FKAShinobiWhat would be the recommended application to backup a workstation/server at home? I've used Amanda in the past, but it seemed old. Bacula seems nice, but I've never used it and may be overkill. To be clear, this would be a full sytem backup, not just my home directory.00:04
Habbiei use restic; this is not specifically a recommendation; it's not really an -application- anyway00:04
Habbiebut it works for me00:05
ograif you know amanda, why not stick with it ?00:08
ogra(i might be old, but it surely is reliable)00:09
FKAShinobiogra: I wouldn't say I know it. I implemented it at one point, but that was 20 years ago. I wasn't sure if there was a better piece of software out there these days.00:10
Habbiealso, "overkill" - think about what you mean by it. it's an overused word00:10
FKAShinobiHabbie: Bacula seems to have a lot of great features for the enterprise. I will probably not use much of them, but if it's easy to backup and restore from then I may be ok with that. It can't take up that much space.00:11
Habbieyou can often just ignore features you don't need00:11
FKAShinobiLet me ask a different question: Aside from DD, what backup utility offers quick bare metal recovery?00:17
HabbieFKAShinobi, the problem with that question is that dd doesn't offer that00:18
Macwinneris there a way to get netplan to spit out what the merged effective configuration is?00:21
FKAShinobiHabbie: Can you just write the drive image(s) back to new drives, assuming they are the same size?00:22
HabbieFKAShinobi, what images?00:22
FKAShinobiHabbie: the ones created if one used DD to backup the machine?00:22
Habbiedid you shut down the machine to run dd externally?00:23
morpheuzthanks for the explanation Jeremy3100:42
pycuriousAnyone knows how to fix this in my dmesg -> https://dpaste.org/vNjUR - it keeps happening forever...01:20
sarnoldthere's nothing to fix01:21
semIs there any PDF program in ubuntu that allows scrolling with swipe gestures on touch screen. Okular does not seem to do that01:25
semubuntu/kubuntu etc01:25
duuudehow to make all realtek dongles work on ubuntu?01:30
sarnoldit might be easier to buy one specific type that you have success with01:31
raubDoes anyone know why doing apt dist-upgrade packages such as grub-efi-amd64-signed python3-software-properties are being kept back?01:36
sarnoldraub: just the usual phasing https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/phased-updates.html01:37
duuudesarnold: someone else bought one, with the packaging stating that it works on linux01:41
Bashing-omraub: For disclosure on terminal - for instance - ' apt policy python3-software-properties ' .01:41
bancroftis there a way to make apt upgrade non-interactive?02:46
bancroftlike just take the package maintainers always or something02:46
sarnoldtry: DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -y whatever02:47
bancroftsarnold: thanks02:47
bancroftI had a typo in there02:47
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webchat1hi, I need help, I want to get the boot menu to change OS but it doesn't show up.03:08
sarnoldare you looking to get to your UEFI boot menu supplied by the bios? or the grub boot menu?03:10
sarnolddo you have windows installed? is the windows fast boot thing enabled?03:10
webchat1i have Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS installed03:12
webchat1and I want to reinstall ubuntu03:12
webchat1I have an external drive with balena etcher and ubuntu to reinstall it03:12
webchat1but i cant seem to access the boot menu03:12
webchat1can you help me?03:12
sarnoldto get to the grub boot menu you can probably hold down the left shift key while booting03:13
webchat1yh it doesn't work03:14
webchat1the fact that i have it installed in a macbook pro does it affect it in anyway?03:14
sarnoldoh good question. it's been twenty years since I used apple hardware, but it was pretty different back then :)03:15
leftyfbwebchat1: you're trying to boot off an ubuntu installer usb using a mac?03:15
webchat1i've tried pressing the cmd key while booting, the crtl key, the left shit, the right shift03:15
leftyfbwebchat1: https://gist.github.com/cjonesy/2e2d8ca5e50ee1811f7003:15
leftyfbnot sure if that is still relevant03:16
webchat1I have an old macbook, I then changed the OS to Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS, and now I have been having problems so I want to reinstall the Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS using an external harddrive and balena etcher to have a fresh start again.03:16
webchat1the problem is that I can't open the boot menu03:17
webchat1any ideas? :P03:18
leftyfbwebchat1: I think you might be better off asking for help in an apple or mac IRC channel03:18
webchat1thank you anyways03:19
lotuspsychjewebchat1: old macbook means wich model?03:20
webchat1jan 201503:20
webchat1this are the specs:03:20
webchat1Intel® Core™ i5-5257U CPU @ 2.70GHz × 403:21
webchat1graphics: Mesa Intel® Iris(R) Graphics 6100 (BDW GT3)03:21
lotuspsychjewebchat1: that model should be running ubuntu just fine03:21
leftyfblotuspsychje: they are trying to boot a usb installer03:21
