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Liver_Karraybolt3: Ping01:43
arraybolt3Liver_K: Pong01:51
Liver_KYou never answered01:51
arraybolt3Sorry, probably got distracted.01:52
arraybolt3What was the question?01:52
Liver_KSearch up in scrollback or logs for last time I spoke XD01:52
arraybolt3(Bah, I don't even have it in my scrollback, I switched up how I was doing IRC.)01:52
arraybolt32023-02-06 21:45:35     Liver_K arraybolt3: Do you think this bug will actually get fixed?01:54
arraybolt32023-02-06 21:45:41     Liver_K Like in the foreseeable future?01:54
arraybolt3Was that it?01:54
arraybolt3(Found it in the logs of my old setup.)01:54
arraybolt3In the foreseeable future, that will depend on what exactly the bug is. If it turns out that, for instance, NVIDIA dropped nvidia-uvm from the 390 driver, then no, it will probably not get fixed. If it is fixable, though, then it may take some time, but I would guess it would get fixed, especially if the change is simple enough.01:55
arraybolt3I fear that it's probably NVIDIA's fault though since the NVIDIA closed-source drivers are proprietary and so there might not be anything Ubuntu can do about it.01:55
Liver_KThen I will be needing a new card or a new distro01:56
Liver_KCards are expensive01:56
arraybolt3If it's NVIDIA's fault, then it will have to be a new card, since a new distro probably won't solve the problem.01:56
arraybolt3What you could do is *try* a new distro, and if it does work, let us know since that will give us an important hint on whether moving forward is possible or not.01:57
arraybolt3(FWIW I'm using CUDA over here on a 1050 Ti I got off eBay for I think less than $200.)01:57
arraybolt3(So depending on your needs, it might not be that expensive.)01:57
Liver_Karraybolt3: Nvidia keeps all of its driver versions archived, so it doesn't actually matter if Nvidia removed it or not; for the ubuntu package, it could easily be fixed by just packaging an older version that still works02:10
Liver_KBut I seriously doubt Nvidia would break their own driver like that02:11
arraybolt3Ubuntu probably would not be willing to ship an older driver for security reasons.02:12
arraybolt3Old drivers have old code, and old complex code usually has security vulnerabilities.02:12
Liver_KEven if the new version completely broke functionality with its supported cards?02:12
patdk-lapnew more complex code has more security vulnerabilities :)02:13
arraybolt3Liver_K: This is a tough question to answer. Usually, a regression like this (assuming it is a regression) would be taken very seriously in a component this major. But sadly, because NVIDIA's code is closed-source, it's a black box. There's no safe thing for Ubuntu to do except to take NVIDIA's driver as-is.02:15
sarnoldI think we've been shipping these ancient things unchanged for years https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-34002:15
Liver_KI still don't think Nvidia just "removed" the nvidia-uvm module from a driver that might not have even had it in the earlier versions. Even if they did, they can't be stupid enough to still let all of their other kernel modules depend on it while still keeping everything technically supported and maintained02:15
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Liver_Ksarnold: That's 340...02:19
sarnoldsure, I was just saying that we ship some ancient nvidia stuff02:19
Liver_KWait a second!02:25
Liver_KNvidia is listing that driver version for my card02:26
Liver_KMaybe 340 will work02:26
Liver_KI sure hope they haven't ducked that one up too02:28
sarnoldLiver_K: oh that's one ducked up differently https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/185397702:29
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 1853977 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-340 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-340 dpkg: error: version '-' has bad syntax: revision number is empty" [Undecided, Confirmed]02:29
patdk-lapI got tired of nvidia games and went amd02:29
Liver_KI'm not using it for gaming02:30
Liver_KIt's a headless machine02:30
patdk-lapI'm not using it for gaming either02:36
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Liver_KOh lol gotcha02:56
Liver_Ksarnold: I don't see 340 when searching for nvidia-headless02:57
Liver_KOr any other nvidia driver package02:58
