* enyc meows crankharder 00:09
enycindeed ubuntu 16.04LTS is out of support00:09
tomreynhi manu_00:22
manu_i need help00:22
manu_i don't know how to use linux00:22
tomreynwith ubuntu? just describe the issue then, or ask your question00:23
manu_I installed obs with snap but installig the plugins or themes is hard because i can't find the paths00:24
manu_like windows00:24
manu_sorry if my english is bad im from argentina00:24
manu_and other things need to execute or install from the terminal and I don't know how to use it too00:25
tomreynyour english is fine, i'm not sure i can help with OBS, but maybe someone else can, if you describe the issue more closely. it's also good to provide some background, such as which ubuntu version you are using.00:26
manu_right now im using lubuntu00:26
ravagemanu_: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/how-do-i-install-obs-plugins-if-snap-was-used-to-install-ubuntu-20-04.123557/00:26
manu_i can't find obs in the snap folder00:36
tomreynso this, in a terminal, comes back as "does not exist"?   ls -l $HOME/snap/obs-studio00:38
manu_the termina says cannot access '%HOME/snap/obs-studio': No such file or directory00:40
arraybolt3$, not %.00:41
manu_it says the same00:42
manu_cannot access '/home/manu/snap/obs-studio': No such file or directory00:42
sarnoldhave you started obs? maybe you have to run it once to have it created?00:42
manu_obs is open00:43
manu_do i restart?00:43
sarnoldno, I don't think that'll help. I'm not sure what to suggest next :(00:43
tomreynsnap list obs*00:44
tomreyndoes this say "error: no matching snaps installed" or something else?00:46
manu_ manu@manu-Linux:~$ ls -l %HOME/snap/obs-studio00:47
manu_ls: cannot access '%HOME/snap/obs-studio': No such file or directory00:47
manu_manu@manu-Linux:~$ ls -l $HOME/snap/obs-studio00:47
manu_ls: cannot access '/home/manu/snap/obs-studio': No such file or directory00:47
manu_manu@manu-Linux:~$ ls -l $HOME/snap list obs-studio00:47
manu_ls: cannot access 'list': No such file or directory00:47
tomreyndon't paste in here, and you'd need to use this command on its own, on a separate line.00:49
tomreynmanu_: we can read you again now, if you have more to say00:50
manu_it says No such file or directory00:52
tomreynsnap list obs*       would not say this00:53
tomreynyou must have accidentially typed something else00:53
tomreyni need to leave for now, but keep your questions coming. good luck.00:54
manu_ok thsnks for the help00:54
manu_this is what a typed00:55
sarnoldah, it looks like you missed the *00:57
sarnoldoh you know00:58
sarnoldI don't think that even works00:58
manu_you're right it says the same00:58
sarnoldI've got lots of snaps installed that match b* and c* but snap list 'b*' and snap list 'c*' show nothing :(00:59
manu_this is why i say i don't undestand linux, this things happen01:00
sarnoldthe frustrating thing is that the *old* package manager did this kind of thing perfectly :(01:00
manu_but i found a very unconfortable and rare way to find the  obs studio folder01:01
manu_in obs, i go to files, open settings directory and it takes me to .config folder and there is obs-studio01:02
sarnoldtomreyn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snap/+bug/200652601:02
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2006526 in snap (Ubuntu) "snap list doesn't do globbing" [Undecided, New]01:02
sarnoldmanu_: yay! :) where is it?01:02
manu_but when i go to the desktop folder, the .config folder does not appear01:03
sarnoldit probably hides files and directories that start with .01:03
manu_can i change that?01:04
EriC^manu_: try 'ctrl + h' in the file manager01:04
manu_oh thanks01:05
manu_now are more folders and the .config one01:05
juno__I did an apt upgrade and I saw this message: "The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro" Does this mean I need to pay money for security updates?01:24
juno__I'm on version 20.04.501:25
arraybolt3juno__: No.01:27
arraybolt3juno__: All of the packages that have always gotten security updates will continue to get security updates without Ubuntu Pro.01:28
arraybolt3juno__: Ubuntu Pro is a new service offering security updates for an *additional* several thousand packages that didn't used to get reliable updates in Ubuntu.01:28
arraybolt3juno__: So without Ubuntu Pro, you'll get exactly the same security updates as you've always gotten. If you want, you can use Ubuntu Pro for free for up to five machines to get the additional updates that are now also available.01:28
juno__Oh nice01:29
arraybolt3juno__: If you *do* want to sign up for Ubuntu Pro, just make a free Ubuntu One account, then go here: https://ubuntu.com/pro and click the "Your Subscriptions" link - you will automatically have five free Ubuntu Pro licenses there, along with instructions for attaching machines to Ubuntu Pro.01:30
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mybalzitchI'd sure like to know what button I clicked between reboots to make it so that while my bluetooth mouse is recognized, and is paired/connected, the mouse pointer doesn't move.02:00
mybalzitchdeleting the device, then pairing it again fixed it02:03
cgappleuserthis is my first time here.  can anyone see my text02:06
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aaronprisk[m]Greetings, cgappleuser! We can see your text.02:31
arraybolt3aaronprisk[m]: Sadly though, they can't see yours, they left. Such is the nature of Matrix.02:32
