davefSweet, so I got remote desktop working. Now I can reach my PC over RDP.  (not xrdp)01:19
davefOh geez, now some apps I need use flatpak. It’s getting hard to track what uses deb, snap or flatpak16:11
daftykinsit's a nightmare brewing16:11
davefIt is. No telling if installing flatpak broke anything. I now see a new “store” icon and when I run it looks just like the Ubuntu one. The ‘Store’ also made me install OS updates, I thought that was done through system update?20:07
davefOh, and not to mention that fuse borked Gnome, it killed desktop icons and removed the settings app20:08
davefSo I had to reinstall gnome desktop to restore them.20:09
davefAm I a Ubuntu user yet? Lol20:09
davef*install fuse (apt install fuse)20:10
daftykinsi was under the impression the usual store was so broken you mostly can't install things - so you seem to be ahead xD20:25
daftykinsKubuntu is my choice though - and i ignore GUI updaters there too20:25

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