ForeverNoob[m]Hello, suppose I want to backup a 512GB FDE disk onto external 1TB disk. I'm now using the 512GB disk currently (as in: booted from it right now) - Could I just clone this drive while it's booted and in use?00:08
dsc_ForeverNoob[m]: i would not do that while the OS is active. Best to get an USB stick and clone it from there, I use clonezilla but maybe there are other options too00:11
ForeverNoob[m]@dsc_: Would it have been otherwise fine if it was a non-FDE drive?00:14
dsc_ForeverNoob[m]: no00:26
dsc_use proper backup software that can make an image of the disk ;)00:26
dsc_a running OS will make changes to files as you are cloning it, its not a great idea00:27
ForeverNoob[m]Ah I see, that makes total sense, ty!00:35
dsc_ForeverNoob[m]: for simple files, you can do it. but you were talking about an image of the disk, I believe00:37
dsc_as-in, an OS backup00:37
dsc_those are best done externally, yes.00:37
Roeyanyone here use pihole?00:43
Bashing-omRoey: And if someone did - what would be your question ?00:44
mybalzitchI thought asking if anyone in this channel used pihole was their one question for the day00:44
RoeyBashing-om: I'd like to get my phone to connect to openvpn on my desktop computer, and then for my phone to get DNS from pihole automatically, so that I don't have to watch advertisements in the youtube app on my phone.00:45
RoeyBashing-om: is anyone else doing this?00:45
Bashing-omRoey: Food qiestion - that I have no ideas about - hang loose and let's see what we all learn here :D00:47
sarnoldit might be easier to spin up a machine at your ISP or cloud provider of choice and run your services there, and take your home out of the equation00:47
Roeysarnold: for security purposes you mean?00:48
sarnoldRoey: just so you don't have to goof around with port forwarding and NAT and all that frustration00:48
arraybolt3Roey: FYI, PiHole doesn't block YouTube ads.00:48
Roeyarraybolt3: it doesn't??!?00:49
arraybolt3You need a client-side blocker for that (i.e., watch YouTube in a Firefox app and install AdGuard on Firefox.)00:49
Roeysarnold: ahhh.  Oh I have that already00:49
RoeyI've been there/done that.00:49
Roeyarraybolt3, that's what I do currently, watch it through Firefox.00:49
Roeywith ublock origin.00:49
Roeyand sponsorblock00:49
Roeyarraybolt3,  btw I looked you up on Faceook.  How's it that there are like five people with your name00:50
arraybolt3Sadly, YouTube ads can get through DNS-level adblocking, probably because they're served by YouTube directly and not through a separate ad site.00:50
arraybolt3Roey: Heh, I don't even have a Facebook :)00:50
Roeyarraybolt3: yeah that's what I figured about those ads00:50
Roeyarraybolt3: ha! joke's on me ;)00:50
konradHey. I would like to get kernel source code, currently used by my system (it's Only to see something, I don't want to build anything. On askubuntu.com someone suggested `apt-get source linux-source` but it gives me 'You must put some 'deb-src' URIs in your sources.list' - what does it mean? Or, is there a simpler way maybe? I just one too see one file, but on https://www.kernel.org/ my version isn't listed or01:16
konradI'm blind :)01:16
sarnoldkonrad: edit /etc/apt/sources.list or files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* files; there's probably some lines starting # deb-src ...01:17
sarnoldkonrad: remove the "# " from those lines, run apt update, and then try your apt-get source  command line again01:17
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konradHi again, sarnold - I had to reboot (new kernel appeared along the way) (now I have Anyway - after doing the above (modifying sources list, update, apt-get source linux-source) I got this: https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/e6b72775734e4c578b41c49147ac7cb9 - i.e. I should do git clone. I did, but what I have now is a 700 KB directory, no sources... geee, I just want to see one file :)01:49
sarnoldkonrad: oh bother01:51
sarnoldkonrad: well, there's two things there.. first, that message about git is just a hint that there might be a better way to do package maintainence tasks. it's not super-relevant for you, but the package was already downloaded and unpacked before you did your git clone command01:51
sarnoldkonrad: second, that just grabs the sources from the linux-meta package, which doesn't actually have kernel sources. it just depends upon the new packages from the new kernels01:52
sarnoldkonrad: try: apt-get source linux01:54
sarnoldkonrad: the manpage says it can treat the argument as either binary *or* source package name, and the most common source package name for linux kernels is 'linux' -- there's other kernels for different situations, but most folks use this one01:54
