penguin42my (Vailent) boiler has been condemned; any suggestions for/against brands?11:46
Sray7778Hello, can you help me with the software center?18:37
daftykinsi've been fine with my Vailant (sp) since 2014, never even had a service :D21:32
davefMy old boiler left me.21:35
davefIt has not been replaced.21:36
daftykinsis that an ex-wife joke xD21:36
davefIt was21:36
davef[true story for the uninitiated] X-D21:38
daftykinsi was not quite expecting to be on the nose21:39
daftykinswoot i had Thai food down at a local with the owner of a client place this eve21:40
daftykinshe is very generous21:40
penguin42daftykins: Oh this one has been a bit of a Lemon (since 2009 when it was installed)21:40
davefI jest about it now, happened almost 5yrs ago. I though you guys knew! lol21:40
daftykinswell i knew you split but not the who or the why etc21:43
daftykinspenguin42: mine with the battery powered thermostat which i've no doubt shared kicks in the heating when the batteries die is certainly a regular treat21:44
penguin42haha interesting behaviour21:45
davefdaftykins: i thought it shared? lol .. she did the dirty on me, got instant karma and caught a permanent malware.21:47
daftykinsoh no waaaaaay, oh damn21:48
daftykinsthat's definitely a case of karma indeed, wow21:48
daftykinsof course i should remind us that the chan is logged before going too much further! pesky walls have ears21:49
daftykins<_< >_>21:49
davefmeh, i beyond caring21:49
daftykinsvewy gewd, i did think you knew21:50
davefI know :)21:50
davefHello log! If you're reading this in the future, may the force be with you and make sure you get a prenup! 21:50

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