lotuspsychjemac can bootup just the same live or setup03:22
leftyfblotuspsychje: can you walk them through how?03:22
webchat1but im not using mac os, im using ubuntu03:23
lotuspsychjejust need that startup screen where all the usb/media icons showup to pick usb03:23
leftyfblotuspsychje: right, how do you get to that screen?03:23
webchat1how yes i get that03:23
leftyfbwe know the goal, just not how to achieve it03:23
arraybolt3webchat1: Have you tried turning the thing off, then pressing and holding the power button until the Options screen appears?03:23
webchat1the power button?03:24
arraybolt3Meh, that's for Apple Silicon macs, nvm...03:24
webchat1for mac os to bring up the boot menu is pressing the cmd button, but it doesn't work03:24
lotuspsychjewebchat1: https://ubuntucommunity.s3.dualstack.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/original/2X/6/63e0ff00c2583eda7b91572a939fe05695d6afc7.png03:24
lotuspsychjethink it was ctrl +f to get that screen03:24
arraybolt3webchat1: It looks like you didn't try the Option or alt key yet.03:24
arraybolt3Have you tried pressing and holding that key during poweron?03:25
arraybolt3Do that, I think that's the key for the boot menu.03:25
arraybolt3(Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201255)03:25
webchat1if i don't come back its because it worked03:26
lotuspsychje20.04 is pretty solid for a lot of mac models03:27
arraybolt3(Off-topic, but am I the only one who's horrified that the HDDs portrayed by the Mac boot menu appear to have air inlets on them?)03:27
sarnolddiceLibrarian: any chance you can fix your connection?03:28
webchat1im back, it didnt work03:33
lotuspsychjewebchat1: what happened03:33
webchat1just turned on03:33
webchat1turn of03:33
webchat1turn on*03:34
lotuspsychjedid you see that screen and slect your usb?03:34
lotuspsychjethen you didnt find the right combo yet03:34
webchat1that screen did not appear03:34
webchat1its turning on and then press alt03:34
webchat1thats the combo03:34
webchat1i did it when i changed from mac os to ubuntu03:34
sarnoldare you using a built-in keyboard or an external keyboard?03:35
lotuspsychjewebchat1: 'If your Mac just boots to the login screen and you don’t see the boot options menu, reboot your Mac again and hold down the Option key earlier in the boot process.'03:35
arraybolt3webchat1: Just to be clear, you are: 1. Pressing the power button. 2. Immediately after the system starts to come on, pressing and holding Option/Alt. 3. Holding the key until you see the menu or login screen.03:36
arraybolt3Is that right?03:36
webchat1sarnold: built-in keyboard03:36
arraybolt3If not, try doing things just like that (sometimes systems are *very* finicky about when they will accept the keypress to get into a special menu).03:36
arraybolt3If that doesn't work, try variants of that (a lot of times I'm able to hammer a special key *before* starting a boot, then press the Power button and just keep hammering it until I get the menu).03:37
webchat1ima gonna try it03:37
webchat1again, if i dont come baack, thanks03:37
arraybolt3OK. Good luck!03:37
arraybolt3Hmm. "If you're using Boot Camp to start up from Microsoft Windows, set Startup Disk preferences to start up from macOS instead. Then shut down or restart and try again." That's worrying - maybe the boot menu is something from macOS itself?03:38
arraybolt3I hope not.03:38
fireallpixelsMy Bios had a 'special' option for Linux and now it boots blank. American Megatrends jan 2021 bios on Hyundai model HT14CCIC81EG03:50
fireallpixelsIs this a secureboot or SGX issue with UEFI. Any magic buttons I can press before yanking out the CMOS battery?03:59
arraybolt3Yikes, there's no way to get to the BIOS menu again?04:01
fireallpixelsarraybolt3: BIOS menu won't come up. It just powers on to a blank screen. I just got this machine and it came with windows preinstalled.04:02
arraybolt3So, to be clear, did you try to install Ubuntu before using this option, or did you just switch it to see what would happen while it was still using Windows?04:03
fireallpixelsI switched and booted ubuntu from a usb.04:03
arraybolt3OK, so, you switched it and then it did successfully boot once to boot Ubuntu?04:04
fireallpixelsnope, maybe I should remove the hard drive?04:04
sarnold"blank screen" sounds kinda vaguely afmiliar04:04
sarnoldI'm probably thikning of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-oem-5.17/+bug/200246704:04
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2002467 in linux-oem-5.17 (Ubuntu Jammy) "ThinkPad L14 Gen 3 blank laptop screen on bootup" [Undecided, Fix Committed]04:04
arraybolt3fireallpixels: Yeah, removing the hard drive might be worth a shot.04:05
arraybolt3Currently though I'm just guessing - there shouldn't have to be any special Linux option in a computer's BIOS (and I have never encountered such a thing), so I have *no clue* what that option does or is supposed to do.04:05
lotuspsychjefireallpixels: no underscores in left upper corner?04:06
lotuspsychjesome brands do have a secret option to block installing linux04:06