konradsarnold, - thank you! I now know what I needed :)02:17
sarnoldkonrad: sweet! :)02:17
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clarkkPeriodically, I see this come up in my ps -ef. Can anyone explain what it is?  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gstreamer1.0/gstreamer-1.0/gst-plugin-scanner -l /usr/bin/totem-video-thumbnailer07:16
clarkkI'm on ubuntu 20.04 with Gnome 3.36.807:16
brkcorehey I got a long string of numbers in a text file and I remember only the first tree numbers, but I dont remember the name of the text file. How can i search for it ?07:32
clarkkbrkcore, at the terminal,   find / -iname '*.txt' -exec grep '12345' {} \;07:42
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brkcoreclarkk, thanks, from bash channel I got also find . -type f -exec grep -q text {} \; -print. But I still can't find what Im looking for07:57
clarkkbrkcore, the dot after find searches from the current directory. Change that to a forward slash07:59
brkcoreI am searching it from the /home directory where the file should be. But it outpust all files and not greping '12345'08:01
brkcoreI have a string of numbers 68190887654 in a text file, and I remember only the first thre numbers which are 68108:02
clarkkbrkcore, also remove the -q08:02
clarkk find . -type f -exec grep -q 12345 {} \;08:03
clarkk find . -type f -exec grep 12345 {} \;08:03
clarkktry the second one08:04
brkcoreit finds all sort of files, but not grepping the 1234508:04
clarkkif it doesn't find anything, then change the dot to a forward slash, to search the whole system08:04
clarkkdo those files contain the string?08:05
clarkkthey must do :)08:05
clarkkyou can add | less to the end to be able to scroll through the results by page.    find / -type f -exec grep 12345 {} \; | less08:06
brkcore:) it does. I have a member number 681**** which is written in a txt file08:06
brkcoreok will be using less too08:06
clarkkdo you know how long the number is?08:06
brkcoreyes its 10 digit number08:07
brkcorethe command finds all sort of files even media files but not grepping the '12345' . I think this is not the right way to find it08:08
clarkkit's because the string is not unique on your system.  What else can you tell me about the number that makes it unique?  Is it surrounded by spaces?08:10
brkcoremaybe if I use > to save the output in a new txt file and I can use cat the file and use | grep 12345?08:10
clarkkand do you know the file's extension?08:10
brkcore.txt for sure08:10
clarkkand is the number surrounded by spaces, or preceeded or followed by any specific characters?08:11
brkcoreits a number that is 681876543208:11
clarkkor does the number always start at the very beginning of the line?08:11
clarkkor end of the line?08:11
brkcorehang on, could be word file08:11
Znevnatotally ubuntu related08:11
brkcoretotally apologise then !08:11
clarkkZnevna, I'm waiting for an answer to an ubuntu question08:13
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fatima( only usa - uk - de - no )08:18
rfmwhy not se?08:21
rfmor ca?08:21
rfm(ok sorry, I'm going to bed)08:22
lukdkhello, I think i'm having an issue with the grub instalation after a clean install on a VM. I need to go to advanced options to select the recovery mode and next select the continue the boot, otherwise i just see like 1 or 2 lines and the system just halts, no error, no boot... I'm not sure where to start to look08:38
frdmn Hi, can someone tell me how to enable the new kernel-based quota for a root partition setup using LVM? I found this (https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=Ubuntu_22.04&p=quota) article but it doesn't involve LVM nor does it work with the root partition.09:55
frdmnIs there any way to enable that feature on-line without down time?09:56
hermanoI have this combination in a new computer I try to install ubuntu 22.04. Even though I set the BIOS to use the PCIe16 card as primary, after leaving BIOS monitor goes black:10:29
hermano"Gigabyte B760 Gaming X AX DDR4 / ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 8GB DUAL OC"10:29
AVA_CPAdid u tried  this prize draw https://t.co/bWI707eqmZ is it work or not ?11:29
tomreynfrdmn quota applies to file systems. whether or not you have LVM velow should not matter11:45
tomreynfrdmn: what exactly does not seem to work?11:46
tomreynhermano: you're saying you "try to install ubuntu 22.04", i think yesterday you already had it installed, right?11:47