sarnoldLiver_K: this page lists the binary packages built from that source package https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-340/340.108-0ubuntu802:59
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kevindankHello, im trying to add my public key to authorized_keys in a digital ocean ubuntu 18.04 droplet but whenever i paste my key in, its getting truncated and not showing the full key14:51
kevindankis there a work around for this?  i cannot ssh into my server, i just have console access at the moment14:51
effendy[m]kevindank: I think you normally add the ssh key when provisioning in the droplet. You add it somewhere on the web interface and they add it through cloud-init.14:53
effendy[m]with ed25519 the public key is much shorter - you could try that, at least as a temporary solution and then add your own key over ssh. In the worst case scenario, you could type in the rest, if that also gets truncated.14:54
kevindankeffendy[m] yes, that is correct that they allow you to add it when provisioning.  However, im taking over someone elses droplet to assist in migrating it to a new host.  I've added the key through the web interface>settings>security>add key but when i attempt to manually add it to authorized_host i notice its truncated when i paste14:54
kevindanki used ssh-keygen on my local machine to generate the key, its in my local .ssh file, and on the control panel but attempting to ssh in via putty or even to ftp i get a permission denied error...so in doing research im trying to add it to authorized_keys manually14:56
kevindanki dont know if it matters that the local terminal im using is powershell (to generate the ssh key)14:56
effendy[m]It shouldn't matter, as long as you use ssh-keygen.15:02
effendy[m]puttys needs a different format.15:02
kevindankokay thanks, im trying to just break up the paste into smaller batches15:03
kevindanklooks like its not truncated after doing that.15:03
effendy[m]I'm not sure why you're simply ignoring what I said about ed2551915:03
effendy[m]it's just a fraction of the rsa15:03
effendy[m]for example: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIDh4wtdkqjfjKTq5HCDdExmpssdBdgL05Nl0NusIY7LN root@local.com15:04
effendy[m]But ok, if you can paste one piece at a time, I guess that's ok too...15:05
kevindanksorry, i missed that!15:05
kevindankThanks again for your help, im good.15:05
yosamite9999@all Looking for somebody still using Xen on ubuntu. I have an ubuntu server with 20.04 LTS running as Dom0 and using openvswitch as bridge. Up to grub 2.04 and kernel everything is running fine. Once I upgrade kernel and grub packages to 2.06 and or .60 networking gets brocken. Any idea?15:10
ravageyosamite9999: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/200288915:16
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 2002889 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "5.15.0-58.64 breaks xen bridge networking (pvh domU)" [High, In Progress]15:16
sdezielyosamite9999: so it seems you can help on that bug ^ by testing the -proposed kernel and report if it works15:22
yosamite9999@sdziel I can try even I'm not a developer. Since the server has quites some DomU's serving my houshold I need to find a slot but tomorrow and on Sunday, ideally before noon CET I can help.15:25
sdezielyosamite9999: yeah, no need to be a developer. FYI the instructions on how to enable the -proposed repo are mentioned in the bug but for convenience: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed15:28
yosamite9999@sdeziel Read the instructions already and will test the 5.15.0-66.73 kernel by tomorrow. If it's working, how can or should I confirm that?15:35
ravageadd a comment to that bug report15:36
sdezielyosamite9999: yeah, adding a comment in the bug reporting your success/failure and replacing the `verification-needed-jammy` by either `verification-done-jammy` or `verification-failed-jammy`15:37
yosamite9999@sdeziel jammy? Server is still on focal.15:39
ravages/jammy/focal then :)15:40
ravagefocal hwe and jammy have the same kernel version15:41
ravagebut in theory one fix for both. but edit the focal tag15:41
yosamite9999ok, thx., lacking experience on that15:41
sdezielhmm, yeah that's a good question re HWE kernel verification. AFAIK, the focal HWE kernel isn't yet available in focal-proposed, only the 5.4 one15:46