fireallpixelslotuspsychje: its lit up but entirely blank and unresponsive to any button presses04:06
lotuspsychjeintel something04:07
fireallpixelslotuspsychje: yeah intel04:07
arraybolt3Hyundai's website doesn't appear to have documentation on it so I can't even learn what the option does.04:07
fireallpixelsThe Bios had a lot of options available, doubt the machine supports half of it.04:08
arraybolt3Personally, I would remove the BIOS battery for a while and then try plugging it back in, but since I don't know how this system behaves, I don't know if that will cause problems or result in critical information being lost, so if you choose to do that, do so at your own risk.04:08
lotuspsychjefireallpixels: make sure secureboot is disabled and fastboot, if that doesnt help you might dig deeper for another option or the link sarnold proposed04:09
fireallpixelsarraybolt3: I thought of that but cmos battery is glued in there... shoddy craftsmanship04:09
arraybolt3I don't know of any special shortcuts for getting around secure boot, SGX, etc. And if you can't boot or get into the BIOS or anything, then...04:09
arraybolt3fireallpixels: Oh wow.04:09
arraybolt3Did your system come with a manual?04:09
arraybolt3You might also try just leaving it at the black screen for a while.04:11
arraybolt3fireallpixels: ^04:11
fireallpixelsarraybolt3: it was purchased new, but not much of a manual04:11
arraybolt3Sometimes a system will "freeze" at a black screen for longer than normal and then suddenly start working.04:11
arraybolt3I've had this happen after flashing the BIOS on a Chromebook.04:11
fireallpixelsI was thinking of running the battery down since its not removeable and has no pinhole reset.04:11
arraybolt3Also possibly worth a shot if it doesn't just come out of it after a while.04:12
arraybolt3Did the system give you any description of what the option did before you activated it?04:12
fireallpixelsNone, but it had other options like Android04:13
arraybolt3OK, well then maybe we can experiment around with bootable drives.04:13
arraybolt3Perhaps the Linux mode tries to load a Linux kernel and ramdisk directly or something.04:13
fireallpixelslike one of those tiny toram images?04:14
arraybolt3Maybe. If it has other operating system options, that might be waht it's doing.04:14
arraybolt3Perhaps the Linux mode switched it to some weird bootloader.04:14
arraybolt3In that event, you know what? Lemme see if Hyundai has any special Linux distros of their own.04:14
arraybolt3Maybe the option is designed to boot just that.04:15
arraybolt3Sigh. I can't find one. I thought there was some sort of weird OS that Hyundai made specifically for some of their laptops, but I can't find it.04:17
fireallpixelsarraybolt3: they do a lot of dashboard installs for cars.04:20
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oerheks 07:47
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ducassearraybolt3: n a lot of systems selecting 'linux' in the firmware just disables secure boot08:21
arraybolt3ducasse: Odd. I haven't ever run into a single system with an option like that. Equally odd that doing so would lock a user out of their OS and the BIOS...08:32
arraybolt3Maybe Hyundai is just a bad brand of computer :P08:33
ducassemy desktop has an option like that, not sure about this laptop08:33
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rdzhey all. I've switched laptop models and would like to configure the shortcut for opening gnome-control-center as it was before. On the old model, the F9 key had a gear wheel printed on it and it would launch gnome-control-center. New laptop lacks a key with gear wheel, so I would like to repurpose F9 to launch gnome-control-center. However, It seems i can only configure short-cuts as F keys, but09:03
rdznot as Fn keys (with Fn implicitly pressed).09:03
rdzWhat works: Fn + F9 to launch gnome-control-center. Is there a way to make F9 (without Fn) launch it?09:04
NickHI'd check what the key is called by running wev and pressing it.09:11
NickHThen bind that to launch it.09:11
NickHAlternativly, perhaps your laptop has a "Fn Lock" key.09:12
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ogrardz, most laptops have a setting the the UEFI/BIOS settings to flip the behavior of the fn+F* keys, i'd take a look ...09:39
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FravialisHi, does /usr/bin/pro config set apt_news=false no longer get rid of the stupid spam in apt?09:54
FravialisI get this nonsense pro commericial crap when I'm logging into a VM via ssh09:54
FravialisI explicitly told this to stop, as explained above09:54
FravialisDoes Ubuntu truly want to lose their entire professional userbase?09:56
FravialisYou cannot possibly get people like me, who've been around for decades using Debian and Debian derivatives, any angrier09:56
ograFravialis, are you an enterprise ?09:56
ograthen it is completely free for you09:57
ograand dont you like to know that there are free security updates that have not existed before ? ... ones that canonical makes enterprises pay for to provide tem to you for free09:57
