santa_good night everyone00:30
santa_RikMills: frameworks lunar_archive branches seem out of sync00:30
santa_only extra-cmake-modules has 5.102.0, everything else is at 5.101.0 apparently00:31
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> doing10:28
santa__RikMills: thanks a lot, kwayland seems still out of sync12:57
BluesKajHi all15:08
ahoneybun[m]valorie: libfuse2 is fine to install it is needed for AppImages anyway.15:32
BluesKajThe following packages have unmet dependencies:15:38
BluesKaj libfontconfig1 : Depends: fontconfig-config (>= 2.14.1-3ubuntu1)15:38
BluesKajstill have this error after 4 days...208 packages waiting to be updated/upgraded15:39
BluesKajon 23.0415:39
BluesKajhi ahoneybun[m]15:40
ahoneybun[m]heyo BluesKaj 15:41
=== Guest5944 is now known as arraybolt3[m]
valorieahoneybun[m]: thanks!19:06
valorieI would like to try out this new software on linux19:06
valorieand perhaps the author will add that caveat for linux users in advance19:07

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