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arraybolt3Liver_K: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-390/+bug/200640802:59
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 2006408 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-390 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-uvm module does not exist, making CUDA unusable with the 390 driver" [Undecided, New]03:00
Liver_KThanks again arraybolt3 03:00
arraybolt3Never heard back from Oblomov, so I tried to describe the problem and put that in the report. If I misunderstood something, lemme know so I can edit it.03:00
Liver_KYeah #opencl is a very very low traffic channel03:01
Liver_KOoo arraybolt3 you should include ocl along with CUDA03:02
Liver_KThey both require it03:02
Liver_KIn fact ocl was my intended use case XD03:02
arraybolt3Liver_K: Done.03:22
Liver_KAlso, what is this "source package" thing it shares with the desktop driver?03:24
Liver_Karraybolt3: nvidia-graphics-drivers-39003:25
arraybolt3There's two kinds of packages in Ubuntu - binary and source packages. Binary packages are the things you install, source packages are the source code (or source files) that the binaries are built from.03:26
arraybolt3Oftentimes multiple binary packages are produced by building a single source package.03:26
Liver_KAh I saw "package" and thought immediately of the binary03:26
Liver_Karraybolt3: Do you think this bug will actually get fixed?03:45
Liver_KLike in the foreseeable future?03:45
sarnold± apt-file search nvidia-uvm.ko | wc -l03:46
sarnoldoh hrm those are all .sig files.03:48
Liver_KI mean the sources are there at /usr/src/nvidia-390.157/nvidia-uvm/03:53
Liver_KDunno what I can do with those if anything03:53
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ahasenacksdeziel: hi, would you like to give my rsyslog packages with apparmor a try?12:43
ahasenackthey won't change existing enforcement mode, but the apparmor profile has "news" (documented in d/NEWS and d/README.apparmor)12:43
ahasenackon fresh installs, however, it will put the profile in enforce mode12:44
ahasenackjust won't touch the confimenent mode on upgrades12:44
ahasenackit's in https://launchpad.net/~ahasenack/+archive/ubuntu/rsyslog-apparmor-dep8-take4. The build with the mentioned docs is currently still happening12:46
ahasenackI'm dynamically handling mysql, postgresql, gnutls and openssl12:46
ahasenackomprog is one I doubt I can handle for now, I would need to be able to properly parse the rsyslog conf to catch that. The conf can be in 3 formats! (very old, old, and rainer script)12:47
patdk-lapI'm suprised it's only 3 formats, it feels like every major version is a new config format13:54
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sdezielahasenack: of course, will do!14:11
ahasenackpatdk-lap: well, it can be 3 formats at the same time, in the same config :)14:11
patdk-lapI know, I keep having to change config formats to work around bugs, it's annoying14:23
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inscw00tableI've seen a couple times during an autoinstall from ubuntu-22.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso it fails apt-get install on the first entry in my 'packages' clause, claiming the package is not found.  Anyone happen to know how subiquity configures/uses the mirrors setup in the 'apt' section?  I find no reference to them in etc/apt on the target install fs as I would have expected.17:23
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effendy[m]inscw00table: is the package not part of the main ubuntu repository?21:28
effendy[m]I'm guessing you're ruling out any syntax problem, like wrongly specifying the version and that?21:28
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