gwailyanybody here?03:22
* Bashing-om Sometimes thinks I am a body03:28
guivercgwaily, if you have a Xubuntu support question, please just ask it (be patient, people respond when they can).  For general discussion, #xubuntu-offtopic is more appropriate03:36
gwailywhat is this thing used for? I'm new to linux03:40
arraybolt3IRC is a chat protocol that's kinda like Discord, only it's a lot older. This particular chat room (or channel, in IRC terms) is for Xubuntu technical support.03:42
arraybolt3Basically, if something goes wrong with your computers, there's a bunch of volunteers here who might be able to help you fix it.03:42
arraybolt3(Heh, "computers" was a typo, though still accurate :P)03:43
arraybolt3There's also channels for just chatting with people (#ubuntu-offtopic being one of the most popular), channels for discussing a particular topic (#ubuntu-discuss and #linux for instance), etc.03:45
guivercthis room is specifically for Xubuntu questions (supported releases only)03:46
AlanSmith425Hi, I have a very strange problem with Xubuntu 22.04.1, can someone please help?  I have a PC that I need to autologin (it's running a graphical program unattended as an appliance), but randomly I will still get a login prompt on boot.  On certain hardware I get a login prompt 99% of the time, on certain other hardware (with a cloned disk image)05:41
AlanSmith425I'll get a login prompt 10% of the time.  I've already followed some online suggestions to create the autologin group and add the user to that, it doesn't solve the issue.  How can I troubleshoot what's going on?  Is there a way to nuke PAM or the greeter or something, so it's literally impossible to get a login prompt?05:41
arraybolt3Silly question, but are you sure it's the login prompt you're seeing and not the screen locker?05:46
AlanSmith425Thanks for your reply.  I am not sure.  How can I tell the difference?  I have configured power options to not sleep nor lock, though.  This is the first screen that appears on boot.05:47
AlanSmith425As part of trying to fix the problem, I had also put the user into the group nopasswd login.  At which point the login prompt doesn't require a password anymore, instead you had to just click the login button.  I've removed the user from that group.05:50
arraybolt3Sorry, got distracted, back now.05:55
arraybolt3There's two possible ways to tell the difference.05:55
arraybolt3For one, a login screen *should* let you attempt to shut the computer down. A lock screen usually won't provide that option.05:55
arraybolt3For two, a login screen will take a while to log into, whereas a lock screen will come unlocked almost instantly when you provide your password and hit Enter.05:56
arraybolt3If the screen is impeding your ability for the app to work, though, it's probably a login screen.05:56
AlanSmith425Ok.  I have the power icon on the top right, which allows me to shutdown/restart the machine.  So that mean's it's a login screen?05:57
AlanSmith425The tricky thing is, the problem occurs intermittently.  I can reboot over and over, and it will autologin half of the time sometimes.05:57
arraybolt3I'm sadly not too familiar with how autologin works without a greeter, and if autologin with a greeter doesn't work, then I don't really know how to proceed here. What you might be able to do is uninstall the greeter (which will make the system boot into a terminal, I believe), then enable autologin on the console and add a "startx" line to $HOME/.profile to start the X session.05:58
arraybolt3You'll definitely want to test that before actually doing it in production.05:58
arraybolt3Also the GUI might end up looking wonky - it may be possible to rectify that by making a change to $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS just before running startx, but I don't know if that will work on Xubuntu or not.05:59
AlanSmith425Ok, I will try that, thanks.  Also, I'm not too familiar with the deep guts of linux.  Can you point me to a log file where I might look for errors and such?  Would it be var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log?06:00
arraybolt3That sounds likely.06:05
arraybolt3Maybe also look at the output of "journalctl".06:05
AlanSmith425kk Thanks.   If anyone else has any insights, please help?06:06
AlanSmith425Hmm, /var/log/lightdm/seat0-greeter.log  has these lines:06:12
AlanSmith425** Message: 16:35:27.836: [Configuration] Reading file: /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf06:12
AlanSmith425Excess arguments.06:12
AlanSmith425(lightdm-gtk-greeter:879): Gtk-WARNING **: 16:35:28.417: Drawing a gadget with negative dimensions. Did you forget to allocate a size? (node menubar owner GreeterMenuBar)06:12
AlanSmith425Is this normal?06:12
AlanSmith425There's nothing in lightdm.log that indicates it was trying to autologin, would it normally say something if so?06:15
arraybolt3I actually don't know :P06:21
arraybolt3Sorry, I've never had autologin fail on me, so I'm giving somewhat general troubleshooting advice and ideas that are mostly shots in the dark.06:21
AlanSmith425It's very mysterious.  It works perfectly 100% in a VM.  Just on actual hardware does it act oddly.06:23
arraybolt3If sometimes autologin works and sometimes it doesn't, and especially if it's hardware-dependent, I'm guessing this is a race condition bug in LightDM itself.06:24
arraybolt3Might be worth filing a bug report on.06:24
arraybolt3But in the mean time, you just need the system to work.06:24
arraybolt3So, here's a possibly helpful question. Is the GUI actually used? Or is it just part of the app but you never interact with it?06:25
arraybolt3Meh, that's still going to lead to complicated answers though.06:25
