arraybolt3If someone wants to found a new channel within the #ubuntu namespace, what are the rules/policies/etc. around that? Obviously the channel is under the Ubuntu IRC terms of service and the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, but there are some gray areas (for instance, founding a new #ubuntu channel would make me an operator if I were to do that, do I then idle in #ubuntu-ops?). Is there documentation for02:03
arraybolt3this, and if not, are there at least general guidelines?02:03
arraybolt3Or is it more like "make it, hope for the best, if we need you to tweak it we'll say something?" :P (I hope that's not the way it is...)02:05
krytarikarraybolt3: Short of getting a timely response from any IRC council member, I'd just go ahead and create and register the channel, the proper access rights and other things can always be worked out later.02:33
arraybolt3OK, thanks! I don't think I'll start it quite yet, but maybe at some point.02:34
JackFrostNot -ops, that'd be more here anyway.  It's good to put the usual staff flags, etc.  There's some other ones too if you want cheaper ops lists. :P  There's an old wiki page, I don't know if it's up to date.03:13
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