FravialisAre you aware that Ubuntu lives off of the hard volunteer work of tens of thousands of Debian volunteers as well?09:58
FravialisJust so you know09:58
ograi surely do ... but how does that matter ?09:58
FravialisOkay, so I gather the promise to get rid of this through pro config was rescindedf?09:59
ogracanonical pays an additional team to provide security updates for 20000+ packages tat not even debian provides security updates for09:59
ograthey are tw completely different things10:00
Fravialisogra: yeah, that is an assertion. An assertion that heavily implies Ubuntu actually *produces* security updates at this volume. A very unproven assertion that anybody could make to assert authority over the FOSS landscape.10:00
FravialisLook, I've been around since about '99 in the FOSS world10:01
FravialisYou can't snowball me on this stuff10:01
FravialisBut ok10:01
ograne is "anouncements in apt" ... the other is a standard apt feature (telling about available security fixes) that apt has always done10:01
FravialisI accept that this is the new reality for Ubuntu10:01
FravialisNow I'll hack my way out of this stuff and publish my work.10:01
ograyou can turn off the announcement ...10:01
FravialisThat's how it works with FOSS, so challenge accepted.10:01
FravialisI tried pro config set apt_news=false, it no longer works10:02
FravialisOr the definition of "works" has changed again10:02
ogra?? it clearly turns off the "news" stuff10:02
ograit does not hide apts notices about available security updates10:02
ogratwo different features on two different levels of apt10:03
FravialisYou mean, message like this:10:04
Fravialis * Introducing Expanded Security Maintenance for Applications.10:04
Fravialis   Receive updates to over 25,000 software packages with your10:04
Fravialis   Ubuntu Pro subscription. Free for personal use.10:04
FravialisAnd I'll refrain from posting the Kubernetes promotion/spam, I might trigger a flood warning/bot10:05
ograwith a list of packages following (or prefixed, i forgot)10:05
ograwould you prefer it showed you security updates witout telling you how to actually get them ?10:06
sakrecoer[bpist]hi! i'm running 2 22.04 boxes and they both recently started tell me i need ESM to get security upgrades. I don't understand why. From the website i gather this should not apply for the current LTS?10:10
sakrecoer[bpist]running two* 22.04 boxes10:11
ubottuUbuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101810:11
ravageIt is available for 22.0410:11
ografor 20.04 too 😉10:12
ravageAnd 18.0410:12
sakrecoer[bpist]I read those links ravage , what i gather from it is that it should only start telling me about it that on 22.04 in 202710:12
Fravialissakrecoer[bpist]: I'm looking into it, just as annoyed as you are10:13
Fravialissakrecoer[bpist]: check /run/motd.dynamic10:13
ravageNo. You already get security updates for universe packages now10:13
FravialisThat's a start10:13
ograsakrecoer[bpist], it is new security support for 23000 packages in universe that did not exist until two weeks ago10:13
ograit applies to all supprted LTS releases10:13
sakrecoer[bpist]wow, are you saying imagemagick-6-common did not recieve security upgrades?10:13
ograuniverse was always best effort10:14
FravialisExcept those through upstream.10:14
ograso it might have seen one or the other in the past ... but usually no reliable10:14
FravialisUnless they were explicitly filtered out.10:14
sakrecoer[bpist]i can see how people would be upset to have package list tied to an identifier...10:14
FravialisHonestly, what the hell is going on here?10:14
ograFravialis, filtered out ?10:15
ravageFravialis: https://pod.haxxors.com/posts/4660df808535013b45920d656c5dc7a310:15
ravageThat disables everything if you don't want security10:15
ograsecurity updates to universe packages always only happened if someone from the community stepped up to do them ... which was a very rare case10:15
Fravialis"If I don't want security" - lol - this is pure blackmail10:15
ogra... and which is the reason why canonical decided to inverst into it ... by making thers pay for them for you10:15
FravialisListen, I get security whether you like it or not, from upstream, from Debian if I'd like10:16
ograif you just ignore the message, nothign changes for you compared to the last 18 years10:16
FravialisYou can't stop that no matter the corporate threats10:16
ograFravialis, how exactly ?10:16
sakrecoer[bpist]tough nut to crack. I'm not entirely convinced by the method employed, but neither am i in a position to propose any alternatives.10:16
ograi.e. how d they arrive on your machine ?10:17
ogra*how would10:17
sakrecoer[bpist]well, thanks for the info anyways!10:17
Fravialisogra: it can run the gamut from transparently proxying the apt repository and superimposing package overrides to entire solutions like Orcharhino, but you're ignoring th efact that security fixes also come from upstream10:17
FravialisThere are literally infinite options10:18
FravialisThat's FOSS, and Canonical doesn't control it10:18
ograFravialis, again ... how would these be turned into deb packages that are compatible with the ubuntu archive ... packaging does not just "magically appear"10:18
