lubot[telegram] <Eickmeyer> @mitya57 Added you to https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=465548 because it's a pretty nasty digiKam bug hitting the beta in Kinetic. I don't have a way to test it on Lunar as it seems to be affecting this guy's Athlon system.19:42
lubot[telegram] <Eickmeyer> digiKam says "Not our fault" but it only shows up on their app so.... 🤷19:43
lubot[telegram] <Eickmeyer> They're blaming the way we compile Qt.19:44
fvogtEickmeyer: I suspect that code is actually in digikam and not Qt. The location is the header file19:46
fvogt(I mean in the binary)19:46
Eickmeyer[m]fvogt: Exactly, but they're saying "Nope, not our problem."19:46
fvogtSo it wouldn't be the way Qt is compiled but the way digikam is compiled19:46
* Eickmeyer[m] posted a file: rules (2KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/ldIoyrTLaXuJAgkPXOoAkZzd >19:47
Eickmeyer[m]There's the d/rules file.19:47
Eickmeyer[m]There's nothing weird about it.19:47
fvogtThe build log might be interesting, especially the gcc invocations19:49
fvogt-- MediaPlayer flags      : -msse4.119:50
Eickmeyer[m]They're trying to get around ffmpeg5 compatibility issues on their end.19:53
fvogtLooks like it uses the SSE info from the build host19:54
Eickmeyer[m]That seems a little odd.19:55
fvogtEither build generically or use -march=native...19:55
Eickmeyer[m]Seems like they're making a lot of assumptions lately that they shouldn't be. I've found that whenever I try to report a bug that they're being generally hostile toward distributions.19:56
fvogtYep, it's been that way for quite a while19:56
Eickmeyer[m]Most of KDE isn't that way, but digiKam definitely is.19:57

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