arraybolt3(Or more specifically, the Matrix-to-IRC bridge.)02:32
zterm86When I pause audio, and unpause it with my music player, it's extremely choppy. (But eventually plays normally).02:45
zterm86I'm using the latest version of Ubuntu and have tried Rhythmbox, CMS, Elisa, VLC. I'm not sure how to correct this, but was hoping to for school lectures.02:46
arraybolt3What hardware are you using currently?02:47
arraybolt3zterm86: ^02:47
zterm86I have dell XPS 13, and I believe this is RealTek, is there a specific command you want me to run?02:48
sarnoldman, advice from various stack exchange sites, forums, etc, is all over the place02:54
sarnoldit'd be easy to go insane trying to test those weird advices one at a time and everything02:55
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arraybolt3zterm86: Sorry, got distracted.02:59
arraybolt3zterm86: Hmm, that's probably a fairly fast system. Let me do some digging...02:59
zterm86Thank you and I super appreciate it. Sorry, I typically try to do more, but I'm a bit behind of school with covid. :|03:00
zterm86Any pointers are appreciated, even if you don't have the solution.03:00
sarnoldzterm86: oh dang :( sorry to hear it :(03:01
arraybolt3zterm86: Turns out there's a bunch of Dell XPS 13's out there of various ages, what's the four digits after the "13"?03:01
arraybolt3(Or the rest of the model info or whatever.)03:02
arraybolt3This is probably a silly suggestion, but you might find Bluetooth audio to be more smooth.03:02
* sarnold marks down 08 feb 2023 as the first time someone suggests bluetooth audio would be more smooth :)03:02
zterm86I can try this. I did headphones, no headphones, but haven't tried my bluetooth headphones yet. Testing now.03:02
BinarySaviorsarnold, the power supply fixed the issue :D03:03
sarnoldBinarySavior: AWESOME :D03:03
zterm86Darn, not quite.03:06
arraybolt3That's odd - Bluetooth audio bypasses the audio subsystem of the rest of the system entirely (I believe).03:06
arraybolt3What other apps do you have running on the system, and how much RAM do you have?03:07
arraybolt3Also, can you share the output of the command "uname -r"?03:07
zterm8616 GB (5 used), 11th gen i7,03:08
arraybolt3I wonder if installing the OEM kernel would be helpful.03:08
zterm86I'd be willing to give it a try. I have the unbuntu mainline installer installed. I was troubleshooting another issue in the past.03:09
arraybolt3I'd try "sudo apt install linux-oem-22.04c" and then reboot.03:10
arraybolt3(The "c" at the end is not a typo.)03:10
sarnoldwhy c?03:10
arraybolt3It's the latest one.03:10
arraybolt3Installs kernel 6.1 according to packages.ubuntu.com03:10
arraybolt3Newer kernels generally have better hardware support IIUC.03:11
zterm86Thank you, I'll add that to my list and will test that as soon as possible. My network is 1.5Mbps down so it'll be a while ;). But thank you soo much. I look forward to giving this a go.03:13
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mybalzitchso who do I report a bug to if I install spotify via snap, try to open a spotify url via firefox, which passes it off to spotify, which either then just gives me the default splash screen if the app was previously closed, or tries to open a new copy of itself (and errors) if I click the link again03:45
mybalzitchits a http url I'm clicking on in konsole, thats getting passed to firefox03:46
sarnoldmybalzitch: that's an excellent question; are there any messages in dmesg or journalctl output from the time when you click the thing?03:49
mybalzitchjust audit: type=1400 audit(1675828409.818:198): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" class="file" profile="snap.spotify.spotify" name="/etc/vulkan/implicit_layer.d/" pid=18638 comm="spotify" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=003:54
sarnoldheh, that's probably worth reporting, but I suspect you're right that that isn't involved03:54
sarnoldbummer, I was sort of hoping for some sort of smoking gun there03:54
sarnoldI think report to spotify first03:54
sarnoldthe "and errors" part feels really iffy03:55
mybalzitchtheir forums are just awful04:00
mybalzitchto navigate anyway04:01
sarnoldI see what you mean04:02
archer_i mean04:16
archer_>/etc/vulkan/implicit_layer.d/ is the issue04:17
archer_just update apparmor policy04:17
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arraybolt3Guest5845: o/04:42
ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.04:42
arraybolt3Guest5845: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?04:43
Guest5845sure, are you familiar with wsl?04:44
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zenadm1nI'm guessing he was running Ubuntu on Windows and logged in as root.04:48
arraybolt3That would make sense.04:48
arraybolt3(I was a bit concerned seeing odd-looking snippets of what looked like Bash code being pasted.)04:48
archer_maybe irrsi?04:48
sarnoldquassel on wsl? that'd be one heck of an interesting stretch04:52
sarnold$\sqrt{-1}$ is TeX, it renders a fancy square root of negative one04:53
sarnold*wow* https://people.math.osu.edu/fowler.291/latex/04:53
arraybolt3WSL as a whole is a stretch. :P04:54
sarnoldarraybolt3: *nod*04:54
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dicki have know idea what im doing im just trying and i keep losing06:42
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codeshamanlubuntu seems way better than xubuntu07:53
fyprefer the x one07:53