tomreynhermano: if you suspect hardware issues, the best thing you can do is to use the on-board / integrated gpu and remove any additional hardware not strictly required to boot. also, set manufacturer defaults in bios, disable intel RST, enabble SATA AHCI mode (not RAID), enable uefi booting, disable secure boot, disable CSM11:49
tomreynand not use overclocking, of course11:50
tomreynyou can use benchmarking tools to ensure your hardware is working properly11:50
tomreynonce that's sorted out, you can install ubuntu and see whether it works out of the box or needs additional tweaks on your specific hardware. once that's done, you can look into re-adding exta hardware components one by one.11:51
hermanotomreyn, yes I got it installed but computer behaves quite strange. Sometimes it boots up to OS, not always. Will follow your suggested steps.11:56
frdmntomreyn: as the linked guide suggest, i tried to use tune2fs (on the LVM mapper device) to set the `quota` flag: $ tune2fs -O quota /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-ubuntu--lv12:06
frdmnthe following output however, mentions the FS needs to be unmounted to set the quota option: `The quota feature may only be changed when the filesystem is unmounted.`12:07
frdmnthe following output however, mentions the FS needs to be unmounted to set the quota option: `The quota feature may only be changed when the filesystem is unmounted.`12:07
frdmnNow I am wondering how I accomplish this when the partition in question is the root/OS one12:08
frdmn(preferable on-line)12:08
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tomreynfrdmn: you will need to do it either from a difficent system, such as a usb booted live/installer system, or, maybe easier, from recovery12:24
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode12:24
tomreynwhen you spawn a root shell from the recovery menu, the root file system will be mounted, but read-only, this should allow the tune2fs command to succeed.12:25
frdmntomreyn: that was the original question - i was looking for best practices to accomplish this on-line without interruption12:29
fabio_no dai12:38
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hermano_tomreyn, so I threw out the external sound card and that specific error message dissapeared. Now I get a hanging with a line saying: /dev/nvme0n1p2: clean, xxx/xxx files, xxx/xxx/xxx blocks.13:51
hermano_tomreyn, And it gets stuck there.13:51
hermano_tomreyn, I have followed instruction where one enter ubuntu recovery mode (latest kernel), performed update, upgrade and dist-upgrade, but without and improvement.13:53
hermano_tomreyn, I also made sure I really choose 'install ubuntu' and not'try ubuntu', to remove later dependency to usb stick.13:53
jellyI have apt-listchanges installed on focal.  Why does grub-efi package show a NEWS.Debian entry for 2.06-1 when I'm trying to upgrade to 2.04-1ubuntu26.16 ?13:56
ice9why cheese cam and other video call apps like jitsi and others, shows a mirrored image?13:57
TeridonI'm doing a release upgrade from 18.04 LTS (to 20.04 LTS).  My firewall does not allow connections to api.snapcraft.io.  The installer warns me about it but I'm wondering will it REALLY cause a problem or not?13:57
Teridoni.e. should I get my org to update the firewall before attempting the upgrade?  It's a VM, so I can always revert my snapshot :-D13:58
jellyTeridon, I bet you donuts to dollars it will make do-release-upgrade end up in some sort of unexpected state wrt snaps13:59
jelly(but that's a wild-ass guess more than actual knowledge, I only upgraded 2 laptops bionic->focal)13:59
ograTeridon, yes, yu should13:59
ograboth images (server/desktop) ship some snap packages by default nowadays (server -> lxd ... desktop -> firefox)14:00
jellythankfully one can revert to firefox from apt for focal14:01
jelly(after the successful release upgrade)14:02
ograwell, you shouldn't .. if yu want to use an unsupported firefox, use the mozilla tarball14:02
ogra(people seem to be using the testing PPA ... which could go away at any point in time and you will quietly not get any updates anymore)14:03
jelly     109.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2 50014:03
jelly        500 http://hr.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal-security/main amd64 Packages14:03
jellynot ppa, apparently14:03
jellyI might be misremembering14:03
ograoh, focal packages on jammy ... well ...14:04
ograi misunderstood14:04
jellywho said jammy?14:04
jellyteri'don is doing bionic->focal14:04
* ogra can obviously not read today14:04
jelly!coffee ogra14:05
jellythere's a distinct lack of useful bots in here!14:05
jellymight be focal->jammy that got the forced firefox snap14:06
jellyI keep one laptop on the current, one on the previous release for reasons14:06
