Znevnaaren't unmaintained mirrors removed from the mirrors list?06:42
FluorZnevna, as long as they're kept up-to-date automatically, there is no check on being 'maintained' afaik ;)06:44
Znevnawell it's only 3 years behind, does that count as unmaintained? ;)06:44
Fluorhaha. i would expect that mirror to be punted from 'the mirror list', yes ;)06:46
Znevnaafter how many years? :P06:46
ZnevnaI'm trying to talk with them to see if they can fix it06:47
Znevnathey know about the issue and are working on it06:50
Znevnasince 3 years?:P hilarious06:50
ZnevnaI've tried, they did nothing16:07
Znevnawhere do I report broken mirrors? :P16:07
axinoZnevna: mirrors@ubuntu.com16:24
axinoZnevna: which mirror list are you talking about ? (also hi !)16:24
Znevnaubuntu archive16:25
Znevnathe last two entries16:26
axinoright, so https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/mirrors.xservers.ro-archive16:29
Znevnathe status there is the actual status?16:30
Znevnaseems wrong16:30
axinocjwatson: any idea why the mirror above isn't marked Unofficial ? It has no kinetic, no groovy, no jammy...16:32
axinoZnevna: seems wrong indeed16:32
cjwatsonaxino: Not sure sorry, the mirror prober is one of the bits of LP I understand least well and I have to go out soon16:34
cjwatsonaxino: Can we have a ticket for it on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad if you think it's wrong?16:34
axinocjwatson: sure16:34
axinocjwatson: should I mark it Unofficial manually, or will that prevent troubleshooting ?16:34
cjwatsonaxino: same answer :)16:35
cjwatsonI always forget the extremely strange state machine there16:35
axinoZnevna cjwatson : ticket created at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/70499920:36
axinomarking this mirror as "unofficial" now20:36
axinoor rather, broken20:37
ZnevnaIt also hosts ubuntu releases but that seems to be fine20:38
Znevnausing mirrors should be more reliable :P20:40

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