Dave92f1Hi - I'm new. Is anybody around?02:17
Dave92f1When I google on "kubuntu manual" the first hit is https://help.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/desktopguide/C/index.html. Which..is from 2006? Is that right or am I terribly confused?02:19
Dave92f1I tried to follow the directions in that but it doesn't seem to match my 22.04 LTS install at all.02:20
Dave92f1Then I googled some more and found https://github.com/kubuntu-team/kubuntu-manual/releases/tag/v22.04.1, which says it's dated October 2022.02:21
Dave92f1But following that, doesn't seem to match my install either.02:21
Dave92f1I'm new to this stuff - I'm not at all sure why this should be so difficult.02:21
Dave92f1I accidentally added a few extra Panels (BTW, nowhere does any documentation I can find explain exactly what a Panel is). When I try to follow the directions I found to remove them, the menu items it says to look for don't seem to exist.02:22
Dave92f1For example this https://forum.manjaro.org/t/how-do-i-remove-a-plasma-panel/105964 says to Enter Edit Mode, then choose Panel Options.02:24
Dave92f1But as soon as I enter Edit Mode, the menu disapperas and I don't see where Panel Options is.02:24
Dave92f1Is it just me, or is this a closed club for oldtimers, newbies not welcome?02:24
arraybolt3Dave92f1: o/02:36
arraybolt3Dave92f1: This is a room for anyone, just sometimes people aren't around.02:36
arraybolt3Dave92f1: I don't know how well maintained the Kubuntu Manual is.02:37
arraybolt3As for panels, a panel is basically the Kubuntu equivalent of a Windows taskbar.02:37
arraybolt3Only rather than just having a start button, applications, and a system tray, you can also add widgets to it that show you various cool info.02:38
arraybolt3If you want to remove a panel... hang on I've done this beofre but can't remember how now, lemme look real quick...02:38
arraybolt3Dave92f1: btw thanks for your patience, a lot of people just leave if they don't get an answer right away, so I'm glad to see you were still here. :)02:40
arraybolt3Dave92f1: OK, to remove a panel, you have to right-click on the panel you want to remove, *then* click Enter Edit Mode. This should pop up a toolbar with some options near the panel that you want to remove - you can click on "More Options" and then click "Remove Panel" to get rid of it.02:41
Dave92f1Lemme try...02:42
Dave92f1Hey that worked! Thanks! The instructions I found online said to right-click on the desktop background.02:44
Dave92f1Now..how do I get the filenames back under each of the icons on my desktop?02:45
Dave92f1I was messing around with "themes" (following that 2022-10 manual) and when I switched themese all my icons lost the lables underneath.02:45
Dave92f1Switch back to the original theme didn't help, nor did rebooting.02:45
arraybolt3Dave92f1: Oy, lemme see if I can reproduce that...02:46
Dave92f1(Also, FWIW just for diagnosis, I lost my wallpaper [it went black] but then after fiddling with themes some more it came back. And for a while I had the cursor leaving a little drail of mouse droppings everywhere it went...02:47
arraybolt3Dave92f1: By "change theme", did you change a *global* theme, do you know?02:47
arraybolt3Dave92f1: There's a known crash when changing global themes, you *might* be able to just reboot and have the labels come back.02:47
Dave92f1and windows were not repainting at all. Sometimes if I moved over a part of a window, the part I moved the mouse over would repaint.02:47
Dave92f1Is Kubuntu just...unstable? Or is it me?02:47
arraybolt3Dave92f1: It's more likely just your hardware - I haven't encountered the issue you're mentioning.02:48
arraybolt3(With window repainting.)02:48
Dave92f1Could part of it be that I'm running Kubuntu in a VirualBox VM (on Linux Mint)?02:48
Dave92f1I mean...is that normal?02:49
Dave92f1I tried rebooting, but I'm doing it again now....02:49
arraybolt3Hmm, it depends, what version of VirtualBox?02:49
Dave92f1Hey, yeah, the text came back this time.02:49
arraybolt3VirtualBox is notorious for getting outdated and not running Ubuntu too well if you're using too old of a version.02:50
Dave92f1It's VirtualBox 6.1 (6.1.38_Ubuntu r153438)02:50
arraybolt3Hmm... that should be new enough. If you have a relatively slow system, though, it might still be the problem.02:50
arraybolt3I'd personally try using Virtual Machine Manager or GNOME Boxes and see if that behaves any better - I've had *much* better results with running VMs in those. VirtualBox has crashed on me, frozen, entirely eaten my VMs out of thin air, etc.02:51
Dave92f1Yes, it's new hardware (Intel i9 on a MSI motherboard, Nvidia GPU).02:51
Dave92f1Re Themes, I was following the instructions in the October 2022 manual:To change your global theme follow these steps:02:52
Dave92f11. Open System Settings02:52
Dave92f12. Left-click ‘Appearance’02:52
Dave92f13. Now choose from the list of installed themes02:52
Dave92f14. Pick from the default choices that are installed,02:52
Dave92f1I guess those are Global Themes.02:53
arraybolt3Gah. Seriously, anti-flood bot?02:53
arraybolt3Sorry for the inconvenience, there's a bot in here that apparently thought you sent too many lines at once and muted you for 60 seconds.02:53