jellybut I also remember being bitten by snap removal trying to compress the ~/.mozilla/firefox equivalent for minutes and me killing it and losing the profile, on focal14:07
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oerheksMiVecina, please do not spam.14:21
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant14:21
MiVecina<3 <3 <314:31
oerheksMiVecina, please leave this network, thanks.14:32
MiVecinaBot ?14:32
oerheksNo, you are spamming.14:32
oerheks!coc > MiVecina14:33
ubottuMiVecina: Please see my private message14:33
leftyfbMiVecina: please leave. spamming is offtopic here14:34
mbeierlShoot.  Looks like nvidia series 340 drivers (legacy) are not going to work with 22.10.  There was a maintainer who kept it up until 22.04, but not 22.10 https://launchpad.net/~kelebek333/+archive/ubuntu/nvidia-legacy.  Has anyone had any luck with the legacy nvidia and 22.10?14:38
lotuspsychjembeierl: the 340 drivers are old14:39
mbeierllotuspsychje, ya, I know.  It's a second video card for extending display.  Worked well until the update...14:40
lotuspsychjemaybe you should stay LTS on that specific machine/card mbeierl ?14:41
oerheksyes, go back to 22.04, or try this weird manual trick https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-340/+bug/1916640/comments/2814:42
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1916640 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-340 (Ubuntu) "Nvidia 340.108 driver provided by Butterfly (kelebek333) works very well till kernel 5.17.x but not beyond" [Undecided, Confirmed]14:42
mbeierllotuspsychje, true.  Just hard to roll back, so I was looking to see if anyone had luck14:42
mbeierloerheks, haha, I just found that link and was starting to read, thanks!14:43
lotuspsychjeroll back/downgrade is not possible on ubuntu im affraid mbeierl14:43
enycmbeierl: I came to conclusion for a particular old card, nouveau actually works fine and not worth the bother, and in any case that has now, for the relevant party, becaome the "backup PC" anyhow!14:43
lotuspsychjefresh install and preserve your /home would be an idea?14:43
mbeierlenyc, you are right nouveau is working, but it seems a lot slower.14:44
mbeierllotuspsychje, yes, I can flip the OS install without losing data... just a pain14:44
enycmbeierl: grr nvidia grr :O   I just got a different amdgpu card =)  I hear nvidia now gone to open driver architecture of some sort.14:44
mbeierlWhat is really need is to buy a newer video card.  Of course, that means I need to learn the models, capabilities, etc, again.  So many cards, no clue how to narrow it down.  Maybe AMD is the way to go14:45
EnissayI have a 20.04 LTS running running on a VM, I have done a usual `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y`, and after an unusually long update, I have no GUI, and when I get to console I have no internet... Any advice how to proceed please ?14:45
lotuspsychjeEnissay: recoverymode rootshell + enable networking14:46
lotuspsychjembeierl: if your card still works, 22.04 still gives long support, use it till it dies?14:47
mbeierlEnissay, might not be helpful, but something similar just happened to me.  In my case a new kernel was installed, but it somehow failed to compile the modules or something.  On boot, I selected the previous kernel and the network loaded, allowing me to boot and attempt the upgrade again14:48
mbeierlEnissay, if recoverymode rootshell and networking does not work, try that again with the previous kernel.  That is what clued me in for my particular problem14:49
EnissayWell, my issue now is that I have no grub menu, it starts directly14:50
lotuspsychjehold shift or ESC to enter grub Enissay14:50
EnissayOkay, my 20GB / partition is fulkl :x15:07
Enissaywhich excludes /home15:07
* chromebittin is attending the Fedora Social Hour and downloading some Linux Mint and Debian images for work15:07
BluesKajHi all15:08
oerhekschromebittin should read the CoC15:08
oerhekshi BluesKaj15:08
chromebittinoerheks: o:15:08
BluesKajhey oerheks15:09
Enissaymbeierl lotuspsychje: yeey, apparently it was indeed a space issue... I shall add more GB to the VM... Thank you for the support <3df -kh15:16
mbeierlEnissay, I am glad to hear that.  And happy that my panic yesterday ended up helping someone else :)15:17
hermano_So after 2 days work with my new computer that refused to start after installation of "ubuntu 22.04" the machine is now up and running. Seems it was my fault for choosing 'minimal installation'. When I choosed "normal installation", start sequence of ubuntu went fine. The unplugging of an external soundcard was done for no use.15:23
