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zenadm1nWhy does this make me feel dirty, "The following security updates require Ubuntu Pro ..."13:28
oerheksknown issue13:30
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Launchpad bug 1992026 in ubuntu-advantage-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Pro APT integration is a bit much" [Critical, In Progress]13:30
zenadm1nI should just write some scripts that download the source debs and build them in my own PPA. 13:31
zenadm1nI know what's going on. This is just the first time I've encountered this myself. It's funny how Canonical will rely on Debian for development and maintenence for upstream, but they're going to start charging for their contributions. I was building packages for Ubuntu's early versions before they even built the Launchpad build system. 13:34
oerheksits all about universe packages that get support after 5 years. https://ubuntu.com/pro13:36
oerhekswho would use such old linux ..13:36
zenadm1nFor versions before Launchpad Canonical had no capacity to build universe, so they put it out to the community.13:37
zenadm1nI don't even remember which packages I built I basically just took the debian source and repackaged it. I taught myself Linux on Gentoo building everything myself so it was not difficult. 13:40
ograthere were no ubuntu versions before launchpad ... it has been our build system from day one (in fac it pre-dates ubuntu by about a year)13:42
zenadm1nI worked on version 5 and actually got a letter from Shuttleworth thanking me. My handle at the time was "smokeslikeapoet". Ubuntu 4.10 was released in 2004. Launchpad didn't come along until 4 years later. 13:48
zenadm1nI'm looking at wikipedia right now to verify I'm not in some sort of Mandela effect. I've been running Linux for 21 years. 13:49
zenadm1nI graduated school in 2007 and had Ubuntu on my laptop from the inital 4.10 release all through school. 13:50
zenadm1n"Do not quote the dark magic to me, I was there when it was written."13:52
leftyfbzenadm1n: Bug #1 was filed on August 19th 2004. Ubuntu 4.10 was released October 04 2004.14:28
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Bug 1 in Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114:28
leftyfbThe initial public release of launchpad was June 15th 200514:30
leftyfbso not 4 years later14:30
leftyfbbut that doesn't mean it wasn't already in use14:30
leftyfbthe wiki page also says the website was launched "January 2004"14:31
leftyfbMultiple people here have been working with linux and Ubuntu for 20+ years. 14:34
zenadm1nleftyfb, yes, I had to go to my Lanchpad acct, it's been a while. I joined 6/2005, started my own PPA in 2007. 15:02
zenadm1nNevertheless, my point stands. Canonical has asked volunteers to port, maintain upstream universe for close to 2 decades. It kinda leave a bad taste in my mouth for them to try and monetize universe security in my command line. 15:04
zenadm1nWhere can one find the source packages for these Ubuntu Pro universe updates? Is there a source repo I can add?16:07
zenadm1nI'm serious about building them in my own PPA. 16:08
oerheksThere is no such list published.16:11
PaulW2Uzenadm1n: You get access to the packages if you enable Pro. I assume the same applies to the source packages.16:13
zenadm1nPaulW2U, it is a violation of the GPL to distribute binaries without making availble the source and modifications.16:48
oerheksmaybe the source will be available?16:50
popeyzenadm1n https://askubuntu.com/questions/1454409/where-do-i-get-the-source-for-esm-packages18:48
leftyfbman, if popey doesn't know the answer, Canonical is doing a really horrible job at documentation and informing it's users18:51
ravagepopey is just one of us now :)18:51
popeyyeah, I'm just a pleb like the rest of you :D18:51
leftyfbbah, you still know whats up and how to find answers and have connections18:52
leftyfbeven I do, to a point18:52
aaronprisk[m]Let me see if I can get an answer on this.18:53
ravagei think apt-source just does not understand the login method18:56
ravageas in it does not use "/etc/apt/auth.conf.d/90ubuntu-advantage"18:57
-ubottu:#ubuntu-discuss- Launchpad bug 1904068 in apt (Ubuntu) "apt(-get) source fails to use credentials from /etc/apt/auth.conf(.d)" [Undecided, Confirmed]18:58
arraybolt3That looks promising.18:59
ViatonWidz[m]sudo apt source <esm-packagename> works for me19:01
ravagei get the same error as described on askubuntu19:02
* arraybolt3 doesn't use esm or Ubuntu Pro yet so I can't test :P19:03
ViatonWidz[m]ravage: did you use sudo?19:03
arraybolt3zenadm1n: Looks like it's just an apt bug, a person in the bug report ravage linked to was able to pull the source packages.19:04
ravageit works with sudo19:04
ravagelet me see if changing the permissions of that authfile helps too19:05
ravagesome info that it cant read the file would be useful maybe19:06
arraybolt3ravage: You're able to add that info to the bug report right?19:07
arraybolt3That sounds like a very easy fix if it's just a permissions issue.19:07
arraybolt3(And knowing that sudo works as a workaround it awesome.)19:07
ViatonWidz[m]If you chmod 644 /etc/apt/auth.conf.d/90ubuntu-advantage it works as regular user19:07
ravageadded a comment19:09
ViatonWidz[m]Of course you leave the login and password open though 😬19:10
ravageon my system i really dont care :)19:11
arraybolt3ravage: Just added a comment there, can you test with it?19:12
arraybolt3Some people probably do have systems where they care, so if there's a way to avoid opening up everything that would be good - I suggested changing the permissions back to something strict and then changing the file ownership.19:13
ravageas long as the user can read the file it works19:13
ravageso yes. if you add yourself to a group that can read the file thats fine too19:14
ravagei removed the example19:17
ravagepretty sure that bug will be closed anyway. works as intended :D19:17
aaronprisk[m]Hey folks, got verification that using sudo with apt source is indeed the correct and safe method for obtaining these esm source files. One of our devs updated the bug report with a comment providing some additional context. 19:41
ravagethanks aaronprisk[m] 19:42

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