NatSocSiDHow can I force apt to always install the "kept back" packages? I tried this: APT::Get::Always-Include-Phased-Updates;07:55
NatSocSiDbut it's not working07:55
toddccodedmart: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/about-apt-upgrade-and-phased-updates    Update-Manager::Always-Include-Phased-Updates true;   APT::Get::Always-Include-Phased-Updates true;08:21
toddcbut I would not do it. just wait a few days for them to get tested08:22
mhbujphello, I'm on 18.04.6. The libc6-armhf-cross version is 2.27. Can I downgrade to 2.19 somehow?08:26
Alexey_m_tadeu Hi Privet08:58
Alexey_Welcome to International Advanced Direct Connect Hub08:59
Alexey_ with Encryption Security, Unicode and IPv6 support https://dchub.one08:59
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SlartibartHi. When I run 'sudo aa-logprof' I get this message: 'ERROR: PromptUser: Duplicate hotkey for CMD_FINISHED: (F)inish'. (My translation to english) How can that be solved? I didn't know there were configurable hotkeys for command line tools?10:12
NatSocSiD[03:21:42] (toddc): codedmart: https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/about-apt-upgrade-and-phased-updates Update-Manager::Always-Include-Phased-Updates true; APT::Get::Always-Include-Phased-Updates true;10:16
NatSocSiDi tried that, it's not working10:16
NatSocSiDthe "kept back" packages aren't installing, I have to do "apt install package-name1 package-name2"10:17
[twisti]in my ubuntu lts 22 on wsl, multiple drives get mounted that are not in the fstab file. any idea what else could be auto-mounting them ?10:59
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oerhekstwisti, mounted or available on the left panel?11:05
oerheksthat is just an indicator that the partition(s) are available, not a mounted drive11:06
KolevWhere is cert.pem?11:15
KinyasKHow's everyone11:16
oerheksKolev, https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/security-trust-store11:21
oerheksso easy to find..11:21
oerheksfind / |grep "\.pem"11:22
iconoclastherocan gnome-books be compiled and installed on ubuntu 22.10?12:09
ograiconoclasthero, why would you want to compile it instead of using the package from the archive ?12:11
iconoclastherowhich archive?12:12
oerheks!info gnome-books12:12
ubottuPackage gnome-books does not exist in kinetic12:12
oerheksit is part of universe repo12:13
ograit does in jammy12:13
oerheksjups, not available for kinetic.. somehow12:13
ograhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-books yeah ... weird12:14
oerheks!info calibre12:14
ubottucalibre (6.3.0+dfsg-2, kinetic): powerful and easy to use e-book manager. In component universe, is extra. Built by calibre. Size 28,616 kB / 61,638 kB12:14
oerheksgood alternative12:14
iconoclastherocalibre has been my go to but it is too complex sometimes12:14
iconoclastheroand presently i cannot get it to shut down12:14
ograsomeone should make a snap 🙂12:14
iconoclastheroi think i got all the dependencies installed but when i try meson build i now get...12:15
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iconoclastherodata/meson.build:6:0: ERROR: Sandbox violation: Tried to grab file gd-main-view.h from a nested subproject12:15
oerheksoh, gnome-books is no longer maintained12:16
iconoclastheroyeah, i figured that much, but i was hoping it was at least something i could build and install in 22.10 since it was available f/22.0412:17
iconoclastheromeson log: https://pastebin.com/usQCNe6U12:18
oerheksgrab version 40 and install it with dpkg -i  http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/g/gnome-books/12:19
iconoclastherohere's the issue12:22
iconoclastherolibgnome-desktop-3-20 is already the newest version (43-2).12:22
iconoclasthero gnome-books : Depends: gnome-online-miners but it is not going to be installed12:22
iconoclasthero               Depends: libgnome-desktop-3-19 (>= 3.17.92) but it is not installable12:22
ograyeah, dont do that ... you relly want a snap for such a case12:22
iconoclastherois there anything useful with this ./gnome-books/flatpak/org.gnome.Books.json ?12:24
ograno idea, i dont use flatpaks12:24
ogra(but should have a snap in a few minutes for you to try locally)12:25
ogra(if the network here wouldnt be s slow 😛)12:26
iconoclastherook, thanks12:30
iconoclastherohow do you do that?12:30
oerheksiconoclasthero, ogra will tell you when it is ready12:32
webchat23Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy/InRelease12:32
webchat23It's showing in my system12:33
webchat23May i know why and how to fix this12:33
webchat23I can't even clean anything with bleach bit12:33
ograwebchat23, sudo snap install snapcraft --classic ... create a dir ... i.e. gnome-books ... create a file in that dir that is called snapcraft.yaml and has this content: https://termbin.com/bpqj12:34
ograwebchat23, then go into that dir and just run "snapcraft", it will create a .snap file that you can ten install with: "sudo snap install --dangerous *.snap" from that dir ...12:35
webchat23err:/ https://ppa.launchpaucontent.net/videotan/state-gatty/ubuntu jammy12:35
webchat23ase Temporary failure resolving 'ppa.launchpadcontent.net Reading package lists... Done I12:35
webchat23W: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy/InRelease mporary failure resolving 'in.archive.ubuntu.com'12:35
webchat23W: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/janny-updates/I ease Temporary failure resolving 'in.archive.ubuntu.com W: Failed to fetch http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/janny-backports)12:35