sdezielravage: while both focal HWE and jammy GA are the same, AFAIK, they are built using the target distro's tool. The build artifacts are not copied from jammy to focal so in theory, they are slightly different15:47
sdezielprobably not in a meaningful way for this bug though :)15:48
yosamite9999@sdeziel well, I still have a 5.4 installed on the machine, if I understand you correctly this one can be tested with Focal, right? If so I can do at least that.16:38
sdezielyosamite9999: I asked for some clarification in the bug on how to verify the focal HWE kernel but if you can test 5.4 from focal-proposed, that would also help16:39
yosamite9999that's what I meant, I can already test the 5.4 and then, once we have clarity about the Focal HWE I can test that as well16:41
sdezielyosamite9999: awesome, thanks for doing all that!16:43
xibalbais there a way to point to a NTP source vs. installing Chrony? I dont want to run NTPD, I want my system to check in with an existing NTP server running Chrony19:18
xibalbaah its under timedatectl19:19
xibalbatimesyncd.conf under systemd19:32
fooI strace -p a project, I see this: epoll_wait(5, - it's a system service. That appears to have stopped working. I don't know what or why this is happening. This system checks email via IMAP. It happens once a month. 20:21
fooThe issue is I don't know how to catch when this happens20:21
sdezielyosamite9999: dunno if you are tracking the bug but there a 5.15 kernel in focal-proposed (`rmadison linux-modules-5.15.0-66-generic` confirmed it) so it should be easy for you to install and test it21:12
sarnoldfoo: a program hanging on epoll_wait() is probably just waiting for more data from the remote peer21:23
sarnoldfoo: this is jumping to conclusions very prematurely, but one common problem is stateful firewalls that discard 'stale' TCP sessions: if they don't see any traffic on a connection for ten minutes or two hours or four days or something, they'll throw away the state they've accumulated for the tcp session -- but not send RST packets to both peers. This just looks like the connection *hangs* to both 21:24
sarnoldfoo: are these long-lived imap sessions that might have no data for ten minutes or twenty minutes or something?21:25
blahdeblah_Anyone around using snmpd in an IPv6-only/-mostly environment?  I have my snmpds set up to listen on IPv6 only, and there seems to be a race condition with the interface coming up.22:25
blahdeblah_I have the snmpd.service set with After=network-online.target, but this doesn't seem to wait correctly for the DHCPv6 address to be active on the interface, and I get the error:22:25
blahdeblah_Feb 11 06:53:52 dns snmpd[492]: Error opening specified endpoint "udp6:2001:db8:100:1::1"22:25
blahdeblah_I know I could do something like add a 10 second sleep before it starts, or tell it to retry a few times with a gap in between, but this seems ugly.  Why doesn't network-online.target wait until all the addresses specified in netplan are online?22:27
sarnoldyeah, it's barely adequate :/22:28
sarnoldblahdeblah_: I'm having trouble tracking down the references I thought I remembered :( I can't recall now if it was IP_FREEBIND or if it was ip_nonlocal_bind that might be usefufl22:37
blahdeblah_sarnold: Where are those options used?  Can't say I've heard of them before.23:11
sdezielblahdeblah_: IIRC, `sysctl net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind=1` also works for IPv623:12
blahdeblah_Thanks - I'll read up on that23:13
blahdeblah_I mean this whole situation wouldn't be a problem if net-snmp weren't stupid.23:13
blahdeblah_If it would just reply from the address it were contacted on rather than from its default outgoing address, I wouldn't need all of this messing around.23:14
sarnoldthat *is* stupid :)23:15
blahdeblah_I intend to write up a bit of a rant about it.23:15
sarnold"code from the 80s isn't always brilliant"? :)23:17
sarnold"35 things programmers think they know about the network?"23:18
lemoiI'm running ubuntu 20.04, server version in KVM. I have installed cloud-init via apt-get install cloud-init (no snap). Is it safe to assume that cloud-init will run at every boot?23:48
rbasaklemoi: why don't you use our cloud image that includes cloud-init already prepared for you?23:59

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