AlanSmith425This is for a digital signage system.  So I need to be able to display MPV at least.  Also the other staff onsite aren't familiar with Linux so having a GUI kinda helps them if they need to change IP address or whatever.06:26
arraybolt3"Further investigation on what I was seeing showed this to be a race between X starting and the intel i915 graphics kernel module being loaded (because it's not built into the kernel)." Drat.06:27
arraybolt3https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/1250875 Looks like you're running into this bug.06:27
-ubottu:#xubuntu- Launchpad bug 1250875 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Lightdm sometimes fails to auto login" [Undecided, Confirmed]06:27
arraybolt3I don't know if that comment is accurate or not, but it looks like this is something that's happened to other peopel.06:28
AlanSmith425Ah, nice find, thanks.  Hmm, I already jumped ship on this system from Kubuntu to Xubuntu due to running into some obscure bug.  Maybe it's time to jump to Lubuntu -_-;06:30
arraybolt3What was the bug on Kubuntu?06:30
arraybolt3Was it also with the greeter?06:30
arraybolt3Because you should be aware that Kubuntu and Lubuntu both use the same greeter, SDDM.06:31
arraybolt3(Xubuntu uses LightDM, which is different.)06:31
arraybolt3AlanSmith425: OK, I found some interesting info.06:31
arraybolt3Is there a ~/.dmrc file?06:32
AlanSmith425No, with Kubuntu the problem was, if the system was booted when the screen was turned off, then turning the screen on wouldn't display an image.06:32
AlanSmith425Yes, I have tried some troubleshooting around the ~/.dmrc file.  I have tried having it, deleting it, and also changing the session name to "xfce"06:33
arraybolt3Do you have an /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file or /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d directory?06:33
AlanSmith425Deleting the ~/.dmrc file sometimes causes the next boot to autologin correctly.  But I couldn't get it to be fixed permanently.06:33
AlanSmith425I have the lightdm.conf file.  I also have the directory, but it seems to be empty.06:35
arraybolt3Try opening the lightdm.conf file with nano or whatever.06:35
arraybolt3(You'll need to open it as root, e.g. sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf)06:35
AlanSmith425(build is the correct username)06:36
arraybolt3So you already did this.06:36
AlanSmith425The autologin-user thing?  Yeah.06:36
arraybolt3Maybe the timeout field should be removed, or possibly set to -1?06:37
arraybolt3(Sometimes 0 means "instant" and -1 means "indefinite".)06:38
arraybolt3(I don't know if it will act that way here, but it might.)06:38
AlanSmith425I have also been able to reproduce on a fresh install of xubuntu using the "login automatically" option in the installer, on this hardware.  Hmm, how do I show what graphics kernel module I am using?  (To check if I am running into the Intel race condition in that bug you linked to me.)06:38
arraybolt3If your system has an Intel CPU and no discrete graphics card, then it's almost certainly using the i915 driver.06:39
arraybolt3`lspci -k` should show you what drivers are used for what hardware.06:39
arraybolt3(For at least some hardware in the system.)06:39
AlanSmith425Ok, yeah, it's a small form factor corporate machine with an intel CPU.  So highly likely.06:39
AlanSmith425Yup, i91506:40
arraybolt3Bah. I don't have a Xubuntu ISO on my system at the moment for testing.06:41
AlanSmith425Hmm, so the bug is "Confirmed" and 10 years old.  I guess there's zero chance of anyone bothering to fix this anytime soon...?06:42
arraybolt3Probably more like "almost no one else can reproduce the bug so it's impossible to fix".06:43
arraybolt3Oh wow. My Internet is horribly slow, I won't be able to test things locally to see how to work around the bug.06:43
arraybolt3Yeah, you might try Lubuntu and see if it gives you better results. I have yet to hear of Lubuntu's autologin failing to work.06:43
AlanSmith425Ok, I'll give it a try.  By finding that bug, you've at least saved me a few days of bashing my head against a wall :)    Thanks so much.06:44
arraybolt3Glad to at least try to help! :)06:46
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simone46hi, I'minstalling xubuntu right now and I'm wondering about the button "skip" ... what does it skip?17:23
xubuntu46iI am installing Xubuntu, the last version19:31
xubuntu46iI am installing it in a pendrive19:31
xubuntu46iI want to use windows when I don't insert my pendrive in my computer19:33
xubuntu46iI hope I can do the boot correctly19:33
xubuntu46iI did the partition in my pendrive whit the root partition with a default setting19:34
xubuntu46iand an ESI or something called like that because it was reiquiered19:34
xubuntu46iI hope everything will be okay19:35
xubuntu46iany suggestions or opinions?19:35
xubuntu46ithank you19:35
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porquilhowhat are these loop2 loop18 disks when you do sudo fdisk -l22:40
rfmporquilho, they're artifacts of installed snaps, it's how the squashfs that holds the snap gets mounted.22:53
porquilhoim going to delet eit22:53
rfmporquilho, "lsblk" will show you which loop is connected to which snap22:54
rfmporquilho, in general you should just ignore them22:54
porquilhois this normal22:55
porquilhoi have xubuntu i dont need gtk22:55
porquilhowhat is gtk22:56
rfmporquilho, gtk is a graphic toolkit used by many apps, mainly GNOME related but some apps running on Xubuntu would use them.  firefox may need them, I forget how to display dependencies... 23:01
porquilhoits okay23:01
porquilhothank yoiu23:01
rfmporquilho, it's "snap connections | grep firefox" and indeed firefox depends on gtk-common-themes and gnome-3-3823:03
porquilhoill check then23:04
porquilhorfm: 23:05

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