webchat23elease Temporary failure resolving 'in.archive.ubuntu.com W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/janny-security/Inf ase Temporary failure resolving 'security.ubuntu.com'12:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:36
oerhekswebchat23, change mirror to main? here i can download http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy/InRelease fine.12:37
ravagethat looks like a general DNS problem12:38
oerheksor try an other india mirror https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors12:39
ravagesecurity.ubuntu.com does not resolve12:41
ravagehe just has to fix his dns12:41
ograbah, gnome-books hardcodes paths all over the place ... here is a snapcrayft.yaml that fixes that ...12:56
iconoclastheroogra:  what's that mean?13:04
iconoclastherofwiw, i just used a webapp to convert the .epub to .pdf so i could extract the chapter i wanted..... i guessi should try using it on one of my Jammy machines to see if it's even something i'd want13:04
ograiconoclasthero, i was just commenting on the above receipe to build a gnome-books snap that i gave13:04
ograbut looks like gnome-books si actually quite a mess and maze of hardcoded paths, that needs a bit more work i fear13:05
ogra(usually creating a snap from an existing deb to make it available on all releases/distros is a matter of minutes ... but sadly nt in that case)13:06
iconoclastherolet me try it on my server with x over ssh13:07
iconoclastheroWell this is retarded...  I can't open any files that aren't in my ~/Documents.  that's fantastically useful.13:13
iconoclastheroapparently cannot print13:14
gentoohackerwhat I/O Schedulers among BFQ, MQ-Deadline and Kyber, do you guys suggest for NVME Drive, SATA SSD And SATA HDD13:56
pickanickhi seamonkey is a HTML editor with WYSIWYG mode. Feature I like is not webpage creation but table extraction:  can open up a webpage saved from the internet, and delete everything around a table, and save the table. It's not in the ubuntu repos. Is there a modern way to get the same result?14:10
oerhekspickanick, download the deb from https://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/ ... but v2.53 is already 2 years old14:20
oerheksuse at your own risk!14:20
anfanite396How do I set the no. of cores for a process in terminal?14:22
anfanite396I have been trying on various sites but could not find a concrete answer14:22
leftyfbpickanick: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6854586/how-to-extract-data-from-html-table-in-shell-script14:23
leftyfbanfanite396: that should be done at the process level. As in, developed as a feature of the program, not the OS14:24
anfanite396thanks. i'll try to refer the documentation14:24
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kubuntuhi guys i am having some problem with my ubuntu install and my rtx 3080 gpu with triple monitors.16:18
kubuntuall the details here -> https://paste.debian.net/1270031/16:19
kubuntuthe problem is that of the three monitors only two work the third remains black.16:20
kubuntuI gave a : sudo nvidia-xconfig and it created the xorg.conf16:20
kubuntuhere the content -> https://paste.debian.net/1270032/16:21
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hermanoPerforming an installation on a completely new computer, get "hid-generic 0003:0B05:180F.0002': No inputs registered, leaving.17:05
gordonjcphermano: yes?17:06
hermanoMy understanding is that this error is normally caused due to lacking mouse or keyboard. I have tested with 2 sets of keyboard and mouse, and having them plugged in all of them.17:06
ravagewhat is your actual problem?17:07
hermanoI could use the keyboard during the installation but not the mouse.17:07
hermanoravage, after new installation of ubuntu 22.04 when reboot, system hangs on above mentioned error.17:07
oerhekshermano, new computer? check for a bios update.17:09
ravageand also of the BIOS has an option to enable legacy USB17:10
KolevWhere is cert.pem on the file system?17:11
ravageKolev: sudo find / -type f -name cert.pem17:11
oerheksKolev, i answered that a wile back17:11
Kolevravage: thanks. Sorry, i didnt see a mention.17:12
oerheksdon't ask and forget17:12
leftyfbKolev: that's a loaded question. You need to provide way more context17:12
Kolevleftyfb: im trying to set up msmtp17:12
leftyfbKolev: the quick and likely answer is, it isn't. It's wherever you put it or where the program you used to create it stores it.17:13
hermanoravage, Will check for BIOS update, the USB support is set to "full initial" which should make all USB to work in OS an post.17:13
leftyfbKolev: in that case, you need to generate your own certs17:15
hermanoravage, bios is from 16th of Jan 2023.17:15
Kolevleftyfb: hm. msmtp doesnt say to do that. most guides just assume the file is there.17:16
hermanoravage, Obviously the keyboard works during ubuntu installation, so I think I might try the mouse on the rear of computer, maybe something strange with top front panel of usb.17:16
leftyfbKolev: it's not17:17
Kolevleftyfb: ok, thanks. I'll see what i can do when i get home.17:19
hermanoKeyboard and mouse works now fine in bios, but still get errors exiting bios, "hdi-generic, no inputs registered, leaving". Do i need to perform some root ubuntu pre installation?17:38
le4hello, ubuntu lts 22.04 has acpi errors, and the message that disabled sgx always appears in the bios at the beginning of the boot and during the boot these error messages appear twice, I noticed these errors from lts 14.04, in an old notebook. Now I'm using another notebook.18:18
