arraybolt3https://ubuntu.com/pro/tutorial Apparently Ubuntu Pro *does* cover Multiverse.01:31
sarnoldhmm, is there an easy way to dumpt he package names that come from multiverse?01:38
sarnoldlike, I'm not surprised it looks like that's covered, but I slightly doubt it actually is01:38
arraybolt3Heh, I don't even know if there's an easy way to dump the package names that come from universe :P01:38
arraybolt3I do wish the list of packages in Ubuntu Pro was published. It can be queried in a way, apparently.01:39
sarnoldyou can see what we've actually published so far pretty easily, $ curl -sq https://esm.ubuntu.com/apps/ubuntu/dists/jammy-apps-security/main/binary-amd64/Packages | grep ^Package:  https://termbin.com/wvlu01:43
arraybolt3Does that require authentication to access?01:44
arraybolt3(I sort of hope it does :P)01:44
arraybolt3I guess if it's just a list though it's fine to be public.01:45
sarnoldthe lists are public, the packages require auth01:46
lotuspsychjegood morning03:07
ducassemorning all07:55
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ubottuSince Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.10:53

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