ograpackages need to be built from source against the libs in the archive, using the same compiler flags used everywhere in ubuntu, being tested against all their dependencies10:19
FravialisI know what packaging is ogra, I've been around two decades, I've read the Debian policy document front to back. I've built packages, yes. I've maintained packages10:19
ograthat is non-trivial amount of work10:19
ravageThis really is a discussion and not a support request anymore10:19
FravialisAh, and now the power play10:19
ograFravialis, well, if you want to maintain the universe packages yourself, and ignore the ubuntu arcive, thats totally up to you10:20
ograwht power play?10:20
ograit is a *new* featur that has neve existed in ubuntu10:20
ograit is offered to you for free ... tak it or not, as you like10:20
FravialisIt's a bit like "It's always sunny" - you can continue to voice your opposition to this nonsense, but it is now no longer a "question" but a "discussion", so take note of the implication.10:21
FravialisSure, I've seen enough.10:21
rdzogra: thanks re UEFI Fn keys. I don't want to change the default. I would like to repurpose an Fn key to launch gnome-control-center.10:21
rdzogra: but it seems those functions are not exposed as key presses. Like 'xev' doesn't show anything when I change the volume. So, maybe it is not possible10:22
ogrardz, https://askubuntu.com/a/818421 perhaps ?10:22
FravialisOne more thing: go to /etc/pam.d/sshd and: #session    optional     pam_motd.so  motd=/run/motd.dynamic10:23
tuxickanyone happen to know which package/postinst runs update-alternatives --config php-fpm.sock? to my suprise it's not in php8.x-fpm11:18
athostuxick: check php-defaults11:37
nomicon_I'm trying to figure out why my Ubuntu machines is not setting up their transient hostnames as I would expect. My lab environment has an ISC dhcpd server that offers an internal subnet which has PTR records. I.e lab-${IP}.somedomain. On systems that uses NetworkManager (such as RHEL) this works fine, NetworkManager will successfully set the transient hostname to lab-123.somedomain, while the Ubuntu11:44
nomicon_servers that uses networkd defaults to 'localhost' as transient hostname11:44
oerheksnomicon_, you need the avahi deamon for that12:00
oerheks!info avahi-deamon12:00
ubottuPackage avahi-deamon does not exist in kinetic12:01
oerheks!info avahi12:01
ubottuPackage avahi does not exist in kinetic12:01
oerheks!info avahi jammy12:02
ubottuPackage avahi does not exist in jammy12:02
oerheks!find avahi12:02
ubottuFound: avahi-autoipd, avahi-daemon, avahi-utils, gir1.2-avahi-0.6, libavahi-client-dev, libavahi-client3, libavahi-common-data, libavahi-common-dev, libavahi-common3, libavahi-compat-libdnssd-dev and 15 others <https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=avahi&searchon=names&suite=kinetic&section=all>12:02
oerheks!info avahi-daemon12:02
ubottuavahi-daemon (0.8-6ubuntu1, kinetic): Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon. In component main, is optional. Built by avahi. Size 67 kB / 297 kB12:02
oerheksit was a typo12:02
perthois there a good, idempotent way of updating /etc/pam.d/common-auth to add 'auth  required  pam_group.so use_first_pass'? One of the dpkg-reconfigure commands? Or maybe a pam command to run?12:03
perthodoes pam-auth-update do it?12:03
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perthoahh fixed it.. never mind12:12
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Bigsistahey all12:49
BigsistaI'vo got a stock Ubuntu 20.04 box. eth0 is DHCP and I get 3 nameservers from DHCP which end up in /etc/resolv.conf -> /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf. what do i need to edit to force _only_ `nameserver`12:52
BigsistaTBH i don't get which part (networkmanager, netplan, dhcpclient, whuteva) changes the resolv.conf in the end.12:53
ravageis this a desktop or a server install?12:54
ravagethen networkmanager does it. but even on a desktop install your systemd-resolvd should only include
BigsistaSo somebody already messed it up, you think?12:57
ravageif you enter and reboot it changes again?12:57
ravagethat should not happen at all12:57
Bigsista"Rhis file is managed by man:systemd-resolved(8). Do not edit."12:58
ravageThe resolver can be configured by editing /etc/systemd/resolved.conf and/or drop-in .conf files in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf.d12:58
ravagemaybe something is in there?12:58
Bigsistawill check12:58
BigsistaFinding "DNSStubListener = no" here...12:59
ravagemy config only has comments12:59
ravageso try the same13:00
ravagethe only line is [Resolve] really13:00
Bigsistatrying right now.13:01
tuxickathos: sorry, check what for php-defaults?13:02
BluesKajHi ajj13:03
Guest21Any ideas when I suspend my ubuntu live usb why my PC turns back on by itself?13:57
Yasseri have a problem with steam, it gives an fatal error everytime i try to launch it, Fatal error: steam needs to be online to be updated14:02
Yasserbut i am connected to the wifi14:02
Yassertried every solution i could find online and nothing helped14:02
