zxmpiliving on the command line like nature intented. :-)01:19
davefThe flatpak bit me in the arse. 01:56
davefGood job it was a recently fresh install, so I was able to reinstall Ubuntu without losing anything.01:56
davefAnd installing a package using flatpak, I just got the source and compiled it myself. 01:57
zxmpinot a fan of flatpak or snap.02:08
zxmpii can understand the reason for them but i find them more trouble than they're worth.02:11
davefI don't like it either. Ubuntu works fine with it, providing you don't colour outside of the lines. The moment you do, it's over.02:19
davefI've now made a rule for myself, install from apt or snap. Don't mess with other package managers.02:19
davefAt a push, install from source, but only when no other option exists.02:19

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