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arraybolt3JackFrost: What was that Wiki page with flags and whatnot you were talking about?22:15
arraybolt3(I went ahead and registered #ubuntu-sponsors :P)22:16
sarnoldI think https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/CreatingChannels22:18
sarnoldit's even got the word 'libera' on it, promising :)22:18
arraybolt3OK, I think it's pretty close to done, wanna check how I did?22:24
arraybolt3(Sent an invite before opening it up.)22:25
sarnoldon a very short glance it feels like it makes sense :)22:26
arraybolt3Nice. I guess I'll finish it off.22:27
arraybolt3OK, got the hang of oping and deoping, so, uh, I guess that was it.22:29
arraybolt3That was easy.22:29
arraybolt3I feel I should probably add more ops, but I don't know how many other people are going to even want to use this thing.22:31
arraybolt3btw probably want to remove mention of FreeNode from here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelNaming I'd reach in and do it myself but I'd rather someone who knows what they're doing handle it.22:38
sarnoldheh I'm afraid we'll be doing this for years :(22:39
arraybolt3Also if someone could plug ubottu into #ubuntu-sponsors that would be great.22:39
krytarikubottu: join #ubuntu-sponsors22:42
JackFrostarraybolt3: While I'm not saying it as a recommendation, you could even put  $chanacs:#ubuntu-ops +Aiotv  on the ACL. :P22:48
arraybolt3That seems like a really good idea.22:49
JackFrostI think doing that for -devel makes sense though (from #ubuntu-devel import ops  is the loose translation.)22:49
arraybolt3Though I have no clue what $chanacs means :P22:49
arraybolt3Is that "all voiced users"?22:50
JackFrostEh, it's kinda wide, but less wide than "All Ubuntu members"22:50
JackFrostchan access, eg everyone on that access list.22:50
arraybolt3Ah, nice!22:50
* arraybolt3 figures how how to do that, I have *never* used any IRC moderation tools before in my life :P22:51
JackFrostThe specifics of that mean if they have +v in -ops, they'll have +o in -sponsors though.  But that's the whole core ops list so in theory those people should know when to be hands off.22:51
arraybolt3Yeah, that's what I figured.22:51
arraybolt3And that's what I want. :)22:51
JackFrostAh should get ubot9 in there too.22:52
arraybolt3Feel free.22:52
arraybolt3(Out of curiosity, what is the difference between ubot9 and ubottu?)22:53
arraybolt3er, ubot93 I mean22:53
JackFrostubot9 is for alerts about possible spam, etc while ubottu is for factoids, package info, and bug info.  ubot93 is a clone of ubottu.22:53
arraybolt3Oh, nice.22:54

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