le4The system has constant crashes and crashes, using or not using the internet on youtube.18:18
le4When I'm not using the internet, the system hangs a little when I move the mouse.18:18
le4On youtube, 4k60fps is supported here, but it's still not streaming at that resolution. It also supports 8k60fps, but it's still not streaming well.18:18
le4Lenovo Ideapad 330, Intel Celeron N4000, 4 GB RAM, 1366 x 768p 60 Hz resolution, use secure boot.18:18
le4Other feedbacks:18:18
le4hello, ubuntu lts 22.04 has acpi errors, and the message that disabled sgx always appears in the bios at the beginning of the boot and during the boot these error messages appear twice, I noticed these errors from lts 14.04, in an old notebook. Now I'm using another notebook.18:23
le4The system has constant crashes and crashes, using or not using the internet on youtube.18:23
le4When I'm not using the internet, the system hangs a little when I move the mouse.18:23
le4On youtube, 4k60fps is supported here, but it's still not streaming at that resolution. It also supports 8k60fps, but it's still not streaming well.18:23
le4Lenovo Ideapad 330, Intel Celeron N4000, 4 GB RAM, 1366 x 768p 60 Hz resolution, use secure boot.18:23
le4Other feedbacks:18:23
ash_mobileTrying to install Ubuntu server 22 on a device with a new hard drive. Ruining into an error: probing for devices failed18:32
myk_Hi, I am on Ubuntu 20.04 using grub 2.04 I am trying to figure out how to  edit a file /etc/X11/xorg.conf I do not have terminal access18:38
myk_I have video-dummy installed which creates a Headless display. The only way I was able to access the computer was with teamviewer18:38
leftyfbmyk_: what do you mean you don't have terminal access?18:44
myk_no terminal access18:44
leftyfb!yy.mm | ash_mobile18:44
ubottuash_mobile: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle18:44
leftyfbmyk_: why don't you have terminal access? What sort of machine is this?18:44
ash_mobileleftyfb 22.0418:45
leftyfbash_mobile: did/does this machine have Windows on it?18:45
myk_regular ubuntu but installing headless video-dummy does something that when you plug a monitor in youi cant see the display. I am trying to disable it though grub18:45
leftyfbmyk_: boot it with a live cd/usb, mount the root filesystem and make your changes that way18:46
ash_mobileleftyfb: yeah, On a hard drive that's no longer in the machine18:46
leftyfbash_mobile: go into the BIOS and disable the RAID18:46
myk_someone was saying something about getting in single user mode18:46
ash_mobileleftyfb: roger18:46
leftyfbmyk_: ok, then do that if you can18:47
myk_i dont know how18:47
leftyfb!recovery | myk_18:47
ubottumyk_: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode18:47
myk_also grub goes so fast I cant see or select advanced18:47
myk_its not that I installed a script that blanks out the screen18:48
rfmmyk_, how about just pressing ctrl-alt-F1 (or F2, F3...), getting a text console. log on there18:48
myk_let me try18:49
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myk_no doesnt work18:49
ash_mobileI don't see raid in bios18:50
ash_mobileHowever there is SATA operating: normal/legacy18:50
leftyfbash_mobile: what about Intel Rapid Store?18:50
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ash_mobileI didn't see anything about that either, but it's a really old device18:52
leftyfbash_mobile: are you sure your new drive is connected and functioning properly?18:52
ash_mobileThe Windows that came off it was XP18:52
ash_mobilethe bios detects it, and it was listed in lsblk18:52
myk_anyway to edit /etc/X11/xorg.cfg18:54
myk_through grub?18:54
ash_mobileAt least what was listed for sda was big enough to be it18:54
myk_I can pull up a in GRUB by ls /etc18:55
myk_but I can figure out how to edit18:55
leftyfbash_mobile: are you sure that wasn't the usb or another drive?18:56
leftyfbmyk_: no, you can't edit /etc/ from a GRUB prompt18:56
leftyfbmyk_: boot with a live usb18:56
ash_mobileI don't think so, but I'll check again18:56
myk_ok thank you I will try it18:57
ash_mobileleftyfb: actually, I don't see anything as /mnt/usb but it's definitely not 3.6T18:59
myk_is there a way to just get the grub conf file up in grub and comment out a line?18:59
leftyfbash_mobile: ah, a machine that old is probably going to have issues seeing drives over 2TB18:59
ash_mobileSo... Abandon this machine?19:00
leftyfbash_mobile: try a smaller drive, under 2TB19:00
ash_mobileWell, I could do that, but I kind of wanted to use this hdd19:01
ash_mobileSo, my guess is I should either replace parts or get a different machine19:02
leftyfbI'm trying to verify if this is an OS/partition/kernel level limitation or if it's also a motherboard limitation19:02
leftyfbash_mobile: it might be quicker for you to verify with a smaller drive19:03
leftyfbI know you need a GPT partition scheme, but the installer should do that automatically19:03
ash_mobilePerhaps, but I'll have to go through some effort because I don't have a blank one sitting around. The old one has Windows on so I think I need to partition it to use it19:05
leftyfbash_mobile: do you really need to keep an install of XP around?19:06
ash_mobileIt's more about the data19:06
ash_mobileI could go through it, but it'll take some time19:07
