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hateballHello, is there anywhere I can find out if a newer version of mesa will make it into 23.04 ? Right now I am using mesa from oibaf ppa (plus mainline kernel) or my radeon 7900 xtx won't work. But I'd prefer not relying on ppa's etc :)20:09
Bashing-omhateball: One can check the current install version: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libgl1-mesa&searchon=names&suite=lunar&section=all .20:27
hateballBashing-om: yeah I know, I was using it before the ppa version. I was just wondering if the final release of Lunar would have a newer version than 22.2  :)20:28
hateballI am not sure when 23.1 which I am using now will be released as stable in itself tho20:29

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