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gwailyThank you! @arraybolt302:06
arraybolt3gwaily: Not sure what I did, but sure! :)02:19
gwailyfor clearing up my question yesterday about this channel 02:21
arraybolt3Heh, I had forgotten all about it :P Glad to help!02:21
alex_smswitch alexsm10:08
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gnrpporquilho: hey21:22
porquilhohow are you21:25
porquilhognrp: 21:25
porquilhoi kinda want feedback21:25
porquilhofor my website im building21:25
gnrpporquilho: I don't know if this is the right channel to ask for such questions21:27
porquilhook gnrp 21:33
porquilhobut can i share it here?21:33
porquilhognrp: are you there21:44

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