leftyfbash_mobile: the data isn't important if it's not backed up. Regardless, how important is the data from an OS that was released 22 years ago and went EOL 9 years ago?19:07
ash_mobileIt's just personal stuff; docs, pics, videos etc19:09
ash_mobileleftyfb: I'd ping you more if I were on a different client19:11
ash_mobileleftyfb I'll try again later, thanks19:12
myk_anyway Ok I have created a boot image on usb but grub goes to fast for me to select advanced. is there a way to fix this or a diffrent way to book19:39
yes-ubuntuHello! I have a laptop that went to sleep and after I open the lid, there is completely black screen (like, not even electricity in it), however, I can ssh into it from my other laptop19:46
yes-ubuntuif I reboot the blank screen laptop, the system is ok (although, using nomodeset); is there any way to turn the display back on via ssh? something like modprobe? or start the video card?19:47
yes-ubuntuor, have the display shown vis ssh to the remote laptop?19:48
loller_hey, anyone have a clue why Linux Mint 21.1 (Ubuntu 22.04) would take both the sound card output and the microphone input whenever I record something?19:54
loller_so for example if I am on Zoom, everyone hears both what it's in my microphone and whatever I am listening to19:54
loller_this was for a while after I changed the ALSA profile, but now the problem is back again19:54
tomreynyes-ubuntu: try a bios update19:58
myk_I am booted into ubuntu 20.04 usb now I am trying to repair hd via terminal. how to I access the partition?19:58
yes-ubuntutomreyn, done that... no help; but I am still in ssh now and can issue commands if there is any good idea?19:59
tomreynmyk_: what do you mean by "repair the hd"?19:59
myk_I need to mod a file in /etc20:00
tomreynyes-ubuntu: i don't have a good suggestion at hand.20:01
tomreynmyk_: you can use the graphical file manager to mount file systems and then edit the file.20:02
loller_I have now tried changing the sound card profile to output:analog-stereo20:03
loller_using pactl20:04
loller_but then I lose the mic input20:04
loller_it's gone as a device20:04
loller_so I can somehow not enable both output and input without mixing them?20:04
loller_it's very strange20:04
tomreynloller_: i think linux mint support is on irc.spotchat.org20:04
loller_ok but this is identical I think20:05
tomreynit is not20:05
loller_it's Ubuntu 20.04 underneath20:05
tomreynplease double-check your facts.20:06
yes-ubuntuI have firefox running and had youtube play a 1 hour song off the internet... any way for me to restart that youtube video via ssh?! :D20:07
loller_well my previous profile was output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo20:07
loller_that gives me 1 source and 1 sink20:07
loller_but I can't separate them for some reason20:07
loller_when I run "pactl list sources", I get this here is under the relevant device:20:11
loller_Active Port: analog-input-mic20:11
webchat55Seeing a weird apt update bug:20:12
webchat55Problem executing scripts APT::Update::Post-Invoke 'rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/*.deb /var/cache/apt/*.bin || true'20:12
webchat55Sub-process returned an error code20:12
loller_shouldn't it get sound only from that port then?20:12
webchat55Any hints on how to debug this?20:12
hermano_Really frustrating. While installing ubuntu 22.04 on a new computer, I loose the keyboard/mouse. Actually they work in bios and as part of ubuntu installation, but when ubuntu installation is finalize and I remove the usb stick, it performs a reboot. I still get "hid-generic: No inputs registered, leaving" and it does not timeout nor continues.20:13
yes-ubuntuis there any other irc chat where I can get good ideas on how to tackle the blank screen issue?20:14
tomreynhermano_: which computer model is this?20:16
tomreynhermano_: are you using a usb hub there?20:17
hermano_tomreyn, The motherboard is an: Gigabyte B760 Gaming X AX DDR420:17
tomreynhermano_: is the bios up to date?20:18
hermano_tomreyn, no usb hub, I had the machine built from supplier so I am not sure the front usb is actually connected, so I am using the rear usb connection.20:18
hermano_tomreyn, Bios is from 16th of Jan 2023.20:18
hermano_tomreyn, I also connected the screen with hdmi to the motherboard graphic card, to secure that it is not the extra graphic card causing any problem.20:19
tomreynhermano_: so, for me to understand it correctly: installing ubuntu 22.04 worked fine. after installing it, boot stalls indefinitely emitting this message: "hid-generic: No inputs registered, leaving". is this correct?20:20
hermano_tomreyn, yes.20:21
tomreynhermano_: can you try booting in recovery then and see if you can use the keyboard there?20:22
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode20:22
hermano_tomreyn, Just a wild guess but the motherboard has bluetooth. Could it be that the errors are connected to bluetooth devices (headset and another mouse)?20:22
tomreynhermano_: is your keyboard connected using bluetooth, though?20:23
tomreynfrom what i read online, "hid-generic: No inputs registered, leaving" is just partial output. can you get the full line?20:24
hermano_No, both keyboard and mouse are usb cable.20:24
tomreyn"hid-generic [what does it say here?]: No inputs registered, leaving"20:25
hermano_hid-generic 0003:0B05:180F.0002: No inuts registered, leaving. mtd device must be supplied (device name is empty).20:27
tomreynthat's an ASUSTeK XONAR SOUND CARD apparently20:28
tomreyncan you disconnect that?20:28
