devnull_hi all what are the hot keys to pin windows to left and right of screen(not move to another desktop found that one)03:49
devnull_is it hold shift and drag the window to the left or right-if so im having trouble with this?03:50
guiverckeyboard shortcuts are found here in the manual https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/F/keyboard_shortcuts.html   (note you didn't provide release; stable = 22.10 being the latest stable release)03:51
guivercthere is no specific left-side right-side shortcut defined (due to issues found on phab site)03:52
guivercdevnull_, ^03:52
devnull_sorry, thats what im on, can i make custom 03:53
devnull_if i wanted to make a custom command to pin window in focus to left/right of screen what the command look like? 03:58
devnull_Im in the  global actions manager and would like to add two customs, one for pin right, one for pin left03:59
devnull_(which is where you create shortcuts/hot keys04:00
devnull_also what is a phab site04:00
devnull_never mind phab site googled04:01
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