Teridonok, I got api.snapstore.io added for ports 80 and 443.  But do-release-upgrade still says 'Connection to Snap Store failed'.  "snap find nextcloud" works.  I restarted snapd, didn't help15:49
Teridon"snap debug connectivity" says "api.snapcraft.io: unreachable" -- but I can wget https://api.snapcraft.io .  Does snap use a different port?15:51
ioriaTeridon, what's in your /etc/environment ?15:55
Teridoni'm thinking my firewall hates CDNs15:57
Teridon/etc/environment :  PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/snap/bin"15:57
ioriaTeridon,  sudo snap set system proxy.http="" proxy.https="" and try again15:58
Teridonioria: that didn't seem to help16:00
ioriaTeridon,  sudo snap refresh snapd16:01
Teridonsays snapd is not installed, but "dpkg -l snapd" shows it installed.   Re: CDNs, netstat shows SYN_SENT for a bunch of sites like (not api.snapcraft.io)16:02
MrMobiuscan I update a package I installed with apt to the latest version even if Ubuntu hasnt caught up yet?16:02
Teridonioria: that's "snapstore-content-cache-2.ps5.canonical.com.", which I'm guessing is part of a CDN  for snap (?)16:04
lotuspsychje!pinning | MrMobius16:04
ubottuMrMobius: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto16:04
Teridoni'll try adding all these sites:  https://snapcraft.io/docs/network-requirements16:04
ioriaTeridon,  have you tried again 'sudo do-release-upgrade'  ?16:06
Teridonioria: Yes, still says Connection to Snap Store failed16:07
Teridonioria: Adding the sites from that network-requirements link seems to have worked.  thx16:09
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lvsmmusicHow to install driver for TP-Link TX20U Plus wifi adapter? In windows I see this in the driver dialog RTL8852AU16:13
lvsmmusicI did a apt-file search with RTL8852AU and it shows linux-firmware, but in rtl_bt directory16:14
lotuspsychjelvsmmusic: drivers in ubuntu should load the module on boot process, if not check sudo lshw -C network or dmesg to see whats going on16:14
arraybolt3lvsmmusic: Realtek chipsets are notoriously difficult to get working on Ubuntu, you will probably have to find and compile a driver yourself.16:15
arraybolt3https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8852au <-- this is a possible driver you could use16:15
lvsmmusiclotuspsychje: checking16:15
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: oh16:15
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: ya already saw that, but I was wondering about the credibility of that repository16:16
arraybolt3Valid concern.16:16
arraybolt3It seems relatively popular, so if you must get this particular dongle working, it might be worth a shot, but you may want to just buy a dongle that has in-kernel support.16:17
MrMobiuslotuspsychje: im on 22.04. would I need to figure out if the package I want is on 22.10 to do pinning?16:19
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: checking16:19
lotuspsychjeMrMobius: there are a few routes to choose here, depending on what your real purpose is exactly; !backports !pinning , snaps to get higher packages versions, we usualy dont reccomend to mix package versions across several ubuntu releases16:24
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: I read some forums and it seems the git repository has been used by people. Also seems I don't have any better option. Going to try it16:31
MrMobiuslotuspsychje:  I want to run the newest version of NASM. debug output is broken and doesnt work with gdb but is apparently fixed in the newest version. I can be patient until it comes out but was just curious if there is a way to try it early16:32
MrMobiuscan I use the newest version on 22.10? I could run that in a VM16:32
arraybolt3MrMobius: Ubuntu very rarely has new versions of software enter it, but you can always install software a different way (for instance, compiling from source is usually doable). If you're actually using NASM, I think you probably have the needed know-how to compile things from source :)16:34
MrMobiushehe thank16:36
arraybolt3MrMobius: `sudo apt build-dep nasm` should install most or all of the needed dependencies.16:38
arraybolt3Anything else you're missing, you'll probably find out about when the ./configure script or equivalent throws a tantrum.16:39
arraybolt3MrMobius: You may need to uncomment the deb-src lines in /etc/apt/sources.list for that command to work.16:40
MrMobiusalright. ill give it a try16:44
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: That driver works16:46
arraybolt3lvsmmusic: \o/16:46
lvsmmusicarraybolt3: Thank you!16:46
lvsmmusiclotuspsychje: Thank you16:47
lotuspsychjecookie is for arraybolt3 ; )16:47
arraybolt3Glad to help!16:48