hermano_Yes, I have a sound card inserted with that name (external). Thing is that the supplier installed windows OS as default, and I reinstalled the machine with ubuntu 22.04.Is one way to solve the problem temporarily to disable tat sound card in bios?20:29
hermano_I have this as extra card (ASUS Xonar AE 7.1), but might be the built-in sound card is also a ASUS, have to check.20:30
tomreynpossibly. i see reports of this sourd card blocking keyboard input20:30
tomreynis it onboard?20:30
lukdkhello, I'm having trouuble with grub after installing ubuntu on a VM.. I can only boot when i first go to the recovery mode, to select the option resume boot... I seem to find many articles with boot issues, but don't know which I should try to fix this... If i got an error message somewhere i would have something to look for, in my case the system seems to attempt to boot and just stops at the be20:31
hermano_The ASUS Xonar AE 7.1 is an extra inserted card (not incorporated in the motherboard).20:31
tomreynhermano_: then i suggest removing it temporarily and seeing whether that will enable you to boot with keyboard and mouse support20:32
tomreynoh, that's a pcie card, not usb, right?20:33
tomreynlukdk: to me, this sounds like a graphics related issue, possibly with the virtualization you're using. which virtualization are you using, is it fully up to date, and does it support your ubuntu version?20:35
hermano_tomreyn, yes the external sound card is inserted in a pci_ex slot. Not usb.20:35
tomreynhermano_: hmm, well, i'd try nevertheless, since it does seem to be related. i assume it may provide an usb hub and that may cause the issue.20:36
hermano_tomreyn, plan to use virtualization but have not checked nor activated that in BIOS intentionally yet.20:36
tomreynhermano_: okay, but i wasn't talking to *you* about virtualization ;)20:37
benshermanI am getting an intermittent error when I run apt-get update on a fresh AMI from us-east-1 (aws ec2) - I am not sure where I can look for help (or file an issue). It started with the version that was posted yesterday.20:39
benshermanThe error is about missing files - E: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_focal_multiverse_cnf_Commands-amd64 - open (2: No such file or directory)20:39
hermano_tomreyn, sorry20:39
benshermanthat file does indeed not exist - there are files specific to the AWS region we are using though.20:40
tomreynbensherman: try #ubuntu-cloud20:41
tomreynhermano_: no worries, so i'd try removing the sound card and see whether this improves anything, and then continue from there.20:44
myk_booted up to ubuntu recovery   can not save any file. how do i get write access?21:24
hermano_myk_, recovery mode is read-only.21:25
sarnolddepending upon what's going on, it might be best to use a usb memory stick or usb mass storage device, or a network share, but you might also be able to use mount -oremount,rw /path/to/filesystem21:25
myk_thank you21:25
myk_i am booted up to the usb21:25
tomreynfor what it's worth, the option to enable networking in the recovery menu should also give you write access to the root file system.21:28
hermano__tomreyn, I rather not take out the card, but ok let's say I take it out. After bios/ubuntu start without the card, would I be able to put it back or do you think it would conflict aftewards also?21:37
oerhekskernel update 5.15.0-6021:40
hermanotomreyn, After a extremely long waiting it just went through to ubuntu OS.21:41
yes-ubuntuso, I am trying to somehow restart the video on the laptop with black screen via ssh; so far, I have done sudo service gdm stop and then sudo modprobe -r i915 then modprobe i915 and service gdm start --- but all without any change, the screen is still pitch black :)  Any more ideas?21:42
yes-ubuntuUbuntu 22.10 is still alive there though as I have two ssh terminals open and one is running top21:42
leftyfbyes-ubuntu: reboot21:43
yes-ubuntuleftyfb: nooo... anything else? :)21:43
swenssonHello, if I recall correctly, wasn't "grep -r "mytext" /var/www/   going to give me the line # on what where string was?21:56
leftyfbswensson: -n21:56
leftyfbswensson: from the man page:        -n, --line-number21:57
leftyfb              Prefix each line of output with the 1-based line number within its input file.21:57
swenssonleftyfb: Yep, correct. Thank you21:57
yes-ubuntuDoes ssh -X work on Ubuntu 22.10 ?22:01
sarnoldyes-ubuntu: I haven't heard that it's broken yet, but I don't have one to test with myself22:03
leftyfbI'm pretty sure it doesn't work with wayland22:03
sarnoldyes-ubuntu: it might only work with an xorg session though, I don't think wayland allows clients on separate hosts from servers22:03
leftyfbwhich I'm pretty sure if the default in 22.1022:03
yes-ubuntuSo, is there any way other than remote desktop to see graphical user interface from a remote laptop if I only have ssh access at the moment?22:05
leftyfbyes-ubuntu: you can switch to xorg from wayland and use ssh -X22:05
leftyfbor use VNC or services like teamviewer22:05
sarnoldssh -X won't let you see a desktop22:06
sarnoldit lets you run a client22:06
leftyfbwell yeah, that too :)22:06
sarnoldI think "seeing a desktop" requires something more like vnc, as leftyfb said, or rdp, if linux supports that22:06
sarnoldor, uh, rather than "if linux supports that", "if an rdp client and server are available"22:06
yes-ubuntusarnold: What does it mean "it lets you run a client" ?22:06
