valoriemmmm, it's just like writing citations, IMO00:09
valoriedo it first00:09
valorieyou know what a piece of code is supposed to do, so write the test and then write the code00:10
arraybolt3[m]Either way it takes eternity.00:10
arraybolt3[m]I dunno, maybe I'm just writing my tests wrong.00:10
valoriecitations: you find the info - write the citation, log it, then write your outcome 00:10
valoriethe more often you do it, the easier it gets00:11
valoriegsoc students: "I thought you weren't a coder!"00:11
valorieI'm not, but some principles are universal00:11
valoriewell, I code well in English00:12
valorieand "unit tests" for an article would be writing a clear objective00:12
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tsimonq2santa_: ping, no idea if you're here since Matrix is weird with names :)17:54
RikMillsappears not yet18:09

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