do a memtest86 run to see any memory problems17:25
oerhekselse maybe a heating issue?17:26
five6184no way it's heating, I have active cooling full metal case that even with fans off, doesn't go close to thermal limit17:27
five6184I haven't tried memtest though17:27
grimpoIs security.ubuntu.com offline? Is there an official Twitter account that announces outages?17:27
yoloapt update seems not working today17:27
y0bbowhen it hangs on su, I can deduce that it opens a pipe to unix_chkpass and hangs on wait() ... in the strace, I can't see what happens in unix_chkpass, but whatever happens there is not unique to unix_chkpass17:27
oerhekscanonical is aware of the slow mirrors, working on it17:28
y0bboit should be /sbin/unix_chkpwd17:32
grimposhould I be getting "additional security updates can be applied with ESM apps" in the MOTD on versions of Ubuntu LTS which are supposedly still supported by Canonical?  (18.04, 20.04, 22.04)17:43
grimpoI'm all for Canonical making money but I don't think I agree with monetizing security updates for packages in LTS releases less than 5 years old.17:45
lotuspsychjegrimpo: there's a current bug being worked on bug #1992026 we will have to see how things change on that matter17:49
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1992026 in ubuntu-advantage-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Pro APT integration is a bit much" [Critical, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/199202617:49
toddcgrimpo: you will still get the updates with non pro as you always have from the maintainer just with pro canonicals security team will patch them faster and push them thu pro17:56
toddcgrimpo: wiyh pro you get a secuity tem looking over the updates and pro is free for 5 machines and free for ubuntu menbers up to 50 machines  good reason to become a member17:58
dani-g5x[m]Hello there17:58
oerheksgrimpo, there is a newer software properties held back in updates?18:04
oerheksthese packages were held back; software-properties-gtk update-notifier update-notifier-common python3-software-properties software-properties-common18:04
oerheksafter that, and a reboot, i got this new screen, and could enable aps https://imgur.com/gallery/JrSO8zh18:05
riverwas the ubuntu repo down today>18:07
rokriver: yes, issues today: https://status.canonical.com/18:08
riverI thought it was my own problem and I wasted hours on it lmaoo18:08
Znevnaso many people found out today that they are using the wrong mirror18:08
rokusing the installed default is the wrong mirror?18:10
Znevnanobody stops you from changing the default18:11
oerheksZnevna, the mirrors are slow, there is no 'wrong mirror'18:11
Znevnano, just the main server is slow18:12
Znevnawell, one of them18:12
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arraybolt3I see some confusion over Ubuntu Pro, some of which seems inaccurate, so I'll add a bit of info.18:13
zenadm1nleftyfb, Yo bud, we were wrong here. It looks like if I change /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf [ifupdown] managed = true, and there are no interfaces, then NetworkManager will run the scripts in /etc/network/ sub directories.18:13
oerhekspro is just ESM..18:13
leftyfbzenadm1n: dispatcher is the proper place18:14
arraybolt3grimpo: Ubuntu has multiple package repositories - Main (supported by Canonical), Restricted (updated by Canonical, supported by software authors), Universe (supported by community), and Multiverse (supported by community, non-free).18:14
pickanickThats great it seems that 22.04 LTS (long term support) no longer gets security updates for all its packages less than 12 months after its release.18:14
arraybolt3grimpo: Previously, only Main and Restricted got reliable security updates. This is the way it has always been.18:14
arraybolt3And it's the way it still is. Nothing has changed from that perspective.18:14
arraybolt3grimpo: Ubuntu Pro takes the Universe repo (which has *always* been pretty much stagnant and un-updated) and adds reliable security updates for a large chunk of that repo.18:14
zenadm1nleftb, but the 01-ifupdown script calls the scripts in /etc/network subdirectores, there's a reference in that file that gets triggered when managed=true.18:15
arraybolt3grimpo: So without Ubuntu Pro, you get the exact same updates you have always gotten, and will continue to get those. So if you like how things have been before, there's no need to add Ubuntu Pro.18:15
arraybolt3grimpo: If, on the other hand, you're using packages in Universe that you depend on being updated, Ubuntu Pro can help.18:15
arraybolt3Maintaining tens of thousands of additional packages is a lot of work, thus why it's a paid service beyond a certain number of machines. The software is free. The work is not. And even so, you're given the work for free on a small scale. If you're doing things on a larger scale and probably making money from it, then that's when Ubuntu Pro becomes a pain service.18:16
arraybolt3(not pain, golly typo)18:16
oerheksi just have PRO/ESM for livepatch..18:16
zenadm1nleftb, to clarify the /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/01-ifupdown script logic says if the network connecion changes then run scripts in /etc/network/if-up.d18:17
arraybolt3pickanick: So it's not that 22.04 LTS "no longer" gets security updates for all its packages, it's that every release, whether interim or LTS, has *never* gotten good updates for some of the packages, and now that option is available.18:17
