tsimonq2I was able to stage KDE Gear 22.12.2 in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-kdeapplications. I'm going to let it hang out there for a day or two before uploading it to the Lunar archive.02:33
tsimonq2santa_: Hi, if you're reading this, if you notice anything off with my use of KA please tell me, I'm slightly rusty :)02:34
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santa_tsimonq2: well, you could have waited a little bit a we could have managed that this weekend with more time10:04
santa_I'm not a fan of the "sorry, already done" approach10:05
santa_s/a we could have managed/and we could have managed/10:15
santa_well, so far: build depends not propely bumped10:24
santa_tsimonq2: please let's allocate some time this weekend to review KA usage to fix that10:25
santa_we can check the procedures toghether and review/fix the documentation10:26
RikMillssanta_: fyi, while I am still here, I am going to stage the 5.27.0 tars10:27
santa_RikMills: no problem because you have fresh experience, but please let's try to make sure everything is in sync in git before you leave10:29
santa_(I'm in process of double checking that)10:30
RikMillsThat was the 1st thing I did after I did clone-all10:30
santa_also, _lunar_archive branches of applications are broken now (i.e. they point to this broken .2 release)11:23
santa_result of that: it's going to be unfeasible to do a test rebuild from git of what we have in the archive11:24
santa_so ... we have the applications git repos broken at the moment11:27
santa_needless to say, please don't upload anything of apps to lunar until we have time to fix this11:31
tsimonq2Build deps definitely missed, I'm guessing once things settle down in the staging PPA we can do Lintian runs etc. off of those binaries12:41
RikMillstsimonq2: pkg-kde-tools runs lintian on the build at the end of the build. output is in our build logs12:46
RikMills*on the buildd12:47
RikMillsthough lintian in proposed is currently uninstallable :(12:47
BluesKajHi all13:57
ahoneybun[m]heyo BluesKaj17:38
Eickmeyer[m]Hey all! I separated plasma-discover-notifier from plasma-discover because in Ubuntu Studio we may be shipping update-notifier and update-manager instead, so you'll need to seed plasma-discover-notifier in lunar.17:53
Eickmeyer[m]I've been discussing this with Rik for some times, so it's of no surprise, and I gave Simon the heads-up last night.17:54

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