Guest40In the context of the Turkish humanitarian crowdsourcing campaign by OpenStreetMap and United Nations, I want to run the web-based iD editor on a HP Pavillion from 2004, which is sitting unused at the moment. I could register to OSM, but the editor does not load in the browser and I don't know how to debug whether it's an issue on my end. So is 51218:01
Guest40MB of RAM supposed to be enough for Lubuntu + OpenStreetMap iD editor in any supported browser (with security updates)? Or do you know an OSM editor in the Ubuntu repos that works? Thanks18:01
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oerheksno, 64 bit wants 4gb nowadays.18:02
Guest40gosh, even Lubuntu or Xubuntu? I was told they are made for low-RAM machines18:04
oerheksone could try a 64 bit ubuntu with a browser and OSM to run on 2gb .. good luck!18:05
leftyfbthat's a 32bit system, modern ubuntu doesn't run on it18:05
Guest40Thank you18:06
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byte4byteim trying to install displaylink on ubtuntu, one of the prerequisites "sudo apt-get install evdi-dkms" fails with Building initial module for 5.14.0-1057-oem    sh: 0: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory18:46
byte4byteis there a way to see where it failed?18:47
oerheksconfirmed, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evdi/+bug/196174418:53
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1961744 in evdi (Ubuntu) "evdi-dkms 1.9.1-1ubuntu4~20.04.1: evdi kernel module failed to build on kernel 5.14 (OEM)" [Undecided, New]18:53
Guest9Hey there18:54
Guest9I have booted with a x32 bit intel core 2 duo 2gb ram system into win xp.18:54
Guest9Now i'd like to install ubuntu but with the cd rom it say failed to unmount /cdrom and Failed to start Ubuntu live Installer at the end then nothing more happens18:54
oerhekshello Guest9, what iso did you download?18:56
oerheksand how do you start it? from within xp?18:56
Guest9Yoo thank you for the answer the latest desktop iso from ubuntu (ubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso)18:56
oerheksoh that is 64 bit.18:57
Guest9selected CDRom as first boot order18:57
Guest9oh lol18:57
eax_@Guest9: change your BIOS setting to boot from the CDROM or has that already been done?18:57
Guest9thought it contains both like windows18:57
Guest9eax_ it booted but there were errors18:58
eax_@Guest9: nvm, I just read your reply18:58
oerheks32 bit is phazed out,18:58
Guest9oerheks Where do i find a x32 bit version?18:58
Guest9yeah i know but i think the cpu can't run x6418:58
Guest9so what should i do? oerheks19:00
ravageget better hardware or look for another linux distribution19:01
oerheksthere are no full iso' s anymore, only netboot 18.04 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/bionic/19:01
oerheksi hope there will be an i386 firefox available, i guess not.19:01
Guest9phewww, really nothing i could install? I will only use it to run a minecraft server so it should be as leightweight as possible19:02
ravagea modern minecraft version need 1gb ram just to start. and thats the bare minimum19:02
ravageand dont run too far or try to install plugins19:03
Guest9yeah, i don't want any plugins just some performance improvement mods19:03
arraybolt3Guest9: Debian runs on 32-bit.19:04
arraybolt3And firefox-esr has a 32-bit version in Debian.19:04
arraybolt3Pretty much any time I see someone trying to run Ubuntu on 32-bit, I point them at Debian, it's the closest thing I know of to Ubuntu that still supports old CPUs like that.19:04
Guest9thanks a lot arraybolt3. what is firefox esr?19:05
arraybolt3It's basically an older version of Firefox with security patches so that it's still safe to use. It's the default browser on a lot of Debian systems.19:06
oerheksold, but patched.19:06
arraybolt3(I think Firefox itself still supports 32-bit even without ESR, but Debian only ships Firefox ESR, not plain Firefox, AFAIK.)19:06
Guest9Oh i see than you both19:12
Guest9Is the 32x/64x only limited to the cpu or to the mainboard as well?19:12
Guest9Because according to the bios and intel ark website my cpu would support x6419:12
oerheksi see no reason why it should not boot 64 bit.19:14
Guest9basically the thing boots runs a bit of gui then it shows a screen of ]Passed].... stuff and at the end is failed to start ubuntu live installer.... after about 10minutes19:15
arraybolt3Guest9: Are you booting from a DVD?19:19
arraybolt3If so, try booting from a USB drive, that should be faster. Perhaps things are timing out.19:19
oerhekson what videocard?19:20
Guest9none i think intergrated oerheks19:24
oerhekscheck your bios, can you give it more memory, 128 mb minimum ?19:24
