arraybolt3guiverc: I am able to reproduce the crash with the LXQt monitor configuration app in a VM locally using the latest Lunar ISO.01:27
* guiverc writing latest lunary ISO to thumb-drive now... plan to re-install on one of my boxes as test when I get there... (I was sending you a reply when this came in...)01:29
guivercs/lunary/lunar... ^01:29
guivercthanks arraybolt3 (not great about it being re-proudcable though... does mean I'm not fully at fault with my mess here though :)01:33
arraybolt3Probably just the KScreen transition, hopefully it will clear with time.01:33
arraybolt3And glad to help :)01:33
guivercI've got the issue on a live lunar system... bug report coming up..  (lxqt-config-monitor not running anyway..  maybe related to the issues on my primary & another lunar box)03:09
arraybolt3I hit the problem on a live system.03:13
* guiverc & my bad memory... it suggests one I filed 5 hours ago & couldn't remember!!!????03:14
arraybolt3lol you think that's bad, you should see my personal life. I'm forgetting things every 15 minutes or less, it seems like.03:15
lubot[telegram] <Kien1> Hello, there is a weird bug in Qterminal, when I close a terminal tab, press No or X it still close. It works normal when I close the big terminal (not closing tab)14:29
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> @Kien1 Which version of Lubuntu?15:07
lubot[telegram] <Kien1> 22.04.1 LTS (re @tsimonq2: @Kien1 Which version of Lubuntu?)18:24
arraybolt3@Kien1: Did you enable the Backports repository? Or is this just with the stock version of LXQt that comes with 22.04.1?18:25
lubot[telegram] <Kien1> I dont know about Backports repos, just a Windows user switch to Lubuntu.18:36
lubot[telegram] <Kien1> I did several fresh installs on Virtualbox and did not do any configs.18:36
arraybolt3OK, I'll take a look and see if I can reproduce this. Thank you!18:37
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Dang. So this is new. I guess many messy three-way merges now :D19:05
arraybolt3Sigh. /me scraps my current LXQt folder and starts afresh19:10
arraybolt3I should also probably put an announcement that upgrades on Lunar are going to be broken since libfm-qt is almost without question going to mess things up.19:11
arraybolt3Sprint time! :D19:12
arraybolt3(Didn't end up needing to do three-way merges after all, I just revert the sync, pull over anything valuable ensuring to keep proper attribution, and then do a packaging update, then done.)20:59
arraybolt3!!! WARNING - Force-syncing over lxqt-themes-packaging, it has changes that aren't in the Ubuntu archive yet that I'm modifying. WARNING !!!21:06
ubot93arraybolt3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:06
arraybolt3ubot93: :P21:07
arraybolt3(Announcing this loudly as requested in the past.)21:07
arraybolt3(Namely, I'm modifying a commit that updates debian/copyright so that it's actually up-to-date now in 2023.)21:10

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