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benbrownDespite setting the 'mode' for 'growpart' to 'off' in my multi-part configs, I see a debug message informing me that "No 'growpart' entry in cfg.  Using default...".18:19
benbrownI can very clearly see it in /var/lib/cloud/instance/cloud-config.txt18:20
benbrownAny ideas as to what might be going on here?18:21
blackboxswbenbrown: can you paste the output of `sudo cloud-init query userdata` (Be wary before your paste if you have passwords or senstive config in your user-data18:32
blackboxswI'm guessing offhand that it's a whitespace/YAML issue18:32
blackboxswbenbrown: another thought is that your full multi-part user-data is being ignored for one reason or another. You might see WARNINGS in /var/log/cloud-init.log like ` Unhandled non-multipart (text/x-not-multipart) userdata` telling you user-data is off18:38
benbrownI don't see the mentioned warning.18:39
blackboxswhrm. mim message and boundary looks good... though I typically have base64encoded all the userdata in the mime message.  What does /var/lib/cloud/instances/<some_UUID>/cloud-config.txt show you?18:51
benbrownThere are two UUIDs18:52
blackboxswhopefully the same #cloud-config header and content.18:52
blackboxswbenbrown: ahh also there seems to be a whitespace/indent problem in the mime #cloud-config content (or just in your paste of the content)18:53
blackboxswin the paste I see a line starting with 'content:'  which should be indented but isn't.18:54
blackboxswsame goes for 'encoding:' those should be indented within the scope of write_files:18:54
blackboxswsame w/ lines 15-16, indent under `growpart:` scope (yet paste doesn't show the inden18:55
benbrownHmm, paste shows the indentation for me.18:56
minimalblackboxsw: they show intended as fine when viewing in "raw" mode18:56
benbrownOne of the cloud-config.txt files for one of the UUIDs is empty18:56
blackboxswahh yep, I reviewed. the paste link it was being rendered in my IRC client without spaces. all good ther 18:56
benbrownThe one the /var/lib/cloud/instance symlink points to seems fine.18:56
blackboxswbenbrown: given that you see two UUIDs, I'm wondering if your datasource metadata switched the 'instance-id' represented in metadata forcing cloud-init to re-run again at a point in time when your user-data was no longer available/attached.18:57
benbrownThe latter looks like https://pastebin.com/svTChuZb18:58
blackboxswbenbrown: what datasource/cloud/environment are you running in? I also wonder if  `grep -i 'previous iid' /var/log/cloud-init.log`  will  show us a progression from NO_PREVIOUS_INSTANCE_ID, to the UUID that have your valid MIME user-data to a different UUID which doesn't.19:00
blackboxswbenbrown: `cloud-init query v1` will tell us your cloud/ platform information19:01
benbrownHmm, yeah that grep shows NO_PREVIOUS_INSTANCE_ID, the invalid UUID twice, then the valid one.19:02
benbrownThis is with openstack19:03
benbrownI'd guess the UUID with no userdata is likely the result of a packer build.19:06
benbrownAlthough based on the timestamps on those directories that guess seems incorrect.19:08
blackboxswThe cmd cloud-init query userdata should be representing the latest/current user-data provided to the  instance at launch. and the symlink /var/lib/cloud/instance should be pointing to the 'right' current instance-UUID provided from Openstack19:10
blackboxswbenbrown: I think this may need a bit more debugging to properly triage the problem there. Would it be possible for you to file a bug at  https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+filebug  and attach the tar file from cloud-init collect-logs?19:11
blackboxswit'd be helpful in the bug to also note the fact that you are starting from packer build.19:12
benbrownSo some of this is my confusion. The logs where it is running growpart are from the packer build, there are then later logs where growpart is correctly skipped "cc_growpart.py[DEBUG]: growpart disabled: mode=False".19:12
blackboxswultimately I want to walk through /var/log/cloud-init.log to understand the ordering if instance-id detection and what happened when vs the jounalctl output.19:12
benbrownThat doesn't quite explain why the partition appears to have been extended to fill the disk though. But again perhaps I am misunderstanding.19:13
blackboxswunderstandable confusion.... and cloud-init logs are very busy/unwieldy 19:13
benbrownThe image build via packer ends up being approx 15GiB, when I am running the snapshot as a new very large instance, `parted -l` shows that the partition fully takes up the 300GiB disk.19:15
benbrownblackboxsw: Cheers for the help. I'll submit a bug tomorrow after I've poked things about a bit more.19:16
minimalbenbrown: perhaps at the end of the packer job you should delete the cloud-init.log and cloud-init-output.log?19:17
blackboxswBTW that one off script provided to kick off ansible-playbook could be used in #cloud-config runcmd if needed (as write_files happens before runcmd section). Also there is a new 'ansible:' module that may let you use git or some other SCM to download and apply specific playbooks from a remote repo  (if helpful) https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/reference/modules.html#ansible and example here too  19:18
benbrownYeah, I was just thinking that would help reduce the confusion.19:18
blackboxsw+1 minimal benbrown on `sudo cloud-init clean  --logs`19:18
blackboxswit'll drop those logs and artifacts from the built image19:18
blackboxswthe ansible comment is just FYI in case interesting for your use-case19:19
benbrownYeah, I did stumble across that module recently. I may well change it to use that, though I haven't entirely made my mind up.19:27
benbrownTa for the runcmd tip.19:31
meenathis gonna be a lot of work: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/200322:15
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 2003 in canonical/cloud-init "move get_ib_* functions to cloudinit.distros.networking" [Open]22:15
blackboxswholmanb: ok looks like openstack/pycloudlib is currently unhappy as you mentioned. Something is amiss with pycloudlib trying to hit the action URL via python openstacksdk at 'servers/<MY_UUID>/action' with the {'addFloatingIp': {'address': 'W.X.Y.Z.Z'}}  payload. I'm going to touch base w/ our openstack folks to see if a recent version uprev has incompatibilities with this operation as called by the python openstacksdk22:16
holmanb+1 thanks blackboxsw22:17
blackboxswstrange as I can invoke the CLI directly via  `openstack server add floating ip <SERVER> <IP>` without issue.22:18
meena(this especially gonna be a lot of work, because I have no access to InfiniBand hardware…)22:18
holmanbfyi I just merged https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/1923, our (then) second-longest-running PR22:18
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 1923 in canonical/cloud-init "Added skip_detect_openstack option for OpenStack" [Merged]22:18
meenaholmanb: can't believe i haven't topped that yet…22:20
meenaholmanb: and, yeah, I just pulled and saw that and added it to my report22:21
blackboxswmeena: developing in a sandbox :/ I'm not sure if we had access locally for infiniband hw for the other than I thought Azure had IB available on some HPC instances22:21
meenablackboxsw: i think Azure is definitely a maybe22:22
meenabut I can't quite afford that…22:22
blackboxswnot sure. we might be able to work out spot testing once we have viable PR to ensure we avoid degrading on those instance types22:23
minimalholmanb: darn, just noticed you added/updated downstream packaging links, must add Alpine23:42

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