guivercmy monitor.settings are fixed so thanks... I noted a lxqt-config change yesterday which improved it (-members comment)... I've confirmed all good on other lunar installs now too00:49
arraybolt3guiverc: Nice.00:57
arraybolt3(Heads up, jbicha accidentally caused some problems with our LXQt stack by syncing the whole entire stack (or at least a bunch of it) from Debian, so we're doing a full update/repair of the stack. So be prepared for updates on Lunar boxes to go south, and maybe don't update LXQt components any more.)00:57
arraybolt3I've got quite a few of the packages fixed, thankfully, and will continue to be fixing them up.00:58
guivercthanks.. if they're updated & problems are discovered; it allows us to know (eg. my login yesterday) & even to detect when fixed (lxqt-config-monitor just opened instead of closing post package upgrade when that was fixed) ... it's only the GUI which at worst impacts only my sanity? not my data..01:01
arraybolt3*don't update LXQt components anymore for a while (lol don't update them any more? At all?!)01:06
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> !ping04:12
arraybolt3There are a couple of no-change rebuilds in the archive that aren't in lxqt-qtplugin's Git history yet, and some changes to the Git history in lxqt-qtplugin that aren't in the archive yet, so another force-push is going to happen there. !!! FORCE PUSH ALERT04:35

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