Guest9okay, yeah i'll try, first it's booting from usb19:25
Guest9yoo it worked with usb now i got the installer screen19:27
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Bebo35can you help and complete this offer https://t.co/w9U15uaNmF19:35
arraybolt3!ops | possibly malicious spam link19:35
ubottupossibly malicious spam link: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant19:35
* arraybolt3 grumbles that I just actually clicked that thinking it was a telegram link19:36
ravagethats why i did not click it actually :P19:36
arraybolt3I figured it was a Telegram scam link, and I was going to verify it as such, instead it tried to take me to some sort of MDMDownloader or something creepy.19:37
arraybolt3Glad I have all my security updates applied \o/19:37
geniihm I should probably update that19:37
bancroftif there's a browser sandbox escape that won't help, but I doubt someone with a sandbox escape would waste it on irc19:38
arraybolt3bancroft: Heh, people have more important things to use zero-days on. Next time, though, VMs.19:38
bancroftarraybolt3: exactly19:39
arraybolt3(Had it been a legitimately scary-looking link, I would have just !ops'd it without clicking. I read "t.co", mistook it for "t.me", and BAM. Blah.)19:39
oerhekssame person running that spam for a day now19:41
oerhekslibera is lazy.19:41
byte4bytegot displaylink working jim20:01
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morgan-u2How can I make hexchat automatically start at the sign in to gnome?21:45
=== morgan-u2 is now known as ladymorgan
leftyfbladymorgan: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/startup-applications.html.en21:46
ladymorgan(peaple say "at boot" but that's wierdly not quite correct.)21:47
ladymorganty leftyfb21:47
ladymorganthat's a whole category of help. (tips hat or curtsey or just slight bow)21:48
ladymorganReport of (what I cantsider wierdness) I rebooted by checking RestartNow after an update. Chrome was open. When I restarted it there were no windowns and no notice to ask if I wanted my windows recovered. Grrr.)21:51
ladymorgan(Report        consider.21:51
leftyfbladymorgan: that would be an issue with chrome21:54
leftyfbladymorgan: if it's chromium, you can file a !bug with ubuntu. If it's google chrome, probably not much you can do21:54
five6184After updating ubuntu to 5.15.0-1024-raspi today, my wifi stopped working during initramfs. The logs say: "n180211 generic link not found, failed to initialize driver". Any idea what happend and how to fix it?22:04
Jeremy31five6184: Is there a linux-modules-extra for the raspi kernel?22:08
five6184yes, but it makes no difference22:08
five6184I actually made a brand new image with 22.10 and new wifi card which required linux-modules-extra, and that gives exact same error22:09
arraybolt3sarnold: What does +bb do?22:09
sarnoldarraybolt3: two bans in one command22:09
sarnoldarraybolt3: most servers let you send three or four at once22:10
Jeremy31five6184: I wonder if adding the module to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules might fix it22:10
five6184just "n180211"?22:12
five6184I was able to boot by restoring *.bak in /boot, any clue how to find out what broke?22:14
johnny_LinuxJeremy31,  I dont mean to obscure your train of thought.  but i have a MAG tomahawk b550 bios..  My 1rst time fooling around with uefi and its standards. There is no internet log as to how it works. All drives were installed onto and from another mobo.  would that make a difference on its boot reactions ?? . Thanks.22:16
Jeremy31johnny_Linux: I can swap HDDs between my laptops without issues22:17
johnny_Linuxinteresting.. every time i boot. F11 has to be pressed or it goes into grub.22:17
Jeremy31five6184: It might be called nl80211 but modinfo nl80211 gives me no results but it might be built into the kernel22:17
five6184yeah i cant find any file with that name at all22:18
johnny_LinuxAND i can NOT scroll grub22:18
johnny_LinuxI flashed the bios upon purchase.22:20
johnny_Linuxeverything else works perfectly fine.22:20
Jeremy31five6184: What wifi device?22:21
johnny_Linuxeveryone is welcome to give any details.. maybe i got a bad board.. we will see.22:22
Jeremy31johnny_Linux: Why is going into grub an issue?22:23
johnny_LinuxMSI MAG Tomahawk b55022:23
johnny_LinuxJeremy31,  im used to my drives going into psswrd22:24
johnny_Linuxnot grub22:24
five6184Jeremy31: two external wifi cards22:24
five6184completely different drivers22:25
johnny_Linuxlike i said.. I cant scroll grub to make descisions22:25
Jeremy31johnny_Linux: Not even the arrow keys work?22:25
johnny_Linuxthey doo.. it locks up22:25