arraybolt3It's usually helpful to avoid having the channel flooded if someone pastes a ton of data at once, but in this instance it's just plain annoying.02:53
arraybolt3(The bot, I mean.)02:54
arraybolt3OK, fixed.02:54
arraybolt3But yeah, that looks like a global theme change. The part where everything goes black when you change a global theme is a known bug (and one of the most glaring in the entire OS). I've actually been trying to find a fix for it for days, so hopefully it will have a solution at some point.02:55
arraybolt3(I contribute some to KDE.)02:55
Dave92f1Good to know somebody knows about it and is trying to fix it.02:55
arraybolt3On the bright side, the bug actually is fixed in some of the newest KDE code, so a future version of Kubuntu will almost certainly not have the bug. The problem is no one knows what happened to fix the bug, so I'm having to hunt all over the place looking for the fix so I can backport it to the version of KDE in Kubuntu 22.04 :P02:56
Dave92f1For a new user it's frustrating that the online documents don't seem to track the current release of the distribution. I keep getting told to choose menu items that don't exist...02:58
arraybolt3It looks like the problem might actually be that you're looking at too *new* of a version of the manual.02:59
Dave92f1This is my decadal attempt to switch from Windows to Linux. Previous ones were 1993, 2002, 2012. Each time I gave up after a few weeks of pain.02:59
arraybolt3If it's an October 2022 manual, you're looking at the instructions for Kubuntu 22.10, a non-LTS verion.02:59
Dave92f1I got the manual from https://github.com/kubuntu-team/kubuntu-manual/releases/tag/v22.04.1 - it says it's for 22.04.1. LTS.03:00
* arraybolt3 throws up my hands03:00
arraybolt3Well that's fine...03:00
arraybolt3(/me is expressing frustration with the manual, not with you)03:01
Dave92f1I know - you've been helpful - it's nice to have some sympathy. :-)03:01
arraybolt3I personally have never used the Kubuntu Manual, and from the looks of it, it might be best to shy away from it - it looks like it glosses over stuff that is non-obvious and, as you've noticed, might not always be accurate.03:02
arraybolt3WHich is frustrating, to say the least.03:03
Dave92f1Let me ask one very practical question - how to get Google Drive mounted on the filesystem. I can browse my Google Drive with Dolphin, but can't access anything from the terminal03:03
arraybolt3Hmm... I've actually never done that. Let me look and see if it's possible.03:03
Dave92f1All the how-tos I've found online seem to think using the GUI is sufficient.03:03
arraybolt3OK, so the thing is that in order to mount something into the filesystem of Linux, you need to have a driver of some sort.03:04
arraybolt3From what I can see, there's a driver called "google-drive-ocamlfuse" that can do what you want.03:05
arraybolt3Which you may be able to install from a PPA.03:05
arraybolt3And for usage, https://github.com/astrada/google-drive-ocamlfuse/wiki/Usage03:07
Dave92f1Thanks - I'll look at that. I thought since Dolphin can see the drive (google-chrome://something_something) all I need to do was a 'mount' command or suchlike. Not that simple?03:07
arraybolt3The problem is that each kind of filesystem needs its own driver to mount it into the Linux filesystem.03:08
Dave92f1You mentioned "Virtual Machine Manager or GNOME Boxes". Are those ALTERNATIVES to VirtualBox, or some kind of wrapper around it?03:09
arraybolt3So ext4 filesystems have a driver, NTFS filesystems have a different driver, etc.03:09
arraybolt3Google Drive's API is like it's own filesystem.03:09
arraybolt3And so it needs its own driver.03:09
arraybolt3Virtual Machine Manager and GNOME Boxes are both alternatives to VirtualBox.03:09
arraybolt3They use an entirely different set of software to run virtual machines, and in my experience they work *way* better than VirtualBox.03:09
Dave92f1OK, yet Dolphin is somehow talking to Google Drive without any extra drivers...seems strange to me.03:09
arraybolt3The driver and Dolphin both (most likely) speak the Google Drive API to interface with it.03:10
Dave92f1I will check out Virtual Machine Manager or GNOME Boxes.03:10
arraybolt3The reason a special driver is needed is *because* you want things to mount into the normal Linux filesystem.03:10
arraybolt3Basically the driver is a go-between for the Google Drive API and the Linux filesystem system.03:10
arraybolt3Dolphin doesn't need to have a go-between to access Drive directly, but then it can't mount Drive into your filesystem.03:11
arraybolt3On the other hand, the guts of Linux don't know how to talk to Google, but they do know how to talk to drivers.03:11
Dave92f1Thanks, arraybolt3. You've been really helpful and have restored my resolve to keep trying with Kubuntu.03:11
arraybolt3So the driver is basically an "adapter" between the two.03:11
arraybolt3:) Glad to help!03:11
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> I am little late to the conversation and after a quick skim I did not see the directions for adding g drive account so I will summarize:04:51
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> First install kio package: sudo apt install kio-gdrive, then add you google account in System Settings -> Online Accounts then open dolphin, ctrl+l to enable the path bar and type gdrive://04:51
