pabs3what hardware is launchpad using for riscv64 buildds?02:34
arraybolt3pabs3: Unsure what the physical hardware is, but I'm fairly certain the riscv64 VMs themselves are emulated on some other architecture, thus why they're so slow.02:36
pabs3ah qemu, I see. Debian is using SiFive Unmatched boards (and some unleashed) these days02:36
arraybolt3Generally riscv stuff takes waaaaay longer to build than everything else.02:36
pabs3yeah, hopefully server grade hardware comes around at some point02:37
arraybolt3SiFive isn't even selling their boards anymore I don't think, they're working on a newer version. :(02:38
pabs3there was another production run recently I heard02:39
pabs3maybe this will be ready in a year or two https://www.nextplatform.com/2023/02/02/the-first-risc-v-shot-across-the-datacenter-bow/02:39
sarnoldhah "veyron"02:41
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cjwatsonpabs3: Yeah, I don't think unmatched/unleashed have the hypervisor extension, so they aren't suitable for us10:00

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