johnny_Linuxdid that before i flashed22:26
Jeremy31johnny_Linux: Any options to install in BIOS/CSM mode rather than in UEFI?22:26
johnny_Linuxi have enabled both.. like i said.. these drives came from another machine = intel.22:27
johnny_Linuxit seems like i have to install again for the "unseen" bios settings to see some kind of code to proceed22:28
luceneraI installed Alacritty from snap, but it does not start, because something is missing.22:29
johnny_Linuxmaybe it shoots a code upon install for security.. idk22:30
johnny_Linuxits a 8/22 bios22:30
johnny_Linuxso/ maybe22:30
Jeremy31johnny_Linux: If you just let it go to grub and wait for the timer to count down, does it boot into Ubuntu?22:30
johnny_LinuxJeremy31,  it goes to HARD grub.. terminal GRUB22:31
johnny_Linuxthe other grub does have a 10 sec timer22:31
Jeremy31Grub command prompt would indicate another issue22:31
luceneraError creating GL context; eglInitialize failed22:32
johnny_Linuxwhat may that be.. thanks22:32
Jeremy31Like a UUID is wrong for a drive22:32
johnny_Linuxi see the bios22:32
Jeremy31johnny_Linux: It might be something Boot Repair can fix from Ubuntu ISO22:33
johnny_Linuxi see, and you just made it clear.. its a security issue with modern uefi.. maybe ??22:33
ducassejohnny_Linux: are you booting in uefi mode? is secure boot on?22:34
johnny_LinuxI feel a trap for a re-install.22:34
Jeremy31johnny_Linux: It could just be an issue with that UEFI, just like some don't allow a linux install to change UEFI boot order22:34
johnny_Linuxlike i said.. 8/22 bios22:34
johnny_Linuxok Jeremy31   you cleared things up.. thank you for your time and efforts22:35
ducassejohnny_Linux: see if the uefi boot variables are trying to boot the shim or grub directly, the latter will fail if secure boot is enabled22:35
johnny_Linuxyour a good person. thanks.22:35
johnny_LinuxI did.22:35
Jeremy31johnny_Linux: I would check the boot repair option  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair22:36
johnny_Linuxyour  a good joe. thanks.22:36
Jeremy31Good luck22:37
johnny_Linuxpersonally, i think its intel...  just sayin.22:37
johnny_Linuxintel is slick as a lousianna attorney.22:38
johnny_LinuxAttorneys give nothing to society ..  They only take from it.22:39
johnny_LinuxI stifle22:39
johnny_LinuxIts an AMD with intel code.. we get it.22:44
johnny_LinuxNo one has prostrated weather through concessions and or otherwise this happens.22:46
johnny_LinuxAND .. they wont.. = $$22:47
johnny_LinuxI stifle.22:47
johnny_LinuxPeople  They have us cornered.  Stand your Ground.22:50
arraybolt3johnny_Linux: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?22:50
johnny_Linuxnot at this time... thank you.22:50
arraybolt3Er... I see you asked one earlier. Generally we keep offtopic conversation in #ubuntu-offtopic. :)22:50
johnny_Linuxarraybolt3,  your a sweet hear.. have a good day..thank you.22:51
johnny_Linuxarraybolt3,  i have questions.. are you available to communicate ??22:53
arraybolt3No, sadly, I'm just about to eat lunch.22:54
johnny_Linuxarraybolt3,  have a great meal.. may god bless you.22:54
johnny_LinuxIm sorry your NOW sad.. no worries.22:55
johnny_LinuxYes, im 79 yrs old.. but .. not stupid.. Thank You For Your Time And Efforts.22:57
byte4bytejim are you hacking us?23:00
arraybolt3byte4byte: ?23:00
webchat30Hey there i have just installed ubuntu desktop bu i think i messed up some things, so i want a clean reeinstall. Now if i boot from the usb the screen to choose install or try ubuntu shows but after i hit entern the screen goes black and stays like this23:10
webchat30Nick before was Guest923:11
Phr33d0mnomodeset or something23:12
arraybolt3webchat30: Are you using a different version of Ubuntu than last time?23:12
webchat30Nope even the same usb23:12
arraybolt3Hmm... actually that might be the problem. Can you flash the USB again? Perhaps it got corrupted.23:14
webchat30Yeah i'm on it was my first thought aswell.23:15
webchat30Now i noticed something else: i have a raspberrypi where i can just enter sudo and it works but here on the ubuntu i thought yeah you better choose a strong password, but now i have to enter it everywhere so ofteen, is there a way to get around this?23:17
webchat30arrabolt3 still the same with the newly flashed usb23:24
webchat30arraybolt3 ?23:29
esv_anyone has a wacom tablet connected to a linux desktop?23:34
=== esv_ is now known as esv
esvit works flawlessly ? I am planning on using usb-a/c and ubuntu 22.0423:35
geniiesv: I had a wacom bamboo that worked fine, but I don't know about other models23:36
esvwould like to use it to share diagrams sketches23:36
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