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Let me know if more details are required.04:52
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> btw, ctrl+l  is lowercase L....04:52
arraybolt3@DarinMiller: He was able to get Dolphin working with Google Drive, the problem was that he couldn't get Drive mounted into a directory so it could be accessed by the terminal.04:55
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> ah, OK thanks.  I have not attempted that either, hmmm sound like a fun challenge.04:56
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user|96hi all, I have installed Kubuntu on Virtual Box with unattended option, and now, I don't have neither sudo or root password!, what is the default root password if there is one?13:03
blueSTARHi, I have problems with LUKS encryption on my PC. At first I thought I've messed up my system but now I think it is a more general problem or maybe a hardware issue?14:13
blueSTARI wonder if it is a general problem why I can't find others with the same problem. Otherwise I think a hardware issue is more or less unlikly, how should it affect only cryptsetup.14:16
blueSTARmy Problem: when I boot and enter the passphrase it won't unlock the drive.14:18
blueSTARI can however unlock it when using a live-CD14:19
FravialisThe problem is we can't really help you diagnose the problem because that's usually too little to go on. So you indeed do need someone who recognises this and has been through it before14:20
FravialisWe could use the exact error messages you got, but then I suspect those will be quite devoid of useful information as well14:21
FravialisStep 1 would be to identify possible version differences between the toolset on your boot partition versus your LiveCD14:22
FravialisPerhaps you could reinstall the required decryption bootstrap portion from that LiveCD you mentioned14:22
FravialisWhich Kubuntu versions involved? LiveCD too14:22
blueSTARI've tried everything mentioned in forums or the ubuntu-wiki.14:26
blueSTARMy last resort was a fresh new installation of 22.04 LTS, same as before.14:26
blueSTARBut now it comes, even with the fresh installation after the reboot I can't unlock the newly formatted disc.14:26
blueSTARI'm lost14:26
FravialisI get that, but that is still far too little information. For example, you haven't even mentioned the error message you've gotten yet14:29
blueSTARWhen I use the installation media (live-CD or in this case USB) it works, I can unlock the newly created installation.14:29
FravialisThere is nothing anybody can do to help you with such a complicated problem without as much data you can provide14:29
Fravialisas much as*14:29
FravialisFor example, you'll want to remove stuff like "quiet splash" from the boot options so you can see what the terminal says14:30
blueSTARno key available with this passphrase14:33
blueSTARthat is the cryptsetup message14:33
blueSTARcryptsetup: ERROR: nvme0n1p3_crypt: cryptsetup failed, bad password or options?14:35
FravialisDoes the passphrase contain anything other than ascii lowercase characters?14:36
FravialisBecause in terms of password entropy, you really don't need a mix of capitals, numbers and special characters. That is simply incorrect.14:36
user|3hello does kubuntu uses wayland or x11 ?14:36
FravialisblueSTAR: to drive that point home, read this famous comic: https://xkcd.com/936/14:37
FravialisSo the first thing I suspect is that there is a difference in regional settings and keyboard layout between Live and production boot14:37
FravialisAnd you can't see it because obviously you can't see what you're typing14:38
blueSTARi had a passphrase wit a number, but to be sure the keyboard matches I also used14:39
blueSTARecho -n "test1" | cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/nvme0n1p3 nvme0n1p3_crypt14:39
FravialisOther than that, it might be using the wrong algorithm to decode but with the right passphrase, resulting in gibberish and being unable to decrypt the key14:40
blueSTARthat is why I ordered a complete new nvme drive and installed a fresh kubuntu onto it. With encryption.14:42
blueSTARAnd now I've got the same problem, crazy.14:42
blueSTARbut if that was a common problem then I think I would find other people having it too.14:44
blueSTARI mean if it was a bug that was introduced lately.14:44
blueSTARthat would be a showstopper for encrypted systems.14:45
blueSTARI have the feeling I have something specific that is triggering it. Some hardware combination or something.14:46
FravialisI tried FDE recently from the GUI installer and it kinda shit the bed, so I decided against trying it again14:48
blueSTARbut I think if I cannot narrow it down I cannot open a bugreport.14:49
blueSTARwhere is the best place (a forum maybe) to discuss those things?14:52
BluesKajHi all15:08
pickIs it expected that after applying the recent updates, and saying "no" to reboot immediately after updates, that the GUI would be broken? I mean cannot change desktops via mouse not keyboard. Alt-tab does not switch tasks. clicking on taskbar icons has no effect.16:24

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