pickanickOk. What are the boundaries of Main? imagemagick and libmagick are not considered Main?18:17
arraybolt3pickanick: Main is anything Canonical has taken and decided to support, that is also open-source. You can use "apt-cache show" to determine if a package is in Main or not.18:18
arraybolt3The "Filename:" field in the output will tell you.18:18
arraybolt3For instance, "apt-cache show ubuntu-minimal" shows this output: "Filename: pool/main/u/ubuntu-meta/ubuntu-minimal_1.497_amd64.deb"18:19
arraybolt3ubuntu-minimal is in Main.18:19
pickanickE: No packages found18:19
arraybolt3Whereas "apt-cache show imagemagick" shows "pool/universe/i/imagemagick/imagemagick_6.9.11.60+dfsg-1.3build3_amd64.deb".18:19
arraybolt3Imagemagick is in Universe.18:19
arraybolt3If you get a package name wrong, you can use "apt-cache search" to find the right package name.18:19
pickanickThanks for explaining. I've only been Using Ubuntu ~ a year or so. I never understood apt vs apt-cache vs apt-get18:23
pickanickIs there a apt-cache show all installed?18:24
oerheksyes https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto18:25
bahamatpickanick: apt list --installed18:25
pickanickah I was trying apt show --installed18:26
pickanickthank you all. I must be departing and rebooting!18:30
y0bboinetutils-syslogd is running inside of the containers, killing it seems to release all blocks. Starting it with --no-klog (not reading from /proc/kmsg) and seeing what happens, haven't managed to lock it yet18:53
y0bbo/proc/kmsg might be the same file across containers, and only one process should read from it18:56
Macwinnerhas anyone experienced a sponteneous change in interface default route in jammy?19:31
grimpoarraybolt3: I appreciate the explanation. I am using Ubuntu "on a larger scale", but not making money. I'm in the public education sector. What would really help determine the value added by esm apps would be this: Instead of being informed "4 additional security updates can be applied with ESM Apps", I'd like to see (as a prospective customer) WHAT those 4 updates are. I'd like to know what packages they're for and19:48
grimpowhat vulnerabilities they address.19:48
ZnevnaIf I'm not mistaken the packages are listed19:49
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elias_aalkisg: Did you solve your SSD problem?20:18
TaZeRi was buying a ssd at the computer shop one time and at the register the guy picks up the box and drops it to the ground, he picks it up and scans it continues like nothing happened "that'll be $129.99 sir" im like uhh can i get a different one please you just dropped it and he's like dont worry its an SSD20:43
TaZeRand i had to kinda force him into getting me another one, i mean who cares if its an ssd you dropped electronics to the hard ground i dont wanna take that risk20:45
furyfor some reason ubuntu is no longer respecting my wishes in privacy->screen->blank delay... it is now just turning off the screen after about a minute regardless of what i have this set to. how do i get it to go back to respecting that choice?20:52
fury22.04, also tried setting org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 360020:52
furybut no dice :(20:53
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furyapparently that's the answer21:40
furydisabling it entirely wasn't exactly what i was looking for, but it's better than the umpteen seconds it was giving me21:41
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Guest74I just set up an ubuntu EC2 instance and am having trouble connecting remotely with a Windows terminal23:16
Guest74I downloaded the AWS.pem file and placed in my C:\Users\User\.ssh\ folder23:17
Guest74but when I try ssh ubuntu@ (ip address changed) it says punblickey denied23:18
Endohi.using windows pop os dual boot system following a recent upgrade grub is stuck at  rescue page.Using F12 key i can still log onto pop OS. tried using grub rescue and re instakled grub. but no luck .http://sprunge.us/q0qsQn any help will be appreciated23:25
morpheuzwhen i use "apt update" one repository does get listed as "Ign:8 https://mkvtoolnix.download/ubuntu jammy InRelease" why is there one ignored entry and how do i remove that from popping up again?23:30
krytarikmorpheuz: See https://askubuntu.com/a/29453223:35
morpheuzkrytarik thanks, but it shows a line for a repo that i dont even have in my sources list.. Ign:8 https://mkvtoolnix.download/ubuntu jammy InRelease i do not have this entry anyhwere. i want to get rid of this message23:37
Jeremy31morpheuz: in terminal>  sudo apt install inxi && inxi -r | nc termbin.com 999923:39
Jeremy31post URL23:39
morpheuzJeremy31 https://termbin.com/o70i23:40
Jeremy31morpheuz: 2 entries in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mkvtoolnix.download.list23:41
morpheuzJeremy31 but none of them feature the InRelease tag for which the error pops up.23:41
Jeremy31morpheuz: I think it looks for the InRelease file when you look for updates23:42
Jeremy31The InRelease file contains a GPG signature23:45
Endohi.using windows pop os dual boot system following a recent upgrade grub is stuck at  rescue page.Using F12 key i can still log onto pop OS. tried using grub rescue and re instakled grub. but no luck .http://sprunge.us/q0qsQn any help will be appreciated23:48
Jeremy31Endo: Try Pop OS support23:49
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/23:50

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