ravageand how did you install steam?14:05
ravagewhich ubutu version?14:05
leftyfbmy guess is snap which is lacking a connector14:06
happymealYasser: have you tried these first couple ideas: https://askubuntu.com/questions/227956/steam-fatal-error-steam-needs-to-be-online-to-update-but-was-set-to-offline-mo ?14:07
leftyfbor https://www.reddit.com/r/archlinux/comments/5neu72/comment/dcdblvu/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=314:07
ravagehe already tried everything. how can we top that? :)14:11
ograleftyfb, gven how much the steam snap is under active testing currently, that would be surprising (the snap network plug auto-connects)14:13
ravagedbus doesnt i learned. pending review :P14:14
ravageor it does but requires manual review14:14
ograit does ...14:14
ograbut if the snap made it to the store it has been reviewed ...14:15
ogra(reviews happen on upload)14:15
ravagewaiting patiently14:15
ravagebut gave me time to clean up the yaml a little14:17
Bigsistaravage: got it figured out and truth is sad.14:17
Bigsistaubuntu 20.04 is using netplan.io for dhcpclient stuff by default. there is a documented way to overrride dns servers from dhcp. BUT in fact it does not work as expected.14:19
ograwell, netplan only configures systemd-networkd after all ...14:20
Bigsistanameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx from DHCP will always be added to /etc/resolv.conf - no matter what you try14:20
ogra(i.e. it does not talk to or touch dhclient)14:20
ogratere should be ways to override a DHCP provided DNS via netplan config and i think that is even in the examples on netplan.io14:21
IshythaHello guys. Kinetic disabled Livepatch. Does that mean that there is no reason to keep my Ubuntu Pro subscription?14:21
ravagelivepatch is for LTS releases14:21
Yasserhappymeal yes i have14:21
Bigsista    eth0:14:21
Bigsista      dhcp4: yes14:21
Bigsista      dhcp4-overrides:14:21
Bigsista        use-dns: false14:21
Bigsista      nameservers:14:21
Bigsista        addresses: []14:21
ogralike ubuntu pro is14:21
IshythaThank you!14:22
ograBigsista, use a pastebin or even better: termbin.com  ... your indendation looks wrong on first sight (indendation is essential in yaml)14:23
Bigsistasorry. IRC... yes... too used to mattermost, slack and stuff, my bad.14:23
IshythaHm. 22.04 is LTS14:23
ravagebut thats jammy. not kinetic14:24
IshythaBlimey. Right, you are. Thanks guys.14:24
Bigsistaogra: indetation is fine. i'll get my configured nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf. they are last and on top i get those from DHCP14:25
Bigsistano way to prevent netplan from putting them into resolv.conf14:26
ograBigsista, perhaps someone in #netplan could help ?14:26
IshythaI will need to revert to Jammy from Kinetic. Any recommendations of the best way to do that please?14:31
ravagebackup your files and reinstall14:33
ravagethere is no downgrade procedure14:33
IshythaRoger that, thank you!14:34
cyberwolfhi, after updating the ubuntu-advantage-tools package, what does the configuration file "/etc/ubuntu-advantage/uaclient.conf" look like14:39
ravageyou should have it on your system?14:39
oerhekscyberwolf, why do you ask?14:40
cyberwolfwell it looks different14:42
ravageits called an update. that happens14:43
ravagebut i would say 99,9% of users dont care about that file14:43
oerheksafter the update it looks like this; https://imgur.com/gallery/JrSO8zh14:43
ograunless you had disabled phasing and did hit https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-advantage-tools/+bug/200397714:44
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2003977 in ubuntu-advantage-tools (Ubuntu Lunar) "Disabling apt spam results in a conffile prompt on upgrade" [Critical, Fix Released]14:44
ogra(rude title ...)14:44
nomicon_oerheks: Hmm ok. My servers (Default installation of 22.04) do have avahi-daemon running though.14:46
cyberwolfshould i change the file by hand?14:48
ograwhat do you want to change ?14:49
oerheksdid you already change it?14:49
ograand no, you should not touch it, instead use the "pro config ..." command14:51
cyberwolfconfiguration file "/etc/ubuntu-advantage/uaclient.conf"14:53
cyberwolfHow does the file look like for you?14:55
ogracyberwolf, any reason you post the same thing over and over ?14:55
ograand why do you care how the file looks ? it is managed by the "pro config ..." commands14:55
ograso it might look different for everyone who ever called a pro config command to change anything14:56
cyberwolfokay, I'll go virtualka up14:58
nomicon_gah.. banging my head against the wall for to many hours now. I can't seem to understand what's required for systemd-networkd to set the transient hostname to whatever the PTR would be for the ipaddress my isc dhdcpd is assigning my Ubuntu clients.14:58
nomicon_This works without any additional configuration/modification with NetworkManager14:58
ogranomicon_, i'd try asking in #netplan15:01
nomicon_Ok ogra, thank you.15:03
fireallpixelsarraybolt3: still trying to get this laptop's bios out of "Linux" mode! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)15:30