sarnoldyes-ubuntu: you could run eg an xterm or evince or something on a remote computer but view the output locally22:07
yes-ubuntuif rdp is remote desktop then yes, Ubuntu 22.10 does support rdp :)  I tried it! it worked super cool! But now, I am trying to see if I can wake up the video by any chance...22:08
yes-ubuntusarnold: I heard about xterm but haven't used it just yet22:09
hermano__yes-ubuntu, Install and run remmina. It runs both ssh and rdp.22:09
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heinleinThe tomcat9 package in Jammy installs a tomcat user with a home directory of /var/lib/tomcat, but the package creates /var/lib/tomcat9. Some apps that require a keystore need it located in the user's home directory, so that omission can be significant.22:43
heinleinIs this a known thing? Have I missed something important?22:44
sarnoldheinlein: possibly related https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tomcat9/+bug/183413922:45
tomreynhermano__: install the pending updates, reboot, see whether it helps22:45
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1834139 in tomcat9 (Ubuntu) "The tomcat9 user tomcat has wrong home directory /" [Undecided, New]22:45
heinleinI know that the tomcat user home directory was "/" in 18.04.22:46
yes-ubuntuhermano__: thank you, I have it installed22:47
heinleinfor now, i've created a symlink, tomcat -> tomcat9, but that feels messy.22:48
yes-ubuntuI have rebooted the laptop with blank screen; then I tried to stop and restart gdm remotely via ssh to see how it works, and it works nicely! :)22:48
yes-ubuntujust that after, I tried modprobe -r i915 and this was successful... and still, the graphical user interface is running fine like before, without the i915 module? how is that possible? Or, is this because the system now runs with nomodeset?22:49
sarnoldit's possible the module had been removed, but the memory hadn't been overwritten with over stuff yet22:51
sarnoldremoving kernel modules is not a very safe operation22:51
tomreynheinlein: personally, i'd say the main issue there is that "Some apps that require a keystore need it located in the user's home directory". but i gues sthe home directory of the tomcat user should exist if that's a user which is created automatically / by default. if you can confirm this then i'd suggest to file another bug report.22:52
yes-ubuntusarnold: I do understand! However, what's the worst that can happen? Freeze? Restart, reboot :)  other than that... and this now is a test machine as I am trying to see if I can do anything about this blank screen after waking up from sleep.22:55
lukdkhello, I'm having trouuble with grub after installing ubuntu on a VM.. I can only boot when i first go to the recovery mode, to select the option resume boot... I seem to find many articles with boot issues, but don't know which I should try to fix this... If i got an error message somewhere i would have something to look for, in my case the system seems to attempt to boot and just stops at the be23:00
myk_ok I am trying to install a package in recovery teamviewer or update it buty i keep getting dpkg error23:02
myk_i am thinking its because it will not write to the drive. so how i specify to install to the mounted rw systerm23:03
tomreynlukdk: last time you were here and asked almost the same, i answered this: to me, this sounds like a graphics related issue, possibly with the virtualization you're using. which virtualization are you using, is it fully up to date, and does it support your ubuntu version?23:04
tomreynlukdk: note that your message cuts off after "in my case the system seems to attempt to boot and just stops at the be"23:05
tomreynmyk_: use apt to install packages, not dpkg directly, unless you know it has no dependencies. i would not recommend making changes in recovery unless that's really the only way you can. this should mount the file system writable: mount -o remount,rw /23:07
myk_in recovery i am trying to install apt install ./teamviewer but i keep getting dkpg run repair23:10
myk_i do it but no reolve23:10
tomreyni'm not sure what a "dkpg run repair" is23:14
yes-ubuntuHey... I have modprobe -r i915 (the graphics module) and I stopped and started gdm and it works! Is that possible? no crash, all good. If so, why is i915 even loaded (if not in use?)23:18
tomreyndo you know that it is?23:21
myk_so teamviewer was my only way in to this computer. A teamviewer update knocked the only way I could get in out. I am trying to figure out how to uninstall teamviewer and reinstall. but everytime I try to install with Apt I get an error with dkpg23:25
myk_i used mount -o remount,rw /partition23:26
Jeremy31yes-ubuntu: If you really needed i915, you wouldn't be able to successfully run that command23:27
hermano I have a somewhat strange situation, if i boot my machine with the usb installation stick of ubuntu 22.04 then it finds the external sound card and i also hear the sound. This is with the integrated graphic card. As soon as I unplugg the usb memstick and/or swap to the external graphical card, the computer will not start.23:39
hermanoI guess I will have to give up, and do as someone recommended. To physically unplugg the problematic sound card and see if ubuntu 22.04 manage to load as OS.23:40
myk_well I just remembered I setup a backup with zoho lol23:41
myk_so I'm in23:41
myk_but still this should have been easy23:41
myk_ Thank you all for your help good Humans!23:42

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