arraybolt3[m]aaronprisk: Do you have the needed authority or connection to deal with a rather serious situation related to the Wiki? It's security related, I will send details over encrypted DMs if you're available.00:56
arraybolt3[m](It's not a Wiki security issue, but it's a severe security problem for a user of the Wiki.)00:56
arraybolt3[m]Fallen: ^00:57
aaronprisk[m]arraybolt3 @arraybolt3:matrix.org: please send me any information you have over DM or email.01:03
arraybolt3[m]Thanks, incoming.01:03
Bashing-omaaronprisk[m]: A guery from popey (Alan Pope) from Mastodon >> " Added two more bots to the #Ubuntu mastodon instance: @ubuntu - which gates posts from the Ubuntu official Twitter (for now) (would prefer someone from Canonical owned this and posted human content, but for now that's what this is)"01:04
Bashing-omaaronprisk[m]: Is this something in your present role you care to pursue ?01:07
aaronprisk[m]<Bashing-om> "aaronprisk: Is this something in..." <- Sure, could you DM more information?01:12
Bashing-omaaronprisk[m]: Do not have more info at this time // What other info should I ask to ne provided ? // I be that go-btween :D01:22
aaronprisk[m]Bashing-om: I suppose when they would like us to take it over and if there is anything they need from our side to proceed. Thank you, Bashing-om! 01:24
Bashing-omaaronprisk[m]: In that respect of "taking over" ... would we not need an actual person to take on that responsibility ?01:27
aaronprisk[m]Bashing-om: Yeah, I believe so. I'm going to ping our social media person and see if they'd want to be responsible or have one of us take the lead.01:30
Bashing-omaaronprisk[m]: Outstanding - O wait that advisement .. and will so at this time relay ^ back to Mastodon.01:32
arraybolt3w.r.t the missing Ubuntu Pro signup window in Software and Updates, apparently I was wrong, probably because the VM I was using to check was outdated. There actually is a very nice Ubuntu Pro enablement page in Software and Updates according to https://ubuntu.com/pro/tutorial, so nevermind on that front.01:36
Eickmeyer[m]<arraybolt3> "w.r.t the missing Ubuntu Pro..." <- The question is, does it exist in the Qt interface? Because I don't see it there.03:20
arraybolt3Eickmeyer[m]: For one, I don't think so, and for two, it looks like that picture may have just been a mock-up? Because a fully updated Ubuntu Desktop VM over here doesn't have it.03:21
Eickmeyer[m]arraybolt3: That would be another glaring issue.03:23
Eickmeyer[m]aaronprisk: ^03:23
Eickmeyer[m]Not having it in the Qt interface would affect Lubuntu, Kubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio.03:24
=== arraybolt3_ is now known as arraybolt3
ahoneybun[m]<aaronprisk[m]> "Thank you all for the feedback..." <- I wonder if this helps? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1452299/im-getting-the-message-the-following-security-updates-require-ubuntu-pro-with13:33
ahoneybun[m]I'm currently looking for a way to disable the message for a customer so I've been looking around more lately.13:34
lotuspsychjeahoneybun[m]: see also bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-advantage-tools/+bug/199202613:39
ahoneybun[m]lotuspsychje: Thanks for the link! I did see that one I was just providing more context but that might not have worked in this case or I missed something.13:39

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