Muliganhas anybody some directions/article to reference for nfs4 multipathing (client ubuntu 20.04/22.04, server: truenas core)17:19
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kali__hello, guys18:23
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legrandtech[m]Hello I was directed here by Ubuntu Studio Support. What channel would I go for help with an unrecognized wireless card. I've tried different flavors of Linux but Ubuntu I have problems with. I tested the wireless card with MacOS and it works.18:34
pagios  make_connection_snum: canonicalize_connect_path failed for service visualstudio, path /home/kali/ browseable = yes  << samba error cant connectto share why19:14
leftyfb!kali | pagios19:15
ubottupagios: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/19:15
* legrandtech[m] uploaded an image: (105KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/rvMmOqicgDkDwWotsNwDzKta/PXL_20230207_171708470.MP.jpg >19:23
legrandtech[m]I tested the wireless card with MacOS and it works. When I go back to Ubuntu studio I get to this menu and when I press restart nothing happens. If I manually restart the additional drivers does not stay on broadcom and goes back to do not use the device19:24
tomreynlegrandtech[m]: if you have secureboot on, try disabling that and retry the process you described above.19:31
tomreynother than that, all i can think of is that the proprietary driver does not work for your wireless chipset for some reason.19:35
toddclegrandtech[m]: this may help and at least help to identify what the card is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:40
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* bougyman shakes fist at pipewire.20:06
bougymanIs there a drop-in replacement for pacmd?20:07
bougymanTrying to follow the instructions on https://antlionaudio.com/blogs/news/real-time-microphone-noise-reduction-linux-guide but unfortunately pacmd tells me there's no pulse server.20:07
bougymanI didn't even know ubuntu had shoved pipewire onto my system :(20:07
TaxHaywonI am seeing this message while updating ...20:08
TaxHaywon7 additional security updates can be applied with ESM Apps.20:08
TaxHaywonLearn more about enabling ESM Apps service at https://ubuntu.com/esm20:08
TaxHaywonThe following security updates require Ubuntu Pro with 'esm-apps' enabled:20:08
TaxHaywon  imagemagick libopenexr25 libmagickcore-6.q16-6-extra libmagickwand-6.q16-620:08
TaxHaywon  imagemagick-6.q16 libmagickcore-6.q16-6 imagemagick-6-common20:08
bougymanhttps://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/-/issues/357 gah. no pacmd equivalent in pipewire.20:09
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 357 in pipewire/pipewire "What is missing for pacmd to work with pipewire?" [Closed]20:09
bougyman_this_ must be my zoom never works for me anymore, too.20:09
sarnoldTaxHaywon: it's better to use a pastebin site like paste.debian.org or paste.ubuntu.com20:09
bougymanGah. Any way to rip pipewire out and get pulse back in, unobstrusively?20:09
sarnold!ubuntu pro20:09
TaxHaywonSorry about that chaps20:09
sarnoldcmon bot20:09
ubottuUbuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101820:10
bougymanAny doc would be appreciated. I hate using youtube videos for tech stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tsW6RNhFv420:10
TaxHaywonI did not see any free option. It shows USD 25 yearly fee.20:10
sarnoldTaxHaywon: anyway, there's new universe updates available via an ubuntu pro subscription; there's two free tiers available, too, so it's not just for big spenders https://ubuntu.com/pro20:10
sarnoldbougyman: isn't 'pacmd' just a tool to control the pulse audio daemon?20:10
sarnoldbougyman: you'll want to figure out what purpose is being served by the various commands and see if there's a reason to run them, or how else to configure that specific thing, in pipewire20:11
bougymansarnold: or I can just go back to pulse.20:12
bougymanSince I can't control how 3rd parties (like zoom and slack) are going to interface with it.20:12
bougymanBoth verified to use pacmd, as well.20:12
bougymanI'm not saying they should, but reality is reality.20:12
bougymanThey're doing it, and I can't use my noise cancelling mic because of it.20:13
bougymanWorks great in google hangouts and on some other services.20:13
sarnoldbougyman: interesting; it's probably worth a bug report for both zoom and slack in the meantime20:13
bougymanLike I have time to follow up on _that_! Haha. I see it's already on Zoom's issue list. I'll +1 it and make sure slack has the same.20:14
sarnoldyeah :/20:14
sarnoldnone of these instructions are right, but the config file might be handy, and it might be a good source of hints to follow https://medium.com/@gamunu/linux-noise-cancellation-b9f997f6764d20:15
bougymanpipewire isn't very friendly with OBS, either.20:15
bougymanIn fact I keep a mac around specifically to run OBS on since it's so fragile on pipewire.20:15
sarnoldouch :(20:16
sarnoldI had so far heard mostly good things about pipewire :( this is a bummer20:17
TaxHaywoncan someone share the nmap command to detailed scan and list ssh vulnerabilities? my ssh box, running internally, is on port 222220:17
bougymanNice, thanks sarnold !20:20
bougymanI don't think it's a failure in pipewire, rather some tight coupling in the software (Zoom, OBS, etc) to pulseaudio they did on the software side.20:20
bougymanThat's obviously the case with the ones who call out to pacmd.20:21
bougymanOBS is ancient and a beast of a codebase.20:21
bougymanSo who knows what dragons lie in wait there.20:21
sarnoldTaxHaywon: sorry, got distracted .. load up https://ubuntu.com/pro and search for "free"20:28
sarnoldbougyman: yeah -- but those programs need to understand that change is coming, and if they want to work on fedora today, ubuntu and debian soon, they'll need to adapt to the changing landscape :(20:29
TaxHaywonSorry sarnold, I'm blind as a bat, cannot find the freebie link.20:32
sarnoldTaxHaywon: argh :(20:33
oerheksnmap command to detailed scan and list ssh vulnerabilities ,, such tasks are available in Kali, i guess, or easy to find bing; https://geekflare.com/nmap-vulnerability-scan/20:34
sarnoldhmm I can see the "Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free on up to 5 machines, or 50 if you are an official Ubuntu Community member." text both when logged in and when using a private firefox window20:34
arraybolt3TaxHaywon: Lemme find it...20:35
TaxHaywonMany thanks!20:35
arraybolt3It's the "Your Subscriptions" button - if you have an Ubuntu One account, you'll just automatically have 5 free licenses there. Link: https://ubuntu.com/pro/dashboard20:36
arraybolt3Note that you don't *have* to enable Ubuntu Pro.20:36
arraybolt3The updates being mentioned there are things that are in the Universe repo and haven't usually gotten security updates in the past - Ubuntu Pro is a new thing for getting even those packages updated. Your system will still be as secure as it was in the past without Ubuntu Pro.20:36
sarnold*nod* only if you want universe security updates20:37
arraybolt3Personally, unless you have a good reason to enable it, I'd ignore the message and just go about the rest of your life as always.20:37
TaxHaywonMakes more sense. Thanks for the clarification that I don't need Pro to keep my box secure.20:41
oerheksopenssl update..20:42
TaxHaywonJust ran the standard "sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y" to update all.20:43
arraybolt3Out of curiosity, what are the differences between full-upgrade and dist-upgrade, or are they the same thing?20:48
ravagemanpage for apt says "full-upgrade performs the function of upgrade but will remove currently installed packages if this is needed to upgrade the system as a whole."20:50
ravageand for apt-get it still shows dist-upgrade. with different functionality20:51
ravagebut i guess at some point apt-get added full-upgrade to as an alias(?)20:51
oerheksapt dist-upgrade does not remove packages?20:53
sarnoldit does20:54
sarnoldI've seen more than one bug report from completely hosed systems because a dist-upgrade removed something important20:54
arraybolt3I've only ever nuked one system with a full-upgrade and that was a Debian Sid VM that I wasn't paying attention with.20:55
arraybolt3Still it's probably wise to pay attention even on Ubuntu, since people make mistakes.20:56
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BinarySaviorI think my GPU pulls too much power for my power supply, when running gpu intesnive operations my computer turns off, is there a way to confirm if this is the case?22:04
sarnoldBinarySavior: I can't think of anything software wise that could help; maybe someone in #hardware would have a suggestion on how to firm that up?22:08
sarnoldBinarySavior: it sure seems like a plausible guess to me, though; it might be worth just buying a much bigger powersupply and testing?22:08
BinarySaviorsarnold, thanks, I just checked my specs and my power supply does not meet the requirements for my vcard22:09
BinarySaviorI just ordered a new one, gonna walk the dogs then go pick it up :D22:09
sarnoldBinarySavior: awesome :D have fun :D22:09
bougymansarnold: thanks for that medium article. I have noise cancelling in pipewire filter now, _and_ that noise cancelled device appears to work in zoom! (but not slack)22:32
bougymanHaven't gotten to the bottom of that, but I don't use slack huddles much, so not a huge deal.22:32
Rodeois there any ubuntu IRC channel where one could report potentially inappropriate content on an ubuntu wiki page? or is there an email/contact form for said wiki?23:09
sarnoldbougyman: oh sweet! halfway there, yay :) thanks23:16
sarnoldRodeo: rt@ubuntu.com if it doesn't need to be handled right away; rt@ubuntu.com and #canonical-sysadmin if it must be handled quickly23:17
arraybolt3Rodeo: Link me the page, I have Wiki editor permission and can fix it.23:23
arraybolt3(In a private message please.)23:23
arraybolt3I also know who to talk to about the user who made the offending change if necessary.23:24
arraybolt3I have to go away from the computer for a bit, but I can take a look at it when I get back.23:29

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